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Thread: 2006 R1200GS Startup Issues

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    2006 R1200GS Startup Issues

    I'm new to the BMW world. Just bought a low milage 2006 R1200GS. The first few weeks everything was perfect. This week I pulled it out of the garage to go for a ride and I had the following problem:

    Bike is in neutral, turn engine switch on, turn power on, goes through the checks successfully. I push the starter button and get a clicking noise (engine does not turn over), the yellow warning triangle comes on, and the engine icon comes on.

    I have not been able to find anyone who has had the same issue, althought I've seen posts on other sites with similar problems. In those posts they suggested checking the oil, checking the battery, battery connections, and re-setting the TPS. I figured it was worth a try so I did all those things and it still happens the same way every time.

    Does anyone have a clue what might be going on?

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    Sounds like time for a new battery most likely...I had an 05 and an 07 GS that had some short lived batteries. My RT and R's have way larger and long lived batteries compared to my GS's...

    Where is "home" ? ... cold days also can drag batteries down quickly. Charge the battery and get a good reading...typically 13.4-7 before cranking. Any auto parts store can so a load check for you also with the battery out.
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    I had a battery problem with an 05 GS after two years and about 10,000 miles the battery was junk. If you don't get it to a place to have the battery checked after it sits for a couple of days try putting a battery tender or trickle charger on for a period and see if the battery comes to life. You would be giving a weak battery a boost before trying to start it. Is there an aftermarket wiring job and accessory that could be putting a drain on the battery other then the normal drain from the computer and clock etc?
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    If it is an 06 with original battery, I vote for a new battery. I just bought a new one for my 07. After 2 1/2 years, the original is on its way out. Had the bike on the charger all Tuesday and into Wed morning. Went to work, bike sat for 10 hours in the cold, never above 25. I got two cranks out of it and then the dreaded click click. A quick jump start later from a passing car and I was on my way home. Today in the garage, the think cranked slow, but fired up four times in a row. Very slowly each time. Picked up a new Yuasa and will install this weekend. Rather not be stuck again.
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    Seems to be a consensus...

    Thanks for the suggestions, I'm going to run out and try to pickup a new battery today. I'll let you all know if that does the trick.

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    Agreed with the battery being the issue.

    One other suggestion made by the dealer was to switch from the standard 20w50 oil to 10w50 for the winter months. Easier to crank a cold engine with lighter oil.

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    Yep, here too;

    '07 GSA here and my battery went exactly 7 months from new. It just got slower and slower, never die'in completely, but BMW gave me another... 2 years for these, by BMW standards, warantee. Yep, the COLD is a huge factor and OIL. I was riding Texas in February last year, 15 degres outside at first light and mine would barely crank with 20-50 in the case. Good battery, as it turned the motor fine(slow), but no fire in the hole! After a few tries the engine came to life slowly with some throttle help. Just a thought on cold. Randy

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    Your suspicions were right...

    I took the original battery to the dealer, and had them check it out on their tester. My charger was reading good and the lights were coming on and all because the full voltage was there. However, the battery health was crap because it was missing the amps behind it. So any time I put a load on it by trying to start, the battery could not handle it. I picked up a new Olympus and the bike started right up.


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