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    New member, rider

    Hello all. I am currently in Iraq finishing up a 9month tour. I can't wait to get back the States. I've never rode a motorcycle before and I'm looking forward to learning. My dad and my uncle are BMW enthusiasts and have put some miles on a bike, especially my uncle. When I get back to the States I will be in the Seattle area stationed at NAS Whidbey Island. I've bought my dads old R75/7 and he's fixing it up for me while I'm over here. Any advice or tips for a new rider and any stories about your own "Airhead" will be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to the club. Thank you for your service. Take a motorcycle safety cource, then enjoy.

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    Welcome! Whidbey Island is very interesting...nice motorcycle country. I have a cousin who lives in Port Townsend. I visited there about 5 years ago on my /7.

    Be sure and check out the Airhead forum further on down the page. Be sure and read all the various postings and bring your questions in when you get a chance. More than just a few people will be ready to offer their "opinions"...
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    Welcome to the MOA. Thank you for your service in the Military. Make sure you take the MSF class BEFORE you begin riding. You will learn valuable information and for someone who has never ridden a bike before, I think most riders would tell you it is highly recommended.

    Once you do get a bike, take your time developing your riding skills and time to learn about your bike. Both mechanically and it's handling characteristics.

    Above all, have fun, check back here often. And do not be afraid to ask any questions. There will always be someone here who will be able to steer you in the right direction. And there are no dumb questions. For the most part, we have all heard them sometime in the past; we probably have ask them ourselves.
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    Welcome James!

    My son was stationed on Whidbey a few years ago with the USS will be a nice change from your current local. Welcome to the BMW clan and thanks for serving
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    Hi, James,
    Welcome to the asylum. You might think about a smaller, lighter bike to gain some experience. The R75/7 is a fine bike, but weighs well over 400 pounds empty. That's not to say people haven't started out on BMW bikes in the past and won't in the future, but don't be surprised when you drop it a time or 2. And notice I said "when", not "if".

    Thank you for your service. Come back safe and sound.
    Ride Safe,
    Phil Marvin - El Paso, TX
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    THANK YOU James for your service

    Looking forward to reading your first ride report.
    Ride Well

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    absolutely take the safety course. couldn't agree more. glad i did.

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    Lissen to the "old guys" like your family then... take "the course"... then ride and enjoy the freedom you helped preserve..

    If you make it to Texas, I'll buy you a cold one or two.. (after the ride) =)

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    Thanks for your service and welcome to the site! You are ever in this area, let me know and the refreshments and dinner is on me.

    Ron Morris
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    Welcome to the clan! Now, keep in mind that we'll be having a National rally in Oregon in July, and I hope you can make it. Also, there is a group called the Airheads that is dedicated to the care and feeding of said bikes. There is usually a tent at the National just for Airheads (Airhead Central), and when you get there check out the locale.
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    Smile Welcome to the Family

    Welcome to BMOA. You are going to love your BMW. Like the others, I encourage a safety course and then just ride. And, thanks for you service to our country.

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    Firstly, thank you, God bless and keep you safe.
    Once you get back from the sh*tstorm, let us know where you are and what you have in mind. You will find yourself in no short supply of advice, I guarantee.


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