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Thread: 1100GS won't start

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    1100GS won't start

    I have a 1995 1100GS. I recently had to change my starter and fly wheel (long story) but now that I have it together it won‘«÷t start. It is getting spark, the fuel pump is pressuring the system then shutting off but when I pulled the plugs they were dry. Any ideas?

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    Have you pulled an injector to double check?

    Check the fuel lines and vacuum lines, maybe kinked or vent lines backwards???? Fuel lines not fully connected?? injector electrical leads???

    Can't tell you much more than that. I'm having the same issues w/ my R1150RS.

    New starter???? Fully charged battery???
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    Reversed fuel lines?

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    Changing the flywheel requires the removal or displacement of the rear subframe, which requires that numerous wiring harness elements be disturbed, moved, disconnected, reconnected, or stressed. I suspect that now that it is back together there is an electrical connector making bad contact. From a fuel supply standpoint it is possible that the hoses were connected wrong, or were pinched. But I really think the problem is the electrical signal to the injectors.

    With an injector still connected to the fuel and electrical lines remove the two bolts and pull it out of the rubber seat in the throttle body. Carefully aim it at a cup or can and observe the spray (or lack of spray) when you crank the engine. Go from there.

    Recheck the big plug at the ECU first. Disconnect and reconnect it a few times. Then recheck all the other connectors that were disturbed or might have been stresses when the subframe was swung skyward.
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    I tried switching the fuel lines but it still didn't fire. The book shows the top line as a pressure line and the bottom as a return on the frame but doesn't show which is which coming out of the tank. I pulled both hoses off and turned the key to get the fuel pump working and I got some fuel out of one line for just a second and the pump stopped. I thought with the lines disconnected it would continue to
    run. I'lkl keep trying!

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    The bottom line is pressure.

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    After checking everything again including the pressure line on the bottom, I still wasn't having any luck. I decided to pull the plugs and put a little starting fluid in.
    It fired and quit. I tried again and it started. It will start but now but runs rough at idle. I let it warm up and took it for a short ride. Above 2000 RPM it smoothed out and seemed to run good . It also makes a ticking noise which quits when the clutch lever is pulled.
    Is it time to take it to the shop?
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    Are your throttle cables seated correctly at the throttle bodies?

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    Yes, I checked the throttle and choke cables. Both are less than a year old and are seated properly.

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    Well it is running but something still isn't right. I decided to take it to the shop to see what they can find.
    Thaks for all your help.

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