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You are getting closer to how I feel. They sold me a bike under the pretense of lifetime oil and I believe that they knew that wasn't true. With all the testing that BMW does, even racing R1200Ss, they didn't figure out that the oil needs changing every year until after the sold me the bike?
Actually - the oil change interval is 12,000 miles, not 1 year. Works about the same for me. I also had the same feeling initially, but the choice was them not telling us and having the failing rear-drive controversy continue. IMHO they are being VERY cautious with the 12k interval.

Since they didn't come out with the change recommendation until I had 24,000 miles on mine, that's when I changed it (the rear had gotten the 600 mile change), and the oil I took out - into a clean cooking pan - looked exactly like what I was putting back in. No sign of deterioration that I could see. I personally would be quite comfortable with 24,000 mile change intervals.

As far as paying someone - well - you can. We try to make it easy to avoid that with the DIY's, but I can accept some people simply don't like or want to work on their own bike.

As far as them knowing when they sold you the bike - I think you're wrong. An old saying "Never attribute to malice that which can be explained by incompetence" - and I believe that's the case here. If you're really unhappy about it - there are lawfirms specializing in class-action lawsuits. Not that I'd do it - but that option is out there.