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Thread: Las Vegas 3rd wk in feb, rent or buy?

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    Las Vegas 3rd wk in feb, rent or buy?

    Hey gang
    Headed out to Vegas for school vacation on the 3rd wek of Feb, I am a teacher. I also plan to come west from Boston this summer to make a big loop from Vegas to santa fe NM up to Colorado and so on. My question is do any of you know of a good bmw for sale from a club member in the Vegas area. I would rather buy than rent. After my trip I could leave it in Parker Arizona at my brothers river house and use it for future trips. What do you think?
    Thanks in advance for any replys

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    Check Craig's list & Cycle Trader on-line to get an idea of prices for used bikes vs renting a bike. Ride Safe

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    If you are interested, I have a 2003 K1200GT for sale. The bike is set up for LD touring with new tires, Ohlins, HID low beam and much much more, including an aux 5 gal fuel cell mounted on a GIVI rack.

    Located in Yuma, Parker and LV not that far away. Delivery possible.


    LV BMW dealership rents BMW's. Do not know the costs, but LV is a popular destination/ start point for m/c touring. The HD dealership does a large business w/ rentals


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    Las Vegas

    Hi Bob
    Thanks for the reply. Im looking for something cheap. Your bike sounds a little much for me.
    So if you know anyone looking unload a nice old beemer, let me know

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    Hi, Brian,
    Sorry, I just sold my '95 K75RT a week ago.
    Ride Safe,
    Phil Marvin - El Paso, TX
    '94 K75A/3
    '95 K75RTP

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    Just watch CraigsList. Maybe a local member can look at the anything you find. This one seems like what you are looking for - inexpensive, but likely lots of life in it.

    Or you could go way retro:

    Hard to believe, but with LV economy the way it is, who knows?

    I personally don't know any of these bikes, unfortunately

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    rent or buy

    Just bought an r80rt and it's being delivered to Las Vegas. Bought it from a club member and it's being shipped to another club member that is helping me out with storage untill I get there. This club is great.
    The plan is to ride a few days this Febuary, three weeks this summer in the S West and A week next winter. After that who knows. I just feel better riding my own bike instead of a rental and when I am done I can sell it and get some of my money back.
    Brian 9842

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