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Thread: BMW HP2 Sport Motorsport Replica

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    BMW HP2 Sport Motorsport Replica

    BMW PressClub France announced a Motorsport model last week. The run will be limited to 400 units and there is no information if any of them have been taught how to swim the pond to make it State side.

    The bike seems to be an exercise in style. The specs listed are the same as the current HP 2 Sport. In France the price for this exercise is listed at 22,230. European pricing often has little to do with what a State side model will sport for a price tag. What ever the numbers in dollars are if it makes it to the U.S. the price will be steep.

    The BMW HP2 Sport Motorsport Replica.

    Munich. When BMW Motorrad introduced the HP2 Sport in autumn 2007, is a dream come true for all fans of the Boxer engine. Currently, the BMW HP2 Sport motorcycle is still the standard more sporty and more powerful equipped with a flat-twin, designed to meet the needs of the most demanding bikers. Indeed, the BMW HP2 Sport is equipped with information previously reserved for racing motorcycles. BMW Motorrad is once again ahead by offering a version of the road counterpart "HP2 Sport Motorsport.

    The HP2 Sport has won many races around the globe during the last 3 years, especially with the BMW Motorrad Team Works endurance. The Boxer race has participated in such classics as Le Mans and the Bol d'Or.

    Like the machines of the factory fairing, tank, front fender and engine caches are painted the colors of BMW Motorrad Motorsport: Alpine White, metallic Blue Lupine and Magma Red. The forged aluminum wheels are painted blue with white front and rear. The road version is coming close to the maximum of the racing version.

    The BMW HP2 Sport shares the same basic technique as the HP2 Sport launched in autumn 2007. The flat-twin delivers 133ch to 8750trs/min (98kW, 107ch in French) for a couple of 115 Nm at 6,000 rpm. The stainless steel exhaust system produces a harsh sound characteristic boxer engine with a silencer ideally placed under the saddle. The BMW HP2 Sport is also equipped with a shifter for an optimal transition speeds without having to manipulate the clutch, ?hlins sports suspension, Brembo brakes and an instrument cluster directly inspired motorcycle racing.

    With a dry weight of only 178 kilograms, the BMW HP2 Sport gives an intense driving pleasure on winding roads as on the racetrack.

    The BMW HP2 Sport Motorsport Replica is now available in an edition limited to 400 units. It will be displayed at 22,230.

    Pass the mustard and UP THE REVOLUTION!

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    I want one!

    Regardless of what anyone else says this is my dream bike in exactly the colors I wanted it in. Sure hope they bring it stateside, otherwise I'll stick to my original plan of buying a two or three year old one, and painting it this way!

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    I'm giving some thought to duplicating this paint scheme on my HP2S.

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    I thought you posted you were selling it on the other board, I'd pm'd you about it there!

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    OK, so now that I know we won't get this one in the US, I'm gonna paint my own, what do you think of this slightly altered version of it?

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