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Thread: complain about....

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    complain about....

    my magazine suscription? I joined up quite a time ago and still haven't received any magazines. Got my membership card, copy of the Anymonous book, but no mags. Who do I complain to? I don't even see anything on this site to "contact us here" or anything.

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    I would go right to the top! Email the editor, Sandy Cohen:
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    Re: complain about....

    How long ago is "quite a time ago"? The membership card and Anonymous book are boxed up by the MOA office and sent out to new members as necessary. The magazine will be mailed on its regular schedule the next time an issue is published. This could take up to six weeks for the first issue to arrive.

    If you're worried, contact the MOA office directly by calling 636-394-7277 or emailing . The Editor will forward your request but she doesn't handle the membership database.


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