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Thread: Lead Acid Battery 2007 R1200 RT

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    Lead Acid Battery 2007 R1200 RT

    This battery has the same AH rating as the sealed original, aside from the maintenance. are the sealed any better, longer lasting?

    My 2007 R1200 RT came out of the dealer in the spring of 2008, it now has 25K miles on it. I am going on a long trip in June and I am going to replace it as a precaution due to it's age. The bike is stored inside in the winter, never below freezing, and I use the smart Battery Tender directly to the battery.
    It starts OK, but I haven't load tested it lately.


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    I wouldn't put that in my bike. Acid fumes from the vent plus potential acid spills. There is a reason BMW went with the sealed battery.
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    I wouldn't use it either. It is very hard to get to to check the fluid levels and there are a lot of delicate electronics that could be damaged by fumes or a spill.
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