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Thread: Bench Racing & The Morning Reads

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    Friday, 22 October

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    WSBK et al. 2011 World Superbike test dates announced

    MotoGP Expletive deleted; if you love somebody, set them free Ducati show interest in Redding

    ] Honda tease Moto3 class entry

    Formula 1

    Press Conference
    TEAM PRINCIPALS: Eric BOULLIER (Renault), Stefano DOMENICALI (Ferrari), Christian HORNER (Red Bull), Martin WHITMARSH (McLaren)

    Practice Results:
    Session 1
    Session 2

    Selected Team comments
    Renault F1
    ATT Williams
    HRT Friday Practice ‘«Ű selected driver quotes Drivers concerned about pit lane entry and dangerous turn 16 in Korea Korean GP Media Kit

    Thursday Press Conference

    Silly Season Felipe Massa says he will stay at Ferrari for 2011
    By implication Kubica will be staying at Renault

    Will Lotus be staying with Lotus or Renault? Fenandes under pressure to drop Lotus name?

    Other Racing 8 hours of Doha ‘«Ű A great final race for the 2010 title in Qatar Death of the Dakar
    Visordown takes a long look at what happened behind the scenes resulting in the cancelation of the 2008 Dakar.

    On the Street

    HFLM: Michael Lock on what the motorcycle industry doesn‘«÷t need right now. Former Ducati North America CEO Michael Lock talks bikes 2010 Q3 Motorcycle sales down 18.3%

    2010 YTD Sales 2009 YTD Sales % Change
    Totals: 555,440 679,806 -18.3

    ATVs: 186,688 244,309 -23.6

    Scooter: 23,432 26,288 -10.9

    On-Hwy: 265,095 309,422 -14.3

    Dual: 19,969 23,174 -13.8

    Off-Hwy: 60,256 76,613 -21.4

    Motorcycle Totals: 368,752 435,497 -15.3 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250R preview
    The 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250R is the ultimate entry-level motorcycle for sportbike fans, but also a blast for veteran riders. Honda VFR1200F review

    Touratech preps for BMW GS Trophy Touratech prepares for 2010 GS Trophy Speed Triple ‘«Ű your questions answered 2011 Kawasaki Versys preview

    HFLM: Triumph Tiger and BMW F800GS, separated at birth?

    SoloMotoTreinta ‘«Ű Triumph Tiger 800, 800 XC official picture slideshow BMW G 650 Maxitest Xmoto: The reviews
    - The Test
    - User Reviews Kawasaki 2011 KLR 650 review Castiglioni buys back MV Agusta for the price of a Latte!

    ITN News

    How to set motorcycle suspension

    The Mothership

    Woot of the Day


    Bike Candy

    Via: ‘«Ű URS Racing Sidecar Rig

    Check out for the auction notes that give more history and has many more detailed pictures of the this rig.

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    Saturday, 23 October

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    Note: This was a daily part of the Morning Reads threads I did for a long time. I used cake pictures back then and set the goal of never repeating a picture. I have not included it because I have wanted to keep this simple and to the point. Yet fellow members are why we come here. The problem was not only the work but if I missed a day I would get notes complaining they were passed over.

    Karma over a this thread. Go there to put your name in the running for a free subscription to Motorcycle Consumer News. I thought about doing it in this thread but why disappoint gentle readers of the thread when potentially I could disappoint the entire forum.

    WSBK et al. Davide Tardozzi still out of a job
    Translated interviews with Tardozzi on referenced in the piece and a previous interview.


    Interesting read. Honda Road Racerhead #43
    ‘«£As anyone likely to be reading this knows, all three Grand Prix rider championships have now been decided with two rounds still remaining, but there‘«÷s one important crown that‘«÷s still remaining to be determined: the constructors championship‘«ō Ben spies looking for contract renewal with Yamaha

    Formula 1

    Vettel pips Webber for the first Korean GP Pole.

    Sebastian Vettel will start from pole position after an extremely tight qualifying session. Mark Webber was just 7/100ths of a second slower in second place with Fernando Alonso a further 9/100ths adrift of Webber.

    Car setup seems key for qualifying. Red Bull and Ferrari appear to have opted for a bit more down force than others. This yielded better sector times but limited their straight line speed as a trade off. Kubica was fastest in the warm up session times but was not able to do much in qualifying. If he can keep his wheels on for the race he could be the wild card that Alonso will have to deal with while chasing the RB twins.

    Lap Times
    Maximum Speeds
    Sector Times
    Speed Trap Vettel flies to Korean pole for Red Bull

    formula1. com: Selected quotes from Qualifying.

    The Stewards are investigating Schumacher and Barrichello ( The latter filed a complaing that the former was blocking during qualifying. Webber gets engine boost for Korea
    Webber elects to take a new engine for qualifying and the race with no penalty. Teams are limited in the number of engines they may use during a season. Webber took a chance and passed up a previous change to hold one in reserve. The rule is intended to help force down the costs of racing but may prove to be a strategy bump to help win the Driver‘«÷s Championship. F1 drivers criticize ‘«ˇdangerous‘«÷ new Korea track HRT F1 team fined $5,000 for tyre warmer blunder.
    It would have only cost them a six pack of Sam Adams and a jar of mustard from the Mustard Museum if they had only made a tire warmer blunder instead.

    On the Street

    FEMA is trying to avert a motorcycling disaster. This time it‘«÷s not the Federal Emergency Management Agency‘«÷s proposed actions that are in the news but the Federation of European Motorcyclist Association that is in the news. Brussels threat to trailies

    Back in the US of A‘«™ More owner modified off road Sportsters ‘«Ű is Harley Davidson going to get on board? UK roads continue to get safer.
    UK motorcycle deaths are down 6% but in 42% of the reported driver/rider error was sighted as the cause. This emphasizes the need for on going training. What were the other causes? New California motorcycle exhaust law

    BMW-TV: S1000RR burnout XXXL

    BMW - 30 ans de GS
    Uploaded by bestoflo. - Watch auto videos

    Bikes with grunt showdown - Motorcycle USA pits the Star VMAX against a competitor in a comparison review.

    From Ottonero Caf?ģ Racer site ‘«Ű Dax Paradise

    And the conversion of a Enfield Mini Bullet to‘«™

    The Mothership

    Live chat with co‘«Űorganiser of the GS Trophy 2010 (Tom Wolf). Make use of this unique opportunity to ask enduro legend Tomm Wolf your own personal question. 29. October from 10 ‘«Ű 11am CET.

    BMW on demand pilot project
    More and more customers want to use cars flexibly. The BMW Group is therefore bringing a new mobility service into being with which vehicles in the premium segment can be rented on an hourly basis. From now on, with "BMW on Demand", customers will be able to hire vehicles with the highest quality features from the current BMW model range by the hour at BMW Welt Munich. The pilot project will initially run over a period of twelve months, and will be extended to other locations in Munich in a second phase‘«™[url]more[/url]

    Woot of the Day


    From Hare To Heir

    Bike Candy

    You will not see this bike in a showroom near you unless you‘«÷re not in the US.

    2011 NEW Kawasaki W800 details official video

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    Sunday, 24 October

    Formula 1

    Qualifying Press Conference

    Qualifying penalties: [url=]Suti[/rl] gets a speeding ticket, Schumacher gets a reprimand but no grid penalty for blocking Barrichello, Rosberg and Mercedes received a penalty for forcing heavy breaking by another driver, Force India‘«÷s Sutil gets away with impeding Kubica in Q2 or at least that is how Kubica sees things. Schumacher masking his feelings, says Todt Heidfeld eyes openings at Renault and Force India.
    Fast Nick is out of a job in a couple of races but has hopes. He had been linked with Renault prior to Petrov landing the job their. Wit Petrov out Heidfeld could have another chance at joining former teammate Kubica. Force India is the more likely spot if he has one.

    Korean Grand Prix Race Notes

    Four of the five championship contenders make up the two first rows; Red Bull‘«÷s Vettle and Webber row one followed by Alonso and Hamilton in row two. Four dry practice and qualifying sessions emphasized the importance of where you sit on the grid. A new track with big concerns about the clean v dirty side of the track for the start should make the start and race to turn one very interesting. Should being operative because the grid is wet on race day and all bets are off.

    The drivers are sent out to explore the track ‘«Ű odd way to discuss the formation lap. A few ‘«ˇminor spins‘«÷ spins are reported and it is announced that the race will be delayed by ten minutes.

    The race will start behind the safety car. So much for the race to turn one.

    Rain is falling hard and is expected to last the race. Everyone is on full wets at the start.

    Here are the top ten drivers standings going into this race:

    Pos Driver Nationality Team Points
    1 Mark Webber
    Australian RBR-Renault
    2 Fernando Alonso
    Spanish Ferrari
    3 Sebastian Vettel
    German RBR-Renault
    4 Lewis Hamilton
    British McLaren-Mercedes
    5 Jenson Button
    British McLaren-Mercedes
    6 Felipe Massa
    Brazilian Ferrari
    7 Nico Rosberg
    German Mercedes GP
    8 Robert Kubica
    Polish Renault
    9 Michael Schumacher
    German Mercedes GP
    10 Adrian Sutil
    German Force India-Mercedes

    The safety car is off and the first Korean GP is underway.

    Gallons and gallons of spray in the air as the monster rain tires do their job. No news as to how long they may deploy him to lead the race parade.

    The race electronics do not care if it is dry or wet, full race or SCD to start the race and posts sector times intervals who is going purple at any one time.

    Lap 2/55
    Senna pits and takes a new set of tires.

    Vettel sets the first ‘«ˇfast lap‘«÷ over a minute of his qualifying pace.

    Lap 3/55
    The race has been red flagged.

    Ferrari pit communications with Massa have told him that they don‘«÷t expect rain to stop or let up for at least 20 minutes. No indication has been given by the race officials as to how long they plan to delay this race.

    The cars are still out on the track working their way back to the grid where mechanics are getting ready to greet them.

    Fast Nic is listed with the current Fast Lap on Lap 2 with a 2.48.413 for a time. Vettel‘«÷s pole time was 1.35.585. Not much for Heidfeld to brag about but he is the current track race record holder of all time.

    Now we are being told drivers and teams will be given a ten minute warning to the resumption of the race. It will resume behind with the Safety Car deployed.

    Everyone is back at the grid. Tire warmers go on and the drivers sit.

    Kubica gets out of his car and heads to the garage. Born in Poland he always displays a rather cool demeanor but underneath which you sense an inner drama grown under the Italian sun where he race Karts. Off to the garage to release some of that pent up energy? Other drivers are doing the same. Will I head back to bed?

    01.44 the track status has been changed to yellow. Sad state of affairs when the most my fingers can babble about is the color of the track status indicator. 01:46 and it is green again.

    01:55 the ten minute warning is given. The race will resume at 02:05 F-O-L time.

    This photo of the five championship contenders has been in the press since it was snapped as the race weekend began. Jenson Button must finish at least sixth if he is to have any chance of remaining in the frame and hold onto his title.

    Tire blankests are coming off and the grid clears.

    The safety car moves out and the ‘«ˇrace‘«÷ is underway once again. The delay time will not count against the 2 hour race time limit. I am not certain how much official time was used up during the first laps but there is a chance this will be a timed race.

    Lap 4/55
    Di Grassi is in the Virgin pits for a new set of full wets.

    Lots of spray from the tires but it seems better than the first start. There have been reports of something called blue sky but they are not to be trusted.

    Lap 5/55
    Behind the safety car, Heidfeld looses his fast lap status to Luzzi who posts a 2.40.286.

    Yamamoto spins but is able to return to the field.

    Barrichello has been told by his pits to expect rain for at least the next 25 minutes.

    Lap 6/55
    Barrichello sets a new fast lap braking the 2:40 barrier with a 2:39.488. Stunning!

    Lap 7/55
    Vettel is still in P1 with Webber Alonso Hamilton Rosberg Massa Button Kubica Schumacher and Barrichello rounding out the top10. Less than 9 seconds separate P 1 and P9. Vettle has not found a way around the safety car and open up a gap from the field.

    Lap 8/55

    Alguersuari in p15 sets a new fast lap with a blistering 2:37.789 as he battles with Sutil in P14. Who said dueling for position slows you down? He may hold fast lap but he is unable to advance as the field flies around in grid order behind the safety car.

    Lap 9/55
    The track is improving with each round the field makes. Schumacher in P9 continues to all his skills to hold off Barrichello in P10. He must be careful not to be seen as blocking after receiving a reprimand yesterday from race officials. He must be within the rules for now. Not reports of officials investigating his actions.

    Lap 10/55
    Trulli sets a new fast lap with a 2:37.428. What is up with Vettel? The pole holder and race leader seems content to let the back of the pack define what is fast in Korea. Perhaps he is being a bit conservative. Webber his teammate has a new engine. As long as he can hold on to P1 there is no need to strain his older engine to hold off his teammate.

    The plotting thickenens.

    Lap 11/55
    Di Crassi in P24 takes the fast lap laurel truly having the last position still showing on the grid set the pace.

    Lap 12/55
    We are entering the pit window. Who will pit and who will stay out and for how long.

    What is amazing so far is that even with the blistering pace, now set by Di Grassi, we still have all cars show as on the track and racing. With the exception of Yamamoto‘«÷s brief spin this has been an incident free race.

    Lap 13/55
    P 24 De Grassi is in the pits. Has he used his car up with the blistering pace he has been setting? No not the car but the tires. A new set of full wets after he used up the last ones. He returns to the field in P24 just 24.5 seconds behind race leader Vettel.

    Lap 14
    Schumi sets fast lap at 2:35.400. The crafty veteran has always been a rainmeister. This should end any question of his blocking Barrichello to hold position. Schumi is RACING!

    (note to self: should have made a 50/50 blend of decaf)

    Lap 15/55
    The field has broken out into debating! With track conditions and fast lap times improving drivers are debating when the safety care should be sent to the barn. Many drivers say conditions are still to wet but the plucky Hamilton says the track is almost dry enough to go to intermediates.

    Lap 16/55
    Luzzi runs wide but gathers it up and does not loose his place in the parade, or should I say race?

    Lap 17/55
    The safety car will pit at the end of this lap. Must need a potty break or something.

    Lap 18 Vettel leads the field into turn one for the first time without the safety car.

    Schumacher passes Kubica for P8 then joins a three way duel with Button and Massa for P 6

    Vettel finally sets a true fast lap with a 1:57.805 well off his pole time but he is on full wets and a still wet track.

    Lap 19/55
    WEBBER spins and hits the wall ‘«Ű Rosberg follows suit and both are out of the race!
    Where is my lovely statistician to tell us what this means for the championship hunt? Oh that‘«÷s right I don‘«÷t have one. The simple answer is Webber is unlikely to be on the top of the heap at the end of this race unless there is a bigger heap at the wall.

    Race central says Webber would be 3rd in the championship standings if there were no change from the current race standings.

    P1 Vettel followed in order by Alonso Hamilton Mass Button Schumacher Kubica Hulkenberg Barrichello and Sutil. Timing shows a 9,7 second gap from P1 to P10.

    Lap 21
    Potty break over the SCD sign goes up and the field will form behind the safety car as Webber and Rosberg make their way back to the pits on scooters and their cars are craned from the track.

    Hukkenberg, what a great name for F1. The Hulk gives a certain muscle to the sound of a very genteel field. Tack that circle track races.

    Lap 23
    McLaren tells Button to expect more rain soon.

    Lap 24/55
    The safety car is in the pits and Vettel goes purple with a 1:54.438. Slowly he is opening a lead on Alonso and the rest of the field.

    Trulli and Senna make contact ‘«Ű Trulli heads to the pits for a new nose. He is directed into the garage but stays in the car‘«™he is backed out and he joins the fray once again. The incident will be investigated.

    Lap 27/55
    Schumi has passed Button fro P5. Not good news for the current champ. He needs to maximize points with Webber being out. No time to give up position even if it is to the rainmeister Schumacher.

    Trulli pits once again and gets out of the car. His race is over but the investigation will not end. He could suffer penalties in the next race.

    Lap 28/55
    Hamilton goes purple with a 1:53.914 but he is shown 2.7 seconds behind Alonso who is now 3.9 seconds behind the race leader.

    Lap 29/55
    Vettel responds to Hamilton setting a new fast lap only to have Alonso quickly best his time. Even with the new fast lap Alonso is shown 3.9 seconds off the lead pace.

    Button pits and returns to the field in P15. The field is starting to cycle in for pit stops so this may not be as bad as it sounds once all is done. He comes out of the pits sporting a set of intermediates on his McLaren.

    Lap 31
    Buemi crashes out of the race.
    The safety car comes out.
    P3-9 dive into the pits.
    Vettel and Alonso have yet to make their mandatory pit stop while the rest of the field have done theirs.

    Lap 32
    The lead pair dive into the pits.
    Problems for Alonso with the right front change. ‘«Ű Wheel nut problems.
    Vettel holds on to P1 but Hamilton has passed delayed Alonso for P2. This is allowed under the rules.

    Lap 33
    Behind the safety car the top 10 are

    Lap 34/55
    SCD will end with this lap.

    Lap 35/55
    As racing begins again Hamilton is shown 0.8 seconds adrift of Vettel the leader.
    He runs wide in turn 1 and gives up position to Alonso.

    As the lap ends Alonso is shown 1.5 seconds off Vettel‘«÷s pace but in second place after his pit problems.

    Lap 36/55
    Button runs wide and into the grass while fighting Sutil for position. Button is now shown in P15.

    Lap 39/55
    Kovalainen pits to take a drive trough penalty for speeding on his last stop.

    Ferrari tells Alonso to be careful of his tires in turns 7 and 8.

    Lap 40
    Hamilton sets a new fast lap. Only to have Massa respond with his first real fast lap.

    Track status is Yellow

    Petrov lost the back end of his car in Turn 17 and went into the wall. He is out of the race and with no deal inked with Renault for 2011 is he going to be out of F1 when the season is over?

    Lap 42/55
    The track status is still shown as yellow. This must be a local yellow because Vettel and Alonso are trading fast laps again. 4.3 second separates the current podium positions.

    Massa is up to P4 but can do little more than that for now. He is 8.2 seconds behind Vettel and 4.5 behind Hamilton.

    Lap 44/55
    Vettel is complaining about visibility as dusk begins to settle in on the track. This combined with even a little spray takes out any room for error for the current race leader.

    Lap 46
    Engine problems for Vettel
    Alonso passes
    Flames are coming out the back of the Red Bull as Vettel pulls over and retires.

    Live timing is cruel because he was passed by the leader and stopped he was immediately shown as one lap down. Then his name and number continued to drop until he hit P15 where he will finish well out of any points.

    Red Bull could have wrapped up the Constructor‘«÷s Championship today but have posted two DNFs instead.

    Lap 47
    Sutil tries to pass Kobayashi but looses control and is out of the race with suspension damage.

    Lap 49/55
    Into the last leg of this race the field is
    Heidfeld P10

    Alonso has a 2.8 second lead over Hamilton and 15.4 seconds on his teammate Massa.

    Another good showing so far for BMW Sauber F1 with both cars in points paying positions. Kobayashi is stepping up to his role as team leader.

    Lap 51
    The Hulk pits for a new set of tires.

    Lap 52/55
    Replays show Button surviving a spin.
    Hulkenbergs tires looked well past their prime causing crews up and down pit lane to wonder how their driver‘«÷s tires are doing.

    Lap 53

    Alonso has taken a 10 second lead over Hamilton and a 27.6 second lead over Massa.

    Assuming no changes in the next two laps he will leave Korea as the Championship leader with 231 points to Webber‘«÷s 220, Hamilton‘«÷s 210 and Vettel with 206.

    The Sutil ‘«Ű Kobayashi incident will be investigated after the race.

    Lap 55

    Alonso takes the win with Hamilton and Massa rounding out the podium finishes.

    P4 and beyond
    Button Kovalainen
    DNFs start at P14
    Di Grassi

    On the Street The end of motorcycling not a chance
    ‘«£The industry may be hurting, but motorcycling and the enthusiasm for it is not only alive and well, it is adapting and growing.‘«ō
    I certainly hope so! 2011 Yamaha EC 03 preview

    Woot of the Day

    Bike Candy

    One of the greats!

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    Sunday EXTRA 24 October

    BMW is upping their WSBK buy in with a second team fielded by BMW Italia. . BMW Italia fielded the team that took the World Supersport 1000 series with the S1000RR and Aryton Badovini as rider. He will make the move form WSS to WSBK with the team. He will be joined by James Toseland according to a report by Toseland confirmed at BMW Italia squad for 2011 WSB season

    While the idea of a BMW Italia team with Badovini and Toseland as riders is fascinating the BSN article holds some potentially more important news/rumor and a question.

    News/Rumor: BMW will be picking up members of the disbanded Ducati WSBK team.

    If true this is the biggest news in the BSN report. Staff from the former Ducati team will bring a wealth of knowledge experience and seasoning to a BMW effort. There is no indication if the Ducati members come if they will stay with BMW Italia (most likely) or all or some could go to BMW Motorrad Motorsport.

    I was skeptical about the hiring of Davide Tardozzi. If you were excited about BMW hiring Davide Tardozzi before last season and disappointed when he was canned then bringing Ducati WSBK team members and experience to either team should really excite you if it is true.

    The promise that came with Tardozzi was the experience the team needed to move to the next level. My problem with that promise was an open question of what he would manage. Taking the day to day operations off Berthold Hauser‘«÷s shoulders was the only real gain I saw. Beyond that, he and BMW were in the same spot; building a team from scratch. No matter how excellent a manager is if he does not have the staff he needs under him he will have marginal success as a manager.

    Both the BMW Motorrad Motorsport Team and BMW Italia team have another year of experience under their belts. The addition of Ducati talent and experience to the membership of either or both teams will be a huge boost to the BMW effort if it is managed correctly. That is now in the hands of Bernhard Gobmeier the new head of BMW Motorrad Motorsport.

    The question centers on what bike the BMW Italia team will race.

    Clearly it will be the S1000RR. That is a given, but what spec will it be? The BSN article talks about a 2010 works team bike with 2011 specs. What does that mean? Time will tell.

    This post is based on one article. No official announcements have been mad that I was able to find at this time. Enter the EICMA and the BMW Husqvarna press conference. Is this where BMW will make its plans for both teams a matter of public record? Until there is a formal announcement we will have to settle for rumors from dinner tables.

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    Monday, 25 October

    Members with Birthdays Today

    WSBK et al. Aragon will be a new WSBK adventure. Things are getting testy at BMW Toseland‘«÷s fall from grace ‘«Ű Signs with BMW

    gathering speed

    MotoGP Spies ‘«Ű Contract to 2013? Stoner to Honda in 2011 How the calendar is set. Suter BMW to test at Valencia with Redding

    Formula 1 Korea Analysis ‘«Ű Alonso back in the drivers seat

    autosport: Barrichello ‘«Ű Full race distance unsafe
    Related Bad light doesn‘«÷t stop play - how race control makes key decisions

    : F1 title battle set to go down to very last lap Analysis ‘«Ű Webber needs Red Bull to focus on him

    On the Street

    Givi tankbag system explained BMW Offroad School [UK] review

    Woot of the Day


    History has many stories of leaders with great visions for the future. They devised grand strategic plans and gathered people to implement the tactical side. The success of these leaders is often found in how they manage the tension between the grand strategic plan and the practical realities the tactical leaders face in their part of the grand scheme.

    WSBK and the various national SBK championships share the term SBK and the S1000RR, yet I would argue they are worlds apart from each other in the form and level of competition teams face in the various tactical arenas. WSBK, for all its denials, is more a prototype class built on a street model while the various national championships are based in street bikes designed to race.

    BMW has built an award and sales winning street bike in the S1000RR. The bike has taken numerous national championships and the WSS 1000 Championship. While that grand record has played out the WSBK team has had a dismal beginning. One podium in two seasons and able only to beat Kawasaki in the manufacturers standings the teams record is far from stellar by comparison. But is that comparison fair?

    In a mid season interview, fired team manager, Davide Tardozzi was asked what his assessment of the future was for the BMW Motorrad Motorsport team. He quickly dealt with the present team development efforts and set two benchmarks for the future; 2011 ‘«Ű finish within the top four teams, 2012 ‘«Ű battle for the title and win.

    Senior management in BMW Motorrad clearly has a strategic vision for the S1000RR, Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport and now others. It is committing its resources to support this effort as is the auto segment in their racing forms.

    What remains to be seen is if senior management has the temperament and management skills to bring its strategic vision to reality. It has hired and fired on of WSBK‘«÷s great tactical leaders. In the coming seasons we will see if it can meet or exceed the goals set by him. Will they find the balance between relentlessly pushing their team and patience? Or will they fall pray to the mistake that has brought so many visionary leaders down; micromanagement. Tardozzi set the benchmarks for himself, the team and now BMW senior management. Time will tell how they fair.

    Bike Candy

    Why is it that with motorcycles as in dating there are so many eye catching things that on further inspection you know you could not live with but still leave you with a certain longing? Via Rooke Customs and

    Rooke Customs Vettel 15

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    Tuesday, 26 October

    Members with Birthdays Today

    WSBK et al. Xaus back on a Ducati in 2011? Season review ‘«Ű The winning RSV4 bike

    MotoGP Team Speak ‘«Ű Estoril MotoGP preview Burgess ‘«Ű ‘«£Ducati will listen to Rossi‘«ō
    Related: Jeremy Burgess talks about his move to Ducati

    Formula 1 The technical challenge of tuning a car in to a new circuit

    The James Allen piece gives an interesting perspective to the preparations that go into preparing to race on a new circuit and hints at the possible missteps teams may take. Putting a motorcycle perspective on this, last year in WSBK this was the case for BMW at every race.

    Other Racing Husqvarna celebrates the 78th World Championship title Cyril Despres wins Rally of Morocco international Six Days Enduro ‘«Ű A brief history

    Husaberg Retrospective of the EWC

    On the Street motorcyclists tread on the Road of Bones 2010 Bike of the Year Long test ‘«Ű 6000km with the Ducati Multistrada

    HFLM: Michigan State Police prove Harleys suck Ducati Diavel details detailed

    [url=[/url]: How many triples does it take to topple a driver?

    Mods vs. Rockers 2010 Rally Day 1

    The first time through the sound track has a quaint appeal but is irritating giving you a burnup on your ears. Catapult drive lever bike

    The Mothership

    Link to the next in what looks like will be a series of Vodcasts

    I guess I‘«÷m not hip enough to get this. I have been loosing weight don‘«÷t you know.

    Woot of the Day

    Bike Candy

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    Wednesday, 27 October

    Members with Birthdays Today

    WSBK et al.

    There is still no official announcement about signing James Toseland to the BMW Italia Team. In a brief article from he talks about the 2010 season.

    Superbike Crash Compilation 2010
    This video is not for the faint of heart.
    Note: I was not injured while watching this video BMW Team Documentary Series Premiers November 5th ‘«Ű Fast Company trailer

    MotoGP MotoGP heads to Estoril for the penultimate round of 2010 Capirossi to ride at Estoril despite injuries.

    Formula 1 Heidfeld confident of a 2011 ride.
    ‘«£I think it will happen, but you cannot be 100 per cent sure," Heidfeld told AUTOSPORT about his chances of getting a race seat for 2011.
    Unfortunately at the moment in Formula 1 it is not solely about how you drive the car and what you can win in terms of talent, speed and clever engineering skills. Other factors play a role as well ‘«Ű and some of these things I cannot deliver compared to others.‘«ō Theissen and Vettel visit Formula BMW Talent Cup

    Other Racing

    facebook: GS Trophy rider‘«÷s profiles

    At INTERMOT KTM introduced the 1190 RC8 Track. This is a track only version of the RC8.

    Technical Specifications: 2011 KTM 1190 RC8 Track


    V-twin at 75 ??, 4 times
    180 hp / 10,250 rpm
    123 Nm / 8,000 rpm

    Displacement: 1.195cc

    Transmission: 6-speed manual

    Chassis: CrMo Steel Tubular

    Suspensions: Horquila 43 mm inverted fully adjustable WP-USD / WP Monoshock 120 mm travel

    Front / rear brake: 2 discs of 320 mm, Brembo monobloc calipers and 4 piston radial-mount / 220 mm disc, 2 piston Brembo caliper

    Weight in running order 182 Kg

    Tyres: 120 / 70 ZR 17 - 190 / 55 ZR 17

    Seat height: 805 / 825 mm

    Tank: 16.5 liters (3.5 reserve)

    Price: Undeclared

    Here is the RC8 street legal version in a track KTM video.

    On the Street World exclusive first ride 2011 Aprilia RSV4 SE ‘«ˇSeriously Impressive‘«÷

    Video ‘«Ű Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC Official Video

    HFLM: The facts behind European alleged ban on switchable ABS

    Test Ride: 2012 Yamaha Super T?ģn?ģr?ģ

    Video of the K1600 GT/GTL introduction at Intermot

    MotoUSA 2010 Royal Enfield Bullet Classic C5 Review First ride ‘«Ű Triumph Speed Tripple Bike sales in Europe down a third since 2008

    The Mothership

    [urk=][/url]: BMW to Conduct Voluntary Emissions and Safety Recalls
    ‘«ů 26.10.2010
    ‘«ů Press Release

    Woodcliff Lake, NJ ‘«Ű October 26, 2010... BMW of North America has notified the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of its intent to conduct a voluntary recall of some model year 2007-2010 BMWs equipped with twin-turbo inline six-cylinder engines, all of which feature BMW‘«÷s High Precision Injection direct fuel injection system. It has also asked for approval from the California Air Resources Board to conduct this action. Affected vehicles may experience a failure of the high-pressure fuel pump.

    Symptoms include long-crank engine starting times along with the illumination of the ‘«£Service Engine Soon‘«ō light. In certain cases, the driver may experience reduced engine performance in a Safe Mode accompanied by a tone and the illumination of the ‘«£Engine Malfunction‘«ō light.

    Based on the individual service history of the vehicle, the action will entail replacement of the high-pressure fuel pump and/or a software update.
    Approximately 130,000 vehicles are potentially affected with about 40,000 expected to require a new high pressure fuel pump. Affected BMW models include:
    ‘«ů MY 2007‘«Ű2010 335i models.
    ‘«ů MY 2008‘«Ű2010 135i, 535i and X6 xDrive35i Sports Activity Coupes
    ‘«ů MY 2009 ‘«Ű 2010 Z4 Roadster sDrive35i

    In a separate action, BMW has notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that it will voluntarily recall approximately 20,800 MY 2008 X5 Sports Activity Vehicles equipped with normally-aspirated inline six-cylinder engines to replace the low-pressure fuel pump. In this case, should the fuel pump experience a failure, the engine will stop running and the driver will lose power assist for the steering and brakes although both the steering and the brakes remain operational.

    Letters will be sent by First Class mail to owners of affected vehicles in the coming weeks, requesting the scheduling of a service appointment with an Authorized BMW Center to have the update performed.
    No injuries have been reported with either of these issues.
    In the case of either issue, if the customer experiences a problem, they should contact their authorized BMW Center. Customers with additional questions should contact BMW Customer Relations at 1-800-563-4269 or email BMW ‘«Ű the number one choice for the UK‘«÷s policing needs

    ‘«ů 26.10.2010
    ‘«ů Press Release
    BMW has been approved as a key supplier for all 52 Police forces around the country by the National Policing Improvement Agency. The announcement means some of BMW‘«÷s class-leading products will become standard issue to the UK‘«÷s Policemen and women as part of the four-year deal. BMW R 1200 R takes pride of place at London Fashion Week exhibition

    Woot of the Day


    There are tifosi and then there are TIFOSI. Ferrari fans come in all forms and backgrounds; even woodworkers.

    Listed on ebay

    ‘«£Ferrari 365 V12 Engine
    This is a rare handcrafted wooden Ferrari V12 engine. The entire engine, including the manifold is handcrafted out of wood. The engine is based on the Ferrari 365GTB V12 engine. It's about the same size as the original engine and weights about 25kg or 50lbs.

    The engine is in Sydney, Australia. I prefer pickup but can have it ship anywhere in the world if desire. If you are in Sydney, inspection welcomes.
    Please ignore the shipping cost below as it is grossly inaccurate.‘«ō

    Bike Candy

    Via and other links, a flash back to my youth in Madison Wisconsin.

    I was six and a fan in the stands full of racing dreams when this took place in my home town.

    Register Now for the Madison All-American Soap Box Derby!

    The guidelines for building your car ‘«Ű

    The winner will receive a kiss from a former Lufthansa stewardess

    Ich! Girl germs!!! At six I just wanted to race‘«™silly kid.

    [url=]Images courtesy Wisconsin Historical Images' flickr photostream.[/img]

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    Thursday, 28 October

    Members with Birthdays Today

    WSBK et al. Troy Corser and Leon Haslam will be visiting the NEC show in Birmingham to do a bit of promoting. This is the big show for England that runs from November 27 to December 5. I wonder if Toseland will be an official member of BMW Italia by then and make an appearance too?

    On the Street newsletter was in my email Wednesday. This is the European motorcycle manufactures association of which BMW is a member. It opens with an editorial regarding ABS brakes and environmental regs. The European market as a whole accounts for well over 70% of BMW‘«÷s sales. What goes on in Brussels has a major impact on their Motorrad plans and thus indirectly on us. Scroll down after the editorial to find a number of interesting reads and links including ‘«™

    In many markets BMW has been able to buck the downward spiral in motorcycle sales trend. Q3 results should be out soon. For the industry in Europe the trend continues to be bad. more

    HFLM: Dainese D-Air; satellites, accelerometers and the safest suit ever

    Honda has finally leaked a full and final sketch of its V4 Adventure bike.

    ‘«ů MotorcycleUSA enlists the help of professional EnduroCross racer, Kyle Redmond, to show us what it takes to make it through those rough rock corners.

    Kawasaki Ninja 250R has owned the small sport bike market for some time. In recent years the other UJM manufactures have not really fielded anything beyond things such as Yamaha‘«÷s TU 250 and Honda‘«÷s Rebel Now Honda is upping the fun without pushing the ante up at the same time. Honda announces their new CBR 250 R
    A new addition to the entry level sport bike market.
    Related Nighthawk replacement coming to the U.S. in 2011?

    The bottom line on this is motorcycle writers and riders have told manufacturers ‘«ˇif you build it they will come.‘«÷ They listened when we asked for classic bikes and we stayed at home; at least our wallets did. Time will tell if a sparked up 250cc class will put more bums in saddles. Hells Angels take legal action over log misuse

    Recall for Kawasaki
    Vehicle Make / Model: Model Year(s):
    KAWASAKI / VULCAN 2009-2010
    Manufacturer: KAWASAKI MOTORS CORP., U.S.A. Mfr's Report Date: OCT 14, 2010
    NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number: 10V507000 NHTSA Action Number: N/A

    Potential Number of Units Affected:

    Woot of the Day

    Bike Candy

    I found a link to this video in my PM box.

    I did a search on Motogrotto, the prominent plate name in the video and found them in Easton P.A.

    The bike is currently up for auction on ebay if you‘«÷re interested.

    The beginning copy on the listing reads:


    VIN: 4990078
    Mileage: 33,333 miles
    Warranty: No
    Vehicle title: Clear
    Condition: Used


    This is a numbers matching 75 R90S customized with a Ducati 900SS fairing Tarozzi clipons and rear sets and a bullet tail piece.The bike has 33,000 miles with a fresh valve job with Black Diamond valves BMW Motorsport ceramic emblems custom VDO gauges made by Morris @ West valley instruments in California.It has many new, custom and hand fabricated parts,you will be the only kid on the block with one of these.Led Zeppelin rear turn signals.New sealed battery Avon roadrider tires rebuilt brakes 40mm calipers stainless lines. New exhaust Dunstall style mufflers fresh fluids throughout.New centerstand and hardware new sidestand and spring.Deep oil pan.Stock suspension with a stock R90S motor clear title and matching numbers with the sought after 33/11 rear.This is a fair weather machine and should not be ridden in the rain due to the air cleaners on the carbs.This is an awesome ride with an aggressive riding position.It is not perfect but you could never come close to building this for what the reserve is.Elegance and engineering captured in unison.This is not your Grandpa's R90S...This is a bike that runs like a Rocket and is in great shape check it out

    I can‘«÷t afford it even at the low reserve price; whatever that is. I do have some money from my share of selling my daughter‘«÷s caf?ģ bike. We poured the concrete on my friend Dave‘«÷s garage. It is actually more of a building than a garage. He is an independent MC/small engine mechanic part time and is setting up shop on his land. If he let me have a corner to build a‘«™Curse you Chris for feeding my addiction!

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    Thursday, 28 October -- Update

    BMW is not waiting until next weeks EIMCA in Milan to announce the new World Superbike team. No surprise here. Even with this announcement next week's press conference is a opportunity for BMW Motorrad Motorsport to answer questions.

    BMW Motorrad - Team BMW Motorrad Italia Superbike
    ‘«ů 28.10.2010
    ‘«ů Press Release
    BMW Motorrad Italia enters Superbike World Championship.
    The winning team of the 2010 Superstock 1000 FIM Cup will debut with riders Ayrton Badovini and James Toseland.

    Munich/San Donato Milanese, 28th October 2010. BMW Motorrad has announced the entry of Team BMW Motorrad Italia Superbike in the 2011 FIM Superbike World Championship. The team will debut with riders Ayrton Badovini (ITA) and James Toseland (GBR) and will receive technical support from the BMW Motorrad Motorsport factory team, which is providing engines and electronics for the BMW S 1000 RR. The team will be led by Andrea Buzzoni, Director of BMW Motorrad Italia and Manager of the Superbike project;Serafino Foti, who will serve as Sporting Director; and Gerardo Acocella as Technical Director.

    In 2010, BMW Motorrad Italia made its debut in international competition and won both the riders‘«÷ and constructors‘«÷ titles in the Superstock 1000 FIM Cup, with Ayrton Badovini as lead rider for the team. The Italian squad will also continue in this series with Lorenzo Zanetti (ITA).

    ‘«£BMW has it in its DNA to constantly seek maximum performance and innovative solutions, comparisons and teamwork, respect and trust, as well as a clear strategic orientation towards the objective,‘«ō says Christian Kremer, CEO of BMW Group Italia. ‘«£We will be entering the FIM Superbike World Championship with the same professionalism and enthusiasm demonstrated to date; and we are sure that this effort will lead to new and important results.‘«ō

    ‘«£From next season, our BMW Motorrad Motorsport factory team will be joined in the FIM Superbike World Championship by a factory-supported BMW line-up in the shape of the BMW Motorrad Italia SBK team. The team has experience in motor racing ‘«Ű and in this championship specifically,‘«ō says Hendrik von Kuenheim, General Director BMW Motorrad. ‘«£Last year in the FIM Superstock 1000 Cup, BMW Motorrad Italia demonstrated their ability to achieve success with the BMW S 1000 RR in impressive fashion. Although the challenge in the Superbike World Championship is that much tougher, I‘«÷m convinced that BMW Motorrad will benefit from this new addition to the field. After all, competition is the lifeblood of business. We would like to wish the team every success.‘«ō

    ‘«£After winning the Superstock 1000 FIM Cup, we are continuing with a renewed challenge in the sporting arena,‘«ō adds Andrea Buzzoni. ‘«£We planned this ambitious project with enthusiasm and determination and we are happy to find the same enthusiasm in BMW AG‘«÷s top management. Our Italian squad will receive technical support from Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport. The collaboration between the two teams will allow a profitable exchange of experience, know-how, solutions and ideas for development, all with the common objective of constantly improving performance. We are delighted to be able to assure Ayrton, who has given us such satisfaction in our racing competition debut, a well-deserved promotion. Ayrton will be riding alongside two-time world champion James Toseland, who has shown great motivation and enthusiasm for the project.‘«ō

    San Donato (ITA) 28 October 2010. Team BMW Motorrad Italia Superbike. Andreaa Buzzoni, Director of BMW Motorrad Italia, Team BMW Motorrad Italia Superstock Rider Lorenzo Zanetti, Team BMW Motorrad Italia Superbike Rider James Tosland, Team BMW Motorrad Italia Superbike Rider Ayrton Badovini and Serafino Forti, Sports Director Team BMW Motorrad Italia Superbike on the BMW S 1000 RR

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    Friday, 29 October

    Today‘«÷s is a split post and dominated by BMW. I am in the process of downloading a bunch of pictures but do not have the time or energy to process them right now. I will soon; my apologies for that.

    Members with Birthdays Today

    WSBK et al.

    Carlos Checa rode his Althea Racing Ducati to the best time, Thursday the first day of renewed testing at Motorland Aragon. He notched a 1.58.3 before leaving for Estoril. This was a full second faster than second-placed Michel Fabrizio (Suzuki Alstare) and followed by Max Biaggi (Aprilia Alitalia), who was one-tenth away. The remaining testers, including BMW‘«÷s Corser and Haslam, were unable to crack the two minute mark. Leon Haslam, again running a 2010-spec BMW S 1000RR, was concentrating on getting to know his new machine and crew.

    Unofficial day 1 times: 1. Checa (Ducati) 1'58.3; 2. Fabrizio (Suzuki) 1'59.3; 3. Biaggi (Aprilia) 1'59.4; 4. Haga (Aprilia) 2'00.3; 5. Camier (Aprilia), Sykes (Kawasaki) 2'00.4; 7. Corser (BMW), Fuijwara (Kawasaki), Baroni (Ducati) 2'00.6; 10. Haslam (BMW) 2'01.0.

    With Checa gone it was time for Champion Max Biaggi to lead the timing charts with a fastest time of the day with a 1‘«÷58.7 but still four tenths of a second off Checa‘«÷s Thursday time.

    Troy Corser and three other riders were tied for second place, with a time of 1'59.2: Michel Fabrizio, Noriyuki Haga (Aprilia Pata Racing), who had a minor crash, and Tom Sykes (Kawasaki), the real surprise of these tests.

    Leon Camier lapped in 1'59.3 on the second Aprilia, while Leon Haslam continued acclimatization work with his new BMW machine and almost got under the 2 minute mark. Fuijwara was eighth quickest on the second Kawasaki.
    Day 2 times (unofficial): 1. Biaggi (Aprilia Alitalia) 1'58"7; 2. Fabrizio (Suzuki Alstare) 1'59"2; 2. Corser (BMW) 1'59"2; Haga (Aprilia Pata Racing) 1'59"2; Sykes (Kawasaki) 1'59"2; 6. Camier (Aprilia Alitalia) 1'59"3; 7. Haslam (BMW) 2'00"0; 8. Fuijwara (Kawasaki) 2'00"2

    Saturday is the final day of this round of testing.

    Riders and teams are trying to pull the best out their bikes the test times should be taken with a big grain of salt. Several of these riders are new to their teams and machines. The S 1000 RR is a new spec for 2011 as are some of the others. Yet with that said, Kawasaki has impressed with its initial test performances with their new bike. Instead of just focusing on catching up with the leaders this season, BMW may sense a threat from behind from Kawasaki for the first time in their WSBK career.

    BMW continues to test two different bikes. The first is what is described as 2010 bike and the other the 2011 which Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport will be campaigning. I have not been able to find any explanation of their thinking but suspect some combination of three possibilities.

    To know where you are going you need to know where you came from. Leon Haslam will play a very different role in 2011 than Ruben Xaus did in 2010 and beyond. For the sake of continuity and development he needs to understand the 2010 bike to some extent. To the extent that the 2010 bike being used in testing truly resembles the bike raced last season this will help him understand the past and bring him in step with the team‘«÷s development plans.

    Secondly the new spec 2011 bike is a new jumping off point for development. The 2010 bike will provide benchmarks from a known source to compare and to help understand the data received in testing the new bike.

    Finally, BMW Motorrad Italia Superbike with riders Ayrton Badovini and James Toseland will receive technical support from the BMW Motorrad Motorsport factory team, which is providing engines and electronics for Motorrad Italia‘«÷s S 1000 RR. Some of the testing that is going on in Aragon may be testing of the base package that will be provided to the Italian team.

    After the previous round of testing Troy Corser commented that Haslam‘«÷s initial feed back on the S 1000 RR validated what he and Xaus had felt. This seems to have helped support a sense of confidence that he is displaying. Haslam‘«÷s comments on testing will be worth parsing both for a sense of the 2011 bike but also for his reaction as a rider to the shift in teams. Hauser and Tardozzi knew clearly who the number 1 and number 2 riders were on the 2010 team. These first rounds of testing lead me to think the new management will not have such an easy time making that distinction.


    BMW Italia has made the following announcement on their PressClub page of their entry to World SBK in 2011. Please forgive the google translation from Italian to English

    BMW Motorrad Italy, after winning the title Superstock 1000 FIM Cup 2010, World Superbike Championship debut in 2011, with the two riders James Toseland and Ayrton Badovini

    ‘«ů 28.10.2010
    ‘«ů Press Releases

    BMW Motorrad Italy in 2010 he began participating in international competitions of speed and winning the Superstock 1000 FIM Cup with exceptional results. In 2011, the BMW Motorrad Superbike Team Italy will participate in the World Superbike Championship with riders James Toseland and Ayrton Badovini and continue participation in the Superstock 1000 FIM Cup with Lorenzo Zanetti.

    The BMW Motorrad Italy Superstock Team, the first participation in an international competition, dominated the FIM Cup title by winning the Drivers' and Constructors' Title: Ayrton Badovini, top driver of the Italian team, had previously won the Drivers' title in the seventh round of the season, and then win the next race weekend in the constructors' title and, finally, he equaled the record of nine consecutive victories in an international competition of speed previously set by Colin Edwards and Neil Hodgson. Also winning the first international title of speed in the history of BMW Motorrad.

    In 2011 BMW Motorrad Italy, with the support of the Mother House, which will provide engines and electronics to BMW Motorrad Superbike Team Italy will take part in the World Superbike Championship with two riders James Toseland and Ayrton Badovini.

    James Toseland is a pilot with a huge international experience, which ran both in MotoGP and Superbike where he won two world titles in 2004 and 2007.
    Ayrton Badovini was a young driver with a good international experience, this year in the Superstock Championship 1000 has shown maturity in the management of tenders as well as being extremely fast and consistent.
    BMW Motorrad Superbike Team Italy will also continue to participate in the Superstock 1000 FIM Cup with a motorcycle headed by Lorenzo Zanetti. A young driver who has shown in the last Cup FIM to be very promising.

    The BMW Motorrad Superbike team will be led by Italy Serafino Foti, with the position of Director of Sport. While Gerardo Acocella, former head coach STK Team, will play the role of Technical Director.

    Christian Kremer, President and CEO of BMW Group Italy
    "BMW has in its DNA, the constant search for maximum performance and innovative solutions, the continuous interaction and teamwork, respect and trust, as well as a clear strategic direction to the goal. Precisely these are the foundations on which value-based strategy NumberOne which is the basis of any strategic choice of BMW.

    This strategy has led the Management of the Italian branch in the decision to enter the world of competitive sport of speed, in 2010, and continuing, in line with the strategic values, with the decision to participate in the forthcoming World Superbike Championship 2011, with an obvious and important growth of the commitment and responsibilities.

    Entering the world of sports competitions was also dictated by the need to position the new BMW S 1000 RR, BMW Motorrad's first supercar, and credited towards an audience of experts and enthusiasts.

    In light of the results are very satisfied both in terms of sports and business.
    From the sporting point of view the victory of the Superstock 1000 FIM CUP 2010 showed that the BMW Motorrad Team STK Italy has been able to capitalize on the potential for a winning product, the S 1000 RR, and thanks to the work of the team, has put together an outstanding package that together with the skills of the pilot led to a fantastic result.

    From the commercial point of view the S 1000 RR has achieved success in the year of launch, becoming the sport's best-selling.

    We will face the new challenge of the World Superbike with the same professionalism and the enthusiasm shown so far, definitely take advantage of new and important satisfactions. "

    Hendrik von Kuenheim, President of BMW Motorrad
    "From next season the FIM World Superbike Championship for Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport will join a team supported by the Parent, the BMW Motorrad Superbike Team Italy.

    The team, led by Andrea Buzzoni and Serafino Foti, has already gained significant experience in racing. In 2010 in the Superstock 1000 FIM Cup Team BMW Motorrad Italy have demonstrated their ability seizing an outstanding success with the S 1000 RR.

    As competition in the World Superbike Championship ever harder, I am sure that BMW Motorrad will benefit from this new entry. After all, the competition is the lifeblood of business. We wish the team every success

    Andrea Buzzoni, Italy and Director of BMW Motorrad Superbike Project Manager
    "After winning the challenge of the market, becoming the first brand in Italy and sales volumes have also won the FIM Cup in our debut year in competition, we continue with a renewed challenge in terms of sport. We started thinking about the project SBK before the summer, an ambitious project, both for the difficulties inherent to the limited time available, and we managed to achieve thanks to the strong determination, passion and expertise of those involved.

    Once you have built up our enthusiasm has joined the enthusiasm and the direct support of top management of the headquarters that has embraced the project, practical support, with the objective of strengthening the presence of a professional BMW racing.

    The BMW Motorrad Superbike Team Italy will be technically supported by BMW Motorrad Motorsport with the supply of engines and electronic hardware. The collaboration between the two teams will enable a fruitful exchange of experiences, know-how, solutions and ideas for development with the common goal of continual improvement of its performance.

    The team that will address the two leagues will be composed by the same team that won the 2010 Superstock Championship, suitably supplemented by Daniele Casolari structure that brings a solid expertise and long experience in competitions. Serafino Foti will be the Director of Football, Gerald "Dino" Acocella will be the Technical Director: are two extraordinary people and professionals. Under their guidance the team will be very concentrated during the winter, the development work and preparing the bike for the next season.

    We are happy to provide to Ayrton, who gave us much satisfaction to our debut in competitive sports, a well-deserved promotion. We are also happy to assist with Ayrton an experienced pilot who has already won two times World Superbike Championship: James "Jack" Toseland who has shown great motivation and enthusiasm for the project.

    I am sure that the technical potential of the S 1000 RR combined experience of team members will give us great satisfaction in our second year of sport. "

    Serafino Foti, Sporting Director of BMW Motorrad Superbike Team Italy
    "The year 2010 was a very positive result obtained, which earlier in the season certainly did not expect, was exceptional. We have worked continuously and carefully through a close-knit team, competent, solid and had a clear goal.
    The experience and knowledge in the development of the bike will be of great help in the preparation of the motorcycles for next season, because we face with other manufacturers officially involved, the satellite teams and private teams who all have extensive experience in a top-level league.

    Our two drivers are a further guarantee of competitiveness, James Toseland and Ayrton Badovini do not need any introduction, together will surely do very well. "

    James Toseland, Pilot BMW Motorrad Superbike Team Italy
    "I am very pleased to have entered the family of BMW Motorrad Italy, from the first meeting at the Milan office, I felt right at home.
    As for the bike, I saw the enormous potential of the S 1000 RR in the track and I expect a very busy winter with the test program. I'll have to get used to a new four-cylinder engine as well as learn how to maximize effectiveness.

    The next challenge is to contribute to the development of the BMW Superbike and the work of the coming winter will be aimed at achieving the best condition to face the 2011 season.

    The races are tied to the team and I am very confident of the quality of the team and the BMW Motorrad engineers that Italy has selected for this project.
    I would also like to thank Italy for BMW Motorrad has shown me the confidence that engagement. "

    Ayrton Badovini, Pilot BMW Motorrad Superbike Team Italy
    "By 2010 I achieved two goals: to win the Superstock Championship and return to Superbike.

    It is not a dream but the result of continuous work and meticulous preparation for the race but also of concentration and attention to every detail, have made a difference in the race, as well as the result of continuous and flawless support I received from all Team members.

    I know very well the S 1000 RR as well but I know I'll have to prepare for a challenging season, along with rivals and of great experience and ability.
    I am sure that James and the team works intensively in the coming months to get ready at the beginning of the season. "

    I wonder how Badovini reads this? I read this as Toseland #1 and Badovini #2 on the BMW Italia team.

    The Mothership

    BMW Motorrad to start motorcycle sales in India by December 2010. Two importers with three sales outlets appointed.
    ‘«ů 28.10.2010
    ‘«ů Press Release

    Munich. BMW Motorrad starts its sales activities on the Indian motorcycle market with two official importers as of December 2010. With "Deutsche Motoren" in Delhi in the north of India and "Navnit Motors" in Mumbai on the west coast and Bangalore in the southern part of the country, BMW Motorrad is relying on two experienced BMW Group partners. With these three sales outlets the German motorcycle manufacturer is represented in the strategically important regions.
    Hendrik von Kuenheim, General Director BMW Motorrad: "The BMW Group has already established itself very successfully in India with a local BMW automobile production and a sales network for BMW Group automobiles. Now the market for premium motorcycles is beginning to develop, too. The sales activities now commencing with our two experienced BMW Group partners are of long-term significance to BMW Motorrad. We are confident our motorcycles will swiftly become established in timely preparation for the growing market."

    As the most innovative manufacturer of large-volume premium motorcycles in the segments enduro, touring, sports touring and sports, BMW Motorrad is opening a new chapter in its successful market strategy by starting sales activities in India. The motorcycles will be produced at the BMW Motorrad plant in Berlin and supplied to India as CBU (completely built up) units.

    BMW Motorrad will initially offer the current models of the R and K series as well as the superbike S 1000 RR, i.e. premium vehicles in each of the relevant categories. The BMW motorcycles of the R series such as the legendary enduro bike BMW R 1200 GS enthuse customers with their unique and distinctive boxer engine in particular.

    The BMW K models are regarded as the benchmark in the segment of large-volume 4-cylinder motorcycles due to their technological innovations and superior engine output. Both series also offer the very finest quality in chassis technology and an exemplary standard of safety with the BMW Motorrad ABS. The S 1000 RR, BMWs first superbike, became the most admired sports bike of its class in the motorcycle season 2010

    Woot of the Day

    Bike Candy

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    BMW G 650 GS ‘«Ű the success story of the BMW Motorrad single-cylinder engine continues.

    With the new BMW G 650 GS, BMW Motorrad has added yet another attractive member to its BMW GS family. With its lean, wiry offroad stature, the new single-cylinder enduro cuts a cheeky, light, and adventurous figure. At the same time it stands out clearly from its rivals in terms of quality, equipment, and comfort. In conjunction with its relatively low weight and the low seat height, it presents an attractive means of entry to the passion of motorbiking and the fascinating world of BMW GS adventure.

    New edition based on a tried and tested platform with high torque and low consumption single-cylinder engine.

    The new G 650 GS has opted for a technology on a widely used basis: the popular and successful BMW F 650 GS with single-cylinder drive of many years‘«÷ standing. This liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine with double overhead camshafts has a displacement of 652 cc, delivers 35 kW (48 hp) at 6500 rpm, and develops a maximum torque of 60 Nm at 5000 rpm. As an optional accessory, the vehicle is also available in a power reduction version, delivering 25 kW (34 hp) at 6500 rpm and 47 Nm at 4500 rpm.
    Thanks to electronic fuel injection, twin-spark ignition, the high geometrical compression ratio of 11.5:1, and a closed-loop catalytic converter, this tried and tested single-cylinder engine is designed for the maximum level of riding pleasure with the best possible efficiency and high environmental compatibility. It shines forth with exemplary low consumption values of, for example, only 3.2 litres per 100 km at a constant 90 km/h.
    In conjunction with the claw-shifted five-speed gearbox, the free revving single-cylinder engine in the new BMW G 650 GS provides for a thrilling experience, in particular on snaking country roads. Its beefy torque curves and good response also allow detours handled with supreme ease beyond the asphalt of roads.

    Robust suspension technology for great riding pleasure on the country road and on easy terrain.

    The suspension of the new G 650 GS was developed primarily for running on country roads and takes the form of an agile chassis with a bridge frame of steel tubing and a bolt-on framework tail that has already seen excellent service on the earlier BMW F 650 GS.
    Whereas the front wheel is controlled by torsionally rigid telescopic forks, the rear system takes the form of a solid dual swing arm of square steel sections in conjunction with a monoshock linked via a lever system. Besides the optimal riding stability up to the maximum speed of 170 km/h (power reduction 145 km/h) the new G 650 GS presents a thrilling performance of playful handling on the country road. Adequate spring travel ensures a high level of riding comfort and appealing off-road qualities despite its low seat height.

    Powerful deceleration is provided by the brake system consisting of a single brake disc at the front and rear. The BMW Motorrad ABS, available as optional factory-fitted equipment, can be deactivated for off-road riding.

    Typical enduro design and colour concept in the style of the BMW GS family.

    The body of the new G 650 GS was completely redesigned. In particular the front section makes the single-cylinder enduro light, sporty, and dynamic. The asymmetrical headlamp and the self steering front wheel cover give the G 650 GS its look of absolute independence.

    A clear design of lines, the targeted use of coloured areas and all black plastic parts uphold the visual impression of a robust enduro outfit. The overall impression of sportiness is boosted further by the engine, exhaust covers, frame, swinging arm, and slide tubes, which are all black, contrasting with the plain colours of aura white and orange-red as well as the matching two-tone seats.

    The new BMW G 650 GS will be produced at the BMW Motorrad plant in Berlin Spandau.

    The following presents an overview of the essential features of the new BMW G 650 GS:

    Reliable, high torque, and low consumption single-cylinder engine with 652 cc displacement.

    Engine power 35 kW (48 hp) at 6500 rpm and maximum torque 60 Nm at 5000 rpm.

    Tried and tested suspension concept with bridge frame and swinging arm of steel, telescopic forks, and monoshock (spring travel front 170 mm, rear 165 mm).
    Cast light alloy wheels in new design. Diameter front 19‘«ō, rear 17‘«ō. Wider rear wheel rim for even better riding stability.

    Stable brake system with single brake disc at front and rear and OFF/ON BMW Motorrad ABS (optional factory-fitted equipment).

    Redesigned body scopes incl. windshield with GS moulding and two-tone seat.
    Lean and ergonomic 14 litre tank.

    Three different seat heights: standard 780 mm, low slung 750 mm (as optional factory-fitted equipment), high seat (black) 820 mm.

    Sporty cockpit design with asymmetrical headlamp and instrument panel.
    Luggage carrier with lockable storage compartment.

    Smoky grey indicators.

    New handlebar fittings.

    Extensive optional factory-fitted equipment: BMW Motorrad ABS (ON/OFF), heated grips, anti-theft alarm system, centre stand, socket, low slung.

    Extensive optional accessories with the familiarly high BMW Motorrad standards.

    The new BMW R 1200 R. The new BMW R 1200 R Classic.

    Dossier de imprensa

    BMW R 1200 R and BMW R 1200 R Classic ‘«Ű the new dynamic roadsters from BMW Motorrad.

    With the new BMW R 1200 R and R 1200 R Classic, BMW Motorrad is continuing its long tradition of roadster building and presents the revised successor models to the successful R 1200 R. Both combine a modern sporty and accentuated classical motorcycle design, once again with considerably greater quality and driving dynamics for even more riding fun.

    Generating perceptibly higher torques, the new boxer engine provides an extra boost to temperament. Whereas the boxer in the predecessor model had already provided superior propulsion under all conditions, the new BMW R 1200 R models can deliver more on top. Derived from the BMW HP2 Sport, their new boxer with 1170 cc and DOHC valve gear corresponds to the engines already installed in the BMW R 1200 GS and BMW R 1200 RT.

    Thanks to ultra modern technology in conjunction with two different design concepts, the new BMW roadsters are setting discrete emphasises in the segment to a degree greater than before.

    Whereas the basic version of the BMW R 1200 R emphasises the sporty all round character with new cast light alloy wheels, the R 1200 R Classic presents wire spoke wheels for a deliberate touch of refined nostalgia.

    This demarcation between the two new roadster models is also continued in the colour of the paintwork and other equipment details. For instance, the R 1200 R Classic pays homage to the classic roadsters with metallic sapphire black paintwork in conjunction with a centre stripe in plain alpine white extending over the tank and front wheel cover.
    The basic version of the R 1200 R is available in mat metallic smoky grey, metallic light grey, or metallic red apple: three colour schemes representing a dynamic, elegant, and modern interpretation of the roadster.

    These three colour variants when combined with wheels and drivetrain in N??rburg silver highlight the sporty, dynamic side of the roadster. The R 1200 R Classic, on the other hand, deliberately goes for a refined contrast and emphasises components like the Telelever, drivetrain, cylinder head covers, frame, and fork with silver. Their classical, refined quality also finds expression in the completely chromium-plated exhaust system and the mirrors with a chromium look, whereas the basic version provides a sporty touch in the form of a rear silencer in brushed stainless steel and black rearview mirrors.

    Despite the differences in visual appeal presented by the R 1200 R and R 1200 R Classic, they are nevertheless united in their technology.

    For instance, maximised rigidity and strength is provided by the tried and tested, two part main/rear frame, which has a weight-saving structure of steel tubing is designed with the engine as a load-bearing element for maximum stiffness and rigidity. The front suspension of the new BMW R 1200 R trusts in the BMW Telelever in conjunction with a new fork structure. Its high quality, technical grace and the enlarged diameter of the standpipe (from 35 to 41 mm) contribute decisively to shaping the face of the new R 1200 R. The rear suspension takes the form of the tried and tested single arm with BMW Paralever.

    Both the R 1200 R and the R 1200 R Classic can be fitted optionally with electronic suspension adjustment ESA. This serves to vary the spring base and the suspension‘«÷s pressure and rebound stages at the rear wheel, and the suspension‘«÷s rebound stage at the front wheel ‘«Ű a system that has established itself as the solution for optimised road handling and comfort.

    The maximum safety standard is ensured by the established and proven brake system, which can be fitted in the factory with the optional BMW Motorrad integral ABS (in the partially integral version) and automatic stability control ASC.

    In its role as a traditional system provider, BMW Motorrad has also developed for the new R 1200 R and R 1200 R Classic extensive ranges of optional equipment and tailored optional accessories for further individualisation.

    The following presents an overview of the essential features of the new BMW R 1200 R and BMW R 1200 R Classic:

    Clear differentiation between the R 1200 R and R 1200 R Classic in the form of characteristic colour concepts and equipment features.

    New dynamic drive, now with double overhead camshafts in each cylinder.
    Maximum torque raised to 119 Nm at 6000 rpm, and rated power raised to 81 kW (110 hp) at 7750 rpm.

    Maximum engine speed now raised from 8000 to 8500 rpm for an even wider utilisable speed range.

    Perceptible improvements to torque values for even greater roadster pleasure on country roads.

    Spontaneous response with optimised controllability and clearly improved load-alteration effects.

    Cylinder-head covers now with two instead of the previous four mounting bolts and a new, dynamic styling.

    Shorter, sportier rear silencer in brushed (R 1200 R) or chromium-plated
    (R 1200 R Classic) stainless steel.

    Electronically controlled exhaust flap for a superior powerful sound.

    Cast light alloy wheels (R 1200 R).

    Wire spoke wheels with light alloy flat collar rims (R 1200 R Classic).
    ESA (electronic suspension adjustment) (optional factory fit).

    BMW Motorrad integral ABS in the partially integral version (optional factory fit).
    Automatic stability control ASC (optional factory fit).

    Redesigned cockpit with two round analogue instruments.
    New hydraulic reservoirs with a smoked glass look.

    Extensive range of optional equipment and tailored accessories at the familiarly high BMW standards.

    Pictures to follow latter today.

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    2011 G 650 GS

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    2011 R 1200 R

    2011 R 1200 R Classic

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    Saturday, 30 October

    Members with Birthdays Today

    Today is the thread’s birthday also.

    WSBK et al.

    Checa is at Estoril so we don’t know how he would have done. His SBK testing time finally fell to Biaggi who posted a 1’58.0 for his best time Saturday. Leon Haslam beat Michael Fabrizio and Troy Corser (by three tenths of a second) for the day. However; all three were topped by Sykes and his Kawasaki. Again, keep in mind this is testing not racing and we don’t know the full intent of any of the teams in these sessions. Yet the Kawasaki team looks to be doing more than motoring around for the pleasure of photographers.

    Unofficial times: 1. Biaggi (Aprilia) 1'58.0; 2. Sykes (Kawasaki) 1'58.6; 3. Haslam (BMW) 1'59.0; 4. Fabrizio (Suzuki) 1'59.2; 5. Camier (Aprilia) 1'59.2; 6. Corser (BMW) 1'59.3; 7. Haga (Aprilia) 1'59.6; 8. Fuijwara (Kawasaki) 2'00.2
    Leon Haslam’s comments prior to the Aragon test sessions.
    "BMW have put absolutely everything in place to make the machine a winner so it's just a case of fully understanding, 100 per cent, a direction and a base setting," explained Haslam.

    He continued: "The initial test at Magny-Cours achieved just about everything we wanted. We literally started with a blank piece of paper. We've looked at options for brakes, suspension, full geometry options, the full range of electronics settings and so on.

    "Hopefully by the time we get to February next year and the final pre season testing in Australia we will be just finely tuning the settings and be in a position to challenge for wins at the opening round at Phillip Island."

    James Toseland has broken cover in the press if not yet on the track. Speaking with Toseland said, "It was an inconsistent year in 2010, so in the current climate I am thankful to BMW for seeing some potential there to put me in such a good team. I am going to go into next season injury free and with everything fully mended, and with a winter plan of training and physio completed. I intend to give it my best shot."

    Next up for Toseland is a visit to BMW's base in Germany, before on- bike testing starts in earnest. "I am going to Germany for about a week to go to their training camp. Whatever it takes to get ready for next year. It is not easy getting a job in racing nowadays, so I am intent on making sure it all works out well."

    Keeping jobs may be even harder for all the members of BMW’s two teams if Kawasaki has anything to say about it at the World SBK level. On the national level in Germany BMW will face a two team challenge from KTM in 2011 with two ‘official’ orange teams entering.


    Lorenzo is back on top for Friday as MotoGp heads into the weekend in Portugal. Hayden was second in this session and Spies a not to distant fifth. Teammate Colin Edwards was shrugging off a crash on the rainy track. All the way back in the thirteenth slot Dani Pedrosa was pleased how he was doing in practice as his fitness continues to improve after his injury.

    1 99 Jorge LORENZO
    SPA Fiat Yamaha Team Yamaha 302.2 1'48.522
    2 69 Nicky HAYDEN
    USA Ducati Team Ducati 311.6 1'48.657 0.135 / 0.135
    3 46 Valentino ROSSI
    ITA Fiat Yamaha Team Yamaha 301.7 1'48.883 0.361 / 0.226
    4 27 Casey STONER
    AUS Ducati Team Ducati 299.6 1'49.061 0.539 / 0.178
    5 11 Ben SPIES
    USA Monster Yamaha Tech 3 Yamaha 304.6 1'49.721 1.199 / 0.660
    6 33 Marco MELANDRI
    ITA San Carlo Honda Gresini Honda 307.5 1'49.784 1.262 / 0.063
    7 14 Randy DE PUNIET
    FRA LCR Honda MotoGP Honda 298.4 1'50.043 1.521 / 0.259
    8 58 Marco SIMONCELLI
    ITA San Carlo Honda Gresini Honda 304.2 1'51.283 2.761 / 1.240
    9 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO
    ITA Repsol Honda Team Honda 291.9 1'52.294 3.772 / 1.011
    10 65 Loris CAPIROSSI
    ITA Rizla Suzuki MotoGP Suzuki 284.9 1'52.575 4.053 / 0.281
    11 40 Hector BARBERA
    SPA Paginas Amarillas Aspar Ducati 285.8 1'53.131 4.609 / 0.556
    12 5 Colin EDWARDS
    USA Monster Yamaha Tech 3 Yamaha 264.5 1'53.510 4.988 / 0.379
    13 26 Dani PEDROSA
    SPA Repsol Honda Team Honda 277.8 1'53.592 5.070 / 0.082
    14 41 Aleix ESPARGARO
    SPA Pramac Racing Team Ducati 281.9 1'53.769 5.247 / 0.177
    15 7 Hiroshi AOYAMA
    JPN Interwetten Honda MotoGP Honda 272.9 1'54.389 5.867 / 0.620
    16 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA
    SPA Rizla Suzuki MotoGP Suzuki 287.5 1'54.410 5.888 / 0.021
    17 71 Carlos CHECA
    SPA Pramac Racing Team Ducati 266.6 1'54.444 5.922 / 0.034

    Formula 1 Brazil preview quotes

    Nay saying is the order of the day in F1 news as Citizens of Rome begin to speak out against a Roman GP and Mosley argues that an Alonso title would devalue F1 ( and he should know about devaluing F1 if anyone does). Jensen Button tries to make nay saying a positive by saying he refuses to throw in the towel on his 2010 Driver Championship defense. Finally, Bernie says nay to slowing down at 80. in a report from GMM says Bulgaria may be on the 2012 F1/MotoGP calendars with a self heating track. Stewart, Hill and Watson salute the F1 mechanics.

    Other Racing

    Hope springs eternal…

    On the Street

    HFLM: KTM line leaks before EIMCA

    Triumph is taking the Motorcycle Show Season seriously. They have put out a series of videos to promote their line.

    The first film has been seen here before but worth another look if only to set up the rest of the films.
 The BMW powered Husqvarna’s will be in the English Husqvarna dealerships this weekend.

    Once seemingly moribund Kawasaki is launching and attack on the track that challenges BMW and in the show room to take back sport bike market share poached by the Roundel.

    I am a strong believer in the use of helmets. Helmets save us from many head injuries they are not perfect. In reality at times they are nothing more than buckets to hold a scrambled brain after the impact. HFLM looks at the possibility that disconnecting the shell of the helmet could improve its safety.
    Related A helmet to prevent paralysis

    What makes the perfect adventure bike? 2011 Ducati traction control Long stoke – short stroke engines explained. Pontiac, 84, dies of indifference Ferrari World UAE officially opens its doors

    The Mothership

    Woot of the Day


    BMW’s press kits for the G 650 GS and the two R 1200 R bikes seem to reveal incremental changes rather than new for 2011 bikes. After INTERMOT does BMW have anything left up its sleeve for the EIMCA?

    Last year we were given the Concept 6. Before that BMW used the Milan show to give us the Low Rider concept. This year my bet is on the G 450 for the real world and hope for another concept for us to dream about. .

    What do bloggers know anyway…

    Titled, “That doesen’t look so hard

    The post alongside read, “When you leave the electrics out of the picture, this Jaguar E-Type V12 looks like a very enjoyable project”

    I thought of a old friend from college days. If he hadn’t sold his house his red six cylinder E type would still look like this. Easy ha!

    Bike Candy

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    Satruday update

    Persistent torrential rain at the at Estoril led to the qualifying sessions for the MotoGP being cancelled on Saturday. Unlike F1 which recently had their Saturday qualfiying moved to Sunday due to weather MotoGP is not set up to do the same. The starting grids for each race will be based on the combined times from the three free practice sessions.

    Lorenzo (Fiat Yamaha) will start from pole position, his seventh of the season, with Hayden (Ducati Team) Rossi (Fiat Yamaha) completing the front row.

    Lorenzo agreed that Race Direction had made the correct decision, "The conditions out there were very bad. With the wind and so much water on the track it would have been very hard to ride, so maybe it was better to cancel the practice. For us it's good because we have now taken our seventh pole position of this year, but maybe this was one of the easiest poles we'll ever get! Now we just have to see tomorrow what the weather does."

    Casey Stoner (Ducati Team), Ben Spies (Monster Yamaha Tech 3) and Marco Melandri (San Carlo Honda Gresini) will comprise the second row, with the top six all taking their positions on the starting grid courtesy of their times from Friday afternoon's practice. Returning from his collarbone injury, Dani Pedrosa (Repsol Honda) will start from 12th position with his countryman Carlos Checa, in to replace Mika Kallio at Pramac Racing, set to start 17th in his first GP since 2007. Loris Capirossi and ?Łlvaro Bautista (Rizla Suzuki) will start tomorrow‘«÷s Portuguese Grand Prix from 13th and 14th positions on the grid respectively

    The weather forcast for Sunday‘«÷s race is better. Windy and with a 10% chance of rain.

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