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Thread: Silly /5 license plate question

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    Question Silly /5 license plate question

    OK, this is a pretty stupid question, but...
    How do people normally mount the license plate on their /5's? I don't see any holes on my '71's rear fender. Do people drill holes? Is there a holder available that attaches to the turn signal bar? I've looked through Bob's catalog and the Max BMW website and don't see anything related to mounting the plate.

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    You should have a bracket that attaches to the rear fender, I believe it is part number 46 62 1 231 598 or 46 62 2 303 274.
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    I bought my 1st BMW a '71 R50/5 back in '85 in like new condition with 724 miles on the odometer. It didn't have a licence plate bracket and no holes in the rear fender. I don't no how the previous owner had his plate mounted. I drilled a couple of of lined up holes thru the licence plate and fender. Ran it that way for a few years then bought a used licence plate holder for a /6 and used that. Trimmed the side reflecter mounts off.

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    do what i did with my 1st airhead

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    There is a stock plate available and it holds side reflectors.
    Look at other stock airheads.

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