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Thread: South/Gulf FLA weather

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    South/Gulf FLA weather

    What's this I hear of a hurricane in the south?

    What's the insider knowledge on the info?
    I'm heading that direction tomorrow.

    Thanks in advance. h

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    You may get some rain on the west coast or the panhandle.
    Stay east or bring a rain suit. Do not worry, ride happy.
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    The talking heads say 6/8 inches in central Al later this week.Today it is cloudy with patches of blue sky here South of Birmingham.Going for a ride in about 10 min or so will have better info when I get back later this afternoon..

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    Thanks guys, I opted for an instate travel over the weekend instead of heading south. It was a last minute change while on the bike leaving driveway. Do I go 1200 miles and possibly deal with rain for most of the week or hang around close by?

    Not that I'm opposed to rain or riding it, but I didn't want to go FLA for the rain, wanted to go for the sun!

    Here's a ride report from my ride if interested...

    LAter, h

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    Ida was a non event, blown out of proportion by the media of course...At least down here the media were hysterical about it, untill they interviewed a local in AL who said there was nothing going on...
    I am sure the newscasters were disappointed not being able to report some misery...(insert sarcasm)
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    Started raining Monday night in west Alabama and stopped about 5 PM last evening.

    Perfect sunshine and 70 degrees Fahrenheit at the moment.
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    Thumbs up

    Sorry I didn't get back...Tuesday was the only rain day,rained all day not hard,but steady.Since then nothing but sunshine and blue skies..Should be in mid 70's all weekend.Lets Ride

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