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Thread: Fall Riding----A Time of Transition

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    Fall Riding----A Time of Transition

    A Time of Transition

    Crisp chill air layered by a blanket of blue.
    Visions of laurel landscapes
    dance in the recesses of my mind.

    An un-restrainable urge to escape.
    To answer the call of the distant blue-green mountains,
    Resplendent in the colors of the turning leaves.

    A ride down silent lanes through emerald fields
    Studded with tall spires of fall foliage.
    The misty mountain shimmer emerging between.

    Massive ridges of ancient up-thrust rock.
    Weathered and worn by time, wind and rain.
    Softened by a blanket of green, turned golden-red.

    Rolling hills giving way to mountain slopes.
    Colors growing in intensity with each rising twist of roadway,
    Up a water carved passageway to touch the sky.

    Road-dancing through the fall splendor
    The dark surface of the rushing mountain carver
    Glimmers through the changing tree-hues.

    Riding the skyline, in a place of transition
    between heaven and earth,
    where a man may tarry only a moment before descending.

    For this is a place reserved for the Gods
    A place of Gaea, and her magic, her wood lore and wonder.
    A place of relevance and worship and wishing.

    Wind swept vistas widen below, windows to the soul,
    And the works of man that lay scattered below me
    in the green-gold valleys, carved through the high rock.

    A skyway passage revisited, time and time again
    Forever the great renewer and re-enchanter
    Of the heart and soul of a rider.

    A place of transition, in transition;
    The golden reward for the season past.
    Fall returns and the forest prepares for sleep.


    2004 ? Jeffry LH. Tank

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    cool, autumn/riding poems? i'm in. hopefully bad poetry is allowed.

    summer's gone
    the road is winding
    the cooler air
    i'm not minding

    after baking at
    one hundred degrees
    i simply can't wait
    for that 70F freeze

    much less posting
    with you ladies and gents
    i'm so excited
    i've closed my vents!

    now i'm out riding
    through twists and through turns
    thinking of only hot chocolate
    not hot sunburns

    on the roads of texas
    through traffic i weave
    on my face is a smile
    i've still got green leaves

    for you see, all you yankees
    and folks in I-N
    the peak riding season
    is here once again

    im not constantly watching
    the temp gage with concern
    instead i am briskly
    setting up the next turn

    and soon you'll be posting
    trapped inside by the snow
    'where is username?
    where did he go?'

    but i won't have time to read it
    around the turns i will fly
    i can't miss this weather
    my november is your july!

    behind my faceshield
    a smile so wide
    it's autumn, it's autumn
    i've gone for a ride!

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