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Thread: A gentle reminder or.... Ooops, what am I doing on my side with my motorcycle on top!

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    A gentle reminder or.... Ooops, what am I doing on my side with my motorcycle on top!

    I had a soft fall this morning. Very soft. No pain (ATTGATT), no damage, lots of mud.

    Leaving this morning I had to go around a car in the driveway. The yard next to the driveway falls off slightly and as I went to steer back onto the driveway, I fed in a little throttle to ease up the incline and the next thing I know I am lying on my side feeling dumb.

    I got lucky. This was in my driveway and the only damage is to my foolish pride. But it reminded me that as the seasons change, so do the riding conditions. What in the summer is solid ground, in the winter is grass that has no good root hold on top of mud that is like riding on grease at 31 degrees.

    All of you folks who ride all year, please remember that riding conditions change with the seasons and we have to anticipate and be ready. Hopefully my bruised ego is all the damage that any of us has to face this winter. Please learn from my mistake so you don't have to learn from your own.

    Safe rounding everybody!!!
    Steve Marquardt

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    Lesson learned and you are in one piece Steve, so that's good.
    Be careful out there.

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    I'm glad pride was the only hurt, Thank you for the reminder.
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    Indeed. Now, with the beautiful fall weather, is also the time of wet, muddy leaves. One of the most slippery things in the road - and so easy to forget about as you enjoy the fall riding.

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    Glad to hear it was only a bruised ego!
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