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I bought the same wheel chock stand. How did you affix it to the lift platform? I see you have the wide bar still attached and as i'm sure you figured out, it doesn't fit on the lift. Yours seems to just hang over the edge?
I put the chock together and set it on the lift after removing the crappy vise and front wheel stop that came with the lift. I pushed the chock back until the front mount bar (which conveniently has two tiedown loops on it) was stopped by the stand sides. That it, the lip of the red stand will hit the bar of the chock and it stops. I then just slid it back and forth sideways to center it.

The slot holes in the red stand mate to the front bar of the chock. I marked and drilled two holes in the chock matching the holes in the red stand. The rear was the opposite. There were plenty of predrilled holes in the chock, so I drilled two matching holes in the red stand. I was careful to choose holes that would have clearance for the bolt shaft and nut with the lift in the all the way lowered position.

I took this picture for a demo. If you were working on the bike, it would be fine as is--maybe two straps for good luck, but really, it is stable. I was changing the tires on the bike today, so after the picture, I removed the bike, dissassembled the chock (30 second job), and then put the bike back on w/o the chock pieces. This allowed me to put the bike on the center stand and thus easily remove the front and back wheels. It would be impossible to remove the front wheel when locked in the chock.