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I also bought a Rick Mayer's seat early this year. Took delivery the first of May after sending in the Payment in full and the 500.00 deposit on one of his core seats the first of January. Sent the Core seat back the same day in May and after several promises to return the 500.00 core deposit I'm still waiting. The seat was used by me only for two months as I went down in Kansas on the way to Johnson City and rally. The bike was totaled and I am still trying to recover from the new hip. The new seat was salvaged by one of MOA members who helped keep me company in hospital while far away from home. Seat seems to be holding up I'm told but I do question his business practice at least with me.

I ordered a seat in February that was due in April but finally arrived in JUNE -- but only after repeated delays. I promptly returned the stock seat and I followed his deposit return policy to the letter and kept all the associated documentation and he still didn't return the seat deposit until 30 days past the 30 days he gives himself for handling the return of your money. Keep after him -- it took me several email/voicemails to get the deposit processed but he finally did return it.