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Thread: Dyna III timing woes

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    Quote Originally Posted by woodnsteel View Post
    I like to use anti sieze. Been doing it several times a year for many years.
    Well, I have too, but possibly one thing that I haven't been doing is cleaning the head threads periodically. I would put a bit of new anti sieze on the plug threads, though. So, I've got oldish anti sieze in the head and possibly it contains some grit, etc. It's not a good situation and I'm concerned about removing the plug needlessly. Plus if a plug has been in a while, carbon will tend to build up on the exposed end of the threads in the combustion some threads actually stick out?? Then, pulling a plug with the carbon can't be good... .

    This is starting to get a bit off track...sorry for the continued hijack...
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    My apologies as well. If anyone wants to start a new thread...

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