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Thread: Bench Racing & The Morning Reads

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    On the Street: Second Edition

    The show has opened and more things are constantly coming out.

    More from Moto Guzzi

    Two designers take a Guzzi base in three directions in a V12 Concept

    Press kit



    MOTO GUZZ V12 Strada

    I cant decide if I want the one in red or black but I will take one LM and one Strada please.

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    If one cannot command attention by one's admirable qualities one can at least be a nuisance

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    Which one Chris? The red one or the black one?


    The Austrians will be making a full assault on the US streets for 2010. I am still doing recon on their forces. A familiar warrior has surfaced and is stronger by 5bhp.

    KTM 690 Duke R Data Panel

    I have to go be someone in the real world right now

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    On the Street

    According to co-designer Pierre Terblanche, the Moto Guzzi concepts are 80% production ready.

    Royal Enfield plans on doubling production. has another version of the Royal Enfield announcement I referred to yesterday.

    A pair of 125cc KTM concepts aimed at the youth market. The first a track bike the second a stunt bike attempting to find ways to attract youth into the sport who will grow up and buy the bikes form the core product line in the future.

    I wonder if they come in adult sizes. Oh to be a kid again. The Milan EIMCA is about more than new bikes. It is also a huge accessory show. After the big concept releases from bike manufactures the accessory market is starting to get attention form the internet press. Tubliss

    An auto concept for sailors in 2040 Audi Makaon speedsailor is a high speed sailboat for the road

    Bike Cruller

    The BMW R7, a concept bike from another era.

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    Thursday, November 12, 2009

    Racing Aprilia technical boss satisfied with first year effort in WSBK Shane Bryne signs with Althea Ducati Peter Clifford Interview WCM, Blata and production engines in MotoGP Dingman We are powerless against DMG

    On the Street

    EICMA is outsourcing itself to China. As the Dealer News article points out China will represent about 25% of the units sold world wide. But what will they buy in the long run as the Chinese government commits itself to electric transportation?

    The EIMCA China article provides a segway for something else I have been wondering about; dealers. For some time I have wondered about what dealer networks will look like and how they will make a living if electric bikes catch on. The move to electric bikes seems almost inevitable. How will dealers do business during the transition years? Margins are tight on bikes already.

    Prices rise each year or with each new model of our dino drool drinking rides, but the history of electronic gadgets is for prices to decline as the technology matures. We waited for the $1000 laptop then $500 and then the $100 one appeared. Will electric bikes do the same?

    Electric bike builder Brammo apparently thinks they should. They have announced what amounts to a 33% cut on the price of their bike taking it from just under $12K to $7995. There are tax credits which could take it down another 10% and youre knocking on the door of the next price floor/ceiling. This makes it roughly $2k cheaper than the bigger and faster Zero S, but were talking about commuter bikes.

    The range on the Brammo is 42 miles and the top speed is about 60mph so I could get a ticket on my daily commute route and the full recharge time is listed at 4 hours. Not bad. I could ride to work recharge and play hooky for lunch.

    Brammo has worked the kinks out of their production line and is ready to crank it up to 10,000 units a year. They have are working with Best Buy to be dealers. They are starting with 2 in the San Francisco area with plans to quickly expand.

    Lets see. My BMW dealer is another 15 miles beyond my closet Best Buy here in fly-over-land. Trouble is it is beyond the 42 mile range of the bike so I would have to stop and recharge on my way home. Heck I can order online, Brammo will deliver it to my home and eliminate the dealer altogether. Which takes me back to my original question; how are dealers going to survive during the transition?

    Helmets are an often discussed topic on the forum but how much do you know about their history? Need to do a little studying to catch up? The Motorcycle Helmet: The 1930s -1990s by Rin Tanaka is available through

    Helmets are intended to protect us from traumatic brain injuries. Unfortunately people can still suffer them even when wearing a helmet. Technology Review has a piece on research into new ways to diagnose traumatic brain injuries. The article focuses on returning injured soldiers but the research has applications elsewhere.

    Adventure riding kit? brings us the Happy Basin. Twitter squatters are the ire of Hyundi GM and Volkswagen Paramount and Kingston to offer movies on a Flash drive.

    BWM PressClub

    BMW Group to build second plant in China with joint venture partner Brilliance Automotive Holdings Limited

    Press release

    Investment of 560 million euros in Shenyang site
    Production capacity will increase to 100,000 units

    Shenyang/Beijing. At a ceremony held in Beijing on Thursday, the BMW Group and Brilliance Automotive Holdings Limited signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to build a second production plant at the Shenyang site. The investment volume for the new plant amounts to 560 million euros. Construction work is scheduled to begin in 2010, with the start of production slated for early 2012.

    ǣBrilliance Automotive Holdings Limited is a reliable joint venture partner with whom we have already worked successfully for more than six years. Our plant has reached its capacity limit so we are now taking the next step. The decision to build a second plant demonstrates that we are investing in our future in China and that we intend to participate in the strong growth in the Chinese market, stated Friedrich Eichiner, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for finance and vice chairman of BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA). ǣIt is also an important strategic step towards reducing our exposure to currency fluctuations, Eichiner added.

    The joint venture has produced BMW 3 Series and 5 Series vehicles since 2003. A total of approximately 150,000 vehicles have so far rolled off the assembly line, with 450 million euros invested since the joint venture was founded. In a first step, the annual production capacity will be increased from 41.000 to 75.000 units. Upon completion of the second plant there will be a total annual production capacity of 100,000 units. Around 1,000 further jobs will be added to the 3,300 existing jobs in Shenyang.

    China is the BMW Groups fourth largest market. The company has maintained its growth in the country throughout 2009 and in October reported an increase of 81% over the same period last year to 9,558 units. The BMW Group sold 71,952 vehicles (52,622 / +36.7 %) in the first ten months of the year, already exceeding the retail volume for 2008 as a whole. Eichiner: ǣWe are aiming to set a new sales record in China in 2009.

    Bike Cruller

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    Friday, November 13, 2009

    Racing First Ride – Troy Corser’s WSB S1000RR Interview : World Champion Ben Spies
    Part I
    Part II Want: Honda CS90 custom RC-style racers
    Yes I do!!!

    New hope for a US Grand Prix

    Fans hope for the return of a US GP on the Formula 1 calendar, but do we want and need it enough to settle for a street track? From a motorcycle racing fan’s perspective I say no.

    Motorcycle road racing is the Cinderella of my racing world. It is the beautiful stepchild that is dependent on its siblings for hand me downs. This is no where more obvious than race tracks. With few exceptions* motorcycle road racers are dependent on the creation and operation of tracks built to race cages, motorcycles are an after thought. Improvements in paddocks, safety features and amenities are done to attract more cage racers and their fans while again benefiting the two wheeled crowd by accident not intent. We get the left over sponsor dollars and the list goes on and on.

    Enter the promoter who runs a street race on a temporary track
    - they suck sponsor dollars out of the community
    - eat up fan disposable income
    - no matter how good the on track racing is, watching it is like watching freeway traffic from an overpass.
    - race facilities and safety features disappear after the race weekend.

    If you were to interview Cinderella about her living conditions and her wicked stepsisters she would have said they may not be perfect but they are not all that mean and it is better than being homeless. Cinderella would look for the silver lining. She was that kind of girl. Interview Cinderella the motorcycle racer and ask about the carpetbag street race promoters and she will say nice things but finish by admitting she will be left penniless and homeless when they leave town after the race.

    * I would have said without exception but then someone would have posted and example. On reflection that would have been a way to get a response and find out if any of you are actually reading any of this or if my view count is going up due to spiders.

    On the Street Buell builds last bike

    Things are not going to get simpler for H-D. There is blood in the water and the sharks are circling.
    londonbikers.ocm: Suzuki launch revitalized cruiser range Honda unveils three 1300 customs for 2010 New Viper super cruiser launched 2010 KTM 990 SMT coming to Canada (and US)

    I really liked this photo. It was nice of nature to cooperate with the color scheme. There is a sense of movement in the picture that makes me feel it. So much for my skills as a photo critic, I just liked the photo.

    Bikes in the Fast Lane: EIMCA 2009 – Romet 249 Division
    Poland has a motorcycle manufacturer, imagine that. Here is the history of the company as given by their website.

    Arkus & Romet Group commenced operations in 1991. Several years of dynamic development allowed, since 1996 on a smooth entry into the production of bicycles and gain significant market share in the Polish bicycle. Obecnie jest jednym z największych producent??w rower??w w Polsce oraz uznanym partnerem branży na świecie . It is now one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in Poland and a recognized partner of industry in the world.

    Działalność Arkus & Romet Group to prezentacja kilku fabryk, kt??rych połączenie w jedną Grupę Producenta powołało nową tożsamość, gdzie tradycje polskich, rometowskich zakład??w łączą się z nowoczesnością projekt??w i stosowanych technologii. Activities Arkus & Romet Group is a presentation of some factories, which should form the group No established a new identity, where the traditions of the Polish rometowskich plants combine with modern projects and the technologies used.
    W roku 1999 firma ARKUS sc zakupiła od Fabryki Romet SA w Bydgoszczy , lidera i monopolisty polskiej produkcji - Fabrykę Rower??w „Romet-Jastrowie” - kontynuatora wieloletniej tradycji Zakładu R-3, produkującego rowery dziecięce i młodzieżowe. In 1999 the company bought from SC ARKUS Factory Romet SA in Bydgoszcz, the Polish leader and monopoly of production - Bicycle Factory "Romet-Jastrowie" - continued the long tradition in the Department of R-3, producing bikes for kids and youth. Zakupiony rometowski zakład – Sp??łka Arkus przejęła z całą załogą. Purchased rometowski plant - Company Arkus took the whole crew. W rok p??źniej, do Fabryki w Jastrowiu dołączono kolejny zakład: w Kowalewie Wielkopolskim . A year later, the factory in Jastrowie accompanied by another plant: in Kowalewo Wielkopolski. Fabryki byłych zakład??w rometowskich zakupiono wraz ze znakami towarowymi znanych od lat marek „Jubilat” i „Wigry” oraz prawem do marki „ROMET”. Former factory plant rometowskich purchased together with well-known trademarks since the brands' Jubilat "and" Wigry "and the right to brand" ROMET.

    W rok 2000 Grupa połączonych zakład??w weszła mocno w europejski rynek rowerowy. Nastąpiła modernizacja zakład??w i specjalizacja produkcji. In the year 2000 the combined group of establishments came strongly in the European bicycle market. There has been modernization of plants and specialized production. Mając, jako Producent - atut zapoczątkowanego przez Fabrykę Rower??w Romet -Jastrowie eksportu produkt??w do Europy Zachodniej, umocniła swoją pozycję eksportera. Na przełomie 2000/2001 do grupy trzech fabryk dołączono zakład w Nowowołyńsku na Ukrainie. Whereas, as a producer - an asset initiated by the Bicycle Factory Romet-Jastrowie export to Western Europe, has strengthened its position as an exporter. At the turn of 2000/2001 to a group of three plants was accompanied by a plant in Nowowołyńsku Ukraine. Ta inwestycja otworzyła duże możliwości ekspansji na rynek Europy Wschodniej. This investment has opened great opportunities for market expansion in Eastern Europe.

    Od czerwca 2005 nastąpiło połączenie trzech fabryk : ARKUS Podgrodzie k/Dębicy, Romet-Jastrowie oraz Romet-Kowalewo Wlkp., w jedną sp??łkę kapitałową pod nazwą ARKUS & ROMET Group. Ta decyzja przyczyniła się do zwiększenia tak sprzedażowej, jak i organizacyjnej konkurencyjności, zar??wno na rynku krajowym, jak i zagranicznym. Since June 2005 there was a combination of three factories: ARKUS Podgrodzie near Debica, Romet-Jastrowie and Romet-Kowalewo Wlkp in a capital company under the name ARKUS & ROMET Group. This decision helped to increase as sales and organizational competitiveness, both domestic and foreign. Historia Arkus & Romet Group to szereg osiągnięć, idących w kierunku og??lnego sukcesu firmy. History Arkus & Romet Group is a series of achievements, reaching an overall success. Producent posiada nowoczesny park maszynowy , wysokiej klasy w pełni zautomatyzowaną lakiernię proszkową , rozbudowane centra logistyki magazynowej i produktowej : Centrum Ogumienia Rowerowego i Dętek oraz własny transport . The manufacturer has modern machinery, high-class fully automated powder paint, extensive warehouse logistics centers and product: Center Bicycle Tires and inner tubes and own transportation. Profil organizacji produkcji, sieci sprzedaży i serwisu zmierza w kierunku europejskich standard??w unijnych. Profile of the organization of production, sales and service network is in keeping with European Union standards.

    Po sukcesach w dziedzinie produkcji rower??w, w sezonie 2007 firma rozszerza działalność o segment motoryzacyjny- rozpoczynając produkcję skuter??w, pod własną marką Romet. After his successes in the field of bicycle production for the 2007 season the company expands the business segment of the car-starting the production of scooters under its own brand Romet. Posiadane doświadczenie, potencjał ludzi oraz wdrożone technologie, pozwolą na sprawne przejście w nowy rozdział historii Arkus & Romet Group. Our experience, human potential and the technologies implemented, will allow for a smooth transition to a new chapter in the history of Arkus & Romet Group.

    It’s only a logo, right? Harley-Davidson son on the big and small screen
    H-D, in its 2008 Annual Report, reported their revenue from general merchandise items was $123.1 million or 5.6% of their total revenue for the year.

    There is a song titled I’ll Never Forget What’s Her Name. The song is about someone returning to their home town and asking about the girl who got away. When ever I hear the song or see a Triumph Hurricane I wonder about what’s her name. But that is another story for another time. Click on the link and read a bit of Brit bike history from the French site A 73 year old Florida man has 10 exotic car wrecks to his credit(?) in the past 3 years. The article has pictures of a few of the wrecks and several before pictures. What really grabbed me as I read this was there were enough exotic wrecks to justify setting up an extensive looking website. Shortly after that I cam across this.

    I have long known that wealth intelligence and common sense rarely reside together. Therefore; all you exotic car drivers are grounded and I am taking your keys.

    Bike Cruller

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    Sunday, November 15, 2009


    World SBK An interview with Ernesto Marinelli the new Ducati Corse SBK project leader. Althea announcement sells 2010 WSBK grid.

    [url=][/uel]: Melandri settling back in at Gresini Promising initial feedback for new Bridgestone tire

    On the Street

    Let the comparisons begin! Facts and Figures - BMW S1000RR vs. Fireblade vs. GSX R1000 vs. R1 vs. ZX 10R Husqvarna 2010: Motard with greater mill

    The Guzzi concepts win design award at the EIMCA. With awards come more pictures of the bike. With more detail shots of the Moto Guzzi V12 Le Mans concept come more questions for the guys over at Hell For Leather Magazine. Honda DN-01 Review
    Hondas new offing continues to confound all classes of two wheeled riders.

    Dr. Frazier answers the question does size matter; at least from his perspective.

    Tis the season to hone your skills for riding on wet pavement California Side Car announces price reductions that will run through May 2010

    Piaggio borrowed 150m from the European Investment Bank to tackle up coming emission and safety standards for their various lines of scooters, motorcycles and light utility trucks (3 and 4 wheelers). The results of that investment is beginning to show up as Piaggio shows a high performance hybrid two wheeler at the EIMCA.

    In Florida tis the season to ride and maybe for dealers to make a profit. Dealernews.coms Dealer Lab Dealership turns a profit in October. Nut over in Jolly old England UK supersports sales are down 43.9% and other classes werent all that strong either.

    On the heels of the last Buell rolling off the assembly line in East Troy speculation continues on what was Buell working on when the end came? Nexx XR1R Helmet review Self-Cleaning super absorbent solar cells.

    Bike Cruller


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    AHHHH, That BMW R7, sex, drugs and rock and roll on two wheels. If it were produced today would you buy one? Hell yeah! Imagine cruising the PCH or across the plains or just sitting in the garage staring, feet up, beer in hand, leather jacket-with white silk scarf- on chair back. Fantasizing and dreaming, it's all good.

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    November, 17 2009

    On The Street

    The treat of some winter weather and the upcoming holidays have me working hard to do the things I have been ‘saving for latter attention’.

    I have been digging into the R7. Sometime in the not to distant future I hope to have more for you on that bike and its designer

    Time to change you destination planning the Mustard Museum has moved! Well they are in the process of moving. The Mount Horeb location closed Nove 15 and the new museum is scheduled to open November 20th at 7477 Hubbard Avenue in Middleton, WI. Another excuse to take a ride.

    From article

    Bike Cruller

    From OttoNero
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    Great Link Mika

    Never miss an opportunity to read Dr. Greg Frazier

    Having made multiple runs across the globe, round-the-world adventurer Dr. Frazier imparts some of his motorcycle traveling wisdom in his monthly Dr. Frazier Rides column.
    Click Here

    View all articles by Dr. Gregory Frazier

    View all articles in Dr. Frazier Rides

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    On the Street

    The Dealer News sales numbers show BMW's sales and share in the sport bike segment declining despite deciding to commit to expanding in that industry segment. This is more reflective of the HP2 Sport being a desirable bike but one that does not strike at the heart of the market. It also is a result in the slow release process of the S1000RR.

    The BWM S1000RR had a hard rookie season in World Superbike. Now it is starting to make its press riding debuts. Motorcycle News gives us a video and Bike Culler all in one by covering the UK press release. According to MCN chief road tester Trevor Franklin ǣthe handling will make other manufacturers wince with embarrassment

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    November 20, 2009


    worldsbk: Yamahas Meregalli gears up for post Spies era
    Sports writing is know for its hyperbolae yet with only one season in WSBK Spies does seem to have defined an era in a way.

    On the Street

    Economics continue to haunt the motorcycle industry. If the transportation industry were a dog shaking itself to ride itself of the cold water of the economic times the motorcycle segment is part of the tail. Auto makers are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel perhaps. GM is talking about beginning to repay its bailout debt and Ford reported a profit for the first time in a long time. Yet the news in the motorcycle industry is of changes and down turns. KTM Group restructures, records big loss for fiscal year No 2010 Suzukis planned
    At least for the US market. Suzuki will be building new bikes but there is inventory to clear out. If and when that happens they will bring 2010 models into the US. Harley-Davidson selects firm to assist in sale of MV Agusta
    Q: How much did the need to spend money in an on going basis to rebuild and sell MV play in the decision to close Buell?

    It is not all doom and gloom in the motorcycle world.

    MCNs print publication is posting its first ride impressions of the new Norton today.

    The return of the Norton Commando has been a long process that has moved from the UK to the US and back again. As October broke Norton announced preproduction orders had sold out of its initial production run of 200 bikes. Now the press will get their hands on the bikes and tell us what those people purchased rides like.

    The bikes will be making back to our side of the pond in both the US and Canada. In the US South Bay Norton will be the distributor and Norton Canada Ltd for our Canadian members.

    I did not find much information about either group. The internet has not been kind to the Canadian group; however. Sam Agha is apparently associated with Suzuki of Newmarket which was soundly trashed by several posters on some Canadian forums I visited. That and a buck will still get you a cup of coffee and change at the official Fly-Over-Land gas station.

    In the US the current base price for a new Norton Commando 961 SE is $17,899. In return for that amount you receiveǪ
    Frame: Steel tubular cradle with integral oil tank
    Swing arm: steel construction
    Wheelbase: 1420mm (55.9 in)
    Rake: 24.5 degrees
    Trail: 99mm (3.9 in)
    Front suspension: 43mm Ohlins RWU - Adjustable preload, compression, and rebound damping.
    Rear suspension: Ohlins reservoir-style twin shocks - Adjustable ride height, preload, compression, and rebound damping.
    Front wheel: 3.50 X 17" BST Carbon Fibre
    Rear wheel: 5.50 X 17" BST Carbon Fibre
    Front tyre: 120/70 X 17"
    Rear tyre: 180/55 X 17"
    Front wheel travel: 115mm (4.53 in)
    Rear wheel travel: 100mm (3.94)
    Brembo 320mm semi-floating hi carbon stainless steel front discs
    Brembo 220mm rear disc
    Brembo 4 piston "Gold Line" axially mounted front callipers
    Brembo 2 piston "Gold Line" rear calliper
    Brembo ǣGold line front brake master cylinder
    Brembo ǣGold line hydraulic clutch master cylinder
    Brembo rear brake master cylinder
    Brembo hydraulic clutch actuation slave cylinder
    Engine type: Parallel twin with push-rod valve actuation, dry sump
    Displacement: 961 cc
    Cooling system: Air
    Valve Actuation: Push rod, hydraulic lifter, two valves per cylinder
    Bore x stroke: 88 mm X 79 mm
    Compression ratio: 10.1:1
    Power: 80PS @ 6500RPM
    Torque: 90Nm @ 5200RPM
    Exhaust:1 3/4" header system with merged collector and twin silencers with catalytic converters.
    Ignition: Crank fired electronic
    Euro 3 compliant with electronic fuel injection and multiple 3 way catalytic converters
    Front mudguard
    Chain guard
    Rear wheel hugger
    Rear number plate hanger
    Headlight mounting
    Front wheel
    Rear wheel
    Gearbox: constant mesh 5 speed
    Final drive: 525 "O" ring chain
    Wet clutch
    Electric start
    Charging system: 300 watt hi-output charging system
    Instrumentation: Norton electronic analogue speedo and tachometer with dual trip meters and hidden until lit warning lights
    Fuel tank capacity: 17l (4.5 US gallon)
    Dry weight: 188kg (414.5 lbs)
    Seat height: 813mm (32 in)
    Billet machined upper yoke
    Billet machined lower yoke
    Tapered aluminium handle bars

    Bike Cruller

    The Norton girls are part of motorcycle history. They brought back the bike will they bring back the models? Image 38 almost made the Bike Cruller today but I did not want to tangle with the mods. To see it and other pictures and posters from Nortons past check out their Motorcycle History gallery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mika View Post
    The Norton girls are part of motorcycle history. They brought back the bike will they bring back the models? Image 38 almost made the Bike Cruller today but I did not want to tangle with the mods. To see it and other pictures and posters from Nortons past check out their Motorcycle History gallery.
    OH BOY!! The one that would have gotten you in big trouble is #24.

    Tom "Bullit" Buttars
    1978 R100RS, 2006 F650GS, 2007 F800S

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    Nove 21, 2009

    On the Street

    Buell motorcycles started when Eric Buell quite working for H-D to go start his own company to focus on racing motorcycles. After years on his own H-D bought him out and incorporated the Buell brand deep within the structure of H-D. Buell stayed on with H-D after the purchase. Life has come full circle once again. Eric Buell has left Harley Davidson once again to start his own company and go racing. H-D put out the following press release yesterday.

    Erik Buell establishes Erik Buell Racing
    MILWAUKEE (November 20, 2009) - Harley-Davidson, Inc. (NYSE:HOG) announced today that following the companys recent decision to discontinue the Buell motorcycle product line, Erik Buell, Chairman and Chief Technical Officer of Buell Motorcycle Company, will leave the company to establish Erik Buell Racing, an independent motorcycle race shop.
    Erik Buell Racing will specialize in the supply of race-use-only Buell motorcycle parts and race preparation services for engines and motorcycles, and the building and sale of Buell? 1125R-based race-use-only motorcycles under license from Harley-Davidson, as well as providing technical support to racers of Buell motorcycles.
    ǣIm looking forward to helping Buell racers keep their bikes flying, said Erik Buell. ǣWeve got some exciting race development projects in the works and it will mean a lot to me personally to see Buell racers competing for wins and championships in the 2010 season and beyond.
    ǣIm pleased that Harley-Davidson is assisting Erik in establishing this business to continue supporting the racing efforts he has had so much passion for over the years, said Buell President and COO Jon Flickinger. ǣHarley-Davidson and the Buell Motorcycle Company will always be proud of their affiliation with Erik, and we wish him well in this new endeavor to support Buell racers.
    Erik Buell Racing will be based in East Troy, Wisconsin and will be staffed by Erik Buell and a veteran team of personnel. For more information, after December 1, 2009, contact:
    Erik Buell Racing, LLC
    2799 Buell Drive, Unit C
    East Troy, WI 53120

    Dont look for Buell street bikes just yet. The new East Troy company will be a racer supplier to start with. Yet it is hard to imagine that Buell is not trying to disentangle designs he and his team were reportedly working on for a new sport bike and engine. This has been and will continue to be an interesting story to follow.

    Harley-Davidson has decided to Keep the York Plant open but cut jobs their according to H-D continues to work through its holdings cutting back where they are able.

    Norton Commando

    Picture 24 was the one that would have gotten me in trouble too. 38 was one I forwarded on to someone else with a six degrees of separation question. If I am right there may be a story about what a Norton girl is doing now, if not just ignore this portion of this post.

    [url]MCMs Phil West[/url] thinks the Norton Commando 961 is ǣone seriously desirable bike after his first test ride.

    The US is not the only market Suzuki is considering limiting its 2010 offerings in. [url=]Suzuki[/ur] considering not bringing the new 1250 Bandit to the UK. The Bandit has done very well in the UK and on the Continent. It was a major reason for the short life of the R ST.

    BMW Motorrad Canada Announces 2010 Pricing and Product Updates

    Press Release

    Whitby, ON. BMW Motorrad Canada is pleased to announce the introduction of three new models for 2010 - the breathtaking S1000RR, the F800R and the G650GS Enduro, along with upgraded R1200RT, R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure models and three special editions.

    After spending its inaugural development season challenging the 2009 World Superbike Championship with factory riders Ruben Xaus and two-times world champion Australian Troy Corser, the new S1000RR exceeded expectations, finishing the series with a gratifying seventeen top-ten finishes. The S1000RR is now poised to arrive in BMW Motorrad showrooms in January of 2010.

    The S1000RR will debut with an MSRP of $17,300, a price that includes Race ABS, Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and Gear Shift Assist as standard equipment. The only option available on the S1000RR will be the Alarm System, priced at $265.

    Combining an all-new high-performance engine with lightweight construction, sophisticated chassis dynamics and race-engineered brake and suspension components, the BMW S1000RR will set a new benchmark for ultra-high performance motorcycles - on both the racetrack and the road.

    The 999cc liquid-cooled, DOHC, sixteen valve, inline four-cylinder power unit is brand-new from the ground up, bred for racing, developing a maximum output of 193 hp at 13,000 rpm (rev-limited to14,200 rpm) and maximum torque of 82.5 lb-ft at 9,750 rpm.

    With overall weight of just 206.5 kg including fuel and Race ABS the S1000RR will also take its place as the lightest motorcycle equipped with ABS in the supersports category.

    The combination sets a new standard in its class with a power-to-weight ratio of just 1.06 kg (2.34 lb) per horsepower with Race ABS.

    The new BMW S1000RR has been designed not only to compete in the World Superbike Championship, but to take its place among the ?lite of supersports motorcycles.

    The much anticipated F800R Sport Roadster joined the F800 Series lineup this fall, debuting as a 2010 model in September with an MSRP of $9,990.

    The heart of the new F800R is the now familiar 798cc parallel twin shared within the F800 family, rated at 87 bhp @ 8,000 rpm while delivering 86 Nm of torque @ 6,000 rpm. The additional two horsepower, when compared to the other F800 family members, is due to a redesigned exhaust system. The robust powerplant also features intake manifold fuel injection, electronic engine management, oxygen sensor and separate closed-loop 3-way catalytic convertor and secondary air system, for low fuel consumption and optimized emissions.

    The F800R has a slightly longer double-sided swing arm and, in keeping with its sporting orientation, incorporates an O-ring chain secondary drive. Other highlights are new compact MID (Moulded Interconnected Devices) technology, featuring a left-handlebar multifunction signal switch and asymmetrical H7 headlights that echo the design of its K1300R Power Roadster sibling.

    F800R - Chris Pfeiffer Special Edition
    In recognition of Chriss outstanding achievements with the F800, BMW Motorrad has developed a Chris Pfeiffer Special Edition of the new F800R, which integrates a special factory-team paint scheme and a list of special equipment, including:

    Akrapović? rear silencer for a dynamic appearance and a sporty sound.
    Rear strut spring finished in red.
    Painted pillion passenger seat cover.
    Highly unique visual appearance with paint finish in the BMW

    Motorsport colours of Alpine White non-metallic, Lupine Blue metallic and Magma Red non-metallic, contrasting with elements in black silk matt.
    Front wheel finished in white.
    Clear overpainted Chris Pfeiffer signature on the central cover.
    Set of sponsor stickers supplied.
    No cockpit fairing.
    LED direction indicators.

    The Chris Pfeiffer Special Edition will command a premium of $1,350 with an MSRP of $11,340 and be available in limited quantities.

    G650GS Enduro
    An evolution of the former single-cylinder BMW F650GS, the 2010 G650GS joins the BMW Motorrad lineup with an MSRP of $8,750.

    The familiar 652cc liquid-cooled four-valve DOHC poweplant remains little changed from its predecessor, featuring BMWs Digital Motor Electronics and fuel injection, engine management version BMS-CII, and high-performance cylinder head technology, producing 50 bhp at 6,500 and maximum torque of 44 ft-lb at 4,800 rpm. Power transmission is still maintained by the proven five-speed gearbox and an O-ring chain drive.

    The new G 650 GSs brake system, however, is upgraded with standard ABS featuring the new generation BMW Motorrad Bosch 8 M ABS control unit weighing only 1.5 kilograms. ABS can also be deactivated, as on the GS boxer twins. Single discs brakes at both front and rear measure 340mm and 240mm, respectively.
    The new G650GS continues with a stiff steel bridge tubular frame with bolt-on lower frame section and rear subframe. The 19-inch front spoke wheel is suspended by a Showa telescopic fork with 170 mm/ 6.7" spring travel. The 17-inch rear wheel runs in a two-arm box-type swingarm with a central spring strut with adjustable preload and travel of165 mm/ 6.5" . Standard seat height is a very compatible 780mm, with an optional lowering kit available for $200 ex-factory.

    With heated grips also fitted as standard equipment, the new G650GS is available in two colors Deep Black and Red, both combined with a black tank, further highlighted by matte black engine surface. The new level of standard equipment leave only two available options the aforementioned lowering kit and a centre stand ($170).

    The iconic BMW R1200RT emerges in 2010 with an MSRP of $20,200 and significant changes that further reinforce its position as the benchmark in the touring motorcycle category.

    Most prominently, the R1200RT is now powered by the same latest-generation flat-twin engine as the BMW HP2 Sport. Equipped with two overhead chain-driven camshafts (DOHC) per cylinder and dual spark plugs, the new 1,170 cc engine embodies a smoother torque curve with an increase in maximum torque from 85 - 88 lb-ft at 6,000 rpm, while the (unchanged)110 horsepower occurs at 7,750 rpm (previously 7,500 rpm) and the overall range of useful engine speed increased by 500 rpm to a maximum 8,500 rpm.

    Additional new features on the 2010 R1200RT are highlighted by:

    An electronically controlled exhaust flap for an aggressive muscular sound.
    Second-generation ESA II Electronic Suspension Adjustment with damping, spring base and now also spring rate adjustable at the touch of a button.
    BMW Motorrad Integral ABS - partly integrated version.
    Newly designed fairing with improved wind and weather protection
    Re-designed cockpit with new instrument cluster and matte visor to minimize reflection.
    New generation signal switch cluster mounter on the left handlebar.
    Handlebars now mounted on rubber bearings to optimize vibration control.
    Electronically controlled windshield with optimized aero-acoustics and improved transparency.
    New optional Audio System featuring interfaces for an MP3 player, an iPod, USB stick or CD player. The new system can store nine playback lists on a USB/MP3 or iPod, and is controlled by a new mouse-type Multi-Controller.
    Adjustable gearshift lever with an eccentric control bar.

    The R1200RT comes, of course, with standard hard-shell cases, offering a capacity on each side of 32 litres, with case brackets integrated almost fully into the body and finished in body color, along with four locking points. Additional top cases are available in either 28 or 49 litre sizes and mount directly to the standard lugguage rack.

    Four dynamic new color choices for the R1200RT enhance the contrast between the color of the body and the matt-painted engine spoiler as well as the seat finished exclusively in black on all models: Thunder Grey Metallic, Polar Metallic, Ostra Grey Metallic and a combination of Thunder Grey /Titan Silver and Granite Grey Metallics.

    R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure
    Like their boxer-twin sibling, the R1200RT, the new 2010 R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure also feature the the same latest-generation flat-twin DOHC engine as the BMW HP2 Sport, producing 110 horsepower and a heftier 88 lb-ft of torque. The new engine is also equipped with an electronically controlled exhaust flap for an even more aggressive and muscular exhaust note.

    The upgraded engine is mated to the proven six-speed transmission with larger diameter bearings and numerically higher secondary gear ratio, enhancing the new robust torque curve.

    Debuting with an MSRP of $17,650 for the R1200GS and $20,300 for the GS Adventure, both models will sport a new range of colors, the R1200GS available in Ostra Grey Matte Metallic, along with two non-metallic options Alpine White and Magma Red. The R1200GS Adventure is available in either Smoke Grey Metallic or Brilliant Yellow Metallic, the latter combined with a Black Olive Grey seat.

    R1200R Touring Edition
    The popular R1200R naked urban motorcycle will continue to offer its perfect synthesis of riding dynamics, agility and classic motorcycle design in 2010, and will be joined by a new Touring Edition.
    Targeted at the rider whose itinerary might include substantial long-distance travel, the R1200R Touring Edition features:

    Sport Windshield
    Side Luggage with Coded Locks
    Comfort Seat
    Luggage Rack
    On-board computer
    Chromed Exhuast
    White Turn Indicatiors
    At a premium of $1,000 over the standard base R1200R, the Touring Edition has an MSRP of $15,950.

    HP2 Sport Motorsport Edition
    The sportiest and most powerful series production flat twin of all time, the HP2 Sport continues into model year 2010 with the addition of a special Motorsport Edition.

    The HP2 Sport Motorsport Edition continues to be powered by the familiar flat twin engine equipped with double overhead camshafts delivering 133 hp at 8750 rpm, but emulating the look of the BMW Motorrad Motorsport factory racers, featuring fairing, fuel tank, seat bench, front mudguard and engine spoiler painted in the BMW Motorsport colours Alpine White, Lupine Blue metallic and Magma Red.

    The HP2 Sport Motorsport Edition has an MSRP of $27,590.

    The balance of the BMW Motorrad lineup carries over into model year 2010, making for an undiminished total of fifteen models. Notable exceptions are the G650X Country, F800S and K1200LT, which are now discontinued.

    The 2010 F800R is in BMW Motorrad showrooms now, while the new S1000RR will be available in January, the R1200RT and R1200GS and GS Adventure will be on sale in February of 2010.

    A 2010 Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price list is included with this release as an attachment, along with a full photo library of new BMW models.

    BMW Group Canada, based in Whitby, Ontario, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BMW AG and is responsible for the distribution of BMW luxury performance automobiles, Sports Activity Vehicles, Motorcycles, and MINI. BMW Group Financial Services Canada is a division of BMW Group Canada and offers retail financing and leasing programs and protection products on new and pre-owned BMW and MINI automobiles, as well as retail financing for new and pre-owned BMW Motorcycles. A total network of 40 BMW automobile retail centres, 19 BMW motorcycle retailers, and 25 MINI retailers represents the BMW Group across the country.

    For more information, please contact:

    Rob Dexter, Product and Technology Specialist
    BMW Group Canada
    Corporate Communications
    905.428.5447 / robert.dexter@bmwgroup

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