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Thread: Seattle to MOA Rally Tips

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    For those who are attending the MOA rally in Redmond, but aren't especially time-limited, bear in mind that the Washington State rally is the following weekend, down in the vicinity of Willipa Harbor. You could easily explore the Columbia Gorge, go see what's left of Mt. St. Helens, take a ride around Mt. Rainier, do some sightseeing in the Seattle area, take in Whidbey Island, make the loop of the Olympic Peninsula, and arrive at Menlo Park in time for the WA rally.

    Who knows? I may be there myself.

    There are some other areas that are well worth a visit. Crater Lake is spectacular--being the caldera of an ancient volcano that blew it's top.

    The Oregon coast is worth exploring. Lots of wild beaches, lighthouses, harbors, and of course more than a few motorhomes. If you relax and take in no more than 8 or 10 scenic beaches in a day, you'll have a good time. One of my favorites is Depot Bay, where there is a tiny bay on the east side of the highway, and a narrow, twisty channel heading right out into the ocean. The bridge makes a great viewing spot. I'm always holding my breath as a fishing boat comes sliding in on a breaker, pointed straight at the rocks, then the skipper somehow manages to get it turned and through the narrow passage. Whew!

    If you study any tourist guides of the Oregon coast, you'll discover where to find the Sand Dunes, the aquarium, Sea Lion Caves, and the Tillamook Cheese factory. I'm not trying to be comprehensive here, just hoping you'll think about taking in a very spectacular coastline that's still not too over-run with tourists.

    The Washington coast is also very wild and scenic, but the highway is often inland a few miles, so with a few exceptions you'll need to hang a turn and head out on a side road.

    If you would like to bag the northwesternmost tip of the continental USA, that would be Cape Flattery, down a dirt road from the Neah Bay reservation.

    Like seafood? Salmon is king here, but Dungeness crab and Willapa oysters are also available, and there's nothing like fresh seafood.


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    Quote Originally Posted by GrafikFeat View Post
    They used to have commercials as good as the beer...
    Remember the Pudweiser frogs? Here is where that came from.

    Then these classics...

    Sorry for the hijacks! No more.
    Thanks for the memorys GrafikFeat, I'll back out now and let everyone discuss Ferry crossings. I hope to meet you in Redmond...Kenny
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    Quote Originally Posted by kgadley01 View Post
    Thanks for the memorys GrafikFeat, I'll back out now and let everyone discuss Ferry crossings. I hope to meet you in Redmond...Kenny
    I was gonna take the ferry to Redmond. Too many stops.

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    One more quick note about the ferries - probably be lots of bicycle riders on the ferries in the summer. They get on/off the ferries right before motorcycles do. Start your engine when the bicycles start moving.

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    Not all ferrys allow m/c up front some still have you stay in line. Usually on big holiday weekends or special events.

    That being said... The best thing to do is buy your tickets online.
    Then all you do is ride to the front of the line and park.
    When they start loading hand the attendant the barcode.
    That's all they need. Drive on and follow the instructions of the crew.
    They are very m/c friendly.

    If you are new to the ferry system as most out of towners are...
    They usually stay w/ their bikes...
    Since you are right in front you can soak up the sights and sounds of Puget Sound.

    You may get lucky and see some Orca!
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