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Thread: Goofy Drop overs

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    Jim Shaw to the white courtesy phone.
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    Pulled into a scenic overlook in Yosemite. Braked on some sand and the front tire washed out. Down goes my well laden K75S. 2 Germans, touring the US on Harleys, come over to help. When we get the bike righted, one of them remarks what a nice bike I have. The other one doesn't say anything but is probably thinking "yeah, but stupid American rider"
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    As if

    Quote Originally Posted by 35634 View Post
    The other one doesn't say anything but is probably thinking "yeah, I'm glad no one saw when I dropped my bike in Bavaria"
    There fixed

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    Pulled into a gas station about 20 miles from home before the completion of a 5,500 ride to the Pac N/W. Turned off the bike, got off to fill up and realized the sidestand was still in the "up" position. I was wedged between the bike and the pump. Had to ask a young kid to come over and help me lift. I was too tired to be embarrased.
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    Telling on a fellow local clubmember, not a member here..I think

    First group trip to the Sipapu Rally in NM for us and first meeting with seven guys from the club for me. I had been riding another brand prior to this. We met up in a local town and had backed in to parking spaces with rear wheels to curb. I was third to end next to "rider X". As we were preparing to roll out, rider X stood his bike up from sidestand, looked over at me in a panic and fell my way. I somehow stayed upright on my RT with him and his new ST laying against me. I looked over at the other 5 guys to my left who just smiled at me with a "meet rider X" look. I was actually able to push him up enough to let him regain his footing...thanks Gold's Gym! I asked why they didn't help later...they still were smiling!

    Same fellow was changing tires on his R1200R last year in his cramped garage and had both wheels off. Came out the next morning to find his floorjack had leaked down and his bike was up against his pristine German Roadster Sport car door and a nice crease in it and the floorjack had punctured his oil filter of his R...not a pretty site as he later told a few of us.

    Sorry "rider X"...lifes lessons!
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    From MARS
    Goofy drops, huh? Is there a limit?

    Let's see... there was last week in TX on the GSPD; I thought there was solid footing under the grass on the right side when I tried to extend the side stand ......., but there wasn't. A couple of years ago, again down in TX only this time on a K12RS, we had pulled over for a break in the middle of nowhere, and the side stand was on a slight rise. When I climbed back on, the cuff of my riding pants caught on the right side foot peg; over we went. Neither of those had an audience.

    But out in Yuma a long, long time ago, I did my goofiest drop. I had just purchased a used '71 Sportster, and for the first ride, I headed out to a little biker bar East of town. I had on my cool new Dingo boots with the rings on the sides and square toes. Not being used to the location of the exhaust pipes on a Harley (previous ride was a Honda 350 Scrambler), I laid my right leg up against the rear exhaust (42" drag pipes). Not hard, but hard enough to allow the heat to burn thru my jeans and finally the top of my boot. The heat penetrated my sock about the time I'm pulling up in front of the bar with the pipes roaring; everybody was looking at me and my new bike. There was smoke coming from my boot, and my ankle was getting really hot. I missed getting the side stand down; bike falls over. I'm ran for the water hose while kicking the boot off. Needless to say, it was months before I could stop there without having somebody who had been there tell the story to somebody else who hadn't been there. By my count, there were over 500 people there that day; or at least, so it seemed.


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