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Thread: Wall Street Journal Picks BMW

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    Around here the comparison may not seem reasonable to some but in the real world of buyers the Bandit has stolen more than a few buyers from BMW. Do you think a BMW Motorrad publicist may have had something to do with the placement of the article and the outcome?
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    I wouldn't be surprised.

    Regardless, I would give the Wall Street Journal's opinion on motorcycles the same consideration as I would Sport rider's advice on investing.

    Which brings to mind another comparison:

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    You're correct on that. The demographics of the WSJ and Robb Report for that matter do not include the dedicated riding community. However, their audience has a higher (much higher in the case of the Robb Report) average disposable income, so anytime BMW can get favorable write-ups in these magazines/newspapers, its a good thing. Obviously the articles aren't technical in nature, but this one was well-written and did display the S model's obvious attributes. I've dealt professionally with more than a few individuals in the Robb Report social scene (dealt with..not part of...) and they take these write-ups/comparisons very seriously. They are very likely to be influenced by them, so a good write-up like this one is important.

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