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SBK Bimota set to re-launch racing plans

Ruben Xaus, former BMW rider now Bimota team manager, has an aggressive task with SBK and Moto2 aspirations Sykes frustrated with lack of consitency

MotoGP FIM announce changes to 2012 MotoGP calendar
Jerez is still on and the Sachsenring host German GP

Circuit of the Americas looking toward 2013 for MotoGP

Formula 1 Daniel Ricciardo & Jean-Eric Vergne as Toro Rosso drivers for 2012
New line up for the B team and James Allen's take on it. HRT and Kolles [team principal] part ways

Other Racing First ǣGT triple for BMW since 2001

Dakar 2012 Edition Dakar the ultimate rallye challenge

On the Street The new road bike from Husqvarna Riding the 2011 World Superbikes Feature Fast motorcycle industry news US Highland chief operating officer has Harley, Indian experience
FWIW: US Highland continues to re-develop its leadership after the tragic decapitation of executives in an air crash. Piaggio [Moto Guzzi and Aprilia parent company] announces 2011-2014 business plan More hybrids and electric models in the pipeline The Six-Cylinder Sei that Benelli should have built Supplier focus on ...Motad Quail Lodge motorcycle Gathering 2012

ǣRejean Neron's Safety Sphere is a protective suit which inflates to a man-sized sphere, completely enveloping the rider in the event of a crash. It inflates in five hundredths of a second, cushioning the rider for any impact (except perhaps those into giant spikes) and consists of a loose fitting coverall suit comprised of two layers of fabric.

Neron explains: "The outer layer is made up of a highly resistant parachute type material. The inner layer is made up of a thin, moderately elastic synthetic material. In a collision situation, the passengers are thrown from the motorcycle, the cord connecting them to the motorcycle seat disconnects, the electrical voltage plummets, and the electronic circuit processor inside the belt buckle housing of each occupant connects the 9 volt battery to an electric igniter in the back housing of their respective suits." This triggers the firing of an explosive canister of propellant called nitrocellulose.
Neron is a motorcycling idealist who believes bikes could play a massive role in alleviating congestion in 21st century cities, if only riders' fear of crashing's consequences could be reduced to those of the prang-happy car driver. He's been working on the Safety Sphere for many years, through 'countless' iterations and is now looking for backing to bring the design to production

The Mothership

BMW at the 2012 NAIAS Detroit

FWIW NTSB calls for cell phone driving ban

Cage World BMW and General motors to develop fuel cell cars jointly?

Reference:: Bolt and Torque Information
Thread contains information about bolts, nuts, terminology, and torques for common fasteners on BMWs.

FIM: Official Documents
Link to the current year official documents for all classes and search tool for other years.

FIA Regulations Formula 1 World Championship

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US: : National Traffic and Road Closure Information
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CA: :
Canada Road Condition Information: Links to provincial highway condition websites across Canada..

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