Before the BMW Concept 6 was unveiled the press conference attendees sat through the mandatory speeches. PressClub Italy had their bosss speech up right away. While the focus of much of the information focuses on Italy it gives insight into how BMW sees the world and how they plan to deal with things. Italy has surpassed the US in recent years in share of total BMW sales by country.

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EIMCA 2009 Speech by Andrea Castonovo, Preident of BMW Group Italy

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thanks and welcome to the Press Conference of BMW Motorrad, I thank my colleagues in Monaco who are with us today, Dr. Bless, Head of Sales and Marketing, Dr. Landerl Head of Development and Model Lines, and Dr. David Robb , head of the Design Center of BMW Motorrad.

Italy Motorcycles Market

2009 that is about to close has been a particularly challenging year for the motorcycle industry, the market in Italy has recorded a loss with a decline of -20.2%, and even the ecoincentives not seem to have achieved an effect positive sales momentum of our segments.

Considering the market of more than 500 cc, where BMW is present with 95% of its range, the decrease is -22%, and estimates that this market will stabilize at around the end of the year to 90,000 units, this brings us back to volumes of 1999, years when BMW Motorrad had a market share around 8%. Now our share grew to 14%, thanks to the 12,118 registrations reached 31 October.

Strategic segments

Analyzing the main segments of the market more than 500 cc confirms the importance of segments Enduro (17% vs. 19% - 2 pp YTD vs 10/08), Naked (47% vs 42% + 5 pp) eTourer (1.5 % constant) in addition to the Supersport segment (12% vs. 15% - 3pp). Together these segments account for almost 80% enrollment.

BMW Motorrad is present in all segments except in the Supersport, which incidentally will soon, and offers its customers products that meet their needs. The customer now calls for a more versatile product with high technological content and high standard of security but also performance and exciting, and geared towards these types of his choice.

So we analyze the performance of BMW Motorrad in key market segments.

In the Enduro segment, BMW has a segment share of 46%, compared with last year's 4 pp and confirming its leadership. The R 1200 GS, together with the "sister" Adventure, this year is the best selling bike ever the Italian market. I want to emphasize also the result of the F 800 GS with 1528 registrations in late October (+3% vs YTD 10/08) became the second best-selling home-BMW motorcycles (GS + Adv 4628 YTD 10/09).

Naked In the important segment, the segment of BMW shares rose by up to 8, 2% (+2 pp) in this segment is the BMW Motorrad R1200R, the classic roadster, with the K 1300 R a muscle bike with aggressive design, sporty performance and great technology. The new F 800 R, which BMW has started between the naked average displacement, a motorcycle is exciting and versatile study is required for the Italian market. From May, the F 800 R was registered in 1273 units.

In Tourer segment, where we have a long tradition, BMW Motorrad Italy has confirmed its leadership with 70% segment share, up 5 pp. The R 1200 RT is the bike that evokes the best travel, a motorcycle balanced, flexible and protective, perfect for tourism, this model will soon reveal to us the colleagues of the important news. Also in January we launched our flagship for tourism fast, the K 1300 GT, a bike that combines comfort with advanced services.


But customers also need advice, assistance and reliable partners and the network of our dealers is definitely another strong point.

The basis of this, plus the flexibility and the ability to correctly interpret the needs of customers, the consolidation of the network is dictated by the continuity, in fact, our dealers are mostly always the same, this allows you to consolidate and the relationship between the network and retain customers and to capitalize on the training. The training course which is under the Network provides ongoing training, including specific courses in business management with the aim of:

To spread the corporate culture oriented to planning and management control;

Supporting the network to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of financial management;

And last but not least to provide the dealership's management tools to make strategic decisions quickly.

Training is an asset in which we invest each year with the clear objective to improve performance and achieve their goals, even in unfavorable periods.

In conclusion I want to reiterate that we are very satisfied:

have a significant market share;
We have consolidated our leading position in some segments;
We enter successfully into new markets;
In the third quarter we were the first market in the world for BMW Motorrad;
BMW Rome was firmly in first place among the dealers around the world.

We look with optimism that 2010 will be a year just as exciting as we have the right tools to achieve new goals.

The new year will begin soon, in fact, on 5 December will be presented to our customers in all the dealerships, the new home supersport BMW S 1000 RR. This is yet another debut of BMW Motorrad in a new segment and we are confident that the S 1000 RR will be the benchmark of the sportbike in terms of performance, technology and security.

I want to stress that, on this occasion, the approach of BMW Motorrad in a segment related to the performance so well, it was entirely consistent with the commitment to sustainability of the BMW Group. Indeed, at the center of S 1000 RR has been paid great attention to technology in the service of sustainability. The result is conjugation between performance and environmental care and safety of this sport for the first time the ABS system works in combination with electronic engine (4 mappings to other Rain Slick) and traction control DTC.

As you know with the new BMW Motorrad S 1000 RR in 2010 in Italy enters World Superstock Championship. Entrance to this international competition is an important strategic step for several reasons:

Legalize the S 1000 RR to an audience of enthusiasts;
Measure the performance of the new bike;
And last but not least, we estimate that more than 30% of the target of supersport look at this season for the choice of his own motion.

We know it's a very competitive league, but we are also aware of our potential.


Before concluding I want to remember, within the path of sustainability of the BMW Group, BMW Motorrad commitment to Italy in search of better standards of safety for the rider with the "safest way".

This project sees the collaboration with BMW Motorrad ANCMA Italy, with the Faculty of Design of Politecnico di Milano and the 3M Foundation for Security. At the end of two years of work and thanks to the partners we have worked with the PCR in Milan, we can see the first prototype of the I-tuft of which I spoke there last year.

The I-Cluster is a system developed to improve the safety of motorcycle riders in the urban area in which it moves, where most accidents occur. The I-Cluster consists of a series of extruded flexible, positioned according to a precise pattern by replacing the fixed components typical of urban roads such as the rigid posts or bollards to stop, absorb the kinetic forces of the body of motorcyclist crashes making them collapse by absorbing the residual energy and increasing the likelihood of reducing the harm resulting from the impact against a fixed element.

The first prototype is housed in space ANCMA Road safety at the stand of motorcyclists, in Hall 18 at our side. We are proud to have co-ordinated this project and we will inform you about when we see this system implemented through the common road of Rho that has decided to provide some ways to test this project and verify its effectiveness.

I thank you and invite Mr. Bless.

The speeches of the other presenters have not been posted by BMW PressClub yet. I will make them available, if someone else doesnt, when they become available.