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    Check out Beemer Bone Yard. There is a link on site.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tom9615 View Post
    Has anyone found a replacement battery for k1200lt other than from the dealer?
    Isn't it nice of BMW to support you when no one else will?

    How about reciprocating?
    Kent Christensen
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    Hi, Kent,
    I support BMW enough with the stuff I need to purchase from them. Some of their prices are utterly ridiculous. Most spin-on oil filters are in the $5 range, yet BMW charges around $20 for their branded oil filter - a Mahle OC-91 with the roundel and part number printed on it. I just bought a lot of OC-91 filters for about $8.50 each, NOT from BMW. BMW's list price on Bosch plugs for my K75's is $9.16 each, or $11.84 each for plugs for my (late, lamented) K1100LT. I have used Autolite 4163 plugs for many tens of thousands of miles and the MOST I have paid is $1.25 each. Ditto for Auto Zone fuel filters. Motobins, the last time I checked, offered K-bike air filters (BMW OEM filters) for under $20; why is the cost over $40 from BMW here in the USA? So I will purchase BMW parts from BMW. OEM quality parts which can be sourced from other sources will probably be purchased from those other sources. Yes, I am a cheap SOB.
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    I'm with you Phil. BMW makes the markup they need on the parts we have to get from them. The readily available generic parts such as batteries, they don't want to stock, but they will, for those who need the roundel affixed, for a price.

    Mike Marr
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    Phil - Who's offering those OC-91 oil filters for $8.50 ea.?

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