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Superstock FIM Cup-8 ?? proof of 10. Nurburgring (Germany), 3-5 September 2010
Press releases
Nurburgring, 5 September 2010-with the victory gained German of Nurburgring circuit-the eighth season-Ayrton Badovini has delivered in advance at BMW also the FIM Cup constructors. In fact, the pilot of the BMW Motorrad Italy STK team with 25 points earned brought home to Munich for a benefit of 51 lengths on the Honda. With 50 points available in the last two races, no House can reach the BMW. It was not an easy race for Badovini that evil party has controlled the situation before reaching halfway Berger (ten Kate Honda) and overtake three laps from the end.

Started very well Daniele Beretta occupying the eighth position but later lost ground in conclusion in twelfth position, which, however, allow him to enter the absolute top ten.
Serafino Foti, team manager of BMW Motorrad Italy STK team, said: "it was a day to remember even this of Nurburgring because we gave away to BMW, beyond the FIM Cup Riders also brands. I must say that Ayrton showed once again its absolute superiority. Did not start well but managed to stay focused to retrieve the initial gap of almost two seconds. Daniele, unfortunately, party very well but by the middle of the race on, instead of gain positions loses some however the top ten of the Drivers standings. "

Andrea Buzzoni, Director of BMW Motorrad Italy said: "Great Ayrton test that has retrieved safely and calm from the sixth to the first position. An excellent race management that emphasizes, if it were needed, the current level of pilot, motorcycle and teams who have won the Cup in advance. In this regard today we won the Cup Manufacturers, success that sum to all records collected in this exceptional season debut ".
The next test of Superstock FIM Cup will take place on the circuit of Imola, Sunday 26 September.
THE RANKING OF race 1. Badovini (BMW) 22.02 "582-2. Berger (Honda) 0906-3. Antonelli (Honda) 3058-4. Barrier (BMW) to 12078-5. Baz (Yamaha) at 12328 .... 12. 20422 Beretta (BMW).
THE RANKING OF THE FIM CUP 1. Badovini p. 200-2. Berger p. 106-3. Magnoni p. 94-4. Antonelli p. 89-5. Giugliano p.71 ... 10. Beretta p. 38. 1. BMW Constructors: p. 200-2. Honda p. 149-3. Suzuki p. 87-4. Yamaha p. 67-4. Ducati p. 59

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Other Racing

Start-finish victory for Simo Kirssi once again

Simo Kirssi has ended the German Cross Country Championship in style. The BMW factory rider owned the final race held in Schefflenz from start to finish.

The wonderful Schefflenz track, a long-time mainstay in the German offroad scene, offered splendid conditions and lots of real cross country elements. The win for the fifth time this year went to a dominant Kirssi, who had clinched the title already at the penultimate round and might have taken it easy. But being the competitive athlete he is, Kirssi put the hammer down for yet another stunning display of his riding skills.

The 30-year-old took command right at the beginning of the two-hour moto, and never had to look back. Whether it was multi-time Enduro World champ Samuli Aro or first round winner Stefan Svitko, the competition stood no chance against the speed of the "Flying Finn". 2.000 specators might have wished for more drama at the front, but in return Kirssi rewarded them with the ultimate riding clinic. When the chequered flag came out, the 2010 series champ had extended his lead to over two and a half minutes.

A major asset in Kirssi??s performance was yet again Team BMW Husqvarna Motorsport. The winner??s BMW 450 X was as well prepared as always and the pitstop lasted only 14 seconds. The BMW 450 has been the most successful cross country bike in recent years, winning alone five of the seven rounds held this season. Kirssi and his motorcycle have taken 13 out of 21 wins since 2008.

The XCC campaign 2010 is now drawing near its end. Only the European final in October is left. Kirssi travels to Rudolstadt (9 October) to defend his continental title.

Simo Kirssi: "What a perfect end to the German Cross Country Championship! My bike ran without a problem. This 450 must be the ultimate cross country weapon. I didn??t have to go to the limit today, it was just one of these days when everything clicks. I had a brilliant start and began to gap the field right away. When I hit the track again after the pitstop, it was just a matter of controlling the field. A big thanks goes to my fans, the team, BMW and the sponsors. I??m excited to go to the European final. My closing race of the season will be the Roof of Africa in November."

Markus Theobald ‘«Ű Project Manager Offroad Sport: "Simo was untouchable again. My sincere congratulations for today??s win and the title victory. We??re happy how our 450 proves to be the best cross country bike. Looking at the level of world class competition, these results really tell a lot. Now we??re looking forward to the European final."

German Cross Country Championship, final, Schefflenz
1. Simo Kirssi (FIN), BMW Husqvarna Motorsport, 23 Runden
2. Mickael Musquin (FRA), BMW, 23
3. Dennis Ullrich (GER), Honda, 23
4. Christian Wei?É (GER), TM, 23
5. Steffen Albrecht (GER), Yamaha, 23
6. Stefan Svitko (SK), KTM, 23
7. Marco Straubel (GER), KTM, 22
8. Jens Wiedemann (GER), Suzuki, 22
9. Samuli Aro (FIN), KTM, 21
10. Andreas Schulz (GER), KTM, 19

German Cross Country Championship, final ranking
1. Simo Kirssi, 192 Punkte
2. Samuli Aro, 154
3. Stefan Svitko, 145
4. Christian Wei?É, 133
5. Steffen Albrecht, 132

On the Street
: Keira Knightley rides Ducati Supersport 750 for ad campaign
I like how she looks on a bike but please not in beige Hybrid Glove by Joe Rocket


A BMW-engined MotoGP bike project by Eskil Suter is the subject of a teaser article by In the process they open up a new set of racing possibilities for us to wonder about over our morning coffee.

The Moto2 class provides a racing class for chassis designers to ply their trade without the need to struggle with the engine side. All bikes in the class are powered by a Honda 600cc engine. With the new MotoGP liter rules on the horizon Suter saw the possibility of taking that new found chassis expertise and stuffing a liter engine into it and seeing what possibilities would be there for privateers. The nifty thing about the new rules is the S1000RR engine fits the bore rule while providing a very compact package. The article emphasizes there is no BMW factory support for this project. I can only hope that will change with time.

F1 fans who know their history will remember that BMW had a long history of being an engine supplier to that form of racing before taking the plunge with the purchase of Peter Sauber‘«÷s Hinwil operation and becoming a chassis builder as well. When they exited F1 at the end of the 2009 season the chassis operation at Hinwil went back to Sauber but the engine development team remained in BMW.

Idle hands are the devils workshop so why not put them to work building prototype engines for the new MotoGP homologation rules? The showroom success of the S1000RR should have demonstrated to the financial minded at the home office that properly done the race on Sunday sell on Monday model can be profitable. I hope they can see a business model in being a Sunday race engine builder that sells the technology developed there on Monday. It has the potential of swelling the premiere MotoGP class numbers while spreading sporting fun over the entire product lineup.

Bike Candy

This could be a picture of the Roadster and me on a recent trip. True Simo Kirssi is grabbing a bit of air on purpose but me myself I and the other guy in the helmet agree this is what we probably look like when we grab air.

Now if we could only figure out how to land like Kirssi I am certain grabbing air will be a lot less painful for the Roadster and me.