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Thread: What is a good Service Contract Company

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    Question What is a good Service Contract Company

    I just bought a 2005 R1200ST from Brown Motor Works in Pomona,CA. What is a Good Service Contract company.

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    I wasn't aware that one exists.
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    Quote Originally Posted by osbornk View Post
    I wasn't aware that one exists.
    I'll second that notion, EXCEPT that IF the company is one that the first owner bought from and passed along to me. One of my son's just bought a 2006 M3 and the guy had a BMW 100k service contract that went with the car- a nice thing to have on that kind of mechanicals, esp., when the other guy paid for it!
    If they make $ selling the service contracts then that should give you some indication of the math and who wins in the end...

    Insurance companies-

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    There are some (like myself) that might say that's a little like asking "Give me the name of a good honest kind African Dictator".

    Do some research is all I can say. And even then, you might find you're not getting as much as you thought.

    Back in 2001 I bought a 1999 Ford Expedition that was out of warranty (3/36 and it had 70k on it). I looked around, did some research and settled on an extended warranty company. I picked one that paid the claim first and then I covered what they didn't. And they offered a money back guarantee if you never submit a claim during the warranty period.

    I went to my local Ford garage and spoke to them first, making sure they would work with this company. I explained that, because of the mileage, I could not get a FORD extended warranty. The service manager agreed (after hemming and hawing of course.) I used the warranty a few times the first couple years. About mid-way thru the 3rd year while on a trip to PA, I had an exhaust manifold crack. Got home and brought it to the garage. The estimated the work and got the claim approved. Upon pick up of the truck, I was given a bill for something like $900!! What? What happened to my warrant? The service manager said that he was told that I had to pay the bill and submit it to the warranty company for reimbursement!!! WTF? That is not what I paid for.

    So I paid the claim and called the company. they told me that they were having trouble with American Express (the credit card they used to pay claims) because they were making payments in places all over the country and Amex was flagging it for fraud??? So they changed their policy to cutting checks to customers after the customer pays the bill. Really? How long have you been doing this?? I didn't renew when the policy was up.

    Good luck.
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    Motorcycle Service Contract Companies

    Thanks for all of your help.

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    What is a good Service Contract Company ?

    Me Myself and I LLC has worked pretty well

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    Quote Originally Posted by jforgo View Post
    Me Myself and I LLC has worked pretty well
    Are these LLC's like a chartered membership.. I was noticing that Dewey Cheatem and Howe were the local boys in my area...

    I am beginning to think that the name of me myself and I LLc is the correct one tho

    Now when can I get a FD tech session for rebuilding, or I guess that is another thread.. not to hijack

    we bring you back to your regularily scheduled forum

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