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Thread: Harley-Davidson declares March as National Garage Party Month

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    Harley-Davidson declares March as National Garage Party Month

    Harley-Davidson declares March as National Garage Party Month

    MILWAUKEE (December 7, 2009) - Harley-Davidson has announced plans for National Garage Party Month, when dealerships across the country will host Garage Party events during March 2010. Harley-Davidson Garage Party events provide a fun, social environment for women to learn about the sport of motorcycling, as well as meet other women who are interested in riding. Dealers host the events year-round, but the Motor Company has declared March as a special focus to bring national awareness to the events, which have encouraged thousands of women to learn to ride in the last few years.
    Harley-Davidson started hosting Garage Party events at dealerships throughout the country in 2005 to encourage women to embrace the sport of motorcycling. The growth of female riders has continued to rise over the last two decades. In 1990, women represented just three percent of riders, but according to recent data from the Motorcycle Industry Council, women riders now represent 12 percent of new motorcycle purchasers and 23 percent of all motorcyclists.

    ‘«£Garage Party events provide women with a no-pressure chance to learn, socialize and ask questions about Harley-Davidson motorcycles,‘«ō said Leslie Prevish, women‘«÷s outreach manager for Harley-Davidson Motor Company. ‘«£Garage Party events are not only educational, but also an empowering experience for women, which is why they have been so successful. We know millions of women are interested in motorcycling, but don‘«÷t know where to start, and we look forward to encouraging thousands of new women to get a taste of riding and learn how it can change their lives, like it has for more than a million women in the last few decades.‘«ō

    Garage Party events are fun and interactive, covering topics such as a review of the basic motorcycle controls, how to customize a motorcycle‘«÷s style and ergonomics and how to gear up for a ride. Garage Party event attendees are organized into small groups, getting their first taste of the camaraderie that goes along with riding. Groups will visit four informational seminars, including:

    ‘«ůMotorcycle Orientation to learn the basic differences between Harley-Davidson motorcycle families.
    ‘«ůMotorClothes?ę Merchandise to discover the important attributes needed in motorcycle gear.
    ‘«ůCustomization to learn how to customize a motorcycle to reflect a rider‘«÷s personal style and ergonomic needs, using Fit Shop that many dealers have.
    ‘«ůSelf-Service to find out how just about anyone can handle the weight of a motorcycle, including an interactive experience on picking up a motorcycle ‘«Ű for those who are interested in trying it out.
    Between seminars, women get the chance to interact with each other, as well as hear from women who are already living their motorcycle dreams.

    The women-only Harley-Davidson Garage Party events are free for any woman who is looking to take the next step to get behind the handlebars. For more information about Garage Party events or to find an event in your area, visit The main Harley-Davidson Women Riders site, also has hundreds of Rider Stories from women who have realized their dreams of riding and want to encourage others to do the same.

    Harley-Davidson Motor Company, the only major U.S.-based motorcycle manufacturer, produces heavyweight motorcycles and a complete line of motorcycle parts, accessories and general merchandise. For more information, visit Harley-Davidson's Web site at

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    "only" US bike maker,huh??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oznay View Post
    "only" US bike maker,huh??
    Yeah, but the full quote is "only major U.S.-based motorcycle manufacturer"

    I guess that Harley doesn't think that Victory is a major manufactuer yet.

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    Okay you scurvy bunch of thread hijacking pirates put down your weapons and unhand this thread.

    I posted this is the Women of the MOA section for two reasons.
    - The H-D garage days are specifically aimed at female riders. I figure the women around here are smart enough to separate what is learning from the propaganda if they go.
    - Someone may get the idea, from this, to start putting tech days and material for hosting them together with the needs of women riders in mind.

    I'm snow bound for the rest of the day. I'm heading out to the garage to freeze my derriere off.

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    Harley understands what BMW has yet to figure out. Treat you customers as though you care, and like they are special make the dealer visit fun or at least inviting.
    I live close enough to a large Harley dealership that I must pass it everyday (unless I stay home). Every weekend the lot is full of riders attending an event or meeting for rides.
    The BMW dealer here has attempted to put on events and the attempt was so lame that it looked like a turn out for FREE STD DAY. The only reason I went was I needed oil filters and the were offering a "discount on parts", I should have read the fine print, no discount on oil filters and no free hot dog as they had already shut down the boiled weenie cart.
    The environment at this location has never been friendly, no tech days, demo rides few and far between, no friendly greeters to assist you. I waited 20 minutes to pick up a tire that was being balanced (mounting was done) service manager forgot I was sitting in the customer lounge waiting.

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    Bearing in mind that the HOG and the segregated "Ladies of Harley" groups are "Motor Company" owned and run,
    they may have a lot more leeway and also support from "the Motor Company" in these endeavors.

    Aside from that, my BMW dealer is a destination of high caliber, and we are often in just for coffee.
    They throw tech days, Thanksgiving luncheons, and rides all year round.
    He also manages to find great help, both male AND female, and they make our visits fun.
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    Milwaukee vibrator

    I own a harley deuce. milwaukee vibrator. it makes me happy. have had others. also 69,71,72,77 boxer twins. raced kaw triple and norton. each bike was different. each was special to me. the last thing i would ever do to my sweetheart would be set her up with a harley. bmw, yes, harley, no. SINCE THE /7 SERIES,
    THE BMW IS THE FINEST MOTORCYCLE IN THE WORLD. NOT THE BEST, NOT THE FASTEST. THE FINEST. i plan on a new 4-cam boxer in april. harley stays. jp
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    They throw tech days, Thanksgiving luncheons, and rides all year round.
    More like a full Thanksgiving dinner! He served 300 people by noon and continued serving for another 45 minutes - and that was at just one of his stores! Even better? It was free.

    He's tried to get women to join the Sandblast Rally series, the hill climbs - we're not left out.

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