A Time of Transition

Crisp chill air layered by a blanket of blue.
Visions of laurel landscapes
dance in the recesses of my mind.

An un-restrainable urge to escape.
To answer the call of the distant blue-green mountains,
Resplendent in the colors of the turning leaves.

A ride down silent lanes through emerald fields
Studded with tall spires of fall foliage.
The misty mountain shimmer emerging between.

Massive ridges of ancient up-thrust rock.
Weathered and worn by time, wind and rain.
Softened by a blanket of green, turned golden-red.

Rolling hills giving way to mountain slopes.
Colors growing in intensity with each rising twist of roadway,
Up a water carved passageway to touch the sky.

Road-dancing through the fall splendor
The dark surface of the rushing mountain carver
Glimmers through the changing tree-hues.

Riding the skyline, in a place of transition
between heaven and earth,
where a man may tarry only a moment before descending.

For this is a place reserved for the Gods
A place of Gaea, and her magic, her wood lore and wonder.
A place of relevance and worship and wishing.

Wind swept vistas widen below, windows to the soul,
And the works of man that lay scattered below me
in the green-gold valleys, carved through the high rock.

A skyway passage revisited, time and time again
Forever the great renewer and re-enchanter
Of the heart and soul of a rider.

A place of transition, in transition;
The golden reward for the season past.
Fall returns and the forest prepares for sleep.


2004 ? Jeffry LH. Tank