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Thread: RV Reservations at Redmond

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    The Jan ON which I got today said there was going to be >100 RV sites!!
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    That is correct. And at the last two rallies we had over 100 RVs attend. In Tenn. many were forced to camp up to ten miles away as the sites were booked/sold before many knew reservations had opened.

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    The Jan ON which I got today said there was going to be >100 RV sites!!

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    Not even close as one recent rally had 200+ and I think it was Wisconsin? Not sure which, but it was quite noticable with all the RV rigs at that rally. I think we should always try and plan for much more than a hundred RVs. Maybe not all with full hookups, but at least room for them all to park and camp, generators and all. A generator time curfew, of course. Randy

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    As Huey said, RV reservations will open March 1 along with regular rally registration. There are 105 RV spaces in the RV park and we also have unlimited dry camping on your choice of grass or asphalt. There will be much more info posted as time gets closer. Huey and Steeve are on top of the situation and will keep you posted here.
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