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Thread: Mixing Tires

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    Mixing Tires

    I just bought a 1977 R75/7 and need to replace the rear tire. The bike currently is shod with a good front Metzler ME77A (40% left) and a dead ME99A.

    I've been reading good reviews on the Michelin Macadam 50.

    What is the consequences of putting a 50 on the rear and running the 77 on the front? TIA

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    I can't speak for this pair or this bike exactly, but mixing tires comes down to riding to meet the less-aggressive tire.

    I had a Michelin on the back but didn't like their short-lived front tire so used a Dunlop. I wasn't able to ride as aggressively with this setup but I got the longer life I was looking for.

    (Michelin has redesigned their front tire since I last used it to be a little longer life but I haven't tried it.)
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