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Thread: Tourist help for Florida.

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    My Govt. Manitoba Medicare covers my medical needs costs while in Manitoba and is based on Manitoba medical costs. Therefore when I travel I am ultimately responsible for the difference in cost between Manitoba Medical for which I am covered and the medical costs where I have travelled to. I carry medical insurance when travelling anywhere in Canada or USA since costs outside of Manitoba is usually much higher.

    In my opinion, if you are wealthy, you probably do get better quality and more timely care in the USA. Since I am not, I am quite happy to live under the Canadian system. It isn‘«÷t perfect but at least I am entitled to a basic level of care. I guess in Canada the wealthy suffer since everyone is treated equally, unless of course they travel to the USA for care.

    I hear that a heart attach can cost 250Gs in the USA. I am not sure what the net difference would be but it is more than enough to break me.

    Happy New Year

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    My heart attack happened when I was under 65, so covered by my KY teacher retirement /Humana plan same as when I was teaching. I paid something like 7-800 out of pocket. The helo ride was(my wife got there sooner and she didn't speed!) around 10k. The total was no where near 250k.I now have Humana Advantage,one that may go down with "Obama care", as they say they are going to do away with those plans.I do not buy/pay extra for a "supplemental plan" as many do and make one annual heart doc visit and two annual kidney doc visits which costs me very little and the ~$93 monthly for Medicare out of my SS check. We are retired teachers that invested heavily in the act of raising our kids(as in college,etc., not the stock market or our retirements) so certainly not "the wealthy" you refer to, but my Medicare plan gets me a choice of all the drs in my area I need, for any purpose . The issue for many in USA that have coverage is that their plan "works"in the home state , except for emergencies, and when you are not 65 and need regular care while traveling-as in bike trips,etc.,you are not covered.For Mexico on bike, I buy a separate plan to get me out, etc..
    I go to the U of KY dental school for my teeth and have had 6 recent crowns for under $300 each. Obviously you can have good care in USA and not be among the wealthy-IF you are among the covered!Many here are covered(& the kids) by their jobs but for their spouse they pay through the nose for the same coverage.I have worked with many that had farmer/self employed husbands that cost another ~+$500 monthly!
    I'll just go out and say, that for many here in USA, the problem with Govt health insurance is me paying for insurance for somebody that is too lazy to work! If I say more I need to be in Campfire...

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