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Thread: Bench Racing & The Morning Reads

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    Monday, April 26 Part 1

    WSBK et al. Rea takes the double as spectators win big at Assen 2010 World Superbike Assen Sunday insider

    Race Highlights: Race 1 Race 2

    BMW Motorrad Motorsport - WSBK - Assen - Races 25.04.2010
    Press Release
    Weather conditions: Sunny.
    Temperature: Air: 15 26 ??C, Track: 13 37 ??C
    Number of riders participating: 22 from 12 teams
    Fastest lap Race 1: Carlos Checa (Althea Racing) 1:36.413 min
    Fastest lap Race 2: Jonathan Rea (HANNspree Ten Kate Honda) 1:36.312 min

    Again, there was reason to celebrate for Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport: Finishing in the top five twice and scoring a total of 22 points in the manufacturers standings, the team leaves Assen with the best result so far in its history in the FIM Superbike Wold Championship.

    Race 1: Troy Corser (AUS) finished the race in fifth, just 2.738 seconds behind race winner, Jonathan Rea (GBR). Troy started the race well and took the lead just before turn 1, but was not able to hold onto his position due to tyre wear. Ruben Xaus (ESP) crashed and did not finish the race.

    Race 2: As in the first race, Troy was fifth, while Ruben finished in tenth. Both Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport riders had great starts and raced well over the course of the race. Troy finished the race two tenths off the podium and set the second fastest lap overall.

    Troy Corser:
    Bike: BMW S 1000 RR
    Result Race 1: 5th, Gap to 1st: 00:02.738 min / Fastest Lap Race 1: 1:36.523 min
    Result Race 2: 5th, Gap to 1st: 00:04.176 min / Fastest Lap Race 2: 1:36.373 min
    ǣObviously the improvements we found at the Mugello test were pretty useful. When we rolled the bike out here we were pretty good right from the start. We did not have to change a lot. In the first race the rear tyre just did not last long enough. I changed the electronics a bit, but that was pretty much it. For the second race we decided to run the bike a little more controlled at the beginning to save the tyres. It definitely seemed to work better, and my lap times were more consistent. I can now change the way I ride the bike. We have not had that all year. I am pretty happy.

    Ruben Xaus:
    Bike: BMW S 1000 RR
    Result Race 1: DNF, Gap to 1st: 14 laps / Fastest Lap Race 1: 1:37.009 min
    Result Race 2: 10th, Gap to 1st: 00:11.486 min / Fastest Lap Race 2: 1:37.206 min
    ǣI had some problems in the first race which resulted in me crashing, but we made some changes and the bike worked a lot better in race two. I got a great start and was with the top guys, but I had one bad lap where four riders passed me, which affected my rhythm. On the whole I feel I have got the bike working how I want it I just need to find a traction control setting that suits my style.

    Berthold Hauser (BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director):
    ǣThe weekends result is really more than we expected. We definitely improved and proved that we are close to the top. We saw great racing from our riders in both races today. Thats what the spectators expect from BMW. Finishing two tenths off the podium in race 2 proves that we are competitive. The team and the riders did a great job.

    A hat-trick for Team BMW Motorrad Italia STK in the FIM Superstock 1000 Cup: Serafino Fotis team leaves Assen with a perfect record of three wins in three races. Again, Ayrton Badovini (ITA) was the race winner, just over two seconds ahead of Frenchman Maxime Berger. Ayrton now leads the overall riders standings with the maximum possible of 75 points, ahead of compatriot Davide Giugliano (45) and Maxime Barrier (40). In the manufacturers' standings, BMW also leads with 75 points ahead of Honda (53).

    Saturday, April 24, 2010, 7:00:00 PM
    Troy left Assen today, happy with two fifth places on his BMW S 1000 RR and is already looking forward to his next race. After what seems a long time Troy now has a bike that can compete with the best, thanks to the recent good work done by the team. Troy got the holeshot, led the first race for ten laps and looked in command until his tyres started going off five or six laps or so before the end. He didnt get the holeshot in race two, but charged past Jonathan Rea (Honda) after seven laps and once again controlled things from the front. This time his lead lasted four laps, but at least he showed that he and the bike can run at the front for more than just one lap. Rea won both 22-lap races today, much to the huge delight of his team who are based nearby. He had to fight for his first ever double and the second race will go down as one of the closest fought races in World Superbike history. James Toseland (Yamaha) took second in race one, with Leon Camier (Aprilia) third, making it a clean sweep of British riders. The second race saw another all-Brit podium, with Leon Haslam (Suzuki) second and Toseland third. Troy - Race 1: 5th, Race 2: 5th The podium was not far off, but Im really happy how today and this weekend has gone. It was really good to lead a race again - and not just for one lap! I felt very comfortable in the lead both times and enjoyed riding the bike without thinking about it. Now, Im looking forward to getting back on the bike again and going racing! I always knew that we would get to this stage, but I didnt know when it would happen. Our bike is as fast as anything out there, except for maybe the Aprilias, and the only thing I am missing now is getting out of the turns as quickly as some of my competitors. I suffered a bit in the final chicane, but was pretty much a match for everybody else in the rest of the track. The rear tyre didnt last long enough in race one, so I had to adjust the electronics to compensate for it and that slowed me a little in the second part of the race. In race two, the rear was pretty chewed up at the end, but I was happy in both races because I felt I was actually racing for a podium, not just riding around for points. The racing was really close today and many times we nearly touched elbows or handlebars and it must have great viewing for the fans at the track and on TV. I got pushed out a few times, but it was all pretty fair and just normal for this series. Now that I am comfortable on the bike I dont mind the cut and thrust because it is part of the package and I can give as good as I get. I know I probably dont say this often, and probably not this season so far, but today I am very happy! See ya, Troy

    MotoGP Lorenzo hoping to fight for victory at Jerez.


    After ǣwatching the second Assen race on World Superbike Live Timing I went jumped on the bike and went about my normal Sunday rounds. It was a cold and blustery morning here in fly-over-land and I was glad to go inside at each of my stops to go in and warm up. I will admit to being more than a little distracted as when I was suppose to be listening to others talk. A question kept running through my head; has BMW Motorrad Motorsport finally become a race team?

    Corsers fourth at Portimao may have been the best finish so far but as I closed my laptop that weekend I still had a sense BMW was still a team in development; clearly the latter stages of that process but still in development. Closing my laptop after this Sundays races I wondered if at the end of this season I would look back at the Assen race and say that is when BMW Motorrad Motorsport became a racing team?

    I watch most WSBK and F1 races on live timing. There is no video just streams of numbers on the screen showing times positions gaps sector times and more. It may seem an odd way to watch a race but I like it. It allows me to pick up on and follow things that the video feeds and commentaries on Speed dont follow. In the case of BMW Motorrad Motorsport in the past they had little screen time so live timing was the way to zero in on them. Let me tell you about some of the things I follow and what I have seen.

    Top Speed v. Lap Time
    Live timing gives the top speed for a driver. This has been one place where the S1000RR has often been a winner. Each race weekend there is a small cluster of riders and bikes that turn in the top trap speeds for practice qualifying and the two races. Some race weekends, even as recently as Portimao, the team has posted top speeds as much as 10mph higher than their opponents. The problem for this cluster is with very rare exceptions these are not the riders and bikes that turn in the best lap times.

    WSBK is road racing not drag racing and lap times are a combination of dashes down straights as fast as you can and carrying as much of that speed through the corner to make the next dash down a straight. To much speed going into a corner can make you slower through the corner. The rider grabs a big hand full of brake along with stomping their right foot to slow their bike down. This too often results in giving you a slower starting point after the transition from braking and negotiating the turn the corner to build your next straight dash from. The result is a great top speed and a slow lap time. On Saturday after qualifying if you are handicapping a Sunday race the guys with the big trap speeds move down your grid sheet in position.

    Practice Sessions
    Practice sessions quickly sort riders into the fast the quick and the dead.

    The Fast: These are the riders with the top trap speeds and the S1000RR has often been in this group. This group of riders with great consistency post top speeds between 6 and 10 mph faster than leaders of the next group.
    The Quick: These are riders with really good trap speeds. Rarely are they the fastest trap speeds (Last year Ben Spies would pull this double on occasion but not often) but they are strong. Speed is combined with cornering to give the best lap times. As the weekend progresses the top trap speeds of the quick riders often increase but rarely meet or exceed The Fast.
    The Dead: While not literally dead these are the riders who lack trap speed and lap time and thus are relegated race after race to the middle or back of the pack.

    Practice sessions are spent finding the setup for qualifying and the race that combine the best of The Fast and The Quick to yield top lap times for qualifying and a setup that will best sustain that level over the length of a race.

    Qualifying is an entrant sorting process to form a grid for Sundays races and nothing more using the best lap time for a rider in a given qualifying round to do this. It has a great impact on how Sunday races may play out but the predictive value of where racers qualify and race results is not one to one due to the difference in how the two work on the track.

    Riders take to the track in qualifying in burst of 3 laps. Pit out for a warm up lap to get to speed. Lap 2 is a flying lap and the third is hopefully better then Pit in. In the pit the rider rests, mechanics make adjustments and when ready rider and bike repeat the process trying to improve the time. Riders space themselves and there will be no rider to rider duels. The duel is with the clock.

    In qualifying a Fast Rider can muscle his bike around for these three lap burst and place high in the qualifying standings. Quick Riders are able to practice their art relatively unimpeded. The Dead can put together a lap combination that can propel them up the grid but bears no resemblance to their sustaining power in a race.

    Sunday Races
    The two race format for the Sunday WSBK event has always seemed a bit odd to me; all be it in a good way. Riders score points in each race so tight championship hunts such as last years can turn on a dime in the same weekend. For my purposes in this piece think of the Sunday races as one race with one really long pit stop.

    When the lights go green for Race 1 the duels begin. Fast Riders can have an advantage in the early stages of a race wining the race to turn one and pulling speed gaps while other riders behind them dice with each other. Unlike qualifying this advantage must be sustained for the race length. Too often for the Fast Rider the race takes its toll on tires brakes and rider stamina and their early leads are relinquished to Quick Riders who are able to better manage the race life of tires brakes and rider to build and hold position over the length of a race and rack up wins.

    BMW Motorrad Motorsport and Assen 2010
    Prior to Assen the S1000RR and riders Corser and Xaus have been in the Fast group. The BMW has always been able to turn in trap speeds that meet or exceed the competition. The trouble is in the past this has not translated into lap times in qualifying or high race finishes. Even at this years Portimao race when Corser scored his best finish with a P4 in Race 1 the bike was a Fast Bike. As such on Sunday it would use up tires brakes and riders. The team progressed as the race calendar has clicked by progressing from rookie status that had them firmly in the Dead to Fast Bike able to pull off hole shots lead briefly and burn up as the race progressed. The riders and bike have never teamed up to produce the results that the data panels for each would suggest they are capable of. This was the pattern until Assen.

    I watched live timing for a practice session and my curiosity was immediately aroused. Corsers lap times were good, at times very good, but he was not turning in the fastest trap speeds I had come to expect. Practice lap times are difficult to compare from team to team. Each is always trying to do their best but what are they working on? Are they sorting a qualifying or race set up? Are they testing a part or setup change? As the session and the weekend progressed it became clear that BMW was truing in strong lap times with trap speeds that were in the range of the Quick Riders. Something was up.

    Beyond the obvious fact that Corser led the first 10 laps of Race 1 and led at several points in Race 2 Sundays races played out in a way they have not in the past.

    The live timing screen gives the viewer a great deal of real time data including lap times trap speeds sector times (intervals in WSBK terms. The track is divided into three parts and a riders time for each interval or sector is show.) gaps to the leader as well as position for a lap. Color is added as the data comes in. In several data columns the rider in P1 has a red panel with leader in white letters shown. After the first lap a rider can go green in a column. This means they have set a personal best time for lap time or sector.

    The Live Timing screen for Sundays races lit up like a Christmas tree and for much of the time Corser and his BMW was the star on top in red. Green lights flickered all over the board below. As the races unfolded other riders and bikes would take on the red star role. When the board is not showing green I watch the gap column closely along with sector times to see who is dueling and anticipate position changes. As race two moved into its final laps I saw Corser loose position and felt much as I have in races past. Then in the closing laps of race two he went green and took back a position. At the end of Race 2, when normally rider and bike would be all used up, rider brakes and tires still had life left in them to race.

    In the past I have read the post race press releases from BMW Motorrad Motorsport with a jaundiced eye. They have rung of excuses of messaged PR management. The team did not produce a podium or match the 4th place achieved at Portimao but like Corser very happy with the Assen results.

    At the end of the season we may look back at the Assen race as the race where the S1000RR and its riders moved from the Fast Bike class and into the Quick Bike group that eventually takes podiums and wins races.

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    Monday April 26 Part 2

    Monday: Part 2

    Formula 1 and … Stefan attempting 2011 F1 entry

    Tech Talk
    Red Bull RB6 – fromt aero update
    Ferrair F10 – modified rear wing
    Red Bull RB6 – additional exhaust duct Denny Hulme 1070 McLaren M14A Formula 1 car for auction

    On the Street A designer’s story

    HFL: why AGV still can’t compete with Arai and Shoei Harley sees better road ahead; targeting younger riders, growth overseas BMW’s motorcycle racing history Triumph Tiger Cub 800 coming soon?
    BMW may not want it but I hope it is coming soon. $2000 streetbike surgery – BMW F800GS How do manufacturers develop motorcycles

    I have posted concerns about what brin More murderers stumbled upon Harley-Davidson appoints marketing director focused on new demographic segments.

    Bike Cruller

    Assen Sunday pictures from BMW Motorrad Motorsport

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    Tuesday, April 27

    WSBK et al. Xaus talks with the Spanish magazine after Saturdays Superpole. Yoshimura Suzuki crate up for rescheduled WSB debut at Monza

    SuperStock 1000 Cup Assen WSBK Superstock 1000 2010 race goes to Badovini and BMW

    MotoGP Bridgestone preview a new rear tire compound for Jerez Team Speak Jerez MotoGP preview


    AMA Pro Racing May signs with Erik Buell Racing for AMA Por

    Formula 1 and Ǫ Sauber F1- wing evolution for Barcelona Michael Schumacher set for Mercedes car upgrades Alonsos thumbs insured for 10 million euros
    Its still April so there has to be an April fools joke someplace in this.

    Other Racing News Smage flies the stars and stripes

    BMW Sailing Cup World Final 2010

    On the Street Museum or garage - When is right not to ride it?

    Rumor: BMW developing a liquid cooled boxer and MCN thinks it will show up in the GS for 2012

    When I lived in London we joked that Londoners wore so much black because they were waiting for something darker. 2010 Harley Fat Boy Lo
    ǣMark down 2010 as the year that black became the new chrome.
    Harley sales should increase in the UK. Harley-Davidson XR1200 review

    BMW Motorrad USA Announces Opening of Riverside, CA Dealership

    Press Release

    Woodcliff Lake, NJ April 26, 2010ǪBMW Motorrad USA has announced the grand opening of a new dealership BMW Motorcycles of Riverside, located at 7740 Indiana Avenue, Riverside, California. The Riverside dealership is home to the complete line of BMW motorcycles, parts, accessories, and riders gear and apparel.

    ǣWe are committed to providing premium customer service in keeping with the BMW brand, says Dan Schoo, owner of BMW Motorcycles of Riverside. ǣOur professional and experienced staff is passionate about the sport of motorcycling and the BMW marque. We want to serve as a valuable resource and offer a ǣclub atmosphere to the growing and diverse range of motorcycle enthusiasts in the Riverside area.

    For Mr. Schoo, who has been riding motorcycles since his youth, owning and operating a BMW motorcycle dealership fulfills a decade-long dream and a natural passion. He possesses an engineering background and has numerous patents to his name. As the founder of several technology startup companies and a former executive in the technology industry, Mr. Schoo has a great appreciation for the advanced technology associated with BMW motorcycles. He anticipates strong sales due to the long-awaited availability of the production version of the BMW S 1000 RR Superbike, the most powerful and sophisticated sport bike ever produced, as well as continued interest in BMWs popular enduro and sport touring models: the BMW R 1200 GS, the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure and the BMW R 1200 RT.

    ǣRiverside is a unique location with a vast array of riding opportunities and venues, commented Mr. Schoo. ǣBMW Motorcycles of Riverside offers riders of many interests a great place to converge.

    For more information about BMW Motorcycles of Riverside, visit

    Bike Cruller

    The Assen SST 1000 race begins with Ayrton Badovini and his S1000RR jumping to an early lead

    And stretching it while the competition recovered

    Then stretching it even more

    Until the only place the competition would come close to him was..

    On the podium and during the celebration his dominate Assen win; his third in a row to open the 2010 World SST season.

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    Wednesday April 28

    WSBK et al. WSBK 2011 Silly Season: Ruben Xaus out and Jakub Smrz In? Why BMW Reitwagen is about to bust
    Even with a financial backer on the horizon the promising satellite team is ready to go bust

    Other Racing News Superbike Championship France Press Release Women & Motor Sport Commission

    video of officer Andrew Drexler of Albuquerque PD, New Mexico, riding a BMW R1200RT-P, grabbing the top honors overall, at the 14th Annual Southwest Police Motorcycle Training & Competition held on April, 2010 in Tucson, AZ. This is some impressive slow maneuvers, in a confusing labyrinth of orange cones. Officer Drexler demonstrating how fast and maneuverable the R1200RT-P is in the right hands.

    A video of Team Competition by 4 Sacramento County Sheriff Deputies riding BMW R1200RT-P at the 13th Annual Southwest Police Motorcycle Training & Competition held on April 3th and 4th, 2009 in Phoenix, AZ. This is some impressive team work and slow maneuvers, in a confusing labyrinth of orange cones. The officers demonstrating how fast and maneuverable the BMW can be in the right hands. Zero MX rider injured at Motocros Wohlen
    Catastrophic frame failure results in serious injury to the rider.

    On the Street 1990 BMW K1 in Red/Yellow on Ebay

    Olepiel, a Dutch site, gives more rumors of a naked S and are calling it a F1000R. Congressional hearing may impact youth vehicle ban Aprilia 750 Shiver revealed 1894 Hildebrand & Wolfmuller worlds first production motorcycle cells for ₤86,200 Honda Worldwide Consolidated Financial Summary for Fiscal 4th Quarter and Fiscal Year ended March 31, 2010.
    Increase in Asian sales results in black ink for Honda motorcycles in Q4 and a positive sales projection for the coming year. 2010 Husqvarna TC250 review

    Bike Cruller

    R69 with fairing by Peel

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    Thursday, April 29

    WSBK et al.

    Not the best source but a decent summary of the rumor: More troubles for Ruben Xaus in the paddock gossip

    FWIW:’s interview clip causing all the rumors Podium for BMW at Monza? Testing at Misano with Aprilia, BMW, Ducati and Yamaha

    Down and out or on the comeback track? BMW Reitwagen ready for a return to the track?

    Meanwhile BMW France has been racing the S1000RR too:

    "Double double" winner for the BMW S 1000 RR of team BMW Motorrad France this weekend to Nogaro.
    Press release
    Erwan Nigon wins the two sleeves dominant without sharing and S?bastien Gimbert monte twice on the second step of the podium. All fans of the brand are vibrated in Gers following the exploits of two official drivers.

    Erwan Nigon sign the best time in the race and the turn of the track record.

    Qualifications and Superpole.

    Erwan Nigon and its 1000 RR S dominated without sharing the qualification session and two Superpole sessions held on the Saturday Sun. It establishes an extraordinary time of 1 ' 28 "174 that literally downs competition. S?bastien Gimbert places its 1000 RR S in fourth place, alongside Jake Da Costa (second on his Kawasaki RSG) and Vincent Philippe (troisi?me on its LMS Suzuki).

    The two S 1000 official RRs are so characterized first online for two races on Sunday.

    1st round

    Erwan patina initially somewhat and loses the advantage of the pole position in the first
    turn. It is found in effect in sixth position after the first round. Vincent
    Philippe (Suzuki-LMS) leads to S?bastien Gimbert held in ambush in second place.
    Erwan Nigon dates back to the lightning speed and places its S 1000 RR in first position in the 9th round, followed closely by S?bastien Gimbert. Two BMW drivers provide the wide through their Michelin tyre performance. They dig the gap and undertakes a battle for second place between them. Erwan finally takes top and passes the finish line with 1.6 seconds ahead of his teammate and 7.3 seconds ahead of Julien Da Costa (Kawasaki RSG). The latter was threatened by the repeated attacks of Lo?c Napoleone on his BMW S 1000 RR private ERT team that did not ultimately find a open and ends at a fine 4th place.

    2nd round

    Erwan Nigon confirms its leadership in this second race.
    Erwan performs a prudent but quick start that places in 3rd position. It will suffice him two towers to take the top on the Vincent Philippe Suzuki and the Kawasaki's Jake Da Costa. He no longer leaves instead of leading up to the finish line. Merging another world in this Sunday afternoon (1 ' 28 "85 in turn best) times, Erwan hollow an impressive gap with its prosecutors. He finished the race with 7 seconds of advance on his teammate and more than 9.5 seconds ahead of Julien Da Costa! S?bastien Gimbert is 6th at the end of the first round. It rises a thanks to the power of its S 1000 RR opponents. In the 8th round, the two BMW head and continue their escape until the finish, line signing a doubled for brand and new dominant again without sharing

    MotoGP Future of MotoGp to be decided on Saturday – or not


    Formula 1 and …

    Motorsport Retro – Video Documentary: Graham Hill - Driven KERS power boost system may make 2011 return.
    It is not a straight financial technical or PR decision. Ferrari and Renault have made budget KERS for 2011 possible. Battery systems or flywheel systems are out there. Williams just expanded its control in their flywheel system company. FIA and F1 want to put on a green face and think KERS will help.

    Fans are skeptical. The first try at the system seem to result in a way to stop passing not increase race excitement. What F1’s future means for the car you drive

    Other Racing News

    Dakar organizers announce details of the 2011 evernt: The organisers of the Dakar this morning unveiled the route of the 33rd edition, which will take place from 1st to 16th January 2011 in Argentina and Chile. Competitor enrolment will open on 15th May on Between the races : Eric Buell [Erik] Buell is back Solar car racing in Australia

    BMW outlines future motorsport programme.

    • Press Release

    Munich, 29th April 2010. Motorsport will continue to play a leading role at BMW, with plans now being implemented for an extensive programme. BMW will significantly expand its activities in the field of production car racing over the coming years: last week the executive board of BMW AG came to a positive policy decision regarding the company’s involvement in the restructured German Touring Car Masters (DTM) from 2012. For this to happen, certain basic requirements must be met. The governing body, the ITR, is currently working on these prerequisites. In anticipation of a positive outcome, BMW Motorsport is making appropriate preparations on the technical side. The final decision is expected during the year.
    The appearance of the BMW M3 GT2 at endurance races forms another important pillar in the future programme. As is the case this season, in 2011 BMW will contest a variety of races with this car.

    Dr. Klaus Draeger, the BMW AG board member responsible for development, says: “Following the withdrawal from Formula One, the realignment of our motorsport programme is raising our presence in production car racing to a whole new level. BMW sports and touring cars have achieved success right around the world, and have significantly influenced the brand’s sporting profile right from the word go. For that reason, we see it as a consistent step to return to our roots after bidding farewell to Formula One, and to expand our commitment to this discipline.”

    BMW Motorsport Director Mario Theissen adds: “The newly aligned programme offers us many important stages, on which to demonstrate the sporting gene present in BMW vehicles. The planned return to the DTM is an exciting challenge for our team. Over the coming months we will be making all the necessary technical preparations that should allow us to be competitive right from the start should we join the series in 2012. Thanks to its great tradition in production car racing, the BMW M3 is predestined to be used as the basic car. In 2011 we will once again be lining up with our BMW M3 GT2, which is contesting its debut season in Europe this year.”

    For 2011, BMW is developing a 1.6-litre four-cylinder turbo engine with direct injection that can be used in championships in accordance with the new Super2000 regulations – such as the FIA World Touring Car Championship. A new racing car is being developed as a successor to the current BMW 320si for the coming years. How the BMW involvement in the World Touring Car Championship will look beyond the 2010 season will be decided over the course of the year. This year, BMW is competing in the WTCC with BMW Team RBM and its drivers Augusto Farfus (BR) and Andy Priaulx (GB).

    Customer racing remains of particular interest. BMW will continue to develop attractive racing cars for professional teams, as the company did most recently with the BMW Z4 GT3. In the future, the performances of the most successful private drivers will still be honoured with the BMW Sports Trophy. Over the coming years the company will continue its great tradition of promoting talented young drivers in the Formula BMW series. This means that BMW will also offer a comprehensive training programme for junior drivers. Mario Theissen says: “The fact that seven Formula BMW graduates are currently plying their trade as regular Formula One drivers speaks for itself. That is why we will continue our promotion of young talent from 2011. Over the coming months we will determine precisely what form this commitment will take.”

    BMW enjoys a long history of success in international touring car racing. As early as the 1960s the brand backed up its new position as a premium manufacturer of sporty cars with a succession of championship titles. BMW drivers celebrated a total of twelve European Championship titles with the BMW 2002, BMW 3.0 CSL, and the BMW 635 CSi Coup?. On top of this, Volker Strycek (DE) guided his BMW 635 CSi to victory in the debut season of the DTM in 1984. The BMW M3 lined up for the first time in 1987 – and immediately proved to be a superlative racing car. Roberto Ravaglia (IT) claimed the World Championship title, Winni Vogt (DE) was crowned European Champion, and Eric van de Poele (BE) won the DTM.
    After a second European Championship triumph in 1988, Ravaglia gave the brand its third and most recent DTM title to date in the BMW M3 in 1989. BMW has 49 race wins, 30 pole positions and 64 fastest laps to its name in this series. Up to and including 1992, BMW M3 drivers around the world had notched up over 1,500 individual wins and more than 50 international titles.

    The European Championship was relaunched in 2001 – and it was once again a BMW driver, Peter Kox (NL), who claimed the title. Having already tasted success in the 2004 European Championship with the BMW 320i, Andy Priaulx (GB) went on to win the new World Championship with the same car in 2005. Priaulx successfully defended this title the following two years with the BMW 320si WTCC.
    BMW has also celebrated success in the past on the endurance circuit: BMW drivers have won the 24-hour race at the N??rburgring (DE) on 18 occasions. Among the achievements of the Munich-based brand was victory at the very first staging of the race in 1970. In 1998, BMW also claimed the first overall victory with a diesel-powered car: the BMW 320d. BMW drivers have been victorious 21 times at the classic in Spa-Francorchamps (BE). In Le Mans (FR), Team BMW Motorsport clinched a historic overall victory with the BMW V12 LMR in 1999. Competing with the BMW M3 GTR, BMW topped the manufacturer, team and driver standings in the American Le Mans Series in 2001.

    Hmmm…1.6 liter turbo engine…sounds like the rumored direction for F1 engines. Would Dr. Theissen consider a return to F1 as an engine builder?

    On the Street The Husqvarna/BMW unveiled
    A look at the combined effort that looks like a G450X on lutefisk

    While Worldwide Honda was reporting an increase in sales for their last quarter – US first quarter- the MIC is reporting a decrease. First Quarter 2010 motorcycle sales down 21% - March 2010 sales down 5% Igo Chack;s 2012 Izh-1 Hybrid motorcycle concept

    Old meets new in a tantalizing concept bike.

    CAGE Oklahoma Honda dealers can now sell CNG Civics at retail

    Top Gear Video: Jeremy, Richard and James attempt to save the planet by building their own electric car out of a TVR chassis and milk float batteries before descending on the streets of Oxford in their new creation.


    I liked ? liter bikes when I was younger and I still like the idea of them now. They are the Goldilocks bike size for a solo rider like me. Liter bikes, and now bigger, are tantalizing with their power. Yet my license always screamed at me “Don’t do it you will lose me.” 600s teased with a small ‘t’ with my knees alternating between laughing and screaming out in pain because at 6’5” I dust didn’t fit.

    With age I saw the ? liter class dwindle and virtually disappear in the US market. They disappeared from the track and then the show room making cameo appearances with European builders that occasionally exported them to our shores.

    Like many of us, as the class aged it gained (CCs) weight. Triumph reappeared as a brand it did so with a 900cc triple. It worked for them but the British marque did the same as their Japanese counterparts going with a 600 then 675 model while on the upper ended they kept adding CCs to their entire line up.

    Rumors have been surfacing that the ? liter bike is making a comeback for many manufacturers. Honda’s NT700V has been causing a stir on the forum for what it is and isn’t. Posters have chided BMW for missing the boat.]Triumph has been rumored for some time to be ready for a return to the 3/4 liter class with a 800cc Tiger. If they do I expect some will cry that BMW missed the boat again.

    What seems to be lost on many is the F800 (650) staked a spot in this class by BMW some years ago. As a major brand the company put the Roundel on a bike that redefined the class in modern terms and for writers has become the benchmark for comparison as others begin to follow. Often the problem with being a trend setter is others doesn’t follow; in this case do not follow right away.

    As new bikes of various genres repopulate this Goldilocks bike class BMW’s offering is getting a bit long in the tooth. They will suffer the slings and arrows of ‘you were caught sleeping again’ comments on the forum, while in the press the F will be used as a benchmark of comparison for these new entrants.

    Triumph rumors have sparked my curiosity in two ways. First I am very interested in what a 800cc Tiger would be like. More importantly I am extremely curious about what v2 of the F series will hold for us.

    Bike Cruller

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    Friday April 30

    WSBK et al. Andrew :Pitt thinks back at Monza Successful test for Yamaha Sterilgarda in Misano

    BMW Motorrad Motorsport - WSBK - Monza Preview
    Press Release
    7th 9th May 2010
    5th of 13 World Championship race weekends

    Munich/Stephanskirchen, 30th April 2010. The first block of European races in the 2010 FIM Superbike World Championship comes to an end this coming weekend (7th 9th May) at the high-speed Monza circuit in Italy. Immediately after the race, the teams will set off for Kyalami (RSA) and Salt Lake City (USA) before returning to European soil. Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport will travel to Monza on the back of two top-five results and another finish in the top ten at Assen (NED), and the team will be aiming to build on its strong recent performances at the circuit in Monzas Royal Park. Engine power is an important factor on this classic race track, the highest-speed circuit on the calendar. Monza also places exceptionally heavy loads on the brakes. The team prepared for the upcoming race weekend with a two-day test on Wednesday and Thursday in Misano (ITA). Troy tested out several variants of the Nissin brakes and worked on the bikes Monza-spec engine set-up.

    Troy Corser:
    ǣAt Monza two things are key: good acceleration and good brakes. The circuit is, in effect, a succession of long straights and tight corners. At Assen we were really quick on the straights. If we can build speed quickly out of the corners and look after our tyres over the full race distance, Im very confident we can have a good race weekend.

    Ruben Xaus:
    ǣI have good memories of Monza last year, as I finished in the top ten twice. I like the atmosphere in the Royal Park. You can feel the long tradition of motor sport wherever you go around the circuit.

    Monza is a real stop-and-go type of track. The first chicane has been modified slightly since last years races. I dont know how it looks now in detail, but it will be important, for sure, to accelerate cleanly out of the left-hander and take as much speed as possible up the slight incline. The next chicane the Variante della Roggia follows not long after. In the Lesmo combination you need to follow a clean line. This section is littered with leaves from the trees that surround the circuit. Here again it is important to carry a lot of speed out of the second corner as you head towards the three-corner Ascari chicane. The track is a bit bumpy approaching Ascari, so bike set-up comes into play here. This section is followed by another long straight, and again a clean exit from the corner and engine power are vital, before you finish the lap with the long Parabolica corner.

    Berthold Hauser, BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director:
    ǣMonza is the final race in the first block of European races this season. Weve collected 26 more World Championship points this year than at the equivalent stage of last season. So far in 2010 weve recorded three top-five placings and another six top-ten finishes, and in the second race at Assen we were only two tenths off a podium place. All in all, were on the right track.

    Weve been able to improve from race weekend to race weekend over the season so far and, of course, were looking to continue this trend at Monza. Things arent looking too bad ahead of the Italian race. We learnt a lot from our test in Misano and the characteristics of the Monza track suit the BMW S 1000 RR.

    The city of Monza has a population of 120,000 and lies in the Lombardy region of northern Italy. Monzas Royal Park, where the race circuit is located, borders on the neo-classical Villa Reale palace and covers an area of 668 hectares. This makes the Parco di Monza approximately twice the size of the world famous Central Park in New York. As well as the circuit, the Royal Park is also home to the Golf Club Milano.

    The Monza circuit has two particularly defining features: extremely high top speeds and tradition. Motorcycle and car races have been held at the track set within the high walls of the Royal Park since it was opened in 1922, and no other venue has hosted more Formula One grands prix. The Autodromo Nazionale di Monza has undergone frequent modifications over the course of its long history, but the remains of a banked curve still bear witness to its early days. The original layout included an oval section, but this has not been used for racing since 1967.

    At the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza everything is focused on maximising speed. However, the brakes of the BMW S 1000 RR will also be subjected to a genuine test of quality, and the bike also has to display good low-speed steering responses. Achieving a high level of braking stability makes life easier for the riders, while good acceleration through the gears is vital, especially after the ultra-slow first chicane. The braking point for the two famous Lesmo corners is also important. In the Parabolica the riders spend a lot of time on the tyre edge, and good edge grip is therefore required to get a good run onto the long straight.

    MotoGP Jerez Preview Rossi admits fitness worries Rossis back pain may hit Spain performance


    AMA Pro Racing

    Formula 1 and Ǫ Pirelli confirms 2011 F1 tyre offer
    While over at the question they ask is: Michelin or Avon tyres for the 2011 season.? Suderia Ferrari and Philip Morris International sponsorship

    Other Racing News
    [b] BMW Motorsport Parts Now Available in the United States.]/b]
    Press Release
    Woodcliff Lake, NJ April 29, 2010 BMW of North America, LLC announced today that it will offer BMW Motorsport parts through four BMW Centers in the United States. BMW Motorsport parts, which were previously available only in Europe, will be made available to weekend racers and professional racing teams in the US. Parts in the Motorsport catalog are the pinnacle result of available technology, crafted on the decades-long foundation of racing experience by BMW Motorsport and its technical partners.

    Current BMW Motorsport parts catalogs can be found along with terms and conditions at the BMW Motorsport webpage or by visiting one of four BMW centers: Laurel BMW in Westmont, IL, Global Imports in Atlanta, GA, BMW of Stratham in Stratham, NH, and BMW of Cleveland in Solon, OH. At this time, catalogs are available for the 2008 BMW Z4, the BMW M3 from 1995-present, and the 3 Series Sedan from 2006 onward.
    Each parts catalog provides an overview of the specially developed BMW Motorsport parts for a respective BMW vehicle or Series. Some parts may remain unavailable in the US and may not be approved by a particular racing series or class. All parts listed are intended for use on approved motorsport/racing/off-road BMW vehicles.

    On the Street Whats MotoGP ever done for us? Motorcycle parts Americans unite! Harley-Davidsons Wandell talks tradition Harley-Davidson hints at mover from Milwaukee Ural Cross for the really tough 10 most powerful people in motorcyclc

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    Saturday, May 1

    WSBK et al. Fabrizio fastest at Misano test [Cosrser 6th] Ducati test summary Yamaha test summary Xaus brings his own pressures

    MotoGP Stoner fastest in first free practice for Spanish MotoGP MotoGP Spanish GP preview

    Computerised results and timing service provided by
    4423 m.
    Qualifying Practice
    Classification 10

    Rider Nation Team Motorcycle Time Lap Total Gap Top Speed

    1 26 Dani PEDROSA SPA Repsol Honda Team HONDA 1'39.202 23 26 278.8
    2 99 Jorge LORENZO SPA Fiat Yamaha Team YAMAHA 1'39.487 21 27 0.285 0.285 277.2
    3 27 Casey STONER AUS Ducati Marlboro Team DUCATI 1'39.511 22 24 0.309 0.024 276.6
    4 46 Valentino ROSSI ITA Fiat Yamaha Team YAMAHA 1'39.558 28 28 0.356 0.047 276.8
    5 69 Nicky HAYDEN USA Ducati Marlboro Team DUCATI 1'39.560 21 24 0.358 0.002 280.2
    6 14 Randy DE PUNIET FRA LCR Honda MotoGP HONDA 1'39.591 19 25 0.389 0.031 276.2
    7 5 Colin EDWARDS USA Monster Yamaha Tech 3 YAMAHA 1'39.970 26 26 0.768 0.379 277.0
    8 11 Ben SPIES USA Monster Yamaha Tech 3 YAMAHA 1'39.989 26 28 0.787 0.019 280.3
    9 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO ITA Repsol Honda Team HONDA 1'40.021 27 27 0.819 0.032 277.5
    10 33 Marco MELANDRI ITA San Carlo Honda Gresini HONDA 1'40.027 21 26 0.825 0.006 281.0
    11 65 Loris CAPIROSSI ITA Rizla Suzuki MotoGP SUZUKI 1'40.206 26 27 1.004 0.179 275.6
    12 7 Hiroshi AOYAMA JPN Interwetten Honda MotoGP HONDA 1'40.322 25 26 1.120 0.116 275.8
    13 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA SPA Rizla Suzuki MotoGP SUZUKI 1'40.416 23 28 1.214 0.094 278.1
    14 40 Hector BARBERA SPA Paginas Amarillas Aspar DUCATI 1'40.482 20 23 1.280 0.066 275.7
    15 41 Aleix ESPARGARO SPA Pramac Racing Team DUCATI 1'40.555 27 27 1.353 0.073 271.0
    16 58 Marco SIMONCELLI ITA San Carlo Honda Gresini HONDA 1'40.586 26 26 1.384 0.031 273.4
    17 36 Mika KALLIO FIN Pramac Racing Team DUCATI 1'40.803 17 26 1.601 0.217 277.7
    Fastest Lap: Lap: 23 Dani PEDROSA 1'39.202 160.508 Km/h
    Circuit Record Lap:
    Circuit Best Lap:
    Valentino ROSSI 1'39.818 159.518 Km/h
    2008 Jorge LORENZO 1'38.189 162.164 Km/h
    Air: 26??
    Ground: 49??
    Humidity: 32%
    Practice condition:
    Time limit for protest expires 60' after publication of the results -

    Formula 1 and Ǫ Lotus predicts significant step in Spain Spain preview quotes Schumacher dont expect to much at Spain

    On the Street MSF Highlights the top five rules riders should remember for Motorcycle Awareness Month

    Bike Cruller

    Ritmo-Serenos 46blog brings us pictures of recently two BMW caf? projects recently completed at their shop in Japan.

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    Sunday, May 2

    WSBK et al. BMW wants the good trend to continue fully on the track BMW happy with progress

    SuperStock 1000 Cup

    Video: Superstock 1000 highlights Assen 2010

    MotoGP Saturday MotoGP round up post qualifying Edwards and Spies on third row in close Jerez qualifying Jerez Saturday insider

    Formula 1 and Ǫ Are Mercedes wasting money by spending ?60 million on Michael Schumacher? Fisichella tests new rear wing at Vairano

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    Sunday, May 2 MotoGP Spain results

    MotoGP Spain

    Dani Pedrosa dominates the Spanish GP setting a track record best lap and leads 26 of 27 lap while Joge Lorenzo to his first victory of 2010 at Jerez.

    Spies turns in a DNF.

    Fast lap by rider
    Analysis by lap
    Average Speed
    Lap Chart

    Computerised results and timing service provided by
    4423 m.
    Classification after 27 laps = 119.421 km 17

    1 25 99 Jorge LORENZO SPA Fiat Yamaha Team YAMAHA 45'17.538 158.200

    2 20 26 Dani PEDROSA SPA Repsol Honda Team HONDA 45'18.081 158.168 0.543

    3 16 46 Valentino ROSSI ITA Fiat Yamaha Team YAMAHA 45'18.428 158.148 0.890

    4 13 69 Nicky HAYDEN USA Ducati Marlboro Team DUCATI 45'26.553 157.677 9.015

    5 11 27 Casey STONER AUS Ducati Marlboro Team DUCATI 45'27.572 157.618 10.034

    6 10 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO ITA Repsol Honda Team HONDA 45'40.682 156.864 23.144

    7 9 36 Mika KALLIO FIN Pramac Racing Team DUCATI 45'52.027 156.217 34.489

    8 8 33 Marco MELANDRI ITA San Carlo Honda Gresini HONDA 45'52.225 156.206 34.687

    9 7 14 Randy DE PUNIET FRA LCR Honda MotoGP HONDA 45'53.698 156.123 36.160

    10 6 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA SPA Rizla Suzuki MotoGP SUZUKI 45'54.329 156.087 36.791

    11 5 58 Marco SIMONCELLI ITA San Carlo Honda Gresini HONDA 45'54.693 156.066 37.155

    12 4 5 Colin EDWARDS USA Monster Yamaha Tech 3 YAMAHA 45'55.798 156.004 38.260

    13 3 40 Hector BARBERA SPA Paginas Amarillas Aspar DUCATI 45'55.909 155.997 38.371

    14 2 7 Hiroshi AOYAMA JPN Interwetten Honda MotoGP HONDA 46'19.590 154.668 1'02.052

    15 1 41 Aleix ESPARGARO SPA Pramac Racing Team DUCATI 46'41.784 136.394 3 laps

    Not Classified
    11 Ben SPIES USA Monster Yamaha Tech 3 YAMAHA 11'59.976 154.810 20 laps

    65 Loris CAPIROSSI ITA Rizla Suzuki MotoGP SUZUKI 3'30.104 151.570 25 laps

    Air: 27??
    Ground: 44??
    Humidity: 30%
    Pole Position:
    Fastest Lap (New record):
    Dani PEDROSA 1'39.202 160.508 Km/h
    Lap 2 Dani PEDROSA 1'39.731 159.657 Km/h
    Circuit Record Lap:
    Circuit Best Lap:
    Valentino ROSSI 1'39.818 159.518 Km/h
    2008 Jorge LORENZO 1'38.189 162.164 Km/h

    Race condition:
    14:07'33 Aleix ESPARGARO crashed out - Rider OK
    14:07'38 Aleix ESPARGARO re-joined race
    14:10'01 Aleix ESPARGARO entered pits
    14:13'56 Aleix ESPARGARO re-joined race
    14:15'04 Ben SPIES entered pits and retired
    14:24'19 Aleix ESPARGARO entered pits
    14:25'30 Aleix ESPARGARO re-joined race

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    Monday, May 3

    WSBK et al. Success at opening Spanish Superbike Championship

    SuperStock 1000 Cup BMW and Ayrton times three

    MotoGP Lorenzo produces ride of his life to take rousing victory in Jerez Pedrosa takes second place for Third spot a ǣgood job for Rossi after a tough weekend. Sunday post race debrief: Ben Spies

    Formula 1 and Ǫ HRT team looking forward to home Grand Prix Spain preview quotes HRT, Bridgestone, Cosworth, Lotus and more F1 drivers wealth: its still a good game to be in.

    On the Street

    This bike has appeared a couple times in the Morning Reads, Motorreads and in a thread started by Bubba. It drew many favorable comments each time. Now it is on sale for a cool $75K. Check out for the details. More than 50 touring related items

    Touring riders are always looking for ways to keep those electronic farkles charged. $150 kinetic energy harvester charges smartphones off-the-grid

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    Gilera Works 125 Twin The White Fly

    Gilera Classic Motorcycles


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    N8 crashed -

    I just came across this on Facebook.

    Facebook : Hi race fans, some of you might have heard that Nate had a pretty dramatic crash during his first CCS race on Sunday. He low sided at high speed and the bike cartwheeled over 100 feet and N8 was flung a goodly distance as well. He gave the thumb up while in the ambulance, but the get off was so severe we thought he must be hurt somewhere. The good news is that after X rays and cat scan, Nate appears not to have any broken bones and miraculously, no serious soft tissue damage either. He is complaining of a severe head ache and neck pain (if you saw his helmet you wouldn't be surprised) but is determined to be up and riding very soon. Nate's phone mailbox is full with calls from well-wishers, just know that he is OK. (The bike, on the other hand....) Thanks all, Laurence (most photos from Dan Polak, see captions)

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    Tuesday, May 4

    WSBK et al.

    High speed Monza is next up on the schedule. Worldsbk says BMW riders are aiming for top places at Monza. The track puts a premium on acceleration and brakes. The S1000RR has them. The question will be have they found how to quickly negotiate the tight corners? The Ducati Xerox team gears up for the first of three Italian superbike rounds this weekend at Monza

    MotoGP Jerez test reviewed The riders reaction

    Formula 1 and Ǫ Volcano delay hits Virgin Formula 1 plans Force India Spanish GP preview

    Other Racing News

    Bikes and Cars are racing at Silverstone this year. New look quicksilver Silverstone promises F1 fans an exciting ride. On our side of the pond rumors of a New York GP move to Jersey according to a potential site emerges for next US Grand Prix.

    Austrian Cross Country Championship 2010, Rd. 1, Launsdorf
    Yesterday, May 03, 2010, 7:30:44 AM
    BMW dominates ACC opener

    Simo Kirssi of Team BMW Husqvarna Motorsport kicked off the Austrian Cross Country Championship (ACC) with a dominating win in Launsdorf. Held on a difficult and fast track, almost 400 riders provided a record number of entries.

    Kirssi, who carried number sixteen, didn??t have the best start position. The Finn had decided rather late to take part as a training measure for the German Cross Country series and therefore had to begin from the back of the pack. But the reigning European champ quickly moved into fifth place and would eventually manage to own the race for the better part of the two-hour distance. Kirssi was never headed once in the lead, taking the win from Austrian riders Seppi Fally and Mario Hirschmugl.

    Simo Kirssi: "I had a decent start and was able to watch the leaders while sitting in fifth place. It was good to study their lines and wait for their mistakes. I started to attack after a quarter of the race and quickly got in front. At one point I had to slow down while lapping and Seppi Fally got closer. But I was able to get on the gas again and bring home the win.

    "Surprisingly, the level is pretty high in the ACC. I don??t get to race a lot in Austria and it??s really impressive how much they stepped it up. The layout of the track with its flowing nature favoured my style, I guess. There was plenty of room to make passes. It was a highly enjoyable race and what Cross Country racing is all about. I??d love to return soon."

    Results ACC Launsdorf, XC-Pro Class
    1. Simo Kirssi (FIN), BMW Husqvarna Motorsport
    2. Seppi Fally (AUT), Kawasaki
    3. Mario Hirschmugl (AUT), KTM
    4. Werner M??ller (AUT), GasGas
    5. Daniel Stocker (AUT), KTM

    On the Street Kawasaki Concours 14ABS Police Bike Kestrel to debut at the Quail Used Harley-Davidson models back in big demand

    BMW PressClub Argentina

    BMW Motorrad
    BMW Motorrad sold 541 motorcycles in March, 2009 (234 + 131% vs. last year). In a market with a challenging environment a total of 1,063 BMW motorcycles were sold to customers in the first 3 months of the year 2010. Brazil achieved the highest growth in the region vs. the same period of last year by placing 499 units (295 / + 69% vs. last year). Performance in importers markets was also outstanding put 227 units (134 / + 69% vs. last year).

    US motorcycle sales continue lag from what I have seen but car sales are on an upward trend. BMW Group US doesnt give any motorcycle numbers as usual. Depending on how the S1000RR is doing we may see motorcycle numbers in a separate announcement.

    BMW Group U.S. Reports April 2010 Sales

    Press Release
    * BMW continues to lead key premium segments - new 5 Series introduction in June to renew challenge in one more
    * MINI sales continue to outperform the premium small car segment
    Woodcliff Lake, NJ May 3, 2010... The BMW Group in the U.S. (BMW and MINI combined) reported April sales of 21,111 vehicles, an increase of 9 percent from the 19,362 vehicles sold in the same month of 2009. Year to date, the BMW Group also reported a total sales volume of 76,162 vehicles, up 7.9 percent compared to 70,606 vehicles sold in the first four months of last year.
    BMW Brand Sales

    The BMW brand continued its positive results in April with good sales in the key volume segments of the premium market. In total, sales increased 10 percent to reach 17,268 vehicles. Year to date, sales increased 8.8 percent to 63,591 vehicles.

    In the important midsize sports sedan segment, BMW maintained its leading position with sales of the 3 Series sedan up 63.7 percent to 5,464 units. After just one year in the market, the BMW 7 Series also kept its lead in the large luxury vehicle segment with sales up 96.3 percent to 1,555 units in April. With the 1 Series and Z4, BMW also continued its lead in two smaller volume segments of the premium market.

    ǣAprils positive results are an achievement keeping in mind we have two high volume models in short supply due to the end of their lifecycles, said Jim ODonnell, President of BMW of North America, LLC. ǣBoth the X3 and 5 Series are in transition and we anxiously await the new 5 on sale in June as it has received superb early reviews in comparisons with the competition. The all-new X3 arrives at the end of this year and we anticipate strong demand for this new entry in the hot premium smaller crossover segment.

    To prepare for the production of the X3, BMWs plant in Spartanburg, SC undergoes a $750 million expansion to be completed in late summer of this year. The local manufacturing of the X3 will provide the company a range of opportunities when the vehicle is introduced to the market.

    BMW Pre-Owned Vehicles
    In April, sales of BMWs used vehicles (including certified pre-owned vehicles) sold through BMWs dealership network increased 23 percent to 15,472 vehicles. Year-to-date, used vehicle sales were up 6 percent to 55,320 vehicles.

    MINI Brand Sales
    While the premium small car segment is lagging other segments, MINI continued to show a strong performance and increased its segment share. In April, 3,843 MINIs were sold, up 5.1 percent versus the 3,657 units reported in the same month a year ago. Year-to-date, MINI USA also reported sales of 12,571 automobiles, an increase of 3.3 percent.

    MINIs long term growth prospects continue to be strong due to macro economic developments in the U.S. To prepare for this future growth, MINIs product range will double from three to six models starting in 2011 and the dealer network is being expanded to 100 exclusive stores by summer of this year with dealers investing a combined $200 million this year and last.

    In recent years BMW Canada has experienced a stronger sales path than their American counterparts. A strong Loonie began the sales increase for cars and motorcycles. The up and downs of the Loonie have not stopped the trend from continuing.

    BMW Group Canada achieves best April ever.

    Press Release

    Richmond Hill, ON . BMW Group Canada (BMW and MINI brands combined) reported retail sales of 3,092 units in April, up 35% over the same period last year. Year-to-date, BMW Group Canada reported sales of 8,682 units, representing a 31%increase over the same period last year.

    BMW Brand: BMW posts record April with 39% increase.
    The BMW brand set an April sales record with 2,681 units sold, an increase of 39% over April 2009. The top-selling model continues to be the 3 Series, followed by the X5 and X3 Sports Activity Vehicles. Year-to-date, the BMW brand reported retail sales are 7,597 units, an increase of 33% over last year.

    BMWs xDrive intelligent all-wheel-drive system retains popularity with 69% of April BMW retails equipped with xDrive.

    Sales of the diesel-powered BMW X5 xDrive35d Sports Activity Vehicle continue to grow, representing 42% of total X5 sales volume in April.

    BMW Pre-owned.
    BMW pre-owned reported 1,087 retails in April, a slight decline of 2% compared to April, 2009. Year-to-date BMW pre-owned retails have increased 10% over the same period last year. BMW Certified Series accounted for 837 of the BMW pre-owned sales in April.

    MINI Brand: MINI continues momentum in April.
    MINI brand sales of 411 units in April represent an increase of 12% over April 2009. MINI year-to-date sales total 1,085 units, a 19%increase compared to the same period last year.

    MINI Pre-owned achieves all time record in April.
    MINIs pre-owned monthly sales of 137 units represents an increase of more than 110%compared to April 2009, of which 87 units are MINI NEXTpre-owned vehicles. Year-to-date MINI pre-owned sales increased 51.6% over 2009. Harley-Davidson threatens Wisconsin plant closures

    Bike Cruller

    Austrian strudel todayǪ

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    Wednesday, May 5

    WSBK et al. Monza features modifications to firs chicane World Superbike returns to the temple of speed at Monza for the first Italian round of the 2010 season Yamaha hungry and hunting for success at Monza

    SuperStock 1000 Cup

    In view of the 4th race at Monza of FIM Superstock 1000 Cup, BMW Motorrad Superstock Team participated last weekend at the second test Speed, winning in the category of Stock 1000 with Ayrton Badovini 04.05.2010

    Press releases
    Monza, Italy-preview, 7 9 May 2010
    FIM Superstock 1000 Cup-4th test 10

    Monza, may 4, 2010-the race of Monza, the fourth stage of the FIM Superstock 1000 Cup, can be considered the home for BMW Motorrad Italy which has its headquarters in San Donato Milanese.

    And in preparation for this important event, the BMW Motorrad Italy Superstock team participated in the second test of the CIV (Italian) on monzese last Sunday.

    Ayrton Badovini performed during times of absolute value that tyres race, were inserted between the best Superbike national. In the race has created all his experience between the pitfalls of wet asphalt and winning by a good margin. Participation in the national series was undoubtedly important not only to get the first variant (which in addition to being safer, is also faster than the previous version) but also to use the new Pirelli tyres to be adopted by the next round.

    New step to return to positions that are at its reach to Daniele Beretta, up to half of the race in the struggle for the third step of the podium and then, due to a loss of adhesion of the front, it was detached from the bunch, in conclusion, however, the race in seventh place.

    Serafino Foti, team manager of the BMW Motorrad Italy Superstock team said: "next Sunday's race is very important for BMW Motorrad Italy and we took part in the CIV to familiarize yourself with the new rear tyres, Pirelli 200 used up to this point only in Italian national series and that will be used in the FIM Cup starting at Monza. Ayrton was jam-packed not only test but also in the race, studying the situation of the runway was wet at some points. The conditions drove and in a round is lead going to win. Daniele was in the handful of the best up to crush and this could be a signal to return to the performance of last year. "

    The practice of Superstock 1000 on Friday 7 May to 12 pm, followed by the first qualifying session, to continue, then Saturday with other two rounds (always one free and one qualification) at 9 and 17,05. After the warm up on Sunday morning at 9 am, the race will 10.4 and will take place on 11 laps of 63,547 km.
    With the amendment of the first variant cannot be more refer to the record. The official boundary of the track of Monza with the old variant was held by Claudio Corti (Suzuki) established in 2009 in 1 ' 49 "233 average 190,920 km/h. The same pilot had set the unofficial limit in 1 ' 48 "545 average of 192,130 km/h.

    The ranking OF FIM Cup:
    1. Badovini p. 75, 2. Giugliano p. 45, 3. Berger p. 40, 4. Barrier p. 40.
    Builders: 1. BMW p. 75, 2. Honda p.53, 3. Suzuki p. 45

    MotoGP MotoGP 2011 Silly Season: Hondas Livio Suppo is already in talks with Casey Stoner

    Formula 1 and Ǫ Spanish GP Preview Schumacher must win over the critics FIA approves Ferrari engine changes

    On the Street

    BMW PressClub Brazil a snip from their sales press release dated 04.05.2010

    BMW Motorrad
    BMW Motorrad sold 541 motorcycles in March 2010 (234/+ 131% compared with last year). In a market full of challenges, a total of 1,063 BMW motorcycles was sold to customers in the first 3 months of 2010. Brazil has the largest growth in the region compared to the same period of last year, totaling 499 units (295/+ 69% compared with last year). The importing markets performance was also exceptional with 227 units (134/+ 69% compared with last year).

    BMW Group erzielt deutlichen Ergebniszuwachs (bring a translator)

    Snip from the above BMW Group press release about first quarter sales and earnings.

    BMW motorcycles recorded in the first quarter of earnings
    Given the positive sales trend against the world's overall declining market trends also BMW increased motorcycle sales and earnings in the first quarter. Sales increased by 21.0% on 351 (prev. 290) million euro. EBIT increased by 14.3% to 32 (previous year: 28) million euro profit before tax increased 15.4% on 30 (prev. 26) million euro.
    Brand BMW motorcycles deliveries rose in the first quarter to 20.9% to 20.840 (prev. 17.232) units. S started in December 2009 1000 RR is now worldwide successfully introduced on the market. Since February 2010 technically revised R come 1200 GS and the model revision of the R 1200 RT.

    Or you could follow this link to a full English version from the BMW Global site 2010 Top motorcycle brands dealer report
    ǣThe Victory Motorcycle brand from Polaris Industries, Inc. ranked highest in the newly released 2010 Pied Piper Prospect Satisfaction Index U.S. Motorcycle Industry Study, finishing ahead of Ducati, Harley-Davidson, BMW, Triumph, Yamaha and MV Augusta, all of which scored above the industry average.


    Monday morning I was relieved of my worry and confusion, or at least the most recent round of it. While I was making breakfast an economics professor from Fly Over U was being interviewed and announced that the recession is over; at least in Fly Over Land. Just as I was going to pour my first cup of coffee and he was about to explain this to me the oat meal boiled over on my stove and the phone began to ring.

    Quickly I turned the stove off and dropping the kettle of now thick pasty ooze into the sink and then picked up the phone. My hello was followed by a staccato response from my daughter. Left purse in car. HusbandǪbusiness trip. Idiot. Money for kids school trip. Opportunity for your grandkids to learn in world. The call was undoubtedly more coherent and reasoned than this but these were the salient points I took away after saying yes hanging up and heading to the bike to take money to a school so they could take my young pit crew members (first and second graders) to the Fly-Over-Land Zoo on a field trip instead of getting them ready for admission into Fly Over U.

    On the ride to school I chuckled at myself as I thought about a day drip last summer. I had picked one of the hottest days of the summer to take the pit crew to the zoo for a day excursion worthy of National Lampoon. That production easily cost me ten times what I was shortly going to shell out for the school to repeat the trip.

    Ridding home my thoughts returned to the professor and his declaration. I have not heard what the explanation for his conclusion but decided I had to agree things were back to normal and I could stop fussing over figures I had been reading over the weekend.

    Friday I opened an email newsletter from the ACEM, the manufactures association for the European motorcycle car and truck builders. BMW is a member and the news letter dealt with PTW sales figures. (For the uninitiated PTW is Euro-speak for motorcycles. Powered Two Wheeled vehicles)

    The headline on the ACEM article read Europe PTW makers hope for better Q2 after weak Q1. The motorcycle industry in Europe began its version of the two wheeled crisis in the fall of 2008 and has seen its market shrink by an estimated 25% largely as a result of the economic crisis.

    First quarter results are a very mixed bag when viewed by country. Austria (+14%), Switzerland (+7.5%) and the Netherlands (+1%) are among the good performing group, while on the opposite side Norway (-58%), Denmark (-35.2%), UK (-20.9%) and Germany (-11.5%). 2009 numbers for Spain were -40% but in a Q1 turnaround they are now +25% over 2009s Q1. Greece, continued to be plagued by economic problems, is down -5.5%.

    Once again economic concerns combined with a really harsh winter are blamed for declining numbers. I know the European winter was bad yet I suspect if the economic conditions were better winter weather would not have been such an issue. My business experience has led me to conclude snow brings out customers while rain kills business. I dont discount weather issues totally but decided economic concerns were a much better explanation for the past and dark omens for the coming season sales for the ACEM companies. Greece in turmoil, Spain is ready to follow and the positive countries on the list may spend all their cash bailing these two out instead of buying motorcycles.

    Saturday I bounced between MotoGP qualifying and reading the Japanese manufacturer association, JAMA, report on their Q4 and year end report numbers. Their summary report gives automotive production figures then continues to the motorcycle segment. This allows you to compare the two and helps sort out ups and downs on side may experience that the other does not. They are a quarter behind. This makes this report interesting because the numbers, to my eye and mind, seem to better reflect a motorcycle year.

    The report reminds me of the theatrical masks, one laughing one crying. The automotive figures had plenty to smile about for March but the yearly numbers had me grab the crying mask. The motorcycle numbers make you weep any way you look at them.

    Motorcycle Export Data for March 2010

    Number of Motorcycles Exported
    Motorcycle export in March 2010 was recorded as 49,792 units. Compared with the 60,331 units total recorded for the same month of the previous year, this is a decrease of 10,539 units or 17.5%, and export decrease on the same month of the previous year for thirty consecutive months.

    Value of Motorcycles Exported
    Total value of motorcycles exported for March 2010 was $451.27 million including $328.15 million for vehicles and $123.12 million for parts. This is a decrease of $43.39 million or 8.8% as compared with $494.66 million recorded for the same month of the previous year.

    Motorcycle Export Data for Fiscal Year 2009 (April 2009 March 2010)

    Number of Motorcycles Exported
    Motorcycle export for Fiscal Year 2009 was recorded as 467,877 units. Compared with the 893,163 units total recorded for the previous year, this is a decrease of 425,286 units or 47.6%, and export decrease for three consecutive years.

    Value of Motorcycles Exported
    Total value of motorcycles exported for Fiscal Year 2009 was $4,068.44 million including $2,747.23 million for vehicles and $1,321.21 million for parts. This is a decrease of $2,462.01 million or 37.7% as compared with $6,530.45 million recorded for the previous year.

    Export total achieved an 77.4% share of the total production of 604,823 units recorded for fiscal year 2009. (*82.3% for fiscal year 2008)

    The report breaks out into a number of world markets. With one exception each of these showed declines in measures and the US continues to show the largest declines and growing. Asia is one region where the Japanese saw an increase in exports. The increase in motorcycle exports to Asia may prove cold comfort.

    Asian sales have been hard to predict. The general assumption has been as the Asian economies improved motorcycle sales would flat line or decline as wealth trickled down and motorcycle buyers moved into cars. India, for example, anticipated this trend with the Tata Nano but the incomplete numbers I have seen continue to show both cars and motorcycles increasing in sales. The growth in both may mean that people who could not afford motorized transport in the past are coming into the market; or something else all together.

    While all of this BMW like a German Little Jack Horner sitting in their corner of Bavaria they stick a thumb in the market pie and pull out a plumb.

    It does not surprise me that BMW could afford a pie when others are scraping crumbs to have a meal let alone a pie. BMW started the new millennium by conducting a six year self analysis of business strategies products and markets while others were celebrating in the great profits of those years that any company seemed to be able to tap into. BMW stuck its thumb into them and came up with Strategy Number One. Rigid and careful adherence to the strategy has literally paid off in profits for the company overall, but more important to us anyway, and for the motorcycle division.

    The market and product analysis resulted in a defined commitment to the core products of its line the acquisition of Husqvarna and the Roundel line and market reach with the F-twins G450X and S1000RR. By adding these to the market pie BMW set itself up to pull out a plumb of a quarterly report and did.

    It may be the parent in me but all of this does not make me euphoric for BMW. Stick a kid in a corner with a pie may result in some cute pictures of him pulling out a plumb. The parent snapping those pictures will smile and laugh while they take them while wondering if there is a tummy ache to come. I have some thoughts on that topic but they will have to wait.

    The phone just rang. The words stool, sisters and stuffed animal could be combined in many ways to make a cute nursery rhyme. My daughter just combined them in a way that has me heading for the bike for a ride to her house. Paying for a school trip to the zoo is sounding like a much better reason for a ride right now.

    I hope the Fly-Over-U economics professor is right about the recession being over. My sons extended business trip may be a confirming sign of his belief. I just wish he would get home. I can think of all sorts of better reasons to ride than I have had the last couple of days.

    Bike Cruller BMW HP2 Sport first ride review for them and a Cruller for us.

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    Thursday, May 6

    WSBK et al. BMW through and through
    Interview with Berti Hauser Yoshimura at Monza with Sakai not Kagayama Ducati men on the make at Monza

    Achtung baby BMW is relevant in WSBK or - BMW WSBK The Bavarian Cream Rises

    MotoGP On the Throttle video interview with Ben Spies Spies talks Jerez pull-out

    Formula 1 and Ǫ Spain preview who has taken the biggest step forward McLaren turbo engine and KERS are the future Jersey City race runs into opposition [from protestors]
    We could definitely use more ball fields. We don't need a racetrack

    Spanish Grand Prix Ross Brawn preview

    Other Racing News

    Via DealerNews download the Kawasaki Concours 14 ABS Law Enforcement brochure. Ducati flat tracker beats a field of Haley-Davidsons Nice base for a street tracker

    On the Street 2010 BMW R1200GS first ride Same Beemer as before, only better Product news BMW All Terrain boots Plastex plastic repair kit review BMW officially denies S600RR on the way
    ǣDeveloping a 600 supersport bike is more or less as expensive as a 1000cc superbike; the production costs arent very much lower but the retail price would be.
    "Therefore, trying to recoup development cost for such a project would be much more difficult.
    ǣNow BMW already has developed a successful superbike there are other market sectors for us to concentrate on that offer a better return on investment.
    HmmmǪmaybe maybe not but this week denial and a buck will get you a tall cup of coffee and change at the official Fly-Over-Land gas station. Quarterly Report available for download


    BMW Q1 Report Motorcycle segment is full of positive points.

    BMW reports a world wide sales hit 20,480 units not including Husqvarna. This is a 20.9% increase over last year while BMW claims the world market for motorcycles over 500cc has declined by 12.3% since the same period last year. Looking at individual market regions Europe was the leader with a 30.1% increase and in the hard hit US market they sold 2,094 units for a 7.8% increase. Japan was the only world market that showed a decrease at 13.5% to 508 units.

    Economic climate and decisions to absorb certain business expenses in he first quart of 2009 resulted in a first quarter loss last year of 152 million euro. In 2010 the report shows a profit of 324 million for the quarter.

    Revenues and earnings of the Motorcycle segment improved from 2009. Revenues of the Motorcycles segment grew in line with sales. Revenues rose by 21.0 % to euro 351 million compared to the same period last year. The increase in revenue is credited as the major factor that more of it dropped to the bottom line. Profits were also ahead of 2009 Q1 at an EBIT level (euro 32 million / +14.3 %) and in terms of profit before tax (euro
    30 million / +15.4 %).

    In all of the companies segments increased revenues are credited to strong sales as a result of targeted expansions of vehicle portfolios. In the motorcycle segment the S1000RR and the revised R1200 GS and RT are sighted.

    Increased revenues should increase money dropped to the bottom line once fixed expenses are met. After that point it is a matter of managing the variable expenses as production volumes and related revenue increase past the break even point. Here the report sights two things other motorcycles have had trouble with.

    The Motorcycles segment employed 2,882 people in Q1. This is 2.6 % less than one year earlier. The related savings contributed to the increase in profit. The ongoing challenge will be to manage the retention and growth of staff to deal with production needs if sales continues to push production volume. Q1 2010 savings could be eaten up in the future by training cost for returning or new workers.

    Manufacturers such as Harley-Davidson report on going concerns with production volumes and existing inventories. This is a concern for any manufacturer yet BMWs numbers suggest it is getting ahead of the curve in this area. Deliveries to customers were reported to have increased by 20.9% over 2009 while production increased by only 3.8%. No breakdown in models was given. If you assume the new GS and RT production would replace old volumes of the same model, while the S1000RR is new volume showing in this quarter; it is not clear if the RR solely the 3.8% increase in volume. Based on monthly reports from the various PressClubs the RR has sold out for its initial delivers in most markets. What ever the case is inventories seem to be under control at this point but will bear watching to make certain they properly reflect market demand by model.

    That mouthful brings us to future sales projections. Here the report seems a bit coy. BMW does not expect any significant recovery in the general world motorcycle market for the year despite seeing signs of bottoming and cyclic turning in the market. They expect the market to settle at a level higher than 2009 and BMW making more modest gains. This is where I separate from the report.

    I suspect that the world market will continue a down ward trend, albeit at a slower rate of decline, into the 2011 season. This is when I would start using BMWs wording to describe what I expect to see.

    For BMW the challenge is far from over. Can the current new models continue to fuel sales? The report portents other new models and markets. What will they be? What will BMW introduce at Cologne and Milan shows next fall and winter? Is the denial of a S600RR real or just a delaying trial balloon? Other manufacturers are expanding their product lines too along with countries that existing lines are sold in. Honda has brought their N700VT to the US after a long run in Europe. When Suzuki gets inventories under control it will be bringing its revised Bandit to the US. Both companies are feeling the BMW RR take a bite out of their superbike sales and want to return the favor in the touring market. So many questions, so few answers.

    Bike Cruller

    Falcon Motorcycles via HFL provide todays BC. That is BC for Bike Cruller not British Cruller.

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    Friday, May 7

    Friday qualifying in process

    At 34 minute remaining Xaus is in P1 with a 0.733 second lead over Corser in P2 go figure :smile. I will be back with Friday qualifying results.

    WSBK et al. Iannuzzo returns, Reitwagen [and Pro Ride Honda] still absent Biaggi clocks new top speed in FP1

    Free Practice 1 Times:
    1 35 Crutchlow C. (GBR) Yamaha YZF R1 1'43.758
    2 84 Fabrizio M. (ITA) Ducati 1098R 1'43.844
    3 65 Rea J. (GBR) Honda CBR1000RR 1'44.004
    4 91 Haslam L. (GBR) Suzuki GSX-R1000 1'44.043
    5 52 Toseland J. (GBR) Yamaha YZF R1 1'44.190
    6 3 Biaggi M. (ITA) Aprilia RSV4 Factory 1'44.259
    7 11 Corser T. (AUS) BMW S1000 RR 1'44.416
    8 2 Camier L. (GBR) Aprilia RSV4 Factory 1'44.489
    9 111 Xaus R. (ESP) BMW S1000 RR 1'44.547
    10 76 Neukirchner M. (GER) Honda CBR1000RR 1'44.597
    11 66 Sykes T. (GBR) Kawasaki ZX 10R 1'44.769
    12 41 Haga N. (JPN) Ducati 1098R 1'44.951
    13 96 Smrz J. (CZE) Ducati 1098R 1'45.095
    14 57 Lanzi L. (ITA) Ducati 1098R 1'45.206
    15 7 Checa C. (ESP) Ducati 1098R 1'45.399
    16 99 Scassa L. (ITA) Ducati 1098R 1'45.579
    17 67 Byrne S. (GBR) Ducati 1098R 1'46.014
    18 50 Guintoli S. (FRA) Suzuki GSX-R1000 1'46.091
    19 23 Parkes B. (AUS) Honda CBR1000RR 1'46.264
    20 77 Vermeulen C. (AUS) Kawasaki ZX 10R 1'46.418
    21 71 Sakai D. (JPN) Suzuki GSX-R1000 1'46.739
    22 95 Hayden R. (USA) Kawasaki ZX 10R 1'46.812
    23 15 Baiocco M. (ITA) Kawasaki ZX 10R 1'46.924
    24 31 Iannuzzo V. (ITA) Honda CBR1000RR 1'47.122

    Formula 1 and Ǫ

    Thursday Press Conference

    Stewards: [url=]Nicolas Deschauxhttp://<a href="]BBC Michael Schumacher is not faced by problems on his F1 return and Hamilton warns not to write Schumacher off.

    At the same time new kid Bruno Senna is creating a small stir. Senna cals for two tier qualifying in Monaco

    On the Street

    BMW Motorrad Canada supports International Female Ride Day on May 7, 2010
    Press Release
    Richmond Hill, ON. BMW Motorrad Canada is pleased to support the 4th annual 2010 International Female Ride Day being staged on May 7, 2010.

    International Female Ride Day is the inspiration of Vicki Gray, founder of MOTORESS, an international website developed to encourage and support women in motorcycling worldwide. Vicki works tirelessly to connect women with motorcycling and the International Female Ride Day has spawned numerous female-only motorcycling events focused on the annual May event.

    BMW Motorrad Canada is a strong supporter of female motorcycling in Canada, and a regular sponsor of MOTORESS since its inception.

    The timing of International Female Ride Day perfectly complements BMW Motorrad Canadas ǣFor Women Only! Test Ride Events which kicked-off on April 24 in Vancouver, with sessions scheduled for Toronto on May 15 and Montreal on May 22.

    Since 2004, the BMW ǣFor Women Only! Test Ride Event has offered female motorcycle riders the opportunity to test ride a full range of current BMW models in a relaxed and controlled environment. Administered and hosted by seasoned female motorcycle enthusiasts in affiliation with BMW Motorrad Canada.

    More information on the BMW ǣFor Women Only! Ride Events and a link to MOTORESS, please go to Yamaha Tenere world first ride Bikers over 40 two times more likely to die in an accident. Bad reflexes or bad bones? US Highland deal could lead to 20,000 units per year by 2012
    Repeating a rumor does not make it true, but the fact is the deals are still in the process and given a favorable outcome would be a very interesting story to follow. Wisconsin Commerce Secretary says recent tax changes could help Harley-Davidson
    Imagine that!

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