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Thread: Southwest Police Motocycle Competition

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    Southwest Police Motocycle Competition

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    One word, Dang! Wish I could do that!

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    Way cool!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregfuess View Post
    One word, Dang! Wish I could do that!
    It's like getting to Carnegie Hall - practice, practice, practice.

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    very impressive riding!

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    the tall cones make it really intimidating to me for some reason

    i'm used to working with little cones.

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    Wow! That's some impressive riding

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    And I thought I was having trouble getting around the gas pumps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregfuess View Post
    One word, Dang! Wish I could do that!
    Reminds me of my usual criticism of MSF: "parking lot safety," or in this case parking lot skills.

    Knowing what to do when 100 mph suddenly seems a little fast for the next curve makes more sense to me.

    I do know a guy that broke his foot when his K-LT fell on it in his garage, but for the most part most injuries happen on roads and highways I think. I might agree that most damage to bikes occurs in parking lots, but it's about the rider, isn't it?
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    These were a lot of cones - some awesome riding skills!!
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    Holy Batcave

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    Quote Originally Posted by lkchris View Post
    Reminds me of my usual criticism of MSF: "parking lot safety," or in this case parking lot skills.
    This prob is a diff thread topic...
    My "understanding" is MSF is for basic skills that also can be transferred to road conditions and obstacles. I never viewed them as parking lot drills. Teaching a new rider how to take a turn at 100MPH is a little more advanced and not practical to teach anywhere but on a closed track. Not exactly MSF material. Sure, you can TELL her/him how to do it...practical application is hard to do since every corner is different I just have to find your personal limits on your own.
    And take 100MPH corners regularly?...I guess the turn was marked suggested 70 already which isn't a serious corner in my neck of the woods. I did a few at 110+ at Bristol Speedway on the high banks on the GSA. But not on the Virginia Twisties nearby!

    Watching the local LEO Motor units negotiate city traffic and it's obstacles in real time is really what these guys are showing off in these competitions...How many of us can flip a full size RT around like that? That guy is awesome! I did OK on mine( in my mind) a few times,but would have killed the second set of cones in a hurry. I was asked by the ERC/MSF Goldwinger coach to make the figure 8's look harder and go slower than I was doing them since the other bikes were running out of the box on the V-twins and the Monster.

    As for the rider...AWESOME!
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