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Thread: key code R75/5

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    key code R75/5

    I have my key blanks in hand, but was wondering if BMW-USA or BMW-Germany can supply the key codes for cutting the fork and seat lock keys via the VIN #. Or can anyone of help in suggesting how I would go about getting that code?

    Thanks from a new member.

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    The codes are simply 1-4, with 1 being the least cut into the edge of the key, and 5 being the deepest. I'm sure you won't find them anywhere.

    Your steering head lock uses 5 cuts, the seat lock only uses four of them. I took off the seat lock and took it and the blanks to a local locksmith and they were able to impression cut a key for the seat lock. I then cut the last cut, nearest the handle of the key a little at a time until it worked in the steering head lock. Once I had a key that worked for both the steering head lock and the seat lock, I went back and had some more made up at the locksmith's.

    I posted the process here:

    Best of luck!


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    More general information about BMW keys:
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    figured it out

    Thanks to one and all. I took the seat lock off and I am having a lock smith find and cut the first 4 and then I will to the fifth.

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