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Thread: Bench Racing & The Morning Reads

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    Bench Racing & The Morning Reads

    World Superbike World Championship winning Yamaha team wrap up their first test with Crutchlow and Toesland Weary Warrior
    Haga and Fabrizio pleased with tests Ducati test notes Suzuki Alstare conclude positive tests

    On the Street

    G 450 X ǣsnowcat

    Via Bikes in the Fast Lane and YouTube

    the result of (this time) a fun filled morning. the idea to make a demo commercial came after it was shot. so this has officially nothing to do with ducati. still enjoy!
 Honda two wheeler sales to NA dealers drop 51%

    The percentage drop in sales is staggering. Then consider that the 2009 numbers are down compared to 2008 which were down from 2007. The Japanese big four started reporting occasional runs of declines before 2006 but the drop off has been steady for 23 months now.

    The percentage drop in revenue is staggering but the drop for Honda in revenue for the first six months of its business year is a jaw dropping 79%. is reporting that things are better at Yamaha yet the president has resigned due to poor results.

    motorcycledaily .com ran a piece on a report by the Cleveland Group.that the number of motorcycles that will be sold worldwide by 2013. The study assumes a growth in world wide sales of 7.6% and is dominated by below 350cc bikes and the Asian-China-India markets lead the way.

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    Still a sucker for a good bike engine picture.

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    Sunday, November 1


    Nakano announces retirement from racing

    WSS Yamaha to close down title winning supersort effort

    WSBK announced a new support series named the Parkingo World Series. The series will run at seven of the WSBK tracks in 2010 but not in the US. This is a single brand class that WSBK says the brand will be announced soon; however, when you read the article it seems fairly clear who the leading contender for it is.

    MotoGP Honda needs stronger leadership says Doohan MotoGP Evolution released on DVD

    Moto2 Pasini, Elias, Nieto, Simon get rides

    On the Street

    In the US H-D has been offering dealers cash to discount and move their inventory. This has led to some smoking deals being reported. In France things are not the same. French site is reporting that H-D, while guaranteeing to honor warranties and provide parts, is offering no direction with price to its dealers.

    Ducati has launched a new micro-site as a count down teaser to its Milan show launch of their Multistrad 1200 November 9th.

    The Suzuki Bandit is getting another face lift. has pictures of both the naked and full faired models. I have always thought this was one of the best bikes for the buck but did not like the looks of the Gen-II fairing. I hope the new one looks as good in person as it appears to in pictures. Red rags
    Pairing red wine with seafood

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    Engine Shot?

    What a fantastic Engine Shot!

    Do you have pictures of the whole bike?

    Ambassador Emeritus BMW MOA Ontario Canada
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    1977 R100RS, (Retired) 1993 R100GS

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    No, sorry I don't.

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    Monday, 2 November

    Racing Suzuki Alstare’s new line-up tries out latest bikes – and rider Wrapss to come off Mavizen TTX02 electric superbike

    While the Isle of Mann is getting ready to show off its new racing class Moto2, MotoGP’s budget replacement for the 250cc class, teams are running into problems. translated: Moto2- Budget Problems at all Levels

    On the Street EU to police drivers with black boxes State-by-Statement Reasearch, November 2009

    The State-by-Statement Research has little value beyond giving a sense of the doom and gloom in the US motorcycle industry. Without context to evaluate the numbers further one really does not know if they should be just nervous or scared enough to jump out a basement window.

    Things are not all doom and gloom all over the world. India is reporting record motorcycle sales. Bikes in the Fast Lane is reporting monthly sales increase for Bajaj in the range of 51% over last year. This could be good news for Ducati, Harley-Davidson and others that are preparing to enter that market now that big bikes will be allowed. BMW has read the Indian tea leaves a bit differently choosing to pass on the motorcycle market and focus on autos.

    When the Indian economy was strong bike sales where down and auto sales were up. With money the transportation buyer wanted to move up from their motorcycles and into cars. Tata’s $2000 car was in the news all the time. With the down turn in the economic times bike sales have increased and we have not heard about the Tata Nano for a while.
    This sounds a bit like what BMW faced in Germany in the 50’s and early 60’s.

    Whether a case of corporate memory or current analysis BMW has decided to eschew bringing bikes to India and has built a car plant and has even re-introduced the Rolls-Royce Motorcar line to the sub continent. They are betting that in the long haul they will do better selling M class BMWs, Mini Cooper Ss and custom made Rolls-Royces than X F R or K bikes. Time will tell.

    Bike Cruller

    The future of motorcycling may rest in the imagination of youth. For many of us our love affair with motorcycles began with building a pea shooter. My guess yours, like mine, was not as elegant as this one.

    Imperial Cycles “Vintage Schwinn frame, bare metal tank, aluminum mags, Brooks Saddle, Quill Stem, Oury grips, shortened bars and a dropped springer to give it a lower, more aggressive stance. A real blast to ride, especially when you're reaching the limit of it's top end speed and things start to feel unsafe. Carving corners, splitting lanes, things that'll make your bullocks turn brass. Dangerous? Maybe. But safe is boring.”

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    Bridgestone, the official tire supplier to F1 and MotoGP, announced it will stop supplying the car series doughnuts in 2011. Bridgestone will be supplying tires to the series once again in 2010 but that will be the last year according to the report the official F1 website and their own site. No news on who will replace them. Michelin is the name that most quickly comes to mind as a candidate.

    No news on the MotoGP racing cruller front yet, but is reporting that Bridgestone will honor its contract with MotoGP which runs through 2011. This makes sense. The F1 supply contract was not abandoned rather was just not renewed. Economics over the next year could determine MotoGPs need, or not, for a new tire supplier.

    The next big F1 announcement pending is Toyota F1s future. Toyota has set Sunday 8 November as the day it will announce what its F1 plans are. The general consensus is they will exit the sport. This would open up a slot on the grid for Hinwil F1.

    On the Street

    This is becoming redundant and depressing Suzuki unit sales to North America drop 40%

    BMW released its Q3 report. The full report is available for download on the BMW Group website. The following excerpt was taken from the press release from the BMW PressClub Global.

    BMW Motorrad records volume decline in third quarter
    The third-quarter performance of the Motorcycles segment was dominated by difficult market conditions worldwide. 22,741 motorcycles (third quarter 2008: 24,818) were sold during the three month period, 8.4% fewer than one year earlier. Revenues decreased to euro 239 million (third quarter 2008: euro 271 million). The Motorcycles segment reports a negative EBIT of euro 3 million (third quarter 2008: negative EBIT of euro 5 million) and a loss before tax of euro 5 million (third quarter 2008: loss before tax of euro 7 million). The number of motorcycles sold during the first nine months of the year decreased to 69,715 units (first nine months 2008: 80,750 units / -13.7%). Segment revenues fell to euro 865 million (first nine months 2008: euro 1,008 million), while EBIT dropped to euro 51 million (first nine months 2008: euro 87 million). The profit before tax amounted to euro 45 million (first nine months 2008: euro 80 million).

    The Q3 reports outlook for the rest of 2009 is down. While BMW sees signs that the auto market is beginning to stabilize world wide it expects to see a drop in auto sales of 10-15% from 2008. BMW also predicts that the sales volume of the Motorcycles segment will be down on the previous year but they did not project where the numbers will fall.

    What remains unclear to me is how or if BMW is counting Husqvarna sales when reporting sales in the motorcycle segment. My understanding has been that BMW reports production numbers for BMW made bikes. As Husqvarna disentangled itself from the MV Group production numbers began to show as part of the BMW motorcycle segment numbers. This is a long way to say if Husqvarna numbers are included in the reported numbers taking them out could show an even steeper decline in sales of the Roundel models.

    If someone out there in forum land has a better understanding please let me know.

    It is the season of concept bikes. I am pulling together some information on various bikes to be debuted during the upcoming Milan show. This concept bike came out a bit earlier this year as the result of design inquires into attracting females to the sport as pilots instead of just riders.

    Twenty years or so ago auto industry market research identified women as the decision makers in more and more car purchases. Women also began to represent a growing number of independent buyers. The industry reacted in various ways bringing us lights on vanity mirrors, cup holders and mini vans as a few examples of things intended to motivate women to buy their products. The motorcycle industry is going through the same process. The genesis of this concept motorcycle was described as:

    This project, which started at Chalmers University in Gothenburg, intended to investigate why fewer women than men ride motorcycles, and what can be done to attract female users and customers to the motorcycle market.

    The majority of motorcycle models are poorly adjusted to women, and those which are not commonly lack the easy rider attitude that is often sought after by women as well as men. This project intended to change this trend, in designing a vehicle that is practical and conscious without compromising its modern biker expression.

    The result was a full-scale model, displaying novel design qualities and conceptual solutions within areas that women particularly emphasized in the studies; namely safety, low environmental impact, comfort and ergonomics, storage and identity.

    What do think of it? Are their issues that you see keeping the industry and sport from trapping this market and growing?

    What do you think of it?

    Looking for a business opportunity in an industry that is always a forum favorite topic? Check it out on [url=]Pabst Brewing Co. for sale once again

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    Statement by Dr. Norbert Reithofer, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Conference Call Interim Report 3rd quarter 2009 03.11.2009
    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    The BMW Group is maintaining its strategic course. And we plan to achieve our long-term goals.

    Today, I would like to talk about the three following points:

    1. This quarter we again achieved a profit.
    2. We are further implementing our Strategy Number ONE as well as focussing on profitability targets.
    3. We are shaping our future in line with our strategic goals.

    To the first point:

    The BMW Group achieved earnings before taxes of 126 million Euros in the third quarter. Net profit was also positive.
    In the nine-month comparison, we reported positive earnings both before and after taxes.

    In light of this we are able to make the following forecast for 2009:

    We expect a decrease in sales volume of between 10 and 15 percent from 2008 level.
    We are aiming to achieve positive earnings and a positive adjusted free cash flow for the Group.

    Currently, the decline in sales continues to slow at Group level third-quarter sales for 2009 are around 7 percent lower than in the third quarter of 2008. MINI sales are already recovering.

    You all know that some of our high-volume models like the BMW 5 Series are nearing the end of their lifecycle.

    Over the next two years we will be renewing a large share of our product portfolio.

    This will get underway with the launch of several models over the coming weeks and months. Our customers will be able to choose between different technologies and drive concepts:

    The BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo and the BMW X1 were released last week. The X1 comes with the option of rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. The number of orders is much higher than average.
    In December we will be introducing the BMW X6 with ActiveHybrid technology in the United States. This is BMWs first full hybrid. It will be launched in Europe in mid-April 2010.
    This fall, we will launch three new versions of the new BMW 7 Series: the four-wheel drive, the 740 diesel and the 12-cylinder version. From April on, customers in Europe will also be offered the new BMW 7 Series as a mild hybrid; it will be available to U.S. customers from May on.
    Rolls-Royce will start delivering the Ghost to customers by the end of the year.

    That brings me to my second point:

    We are continuing to implement all measures set down by Strategy Number ONE.

    We are laying the foundation for profitability in the years ahead:

    Our new models and the renewal of our high-volume series over the next few years will lead to greater efficiency potential: For instance, through a more modular concept. We have found synergies across model series. This should also enhance the value of our cars. The quality of our products remains our top priority.
    We will be able to reduce material costs by 2012 much more than originally planned. The steps already taken have allowed us to secure substantial long-term cost benefits.

    All of this will help us to meet our profitability targets for 2012.

    The size of our global workforce was further reduced by more than 1,600over the course of last year. This is the result of natural attrition, partial retirement and voluntary termination agreements.

    Such actions are done in a BMW style with transparency, fairness and a strong sense of responsibility.

    Nonetheless, we are still hiring especially specialists in research and development. Here in Germany we hired more than 200 new employees during the first nine months of this year.

    We stand by our social responsibilities, even in tough economic times.
    That is part of the identity and culture of the BMW Group:

    Early this September, more than 1,100 apprentices started their training with us.
    We have also launched a BMW Group Graduate Program for future executives. The first participants will start in April 2010. To face the complex challenges of the future, we need executives with outstanding competence and skills, who can motivate and inspire their employees, and who are prepared to take responsibility. And, it is essential that they have intercultural understanding.

    And that brings me to my third and final point:

    We will continue to shape our future.

    We are now taking strategic steps that will ensure the BMW Groups future.

    Let me give you three examples:
    Example number one:

    We are investing further in our production sites:
    With around 1 billion dollars in the U.S. including 750 million for our Spartanburg plant in 2008 and 2009.

    We are also investing over one billion Euros this year and next in our German plants. This is a clear commitment to Germany as home of premium products. And, we have set ourselves the goal to operate the most efficient, most effective and highest-performing production network in our industry.
    Example number two:

    We are expanding further our Efficient Dynamics program:

    Our concept car BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics, which many of you saw at the IAA, showcases all the possibilities Efficient Dynamics still has to offer. Equipped with a three-cylinder turbo-diesel engine and two innovative electric motors, this concept car has an average fuel consumption of 3.7 litres per 100 km and generates just 99 grams of CO2 or less per km.
    The BMW brands new CO2 champion the BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics Edition is almost ready for market launch. From spring 2010 on, customers will enjoy a 163 horsepower engine that uses only 4.1 litres of fuel and produces 109 grams of CO2 per km.
    We are also expanding our large-scale MINI E field test to include France.

    Example number three:

    We are developing new mobility concepts such as the Megacity Vehicle as part of project i:

    We are cooperating with SB Limotive to supply us with lithium-ion batteries.
    The next step will be a joint venture with SGL Carbon, the worlds leading supplier of carbon materials. This will secure us access to competitive future technologies and raw materials. For the very first time our Megacity Vehicle will use large quantities of extremely stable, lightweight carbon fibre components. And let us not forget that this joint venture will also create new jobs in the BMW Groups two largest markets the United States and Germany.

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    All of these examples demonstrate that:
    We remain a long-term oriented company in the premium segment for individual mobility.

    Within our Strategie Number ONE, we have analyzed future trends in mobility. We know where we want to go.

    We implemented sustainability in all areas of our company at an early stage. Many experts have recognized our efforts:

    At the beginning of September the Dow Jones Sustainability Index ranked the BMW Group the worlds most sustainable car company for the fifth year in a row.
    Later the same month, the BMW Group was included in the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index for its exemplary contribution to climate protection.

    Our achievements in this area have also been recognized by NGOs and political decision-makers. This was recently confirmed to me in the conversations I had with many politicians and opinion leaders in the U.S., the U.K. and France.

    A reputation as a good corporate citizen is increasingly essential to all companies who want to become and remain successful over the long-term.

    Premium must set an example. It must be both a leader and a driver. In my opinion, we at the BMW Group are meeting this challenge.

    Forecasts predict that the premium segment will recover in 2010. And the overall auto market is expected to stabilize.

    We have great new products. And we expect to gain even more momentum through the renewal of our model range.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Statement by Dr. Friedrich Eichiner, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Finance, Conference Call Interim Report 3rd quarter 2009
    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    Good morning from my side! I would like to give you an update on our financials. But I will keep it short so that you have enough time to ask questions.
    The BMW Group closed the third quarter with a positive performance, despite the difficult conditions. Group net profit was positive for both the third quarter and the first nine months. This is in line with our targets, which were based on a decline in sales of 10 to 15% for the year as a whole.
    This brings me to the status of the BMW Group in the third quarter.
    The global economic downturn had a negative effect on the third quarter.
    The BMW Group continued to feel strong pressure from the competition. We expect that price discipline will return when the market recovers.
    We improved our cost position even further in the third quarter. Our strict cost management and profitability measures enabled us to make progress and increase efficiency. We reduced our fixed costs substantially. Our measures to lower our variable costs and especially concerning our cost of materials are taking effect.
    A large number of measures are being taken to improve profitability right now. And they have already started to provide benefits. Thanks to these measures, we are confidentthat we will emerge from the crisis in the black and with a solid financial basis.
    This proves that we are tackling our efficiency goals with resolve. This is how we are getting fit for the future.
    As announced in August, we changed our focus in terms of financial management. This was in response to more stable conditions on the capital and sales markets.
    We funded the second tranche of our German pension obligations in the third quarter. This causedour liquidity reserves to drop. As of September 30, our liquidity position totaled 9.9 billion euros. At the end of June, it amounted to 11.9 billion euros. We are aiming for about 9 billion euros in liquidity by the end of the year.
    Net financial assets in the Automobiles segment were reduced accordingly As of September 30, they amounted to 7.8 billion euros. This was after more than 10 billion euros in the first half.
    Intra-group receivables decreased in the third quarter. Compared to the second quarter, they dropped by 800 million euros to 5.6 billion euros. The Automobiles segment's receivables from financial services declined by 1.2 billion euros to just under 3 billion euros.
    The capital markets experienced further relief. This is reflected in our lower credit spreads. At 100 basis points, they fell to the lowest level since August 2008. Refinancing costs are attractive because interest rates are currently low.
    As planned, we ramped up production again in the third quarter. This was due to production startups for new models. As a result, net current assets rose marginally. In a nine-month perspective we gained 1.6 billion Euros from the reduction of working capital and changes in other items.
    Net of the funding of about 1.9 billion euros for pension obligations and marketable securities, free cash flow in the Automobiles segment amounted to a positive 417 million Euros in the first nine months. Including this adjustment, we thus continue to aim for a positive free cash flow for the full year.
    Now, lets turn to the segment reporting.
    EBIT generated by the Automobiles segment in the third quarter was slightly negative at -76 million euros. For the first nine months, it amounted to -358 million euro.
    For seasonal reasons, EBIT in the Motorcycles segment amounted to -3 million euros in the third quarter. As of September, the segment had a positive EBIT of 51 million euros.
    The Motorcycles segment suffered a sales decline of 8.4% compared to the same quarter last year. But the company increased its market share although the market shrank on the whole. It was reduced by nearly one-third.
    The development of the Financial Services segment should be highlighted.Despite the difficult market, it continued to perform well. In the third quarter, it achieved a profit before tax of 94 million euros. As of September, Financial Services had an EBT of 247 million euros.

    The business volume was down by 2.6% to 59 billion euros. Leased products were down more than 2 billion euros from the beginning of the year. In contrast, receivables from sales financing were up about 511 million euros.
    The segment's risk situation was unchanged from the second quarter.
    The used car market continues to display an inconsistent development. The UK and US used car markets experienced a strong recovery. But the situation on Continental European markets remains tight. This is due to national support measures and the German scrappage program.
    We expect that the used car markets will remain difficult and will continue to display an inconsistent development.
    As before, the positive and negative effects on the risk provision offset each other. There were no further burdens from unplanned risk provisions.
    The situation in terms of credit risk is similar. The credit loss rate for the first nine months was slightly lower than for the first half. We remain cautious and do not expect this to lead to a short-term improvement.
    As Mr. Reithofer announced earlier, we are aimingfor a positive Group profit for 2009 as a whole. This will be driven by our resolute cost and financial management. We benefited from the company's very good financial position in the last few months of the crisis.
    But we still expect the global economy to remain volatile and difficult. This does not rule out the possibility of individual markets displaying a positive, dynamic development like China, for example.
    Over the short term, any recovery will probably be marginal.
    In the fourth quarter, we will benefit from the startup of new, competitive models such as the X1 and the 5 Series GT.
    We will benefit from the revamp of our portfolio, which will be implemented soon. This will happen on three levels:
    Our product portfolio will become younger. This will make it much more attractive.
    Our measures to reduce the cost of materials are having a positive effect on the new models.
    And third, this will put us in a position to optimize our price and competitive position once again.

    The resulting momentum should lead to an improvement in earnings next year. We will take advantage of the start of the market's recovery to improve our pricing.
    Next year, we will strengthen our profitability by taking numerous measures. Economic analysts expect markets to recover over the medium to long term. If this happens, we will benefit, thanks to our attractive range of vehicles. Our 2012 targets remain unchanged: Achieve an EBIT margin of 8 to 10% in the Automobiles Segment and ROCE of more than26%. We are working hard and optimizing all areas necessary to achieve this goal.

    Thank you for your time!

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    A big red ouch!

    Honda two wheeler sales to NA dealers drop 51%

    The percentage drop in sales is staggering. Then consider that the 2009 numbers are down compared to 2008 which were down from 2007. The Japanese big four started reporting occasional runs of declines before 2006 but the drop off has been steady for 23 months now.

    The percentage drop in revenue is staggering but the drop for Honda in revenue for the first six months of its business year is a jaw dropping 79%.
    The only bright spot was the Asian market!

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    D?j? vu all over again for Knight? Knight and Kawasaki, its over BMW S1000RR World Superbike program

    I cam across this image of a Yamaha TZ 350. I scratched my head, I was familiar with the TZ 250 but the TZ 350 escaped me so I did a bit of digging. Yamaha TZ 350 History Yamaha TZ 350

    On the Street

    The Norton Commando 961 is set to launch.

    This TV commercial for the SA Government's Motor Accident Commission motorcycle safety campaign is an example of cleaver video used to get the point across. Disposable paper laptops

    Bike Cruller Indian Dark Horse and Bomber

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    BMW PressClub Italy announced that BMW is going World Super

    Translated press release

    BMW Motorrad announces its entry into Italy fought Superstock 2010 World Cup. Team BMW Motorrad will use the experience of Italy Serafino Foti, Team Manager of the team already won 3 editions of the FIM Supersport World Championship.

    Andrea Buzzoni, Director of BMW Motorrad Italy Superstock and project manager, said: "The BMW S 1000 RR is a beautiful and sporty performance and represents the culmination of the dynamic expansion strategy that BMW Motorrad has led in recent years. I am very pleased that Serafino Foti will be the new Team Manager, Serafino it will make available its expertise in the progetto.La new BMW S 1000 RR bike is the only system to offer the DTC - Dynamic Traction Control - which works in combination Race with the ABS and the electronic engine management.

    Debut in international competitions aware of the competitiveness gained over the years by numerous manufacturers participants. It is very exciting and a challenge that we face with the awareness of our capabilities and our potential. " The limited number of major technical teams allowed to leave these bikes substantially level production. This makes the comparison even more fighting, besides allowing a strong identification of the motorcyclist and his bike with the specimens from the race. Neukirchner please with Honda return

    worldsbk: Checa ready for new challenge with Ducati

    Yamaha news continues to ripple now with the announcement that they will exit Canadian Superbike.

    On the Street Fast wood BMW X6 gone wild

    Bike Cruller

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    Friday, 6 November

    Racing TTXGP goes Stateside AMA Pro Racing releases its official 2010 road racing schedule Atlantic Motorsport Park confirmed for 2010 Parts Canada National schedule Checa predicts tough challenge

    Santa! The new FIM Superbike World Championship Yearbook available soon

    Famous artist Moo Chew Wong creates with his special technique an artwork in the Ducati Factory reception, inspired by Troy Bayliss Ducati Superbike 999.

    On the Street

    Dealer News Vintage Directory in pdf form

    Speeding may have become cheaper in England Bikers could escape fines through postal strike. E-Motorcycles shock Barack More energy in batteries Nissan v2g vehicle is a grid friendly concept : Light, Efficient, Open: Boxster Spyder Making World Debut in Los Angeles

    Learn all about Triumph's fascinating history.

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    Sunday, November 08, 2009


    The headline on the RSS feed was much more strident than that of the ariticle ǣDMG releases 10 Schedule. No Laguna. And all those pledges/threats that Topeka was an event for the future? WellǪ became a posting of the DMG press release.

    SBK@X goes online!, with the real world SBK season over its time to go virtual.

    Despite his strong performances in the last two races for Aprilia, Camier is still waiting for a decision from Aprilia if he will be paired with Max Biaggi in 2010.

    On the Street

    Buell left nog een beetjeǪdoor, what more can I say? 2010 Honda VFR1200F Euro Test

    This pushes the heading On the Street to include rails. The Vintagent has another great piece, this time about a Trans Canadian adventure. The Norton Rotary engine

    It was in the 70s in fly-over-land in November when I stumbled across this review of Sub Zero Thermal Underwear by I didnt need them for the ride I took Saturday but may need them for commuting in the near future. What do you think?

    Things continue to be tough all around for dealers and the motorcycle industry in general. The only people making out in these times seem to be buyers in the position to take advantage of dropping prices offered by FSBOs and from dealers. The UK MICA is calling for action.

    Bike Cruller

    EIMCA 2009 opens to the public Tuesday in Milan. Monday evening Ducati is holding its official press release of their new Multi Strada 1200 hinted at in a video I posted earlier this week. The Norwegian site MC24 has pictures already. No numbers were leaked just taste pictures to enjoy over morning coffee.

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    Monday, November 9, 2009

    On the Street

    The countdown to the Milan show continues as do the leaks and rumors.

    BMW responds to Honda V4

    The EIMCA Milan show kick off press parties start tonight before the shows opening tomorrow; however BMW's isn't scheduled until tomorrow. MC24 has been a good source over the years for leaks that are on target.

    It should be an interesting couple of days of announcements and posts on the forum. Husqvarna to launch twin-cam supermoto translated: Preview Gama Victory
    Motoblog takes a look at Victorys new models

    The Honda CBF 1000 is making the rounds of sites today. Motobolg,it describes it part of a phenomena that follow the classic pattern of intelligent motion.

    BMW PressClub Global press release

    BMW Group increases sales in October 09.11.2009
    Press Release
    Munich. The BMW Group increased its global sales in October. A total of 115,252 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brand automobiles were delivered to customers a 2.0% increase over the same month last year (113,011). During the period from January to October, 1,054,811 (prev.yr. 1,226,844 / -14.0%) vehicles were sold. The company remained on its growth track in the emerging markets of China (9.558 / +81.0%), India (343 / +55.9%) and Brazil (838 / +224.8%) in October. In these markets the BMW Group was able to exceed the sales volume achieved for the whole of 2008 after just ten months. Ian Robertson, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for sales and marketing: ǣWe are aiming to set new sales records in China, India and Brazil in 2009. Commenting on the overall trend, Robertson added: ǣOur sales figures have been steadily recovering since April and we were able to make gains in October as planned. We expect to see further solid growth in November and December. Our goal is to remain the worlds leading premium manufacturer once again in 2009.

    Besides China, India and Brazil, the company was also able to increase sales volumes in a series of other markets. In the high-volume markets of the U.K. (12,991 / +34.8%) and Spain (4,693/ +4.0%), for instance, deliveries rose substantially in some cases.
    The BMW Group also reported strong growth in many smaller markets, including Austria (1,414 / +16.8%), South Africa (1,750 / +15.8%), South Korea (1,100 / +24.3%), Thailand (243 / +18.0%), Argentina (321 / +34.3%) and the Netherlands (1,915 / +6.5%).

    For the first time since one year, the BMW brand achieved a slight increase of 0.4%, with 95,859 (prev.yr. 95,507 / +0.4%) units worldwide in the month under review. A total of 873,318 BMW vehicles were delivered in the year to the end of October. In terms of individual models, the BMW Z4 in particular made major gains in October with 2,079 (prev.yr. 919 / +126.2%) vehicles sold; while 4,780 (prev.yr. 2,796 / +71.0%) BMW 7 Series were delivered to customers worldwide in the month under review. The 1 Series also saw strong growth in October with a total of 19,404 deliveries (prev.yr. 17,902 / +8.4%). Ian Robertson: ǣOver the next two years we will be expanding or renewing more than half of our model range: starting with the new BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo and the BMW X1, which have been on the market since 24 October. Both models are being extremely well received orders are higher than anticipated. He added: In 2009, again, we will clearly sell more than one million BMWs.ǣ

    The continued popularity of the MINI and the variety of different models available ensured that sales volumes were up 11.1% for the premium compact car brand (19,323 deliveries/prev.yr. 17,386). The MINI Convertible again performed extremely well and, with 2,172 sales worldwide, made the biggest gains (+336.1%). Many more customers than last year opted for the Hatch and Clubman versions of the MINI One this October, with a total of 3,974 units sold (prev.yr. 2079 / +91.1%).

    Rolls-Royce Motor Cars delivered 70 (prev.yr. 118 / -40.7%) automobiles to customers in the month under review and sold 531 (prev.yr. 945 / -43.8%) vehicles in the year to the end of October. According to Ian Robertson: ǣThe Rolls-Royce Ghost order bank stretches well into mid 2010. We already have many customers who have either paid a deposit or signed a preliminary contract. The first vehicles will be delivered to customers by the end of this year.

    Motorcycle sales totalled 6,728 (prev. yr. 7,714/ -12.8%) units worldwide in October. For the year to the end of October, 76,443 (prev.yr. 88,464 / -13.6%) motorcycles were delivered to customers.

    BMW Group sales in/up to October 2009 at a glance

    In Oct. 2009
    Comp. to previous year
    Up to and incl. Oct. 2009
    Comp. to previous year
    BMW Group Automobiles
    Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
    BMW Motorcycles

    I dont understand how time is perceived on the forum. HowStuffWorks looks at ǣHow do dogs perceive time? I am going to have to think about this, perhaps it will help me understand the forum.

    Over in the F1 thread fans are waiting for news on whether Renault will exit the sport or not. A special meeting of the company board discussed the topic but announcement of any decision was delayed because of another announcement they did not want to distract from.

    Renaul announces production sites for ZE electric cars

    Bike Cruller

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    Tuesday, November 10, 2009

    Racing Suzuki test in Phillip Island[/url]

    roadracingworl.docm: American Kenny Noyes signs and tests with new Moto2 team
    On the Street

    Like its parent company Harley-Davidson, the 2010 MV Agust F4 is the same, but slimmer according to Hell for Leather.

    Diabetics should be alerted that the clicking on this link will take you to the MV F4 press kit while this link only contains a sugar free data panel.

    The Ducati Multistrada 1200 looked go in print but is reportedly even better looking in person. In trying to explain how they ended up with this street bent beauty designers explained the Multistrad 1200 = superbike + bicycle + chair + tank.

    With all that fun behind you here is the Milan Multi Strada 1200 press kit pdf.

    Other treats at the Ducati pre-show party

    Hypermotard Evo SP press kit

    848 Dark

    1198R Ducati Course Special Edition

    If BMW would only do a modern R75, R90S or R100RS wed snap them up like hotcakes. Ducati, along with Triumph MotoGuzzi Ural and even Royal Enfield, is often cited by MOA members as having listened to their fans and as a result brought back updated retro versions of their old bikes. BMW listened to us and has been watching Ducati start their beautiful SportClassic line of bikes. The Ducati Sport 1000 is the last of that group of bikes standing at the EIMCA. The others have been axed from the 2010 lineup. Why? They didnt sell.

    I always thought the Ducati 1000 S was drop dead gorgeous and a perfect example of what motorcyclist were clamoring for in a retro.

    However, out of the thousands of us that said we would love to have one only about 100 of us opened our wallets last year and purchased one. I was not one of them.

    Triumph may own the Euro-bike nostalgia market, but it had to build new ones for a long time before it could go retro. Ural just brought out its limited edition Red October bike which is the most recent descendant of the BMW design given to the Russians in the 30s German-Russian Pact. Royal Enfield like Ural can be argued isnt retro rather never died. They are doubling their production but that focus is in the Asian market. Moto Guzzi may follow Ducati in cutting their line and for the same reasons. Not a big market for BMW to enter.

    Speaking of Triumph the British marque has no new models at Milan. The new Rocket III was introduced much earlier in the fall but appears in Special Edition models.

    For the first time since it was introduced the Speed Triple will be available in two color paint in SE versions. The first is a farkled version that is reportedly a one-off built in cooperation with Ohlin and others. In addition to a special paint scheme this bike features an Ohlin fork, custom exhaust wheels brakes and discs.

    The suspension upgrades are intended to improve anti dive and ride.

    The Speed Triple SE shares some of the suspension upgrades with its sibling and these will eventually make their way through the lineup.

    The Triumph America is all about paint. Two special paint versions will be available. The one pictured is dubbed Phantom Red Haze and a Phantom Blue Haze will be offered after the first of the year. Beyond that the details on this bike are, forgive me, hazy.

    Finally Triumph has been building on nostalgia in a way BMW would have great difficulty matching. From the startup of the Triumph Motorcycles (Hinckley) Ltd. the company has drawn on traditions like Speed Triple, Trident and Rocket to elicit links between the storied past and the new triple models that did not leak and had working transmissions. Once they established was continues to be the modern core of the lineup they were able to tap into tradition with the reintroduction of the Bonneville. Special features and details have appeared over the run. Recently they started anniversary variants. This began with the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the Bonneville. For 2010 they remember 1960 as the year the pedestrian slicer front plate was eliminated, the chrome front fender appeared and the bike became cool.

    Triumph will produce a limited edition bike in this color scheme of Meriden and Caspian blue with hand painted pin stripping as the bike pictured here.650 numbered models of this T100 variant will be produced.

    Other special models have been popping up. For example Triumph and Tag Heuer combined to produce a Steve McQueen bike to honor the 29th anniversary of his death. Look for anniversary Triumphs to continue to appear over the years as they continue to milk their name sakes past. I wonder what will happen in August of 2023?

    Information from Triumph and

    continued -

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    Moto Guzzi at their home show.

    Norge Press Kit

    Here is something fun looking. Clubman Racer press kit. Moto Guzzi may follow Ducati out of the retro market but bikes like this harkens back to fun times and the caf? racer spirit.

    While it is fun I am not certain I like it which really surprises me. I really like Guzzi cafe racers. That may be the problem. In many ways the Moto Guzzi factory has taken one of their bikes and done just what cafe racers would have done with it. That ain't bad, just I expect to be challenged in some way with a factory design like this and I am not.

    Or perhaps it's time to brew a new pot of coffee.

    Milans EIMCA is the worlds largest annual motorcycle show and thus arguably the most important show. Therefore, people were shocked when Honda and Yamaha announced that they would not attend and put on a booth. Tokyo would be their major show where they would pull out all the stops. Yamahas show stopper was their Tenere and Hondas big Tokyo headline was the VFR1200 and the CBF1100.

    Since then Yamaha has made the business news for all the wrong reasons while Honda has been dribbling out information on upgrades to model. The CBF will not be coming to our side of the big calm waters and either will the new Tansalp XL700V for 2010. What a shame.

    The Honda UK site has more information on the current bike to tease you. It was available in the US in the first few years of its production run but that was a long time ago.

    Two things caught my eye as I first looked at the UK site. First, WIRE WHEELS. I wish more new bikes had wire wheels (and some old ones, especially my Roadster). The second thing was the price. Notice that the listed price is for the bike tax and first registration.

    Hmmm. What do you think of that as a way to sell bikes? U.S. Customs puts the brakes on motorcycle theft ring

    Back to Steve McQueen for a second. The Ferrari Lusso has always been one of my favorite autos of all time. But I would gladly take this one which was featured as the feed picture for classicrallies.coms article about the Hilton Head Island Concours dElegance. I clicked on the feed and the article talks about the wining Rolls-Royce and others but not the yellow dream.

    Oh well I will never be able to afford one anyway. Ferrari if youre reading this there is no need to build a new-retro Lusso either. Someone around here stole my wallet. Alright, I wouldnt be able to afford one if you built it.

    Other pictures from the Hilton Head Concours dElegance

    I follow the feed for the Janesville WI newspaper to see if there is any news on their attempt to save Buell. No news on that front but there may have been a world record buck taken in the area.

    Bike Cruller


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