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Thread: Windshield Replacement for R1100RT

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    Windshield Replacement for R1100RT

    I would appreciate any input as to a good replacement windscreen for my R1100RT. I am finding that my helmet and upper body are considerably more exposed than on my K1100LT. I am looking for a screen that would offer the same protection width and height as the LT screen. I can ride with the stock screen at its highest and it is OK but the upper body is still taking the brunt of it.


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    There are a few manufactures for shields and I used a Cee Bailey.
    There is also Aeroflow who makes good shields too. Ask 10 riders and you will get 10 opinions but IMHO Cee Bailey isn't bad at all.

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    Cee Baileys are great. I am 6'5" and I am really happy with mine. If you order from CB though, be sure to call and ask for Steve. He rides the sliver RT in their ads and has walked a number of folks through all of the plus X" height and plus Y" length stuff so chances are you will get a good shield. I talked with a few others besides Steve and let me just say...if he is busy wait or call back when he is free, his advice is worth it!

    Easy to replace and good cust service, go for it!

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    I've seen an airflow and the larger BMW screens, and i settled on a Cee Bailei #2 eurocut +4.5".
    1. it works as advertised
    2. not as good as I'd hoped in the rain
    3. much quieter than I expected
    4. service and quality are primo!
    5. some slight lightness in front end up around mach 1.4 or so and some added weight aloft (hardly worth mentioning)

    I'm 5'11" and I can see over it or through it as I choose highest setting for the S.O.When she's aboard. The rest of the time I can use the little saddle that the euro cut provides. If i had it to do over I would get it a little wider. but if I had to choose between features I would opt for the euro cut.

    One other thing I tried and it seemed to help my stock WS is micro swirl edging from SAENG It cost about $60 and I plan to go back to that configuration for the hot summer months. Plus it looks kind of butch.

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