One the way back from NM and Arizona last month, on a Saturday afternoon my new K12S developed what was latter determined to be a bad battery cell. So I pulled out the trusty roadside assistance for the 800 number, and since I did not know why the bike was having troubles, had it towed from Ft Stockton to San Antonio, TX using the service arranged by the Motorrad assistance program. Inconvenient, but got the job done.

The woman said that BMW would reimburse up to $500 in onward travel, but that I was on my own in getting the bike from San Antonio back to Houston. So OK, not great, but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, anyway. The roadside assist person made taxi, hotel and rental car reservations for me and promised reimbursement with receipts, with a $500 limit. While the total expenses were over $600 (without any meals) using only the reservations, the receipts were submitted.

So when the receipts were submitted to BMW for reimbursement, I received a check for $60 saying that they needed the repair receipt for the bike. BMW directly reimbursed the dealer for the repair! BMW gave me a receipt number, which was referenced in the letter submitting the receipts! I was ballistic and called BMW customer service, and they are looking into it, for over a week now.

OK, so any bike can have an issue. Roadside assist can be a pain, but this has been going on for over a month, BMW received the receipts over 3 weeks ago (thanks for tracking numbers and return receipts, USPS!). But there are other reliable bike manufactures (this is my first BMW, though I have owned several rice burners without regrets. The cache of the brand leaves me a little cold, though I do appreciate some of the unique qualities that go into a BMW.

But BMW's customer service SUCKS!!! The roadside assistance program is no more than a sales gimmick! BMW seems to dump its customers, seemingly slamming the door in your butt on the way out! Then again, the MOA is great. Go figure.