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Thread: 2000 k1200 rs

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    2000 k1200 rs

    Need a little insight into any specific issues I might need to look for on a 2000 K1200 RS with 24k miles?
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    Standard K-bike seal issues in the trans area, much less common are brake modulator issues, at 10 years and 24k the suspension likely needs upgraded if still stock. Most rubber parts, especially the crank case vent hose to the throttlebodies (under the frame, top o the engine), and the fuel line connectors if they are plastic quick disconnects - stock and aftermarket plastic ones need to be replaced with metal ones, though mine came with no quick disconnects.
    I am a believer in KRSs, my '00 is still going strong at 124K+, so the one you may be looking at is barely broken in....
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