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Thread: Marsee Bavarian Bag

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    Marsee Bavarian Bag

    I'm looking at the Marsee Bavarian Bag. Does anyone own this bag? What are your thoughts?

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    Marsee Bavarian Bag

    I have had one for 3-4 weeks now and am very pleased with it. Eliminates the need for saddlebags unless I am camping or going two up. No real installation instructions, although it is obvious that the grab rail must be removed. I then went to the hardware store to get spacers to reuse the stock hardware because you have to reuse the mounting nuts and bolts because they also hold the rear end together, in addition to holding the grab rail. None of this was mentioned in the directions. I strongly recommend it.

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    have used the marsee bag for 6 weeks and find it great. works as advertised and am confident these folks will stand behind it. Josh metioned using spacers and stock bolts and that will work, i found it better to pick up a couple shorter bolts.
    get the raincover. easy to use and works.

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