I have a 2007 R1200S that was sold to me new with lifetime final drive fluid following the 600 mile service, which was a big selling point. I dropped off my bike yesterday for my 12,000 miles service and found out that not only do I need to get my final drive fluid changed at my expense, but failure to do this "optional" service would void my warranty.

My issues to this are as follows:

1) BMW advertised the bike as only requiring the final drive fluid to be changed one time at 600 miles and never again.

2) BMW making the input port for the fluid so small as to require a syringe. This effectively keeps me from changing the fluid myself.

3) Requiring me to pay for their mistake.

Has anyone else experienced this frustration? What has been done to compensate you for the extra time and money this mistake has cost you?

Thanks in advance for your input.