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Look out BMW there is a shadow on your tail. The 2011 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R SBK class bike in tests.


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Formula 1 and Ǫ A typical Friday at the track FIA set to reveal new team decision

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BMW takes honors at Best of 2010 Awards
- Motorcycle of the Year S1000RR
- Best Sportbike S1000RR
- Best Touring R1200RT
- Honorable Mention Best Sport Touring K1300GT
- Best Off Road F800GS and Honorable Mention R1200GS

Motorcycle Men on a Mission: BMW Performance Center Instructors Travel to Peru on Motorcycle Mission for Abandoned Children
Press Release

Woodcliff Lake, NJ August 25, 2010Ǫ Most days, Jim Millard and Ross McKinney dedicate their time and talent to helping motorcyclists improve their riding skills on and off the road at the BMW Performance Center in Greer, S.C. For the next seven days, they will test their own motorcycle skills in the mountains and deserts of Peru to help nearly 300 abandoned children living in an orphanage in Moquegua. The pair is teaming up with motorcycle journalist Neale Bayly to raise money and awareness for Wellspring International Outreach, a charity founded by Bayly, to help the abandoned children of Peru.

The men will ride from Lima to Moquegua and back on BMW R 1200 GS and F 800 GS motorcycles to deliver $10,000 raised for the orphanage this year. They will be joined by videographers and producers who will film the adventure for an upcoming web series on

ǣBoth Jim and Ross are experienced adventure riders and have a strong interest in mission work, commented Bayly. ǣWhen we met at the Performance Center and they learned about my previous missions on behalf of the Peruvian children, they were eager to participate. I couldnt ask for two better guys to accompany me on this trip.
For more information about Wellspring International Outreach, visit

To read posts from the road from Jim and Ross, visit BMW Motorrad USAs GS Facebook page:
and the BMW XPLOR Rider Community website:
For more information on the motorcycling adventures of Neale Bayly, visit and You Tube:

With all the talk about intellectual property, word mark, trade mark rights on the forum this turn of events could be the fodder of good discussion on the forum, though if it ends up in the U.K. courts I am not certain I want to see the plaintiff. Ducati trademarks ǣDiavel name in the the U.K. Progressive Insurance named title sponsor of International Motorcycle Shows. Let the grumbling begin; BMW is currently scheduled to be at Long Beach and New York shows. BMW Bargain motorcycles welcome at least in the UK for now.

jsonline.comL Bike inventories too low, some Harley dealers complain


I receive of newsletters on a variety of topics. I always enjoy the Mustard Museums letter and enjoyed this weeks non-mustard newsletter more than most.


The Curator has not had time to write a newsletter this week because the phone has been ringing off the hook. Good news, right? WRONG! They are almost all wrong numbers. It just so happens that our 800 number (800-438-6878) is one digit off from the toll-free number for Walmart employees wanting to buy or sell their stock (*6278).

Here's how the typical conversation goes:

Curator: "National Mustard Museum, this is the Curator. How may I help you?"

Walmart Drone: "I want to sell my stock."

C: "Really? Do you own stock in the Mustard Museum?"

WD : "Of course not, I want to sell my Walmart stock."

C: "Were you paying attention to what I first said, you know, something about a mustard museum?"

WD: "I just want to sell my shares."

C: "Sir, I think you misdialed."

WD: "No, I don't make mistakes like that."

C: "What kind of mistakes do you make?"

WD: "Other kinds. Buying the wrong brand of cat litter. Putting on mismatched socks. But I never dial the wrong number."

C: "Very good, sir, we'll sell your stock. If it's okay, we'll put the money in a paper sack and leave it at your front door tonight."

WD: "See, I did dial the right number. You were just messing with me. That stuff about a mustard museum - you're so funny.-

Curator: "Yes, sir, Walmart was just messing with you and we have a marvelous sense of humor. Have a nice day."

Calls like that are why there's no time for a newsletter this week. Our toll-free number is 800-438-6878 or 800-GET-MUST. If you are calling to sell stock in some publicly traded company, don't call us. We'll just mess with you.

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