If I have my dates correct applications for entrance to the 2010 Dakar race closed today. The race will once again be held in South America. The motorcycle class has been restricted to 450cc this year. Here is the current list of
Motorcycles entrants.

On the Street

For most of mere mortals it is not time to head to South America as racer or fan but to our garages. I wonder how astrin is coming with his Madison Motorcycle Coop – concept? I thought of him when I came across this article over at The

Once you are in your shop, either your own or a coop, what do you do if your background doesn’t include all the high school shop classes? Well you do what every other nerd does; your read first then go out and do hands on the project training. The site has been running a series of articles, in their How To section, pulled from the pages of the likes of old Popular Mechanics that are timeless in the information they contain.

Bike Cruller

Future Daka champ in the making?