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Thread: Satellite radio

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    Satellite radio

    I just bought a Stiletto Satellite Radio for my R1100RT and need some advice on how to mount same on my RT. Would the Gadget guy in SoCal have any such mount? I would also like to chat about listening to it while riding. Earbuds fall out of my ears. The radio came with headphones w/ built-in antenna which is out of the question while wearing a helmet. I've seen some custom made earplugs that are molded into the ear with wires attached but don't know where to find them except at rallies. I will be going to the International Motorcycle show in Detroit (Novi) on January 1, 2010, perhaps there will be someone there that makes them.
    For what it is worth, tomorrow, 12 December, I am going to the Open House, Christmas Party at BMW Motorcycles in Canton Twp near detroit. (free lunch)
    If you live near Detroit come down. I'll wear my nametag and we can visit then.
    Well, I have lots of time to figure this out so I won't panic.
    Thanks in advance for any or all input.
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    I have a Zumo 550 with XM radio. I use some $25 Koss noise reducing earplugs that I buy at Walmart. Don't laugh. They are pretty darn good earphones and I do not have problems with them coming loose inside my helmet. I don't ride all the time with them because most of the time I like the solitude of riding without the distraction of music.
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    I just bought & used my Scala rider last week. It is pretty amazing, from a voice point of view. My buddy & I had a great conversation riding down the road. I used ear plugs I bought from Lee Parks, they are just like the S Plug, but he had them done in a yellowish color, they are a ported plug, you can actually hold a conversation with them in. I tried the S plug in the ear speakers at the show & loved them, but since I bought the Scala there, decided on just the ear plug.

    By the way, I bought the Scala from the dealer there for $500 for 2 double packs. That is 4 SCALA setups for $500, CASH MONEY. ear plugs were $35 from Lee Parks. There were also a couple of people making molded ones as well. I will try my iPOD with the Scala next ride. I'm sure the satellite radio would sound similar.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Fritzc View Post
    I've seen some custom made earplugs that are molded into the ear with wires attached but don't know where to find them except at rallies. I will be going to the International Motorcycle show in Detroit (Novi) on January 1, 2010, perhaps there will be someone there that makes them.
    There will likely be 2 or 3 vendors that will take impressions and your credit card at the show, sending you custom earplug with speakers/transducers in 3-6 weeks. Folks that do that include Big Ear, EAR Inc., Now Hear This, etc. Don't which will be at the Novi show, though.

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    For mounting options try

    Good folks.


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    I've been messing with this for several years. I'm in a GS environment so I'm trying to overcome a lot of wind noise. The more wind noise that you can eliminate, the cleaner the sound. For several years I've been using er6i earbuds which offer real good sound. The "i" stands for isolation, that is they fit deep in the ear canal and with the appropriate tips reduce ambient noise. My problem was that the tips that offered the most isolation were uncomfortable.
    Last spring I had a pair of molded plugs made to accommodate my er6i's. The sound, comfort and isolation are great.
    Now I need to overcome the problem of fragile wires under a helmet.

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    The molded earphones are well worth the money. Even if not plugged in your ears are protected from noise and that constant buffeting.

    About satellite radio. Do they offer a 6 month plan? I would buy the same but would not use the subscription during the off season?

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    You can go month to month but they probably would hit you with an activation fee at the start of every season...

    You could use the unit in the car during the winter.

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    I moved mine all around when I had my first one. From bike, to cars, to house, to boombox. Now I have two accounts and Direct TV (which gives me XM in the house), but I can still move the radio in my car around if needed.

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    Sat Radio

    I like mine - I used the Cyclegadgets rig and mounted it on my GS over the throttle. I used foam earbuds, where the expanding foam really fills the ear cavity and reduces noise so you can play the unit at lower volumes.

    I also bought a Boosteroo to amp up the volume a bit.

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