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Thread: Adventure BMW Chesapeake City, VA

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    Adventure BMW Chesapeake City, VA

    Riding from Ocean City, MD to the Sun Your Buns rally in Venice Fl, stuff went totally FUBAR. I paid the toll on the Eastern Shore side of the Bay Bridge Tunnel, put the LT in first and headed off about 200 yards and my shifter flopped to the pavement putting her in second. Stuck on the side of the road needing linkage parts with my thumb up my.....Called Progressive and they sent a tow from Virginia Beach who was a great guy.

    They had instructed tower to take me to Checker BMW but he said that was a car place and he would call them directly to see if they could help. They said no, so he said we should go to Chesapeake City because there was a shop there. He could not get through to Progressive so he said, "don't worry", I will deal with them. He drove the extra 15 or so unauthorzied miles and got a good tip.

    We got to Adventure BMW right at closing time and they could not have been nicer. They saw the problem right away, but said they could not order overnight for the parts until morning cause it was too late. They recommended a good, cheap motel where I spent two nights.

    True to their word, by 11:00 Thursday morning they called to say my bike was ready. With new deflection lever and linkage ball I was on my way! No B.S., good price and good service. Being on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, I only had the choice of Bob's or DeSimone (now gone), so Adventure BMW is now going to be my goto dealer.

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    I've been happy with their service, and consider myself fortunate to live near the shop.

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    Ouch....dude, that sucks. I'm really sorry to hear that you missed the Rally because of mechanical problems. This was our first, as noted in my Trip Diary post. It was a great Rally, and I'm sure it'll be just as good next year. I was told by a number of Sunbeemers that the NE Florida Rally in January is also very good, as well as the one put on in May by the North Georgia Club (Hiawassee I think). We're going to try to make both of those. Perhaps the riding Gods will be kinder the next time.

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    Sorry about your bad luck . I had an LT once and carried spare shifter parts with me. Never needed them but you know how that goes. Hopefully you can get to Venice next year!!

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