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The best laid plans of mice and men aft gang agley.

Friday practice and qualifying sessions were conducted by BMW with the intent of getting to Superpole but saving tyres. That worked. They weren‘«÷t as fast as the Italian horde chasing Smrz in Q1 but on hard tires Corser and Haslam turned in a decent performance.

Looking at the results for Superpole 1 the gap between the ideal lap time and the best lap time suggest that both had their bikes dialed in for the pole chase but in Superpole 2 the same sheets point to Haslam quickly falling out of the setup sweet spot. With no gap between ideal and actual in the first session the gap increased to 0.122 and his position dropped form P6 to P12 and he did not advance to the final round. Corser‘«÷s gap changed little between the two sessions but the resulting lap time in the second session only put him one position up on his teammate in P11.

Reports from the team and riders point to problems with the qualifying tyres. If I understand Corser‘«÷s explanation the team is getting a handle on setting the S 1000 RR up for the hard compound tyres and the race compound but the qualifying compound is another story completely. They are not getting the right setup to manage tire degradation over the three Superpole sessions.

Twitter: realleonhaslam: That wasn't the plan, 12th on the grid is never great but tomorrow is another day.

Sunday races bring new sets of tyres for new day. Hopefully the Enigma Cavalry will dial in a setting that manages the race day tyres over the length of the 22 lap race; this no small challenge for them to overcome. Starting this far back in the grid puts pressure on the start. The tyres will take extra punishment as the race progresses and riders push them to the limit dueling for position and hopefully advancing in the process.

I will post race results latter today.

Troy Corser‘«÷s website:
Troy once endured a frustrating time with his qualifying tyres and could not realise the potential he had shown in practice and qualifying. Until Superpole Troy had been consistently high up, even finishing fastest in this morning‘«÷s free practice, but problems using the soft qualifying tyres in Superpole 2 prevented any further progress. Carlos Checa (Ducati) took his third Superpole of the season, with a lap of 1:35.293, with Jakub Smrz (also Ducati mounted) second. Third went to Eugene Laverty (Yamaha), with Noriyuki Haga (Aprilia) fourth. Troy - 10th, 1:35.954 After our recent tests and yesterday and today‘«÷s practice and regular qualifying sessions, we thought that we had the bike sorted. On race tyres, I am confident that I can run with the best, but our problem today was once again how the bike behaves when it is on qualifying tyres. There‘«÷s more grip, particularly edge grip, but the bike begins to spin and the clutch control and engine braking also seem to get affected. Unfortunately, we never get qualifying tyres just to test for a long period of time, so we cannot make the necessary changes that the bike obviously needs for them. My team mate Leon is having the same issues, so I know that it‘«÷s not just me experiencing this situation. I can have a bike that‘«÷s working perfectly well on race rubber, but feels completely different on qualifying tyres. It‘«÷s frustrating for sure and, although it‘«÷s not a new problem, it is one that we have to sort out if we are to make the next step forward. The good news is that my bike feels good on race tyres - they are lasting pretty well and the engine braking feeling is probably the best it has been. Also the bike has good acceleration and, as I normally make good starts, I hope I can be in with the mix at the front on the first lap. See ya, Troy Fresh tires aid Checa to Superpole at Assen

2011 Manufacturer Standings before the Assen Races
Ducati 95
Yamaha 74
Aprilia 66
BMW 53
Honda 38
Kawasaki 32
Suzuki 27

MotoGP Yamaha working quickly to close the gap with Honda in MotoGP

Formula 1

Saturday :Leftovers; ‘«£Too easy‘«ō for Vettel as he takes pole for Chinese Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel Pole lap China Catching fresh breath

Sunday Hamilton takes sensational Shanghai win Hamilton storms to China victory over Red Bulls Chinese GP as it happened

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It is election time at the BMW MOA and apathy has been a hot topic. (This sentence is an oxymoron)

TEDTalks: Dave Meslin ‘«Ű The antidote to apathy
Local politics -- schools, zoning, council elections -- hit us where we live. So why don't more of us actually get involved? Is it apathy? Dave Meslin says no. He identifies 7 barriers that keep us from taking part in our communities, even when we truly care.

Are there things we can learn for our organization from this talk and apply to our setting?

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Decorah Eagles

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First glimpse of second hatchling
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The Raptor Resource Project brings you the Decorah Eagles from atop their tree at the fish hatchery in Decorah, Iowa.

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Bike Candy

A challenging BMW 75/5 custom from Revival Cycles via BIKEEFXIF

Revival Cycles founder Alan Situberg found his inspiration for this custom in the R32 according to BIKEEXIF. ‘«£The R2 represented a simpler time in BMW‘«÷s history‘«ō says Alan.

Lord Sebastian Coe, two-time Olympic champion and Chairman of the London Organisation Committee for the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympics (LOCOG), with the BMW R32 at the BMW Museum (01/2010

For the picture of the R32 BIKEEXIF points us to a previous post on their blog and pictures of a R32 inspired R1200 found elsewhere on this forum. That bike and the actual R32 from the BMW Museum pictured above have a certain elegance to them. They may represent a simpler time in motorcycling but lack the edge this custom has.

BMW Choppers are always are a challenge for MOA members. There is the mandatory comment that will appear in any thread that the parts should have been the basis for a full restoration rather than a chopper and crying sacrilege in the process.

If you spend some time actually looking at the pictures there are interesting details all over the bike. The LED taillight integrated into the rear frame. Controls are nice touch that works. The frame itself and its use of C tubes and round tubing is an unusual detail adding to the tone of the bikes look. The list goes on.

The longer I looked at the pictures the more I thought of Charlie Chaplin. While the R32 may well have been an inspiration for this custom build I sense the dark side of that earlier industrial era being expressed. This custom could easily have been ridden by the Little Tramp as he went to work in the factory scene in Chaplin‘«÷s dark movie commentary on industrial society, Modern Times.

This was the best quality and most complete video of this scene that I found. I am not fond of the video game soundtrack so turn the volume down.