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Thread: tent rentals

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    tent rentals

    Are there tent rentals available at the national rallies? I've never been to one, so excuse me if this question is old news.

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    The mighty Ted "Sherpa" Mayberry provided excellent service at the International this year. I suggest you check him out, I believe I read where he plans to be at Redmond next year.
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    I used him in Johnson City this summer. Well worth the investment.

    Takes the worry out of packing it all on the bike. I will use again, hopefully in Redmond.
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    Ted does plan on attending

    We have been in contact with Ted and he does plan on attending the 4R in Redmond.
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    Used Ted's services @ Johnson City this year, highly recommend it! Show up & everything is setup, when you are ready to leave just load your personal belongings and go. Fresh coffee, water & community coolers under canopies for sun/rain protection. Spent a lot of years camping with the Boy Scout troop I was ASM for & it sure is nice not to have to pack up wet tents & gear for the trip home.
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    I will be there and reservations for Sherpa Camping are open.

    I will only be limited to 150 tents (only bringing one overstuffed rig given the distance). I sold out last year, suspect the same this year.
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    Reservation made...

    I reserved my Sherpa tent today. This will be my third time using Sherpa Ted's services. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I've really enjoyed it every time, met interesting folks, and didn't have to haul camping gear across the country. I tent to use cheap hotels on the way to/from the rally site, so this works for me...

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