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Thread: Bench Racing & The Morning Reads

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    Tuesday, 27 July

    On the Track

    HR people tell you never to discuss salary at the water cooler. At the racing fan water cooler it is part of the day to day conversation: HLN gives the skinny on who makes what in MotoGP.

    BMW is heading back to World Rally competion with the MINI in 2012. It has surprised me that it has taken this long to do so. Prodrive is preping the race car. The press release makes mention of Prodrives many successes without mentioning its failure to land a spot on the F1 grid despite a very serious effort to do so. Should be interesting.

    MINI set to join World Rally Championship from 2011.
    Press Release

    Munich. MINI is making a comeback on the international rally circuit. From 2011, the brand will compete at selected rounds of the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) and will go on to contest the entire season from 2012 onwards. This involvement is planned for several years.

    The car charged with this task is the MINI Countryman WRC, which is being developed by Prodrive, in close cooperation with MINI, and is based on the production model. The powerful heart of the racing car is a 1.6-litre, four-cylinder turbo-charged engine from BMW Motorsport. The car complies with the new Super2000 regulations put in place by the International Automobile Federation (FIA), which stipulate the use of turbo engines with 1,600 cc displacement and four-wheel drive combined with an increased emphasis on road relevant technologies. The result is a significant 25 per cent reduction in overall costs. The first test drive for the MINI Countryman WRC, which will also be available to customer teams, is planned for autumn 2010.

    This decision sees MINI continue its success story in the world of rallying. In the 1960s, the MINI Cooper S caused a sensation with victories at the legendary Monte Carlo Rally. The company also tasted success on many occasions in the European Rally Championship. Having already demonstrated the sporty character of its models in many countries in the MINI CHALLENGE, the brand is now taking its presence in motorsport to a new level with the commitment to the WRC.
    Ian Robertson, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Sales and Marketing, says: “I am delighted MINI will be represented on one of the most popular stages in international motorsport. The success enjoyed on the rally circuit has made a vital contribution to the image of the brand. MINI customers have always shown great interest in motorsport. I am convinced we will add a few more chapters to our success story in rallying. The MINI Countryman provides an excellent basis, from which to create a competitive racing car for the world championship. In Prodrive, we have a strong and experienced partner. We will work hard together over the coming months to ensure we get the project on track right from the word go.”

    “This is a very exciting new motorsport programme,” said Prodrive Chairman, David Richards. “During the 1960s MINI captured the imagination of the world when the tiny car took on the might of V8 powered Fords and won what was then one of the toughest motorsport events, the 4000km Monte Carlo rally. I believe our new MINI will become a firm favourite of the latest generation of rally fans, just as it is adored by its millions of owners across the world. We already have a significant number of confirmed customer orders for the new MINI rally car with the first deliveries scheduled for the start of the 2011 season.”

    Prodrive has been working on developing the MINI Countryman WRC since early 2009. The company was formed in 1984 by Richards, who won the World Rally Championship as co-driver to Ari Vatanen (FI) three years earlier. Based in Banbury (GB), Prodrive has developed into a leading independent company in the motorsport and automobile sector under Richards' guidance, and today employs over 500 staff. Prodrive's many successes currently include six overall victories in the World Rally Championship, five titles in the British Touring Car Championship and three class victories at the Le Mans 24 Hours (FR).

    BMW was present when the World Rally Championship made its debut back in 1973. Achim Warmbold (DE) and Jean Todt (FR) tasted victory in their BMW 2002 at the Alpenfahrt Rally in Austria. However, MINI's tradition in this discipline stretches back even further: Pat Moss (GB) clinched the first victory with the MINI 850 at the 1959 Mini Miglia National Rally. MINI ultimately enjoyed its finest hours at the Monte Carlo Rally in 1964, 1965 and 1967: the MINI Cooper S celebrated three overall victories at the most iconic rallying event in the world. Paddy Hopkirk (IR, 1964), Timo M?Ůkinen (FI, 1965) and Rauno Aaltonen (FI, 1967) joined the list of winners at this prestigious event. In 1965, “Rally Professor” Aaltonen also won the European Rally Championship. Tony Ambrose (GB) and M?Ůkinen finished second and third to round off an excellent overall result for the MINI Cooper S. In addition, MINI drivers also enjoyed many individual wins at renowned rallies throughout Europe. The last BMW World Rally Championship victory was achieved in 1987 in Corsica by Bernard B?ģguin (FR) driving a BMW M3 which was built and run by Prodrive.

    From 2011, over 40 years down the line, the MINI Countryman WRC will be charged with adding further chapters to this success story. It bridges the gap between the classic MINI concept and a contemporary Sports Activity Vehicle. The brand’s first model to feature four doors and a wide-opening tailgate, it offers more space – which can be used in a wide variety of ways – to go with its raised seating position and optimised ride comfort. Plus, the “go-kart” feeling for which MINI is a byword has been preserved and takes on a new dimension with the optional MINI ALL4 all-wheel-drive system. The MINI Countryman expresses the defining virtues of the brand in terms of design, premium quality, handling, efficiency and the scope for customisation – and does so in an absorbingly individual way.

    The next step down from the racing version is the MINI Cooper S Countryman. With its twin-scroll turbocharger and direct injection now complemented by fully variable valve management, the 1.6-litre four-cylinder petrol engine in the range-topping model offers by far the best balance between output and fuel consumption in its displacement class. The engine generates an impressive 135 kW/184 bhp and allows the MINI Cooper S Countryman to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.6 seconds. Furthermore, the MINIMALISM concept sees wide-ranging technology designed to reduce fuel consumption and emissions – such as Brake Energy Regeneration, the Auto Start/Stop function, Shift Point Display and the need-based operation of ancillary components – fitted as standard and in model-specific combinations.

    The MINI Cooper S Countryman and MINI Cooper D Countryman can be ordered as an option with MINI ALL4 permanent all-wheel drive. Here, an electromagnetic centre differential positioned directly on the final drive varies the distribution of power seamlessly between the front and rear axles. In normal driving conditions up to 50 per cent of the drive is sent to the rear wheels, in extreme situations as much as 100 per cent. The result is a new, traction-led expression of the agile handling for which MINI is famed. Hungarian GP preview

    Bike Cruller

    MCN catches James Toseland at Silverstone
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    Wednesday, 28 July

    Let me apologize before you and the forum spelling police read this. I have a new netbook. It is my primary tool for screwing around on the internet now. I don't have it completely set up. The major thing missing is a program with spell check. It may well have one but I have yet to find it and will not pay the price to load Word etc. when I have a new unused licensed copy at home waiting to load.

    If you have followed my posts over the years you will know that I am a proud product of Wisocnsin's phonics experiment in the 50's and 60's. I took my first college class at UW Madison when I was in grade school. The instructor's comment still holds. John you have some interesting ideas but you can't spell worth a...well you can't spell.

    The laptop I have used for years has been limping along in safe mode for months and finally gave up the ghost completely. In that time I have been writing hand written letters to my daughters and others in my family. They had a great time picking at my spelling. Once they were done with that we have enjoyed carrying on conversations through the mail. I had forgotten what that was like. While we still call and email the letters we exchange have brought a forgotten meaning to our conversations. If you are not a letter writter give it a try.

    Please forgive any mistakes. No help from the peanut gallery and the forum spelling police - we will only end up in a flame war and get in trouble with the moderators.

    On the Track

    World SBK does a retrospective as it takes "A look back at Silverstone."

    Leo Haslam on Silverstone via MCN

    Yamaha wants its rider line up set by the Brno round. There has been all sorts of buzz about Rossi being allowed to test with Ducati in a gentlmans agreement that never seems to be announced. Spies would move up from the JV team to the first string team if the Doctor rides a red bike instead of a blue and white one. Lorenzo may be pleased if all of this takes place. He will be the #1 rider for Fiat Yamaha as he demanded and would have a good team mate in Spies. I am not all that certain it would be the best move for Spies and the development of his career. tells us that Monaco has secured its place on the F1 schedule for another 10 years. There was never any doubt that everyone wanted the Monarchy on the list but when it appeared was becoming a major issue. That is now taken care of and we can now wonder if Austin will really be the US site for F1 for the coming decade. McLaren's Paddy Lowe discusses aero bits in this Q&A

    On the Street

    The Iron Butt Rally is not a race and it takes place on the street so it goes here. The Kneeslider headline hits the nail on the head "Iron Butt Rally - 11000 Miles in 11 Days - A Test of Strategic Think Plus Endurance. The article that follows is a review of Hard Miles 2 video by Dean Tanji that covers the Iron Butt 2009 rally.

    Cyrilhuzeblog readesrs have not had a strong response to the "3 new models" in the H-D lineup for 2011. New being the main word they are reacting to with comments like - OMG H-D has no new ideas. That may well be the case for now, but the new models show where the lineup is heading for the short term.

    - The the Super Low 883 continues H-D's effort to attract the female rider. The bad boy Sportster of my youth is quickly becoming a chick bike.

    - The XR may be based in a combination of the Sportster and the XR750 flat tracker but it is no chick bike. With the 1200 cc engine and other features it has been a hit everywhere but the US. Sales of the factory street tracker have not made it proportionally the hit it has been in other countries. I suspect this has more to do with the nature of US roads and where H-D riders ride instead of the raw appeal of the bike.

    - Touring continues to be an acquired taste at H-D as it does elsewhere. The story runs through Victory's announcement of new engines, transmissions and a Ness Signature model line up.

    The engine and transmission changes are intended to decrease the cost of ownership due to increased service intervals for fluid changes and more. It may not seem like a big deal to many of us who log miles but 5k service interval along with the other changes to the design may mean a single anual service for many of the weekend riders that populate this niche. The company is spliting the engine line up into two power levels.

    Bike Cruller


    This was my bike when I was 10 years old. Not this exact bike but it is the closest thing I have ever seen to what I imagined I was racing around the streets and sidewalks of my home town back then. In reality the bike was a hand-me-down 20 inch Schwinn with no fenders and a beat up saddle and flaking black paint. At 10 I was already having Walter Mitty fanticies. I knew it wasn't the Norton Manx pictured on my bedroom wall but it was a cafe racer none the less. The engine, like my jouvenile body, may have been small but my dreams were big and both worked hard to beat the competition.

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    Thursday, 29 Jul

    On the Track Corser back on track a Silverstone Aerodynamices discussion with Simoncelli and Capirossi - video

    We have been reading about everyone from the manufacturers to the popcorn vendor cutting back their invovelment in racing. It is a pleasant thing to read in MCN about Monster's plan for MotoGP expansion. Barrichello feels sorry for Massa.

    NASCAR has been doing soul searching looking for ways to get fans back in the stands. One of the things they found fans missed is...cheating. NASCAR fans like it when teams push the rules and even break them. It is one place where NASCAR and F1 have a strong similarity.

    Reuters has a story about Schummi talking with Massa after the race. Wouldn't you love to be sitting on the bar stool around the corner of a bar watching Schummi - Massa - Barrichllo discuss this.

    Everyone is a critic in F1 and according to the Hungarian preview Alonso is out to silence them

    Hungarian GP, Thursday Press Conference
    On the Street

    What is old is now new at Moto Guzzi. takes a look at Guzzi's latest iteration of the Nevada. I have not seen a ride height number but it looks to be in the same camp as the H-D Superlow Sportster announced yesterday. Perhaps it has the same target market?

    BMW has had success with the Husqvarna line up as far as I can tell. Sales have been increasing nicely from the 12K per year when they acquired the company to the current rate of around 16K. (Assuming I recall my numbers correctly). Rather than huge changes to the lineup they have done things incrementally and have been at it again.

    New Husqvarna WR250 AND WR300
    Press Release

    Husqvarna continues the revewal of his range for the next commercial season.
    The brand new WR250 and WR300 demonstrate Husqvarna‘«÷s ongoing commitment to two strokes.



    A series of sibtle upgrades to the WR 250 and WR 300 learned from World Enduro racing have benn incorporated. Compared on the 2010 models, readily visible changes include news graphics, new rear racing mudguard with an integrated LED tail light and a nee reinforced mount for the headlight/front number plate. These changes give the same race-ready look of the endure models campaigned by World Enduro frontrunner Antoine Meo and match the looks of the rest of the 2011 Husqvarnas.

    Less visible, but even more important from a technical point of view is the new Ducati Energia ignition. This ignition allows for smoother power delivery and improved performance for both WR 250 and WR 300 displacements. Husqvarna riders in warmer climates certainly appreciate the new thermostat which optimizes the working temperature of the engine.

    In addition to the engine improvements, both bikes get revised rear suspension settings ( based on the works bikes), as well as improved airbox.

    The BMW cages continue to be a safe bet. This time it is actually on the safety side. BMW said in a press release that that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) declared the 2011 BMW 5 Series Sedan a 2010 Top Safety Pick. The new 5 Series earned the top rating of ‘«£Good‘«ō based on its performance in each of the Institute‘«÷s crash tests.

    Why do cage insurance companies have safety awards and motorcycle insurance companies have black lists. Hmmm.

    to Boston. They have started to offer motorcycles and scooters a break on meter parking. The article says they are starting with 39 meters. Not a big number for a city the size of Boston but it is a step in the right direction. If bikes are going to be part of the transportation program then things like this are needed. Go Boston!

    Bike Cruller

    via: Asphalt and - Up close with the Brammo Empulse RR

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    Friday, 30 July

    On the Track
    Corser is back on the track at Silverstone and posts a provision 3rd in Friday Qualifying. Xaus is up to, or is it down to, his old tricks in 16th. Both will take part in Saturday Superpole.

    Silverstone - SUPERBIKE - Qualifying 1
    1. Cal Crutchlow (Yamaha Sterilgarda Team) 2'05.664
    2. Jonathan Rea (HANNspree Ten Kate Honda) 2'06.006
    3. Troy Corser (BMW Motorrad Motorsport) 2'06.052
    4. Leon Camier (Aprilia Alitalia Racing) 2'06.064
    5. Michel Fabrizio (Ducati Xerox Team) 2'06.088
    6. James Toseland (Yamaha Sterilgarda Team) 2'06.238
    7. Max Biaggi (Aprilia Alitalia Racing) 2'06.315
    8. Leon Haslam (Team Suzuki Alstare) 2'06.464
    9. Carlos Checa (Althea Racing) 2'06.475
    10. Tom Sykes (Kawasaki Racing Team) 2'06.596
    11. Lorenzo Lanzi (DFX Corse) 2'06.699
    12. Noriyuki Haga (Ducati Xerox Team) 2'06.803
    13. Shane Byrne (Althea Racing) 2'06.952
    14. Jakub Smrz (Team PATA B&G Racing) 2'06.988
    15. Luca Scassa (Supersonic Racing Team) 2'07.042
    16. Ruben Xaus (BMW Motorrad Motorsport) 2'07.101
    17. Sylvain Guintoli (Team Suzuki Alstare) 2'07.107
    18. Max Neukirchner (HANNspree Ten Kate Honda) 2'07.325
    19. Broc Parkes (ECHO CRS Honda) 2'07.548
    20. Roger Lee Hayden (Team Pedercini) 2'07.677
    21. Joshua Brookes (HM Plant Honda) 2'07.798
    22. Ryuichi Kiyonari (HM Plant Honda) 2'09.165
    23. Matteo Baiocco (Team Pedercini) 2'10.431
    24. Thomas Bridewell (TYCO Racing) 2'11.057
    25. Akira Yanagawa (Kawasaki Racing Team) 2'11.230

    F1: Friday press conference
    DRIVERS: Rubens BARRICHELLO (Williams), Heikki KOVALAINEN (Lotus), Robert KUBICA (Renault), Felipe MASSA (Ferrari), Sakon YAMAMOTO (HRT)

    On the Street

    HLN isn't impressed with Suzuki's 2011 lineup. While people on our forum complain about new models and BMW taking some new directions fans of the Japanese marque have new graphics to complain about.

    This is a promtional piece for the MINI Countryman. Never hurts to have a F1 driver tout you product in Europe. The piece makes me wonder if Vettle could be in for some cameo promotional appearances behind the wheel in 2011? Raikkonen is racing WRC and Kubica plays there on ocassion. Hmmm...just wondering.

    Sebastian Vettel drove the very new MINI Countryman in Budapest

    Press Release

    Budapest. Red Bull Racing driver Sebastian Vettel drives a MINI Countryman during his stay in Budapest at the F1 Grand Prix. The car having its market launch only in September was offered to Sebastian by BMW Group Hungary. The driver currently 4th in the World Championship was happy to have the car at his disposal ‘«Ű he sat excitedly into the new MINI model and drove straight to the Hungaroring from the airport. The black MINI Cooper S Countryman was delivered from the new model‘«÷s international media launch to Budapest to be Sebatian‘«÷s companion on the Hungarian roads and was handed over by Henning Putzke, Managing Director of BMW Group Hungary.

    It may not appear on Formula 1, but we will have the chance to see the new MINI Countryman WRC model in the World Rally Championship as a car with a rich and successful heritage as Monte Carlo rallye winner returns to the international rally sport starting from next season. The car is developed by Prodrive, in close cooperation with MINI, and is based on the production model. The powerful heart of the racing car is a 1.6-litre, four-cylinder turbo-charged engine from BMW Motorsport.

    The MINI Countryman is the first member of the MINI family with a body measuring more than four meters in length and optional all-wheel drive. With these features, in addition to the Countryman‘«÷s raised seating position and optimized riding comfort, the world‘«÷s only premium vehicle of its kind crosses the boundaries of urban mobility to take the trademark MINI feeling into new dimensions and win over additional target groups.

    The latest generation of petrol and diesel engines has been recruited to power the MINI Countryman. Their brisk power development and optimized smoothness contribute to the Countryman‘«÷s agility and excellent long-distance comfort ‘«Ű both MINI trademark traits. Plus, the remarkable ability of all the units to extract maximum benefit from the energy they consume enables the brand‘«÷s fourth model to boast a stand-out level of efficiency over its direct competitors. Extensive MINIMALISM measures play a key role in further reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

    Optional MINI ALL4 all-wheel drive allows the driving fun you expect from the brand to be experienced off the beaten track as well. The permanent all-wheel-drive system‘«÷s quick and precise responses to changing conditions provide a new, traction-led expression of the handling talents for which MINI is famed. An electromagnetic centre differential positioned directly on the final drive varies the distribution of power seamlessly between the front and rear axles. The ALL4 system is available for the MINI Cooper S Countryman and MINI Cooper D Countryman.

    The market launch of the new MINI Countryman will be 18 September 2010.
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    Saturday, 31 July

    On the Track

    Corser and Xaus start tomorrow‘«÷s race side by side on row two.

    Silverstone - SUPERBIKE - Superpole 3

    1. Cal Crutchlow (Yamaha Sterilgarda Team) 2'04.091
    2. Jonathan Rea (HANNspree Ten Kate Honda) 2'04.763
    3. Michel Fabrizio (Ducati Xerox Team) 2'05.083
    4. Jakub Smrz (Team PATA B&G Racing) 2'05.168
    5. Leon Haslam (Team Suzuki Alstare) 2'05.595
    6. Max Biaggi (Aprilia Alitalia Racing) 2'05.682
    7. Troy Corser (BMW Motorrad Motorsport) 2'05.740
    8. Ruben Xaus (BMW Motorrad Motorsport) 2'06.787

    9. Shane Byrne (Althea Racing) 2'05.026
    10. Carlos Checa (Althea Racing) 2'05.035
    11. Sylvain Guintoli (Team Suzuki Alstare) 2'05.066
    12. James Toseland (Yamaha Sterilgarda Team) 2'05.397
    13. Tom Sykes (Kawasaki Racing Team) 2'05.564
    14. Lorenzo Lanzi (DFX Corse) 2'05.903
    15. Noriyuki Haga (Ducati Xerox Team) 2'06.425
    16. Leon Camier (Aprilia Alitalia Racing) 2'10.663
    17. Joshua Brookes (HM Plant Honda) 2'06.271
    18. Max Neukirchner (HANNspree Ten Kate Honda) 2'07.041
    19. Broc Parkes (ECHO CRS Honda) 2'07.636
    20. Luca Scassa (Supersonic Racing Team) 2'07.677
    21. Roger Lee Hayden (Team Pedercini) 2'08.689
    22. Ryuichi Kiyonari (HM Plant Honda) 2'10.431
    23. Matteo Baiocco (Team Pedercini) 2'11.057
    24. Thomas Bridewell (TYCO Racing) 2'11.230
    25. Akira Yanagawa (Kawasaki Racing Team) 

    BMW Motorrad Motorsport - WSBK - Silverstone ‘«Ű Superpole
    ‘«ů 31.07.2010
    ‘«ů Press Release
    Weather conditions: Overcast.
    Temperature: Air: 24 ‘«Ű 25??C, Track: 26 ‘«Ű 29??C
    Number of riders participating: 25 from 15 teams
    Fastest lap Qualifying Practices: Cal Crutchlow (Yamaha Sterilgarda Team) 2:05.664 min
    Fastest lap Superpole 3: Cal Crutchlow (Yamaha Sterilgarda Team) 2:04.091 min

    Both BMW Motorrad Motorsport riders Troy Corser (AUS) and Ruben Xaus (ESP) will start in Sunday‘«÷s Superbike World Championship races at Silverstone from the second row of the grid. In today‘«÷s Superpole Qualifying, Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport was the only team to have both riders in the third and final session. Both Troy and Ruben set their fastest lap times in the final session under difficult circumstances: while Ruben had to go into the third Superpole session with used qualifying tyres, Troy set his quickest lap time on used race tyres. Troy will start on Sunday from seventh position, Ruben will start eighth.

    Troy Corser:
    Bike: BMW S 1000 RR
    Fastest lap Qualifying Practices: 2:06.052 min / Fastest lap Free Practice: 2:06.339 min / Fastest lap Superpole 3: 2:05.740 min
    ‘«£I am a bit disappointed. The bike is getting better and better. We have been playing a bit with the throttle connection and tried out what we already had in Misano and Mugello. But for this layout it did not work so well, so I think that we go back to what we had at the last race weekend. The only real problem today were the tyres, we ended up with the wrong tyre to the wrong time. It was a brand new set of tyres, but I had little grip and went out on the grass. That was a bit strange. The race tyres seem to be okay and on used tyres I am not so far off the pace. I'll try to make a good start and then we'll see where we go. A podium is possible, for sure.‘«ō

    Ruben Xaus:
    Bike: BMW S 1000 RR
    Fastest lap Qualifying Practices: 2:07.101 min / Fastest lap Free Practice: 2:06.875 min / Fastest lap Superpole 3: 2:06.787 min
    ‘«£Although tomorrow‘«÷s starting position is not bad at all, I cannot be happy with the third Superpole session. I was a little bit unlucky: We decided to go for the used qualifying tyres, and with these tyres you only have one quick lap. I followed Troy and Leon Haslam on my flying lap, and when Troy ran wide into the grass, Leon had to come off the gas, and I nearly lost the front. That was it. I see a big question mark for tomorrow‘«÷s races: our starting position is not too bad, but my lap times on race tyres were not too good so far. Nevertheless, I am a fighter, and I will push tomorrow.‘«ō

    Davide Tardozzi (BMW Motorrad Motorsport Team Manager):
    ‘«£I am happy with today's second Superpole session: We did very well with both riders, doing a 2:04.9 minutes on race tyres. In Superpole 3, Troy made a mistake on his flying lap and went onto the grass. So he was not able to do a good lap. But we must be happy with what we achieved with the race tyres in qualifying 2. We start from the second row, and we think that both riders can fight for the podium tomorrow.‘«ō

    Troy once again easily managed to get into Superpole 3, but a problem with his qualifying tyre prevented him from taking a place on the front row of the grid. His qualifying tyre in Superpole 3 didn‘«÷t work as well as his qualifier in Superpole 2 and the difference was so great that Troy almost crashed. He recovered, went back to the pits and put on some regular race rubber as soon as he good, but just could not force his way onto the front row.

    Briton Cal Crutchlow (Yamaha) once again dominated Superpole today, taking his fifth win of the season, with a superb lap of 2:04.091. Second was Jonathan Rea (Honda), with Michel Fabrizio (Ducati) third and Jakub Smrz (Aprilia) fourth.

    Troy - 7th, 2:05.740
    Actually today wasn‘«÷t too bad. It was just unfortunate that my qualifying tyre didn‘«÷t work in Superpole 3, otherwise I think I could‘«÷ve got on the front row of the grid for sure. I used a qualifying tyre in Superpole 2 and it worked OK, though to be true I didn‘«÷t feel a big difference between the race tyres and the qualifiers this afternoon. I used my last qualifier in Superpole 3, but it gave no grip and was spinning straightaway. I ran off the track and almost crashed! I went back to the pits, put on some race rubber and immediately went faster! Generally, I am pretty happy with the bike, though we do need to fix the throttle connection a bit because I feel I‘«÷m getting a bit of a delay, instead of it just working as quickly as normal.

    If I get my normal good starts, I think I can be in the first four going into turn one and that‘«÷s pretty crucial because otherwise the front group can get away. Turn one is quite bumpy going in and on the exit, so it‘«÷s going to be pretty interesting for the fans there! There are quite a few passing places round here, but you‘«÷ve got to have the tyre to make it work. Hopefully, all will be OK tomorrow and I can challenge for the podium in both races.
    See ya

    [i]RIDE THE RIDE[/] is a bit of sage advice old hands give on the forum from time to time. It sometimes is given when people are sweating the details a bit too much and forgetting that when you put bike and rider together it is not about either one but both going down the road.

    Bikes in SBK are all about development. The class homologation rules have a very strong link to the street. At the same time the unit numbers required to homologate a part is not that onerous as to stop development at any given time. Changes happen incrementally race to race. Large changes can happen for a bike and team during the upcoming August break.

    Racers in SBK are often referred to as pilots. It would be more accurate to refer to them as test pilots. Their role is more than controlling the bike and pulling the most performance available out of the machine on any given lap. Their role is to do that and supply vital feedback to and discussion with all the various technicians involved in developing the bike.

    How SBK puts all the elements together what brings fans back. It has a set of fairly tight rules but is not a spec class of racing. It maintains its street roots while encouraging teams and riders to explore the limits of design and the rules. As a result the push by all is relentless.

    However; there are points in a team‘«÷s development that come along when the push needs to be set aside and they all need to ride the ride. This is not to suggest giving up or backing off in any way. Rather it is suggesting that there is something that is missing.

    Tyres are Tires and need to be managed. After a season and a half of racing we are all aware of the lack of love between the Bavarian chassis and the series‘«÷ Italian tyres. Development toward solving this problem needs to continue. Of that there is no doubt. On race weekends maybe it is time to put the counseling session aside and get on with the ride.

    For riders it is a chance for a couple of days to quit second guessing what your bike race partner should or shouldn‘«÷t be and get down to bringing the current development level of bike and rider together and riding the ride.

    Ride the Ride.

    All of this and a buck will get you and any of the BMW Motorrad Motorsport Team that want to stop a large cup of coffee and change at the current official BR&MR coffee stop (n/c for creamers but please dispose of them properly). I think they just made a fresh pot. Have to go. Here is to a good race on Sunday.

    WSS 1000
    Ayrton Badovini has set himself up to win the Silverstone round and the class championship for himself and BMW by taking the pole for his race. Is the perfect beginning to the perfect end of a perfect season for both in WSS 1000?

    Silverstone - SUPERSTOCK 1000 - Qualifying 2

    1. Ayrton Badovini (BMW Motorrad Italia STK) 2'09.742

    2. Maxime Berger (Ten Kate Race Junior) 2'09.964
    3. Andrea Antonelli (Team Lorini) 2'10.509
    4. Sylvain Barrier (Garnier Junior Racing) 2'10.613
    5. Lorenzo Baroni (Team Pata B&G Racing) 2'10.653
    6. Barry Liam Burrell (Buildbase Kawasaki) 2'11.700
    7. Danilo Petrucci (Team Pedercini) 2'11.716
    8. Lorenzo Zanetti (SS Lazio Motorsport) 2'11.739
    9. Michele Magnoni (Bevilacqua Corse) 2'11.744
    10. Davide Giugliano (Team06) 2'11.798
    11. Dominic Lammert (Lammert Motorsport) 2'11.852
    12. Loris Baz (MRS Racing) 2'12.065
    13. Micha?Ĺl Savary (Motoracingparts STK1000) 2'12.155
    14. Ren?Ņ M?—hr (MTM Racing Team) 2'12.170
    15. Eddi La Marra (Team Lorini) 2'12.298
    16. Andrea Boscoscuro (All Service System by QDP) 2'12.688
    17. Daniele Beretta (BMW Motorrad Italia STK) 2'13.274
    18. Victor Cox (Team Blackhorse Kawasaki) 2'13.365
    19. Pere Tutusaus (Goeleven) 2'13.482
    20. Matthieu Lussiana (Team ASPI) 2'14.004
    21. Chris Leeson (Team Pedercini) 2'14.080
    22. Gavin Hunt (Sloppy Racing) 2'14.286
    23. Nico Vivarelli (Goeleven) 2'15.374
    24. Kim Arne Sletten (MTM Racing Team) 2'16.249
    25. Tomas Svitok (SMS Racing) 2'16.485
    26. Danilo Andric (Kuja Racing) 2'16.589
    27. Philippe Thiriet (SMS Racing) 2'16.628
    28. Mateusz Stoklosa (Lammert Motorsport) 2'17.502

    Formula 1

    Qualifying Press Conference
    1. Sebastian VETTEL (Red Bull), 1m18.773s
    2. Mark WEBBER (Red Bull), 1m19.184s
    3. Fernando ALONSO (Ferrari), 1m19.987s

    Lap Times
    Maximum Speeds
    Sector Times
    Speed Trap

    The usual suspects parked on the grid about where you would expect them to be. The BMW Sauber Team performance (yes that remains their official F1 name) continues to be a pleasant surprise. With the Ferrari engine and a chassis that seems to have been thoughtfully developed this new team is showing its stuff. Perhaps Schummi should have stayed in Switzerland instead of going on to Stuttgart last winter.
    Pass the mustard and UP THE REVOLUTION!

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    Sunday, August 1

    On the Track

    Corser may have thought the podium was within reach but somebody moved it. Biaggi lost some championship ground while Crutchlow doubles up moving himself up the standings.

    Superbike - Race 1
    Silverstone, 30-31 July - 1 August 2010
    Laps 18 = 106,236 Km - Time Of Race 37'47.851 - Avg. 168,640 km/h 1 / 2
    R1 R2 Tot Pos
    Grid No. Rider Nat Team Bike LL Gap Fastest Lap Speed Speed
    Race Time
    1 1 35 C. CRUTCHLOW GBR Yamaha Sterilgarda Team Yamaha YZF R1 18 2'05.259 288,2 2'04.091 285,9 25 163 7
    2 2 65 J. REA GBR HANNspree Ten Kate Honda Honda CBR1000RR 18 1.621 2'05.424 285,1 2'04.763 282,9 20 223 3
    3 5 91 L. HASLAM GBR Team Suzuki Alstare Suzuki GSX-R1000 18 11.433 2'05.570 289,7 2'05.595 289,0 16 300 2
    4 3 84 M. FABRIZIO ITA Ducati Xerox Team Ducati 1098R 18 15.874 2'05.385 285,1 2'05.083 285,1 13 160 8
    5 6 3 M. BIAGGI ITA Aprilia Alitalia Racing Aprilia RSV4 Factory 18 17.085 2'05.871 289,0 2'05.682 289,7 11 363 1
    6 16 2 L. CAMIER GBR Aprilia Alitalia Racing Aprilia RSV4 Factory 18 17.532 2'05.784 289,7 2'10.663 288,2 10 148 10
    7 10 7 C. CHECA ESP Althea Racing Ducati 1098R 18 18.250 2'06.031 285,1 2'05.035 282,9 9 198 4
    8 12 52 J. TOSELAND GBR Yamaha Sterilgarda Team Yamaha YZF R1 18 18.938 2'05.796 289,7 2'05.397 289,7 8 168 6
    9 9 67 S. BYRNE GBR Althea Racing Ducati 1098R 18 22.997 2'06.084 282,9 2'05.026 282,9 7 115 12
    10 7 11 T. CORSER AUS BMW Motorrad Motorsport BMW S1000 RR 18 25.830 2'05.981 289,7 2'05.740 285,1 6 155 9
    11 18 76 M. NEUKIRCHNER GER HANNspree Ten Kate Honda Honda CBR1000RR 18 30.972 2'06.470 288,2 2'07.041 283,6 5 40 18
    12 11 50 S. GUINTOLI FRA Team Suzuki Alstare Suzuki GSX-R1000 18 31.808 2'07.074 287,4 2'05.066 286,7 4 142 11
    13 4 96 J. SMRZ CZE Team PATA B&G Racing Aprilia RSV4 Factory 18 32.193 2'06.094 290,5 2'05.168 285,9 3 64 14
    14 15 41 N. HAGA JPN Ducati Xerox Team Ducati 1098R 18 33.206 2'06.130 285,1 2'06.425 284,4 2 174 5
    15 14 57 L. LANZI ITA DFX Corse Ducati 1098R 18 34.207 2'06.827 282,2 2'05.903 280,7 1 45 17
    16 17 25 J. BROOKES AUS HM Plant Honda Honda CBR1000RR 18 35.939 2'06.845 285,1 2'06.271 282,2 2 25
    17 8 111 R. XAUS ESP BMW Motorrad Motorsport BMW S1000 RR 18 38.282 2'07.087 286,7 2'06.787 288,2 64 13
    18 13 66 T. SYKES GBR Kawasaki Racing Team Kawasaki ZX 10R 18 39.923 2'06.870 282,9 2'05.564 281,4 48 16
    19 25 87 A. YANAGAWA JPN Kawasaki Racing Team Kawasaki ZX 10R 18 1'21.620 2'09.578 286,7 2'11.230 277,8
    20 24 46 T. BRIDEWELL GBR TYCO Racing Honda CBR1000RR 18 1'21.678 2'09.569 275,0 2'11.057 271,5
    21 22 8 R. KIYONARI JPN HM Plant Honda Honda CBR1000RR 18 1'21.793 2'09.559 284,4 2'08.689 280,0
    --------------------------------------------------Not Classified--------------------------------------------------
    RET 23 15 M. BAIOCCO ITA Team Pedercini Kawasaki ZX 10R 13 5 Laps 2'09.994 277,1 2'10.431 275,0 3 23
    RET 21 95 R. HAYDEN USA Team Pedercini Kawasaki ZX 10R 0 281,4 2'07.677 275,0 7 21
    RET 19 23 B. PARKES AUS ECHO CRS Honda Honda CBR1000RR 0 285,1 2'07.636 277,8 9 20

    Superbike - Race 2
    Silverstone, 30-31 July - 1 August 2010
    Laps 18 = 106,236 Km - Time Of Race 37'48.348 - Avg. 168,603 km/h 1 / 2
    R1 R2 Tot Pos
    Grid No. Rider Nat Team Bike LL Gap Fastest Lap Speed Speed
    Race Time
    1 1 35 C. CRUTCHLOW GBR Yamaha Sterilgarda Team Yamaha YZF R1 18 2'05.421 289,7 2'04.091 285,9 25 25 188 5
    2 2 65 J. REA GBR HANNspree Ten Kate Honda Honda CBR1000RR 18 2.070 2'05.448 281,4 2'04.763 282,9 20 20 243 3
    3 16 2 L. CAMIER GBR Aprilia Alitalia Racing Aprilia RSV4 Factory 18 8.834 2'05.509 291,3 2'10.663 288,2 10 16 164 8
    4 5 91 L. HASLAM GBR Team Suzuki Alstare Suzuki GSX-R1000 18 13.232 2'05.613 291,3 2'05.595 289,0 16 13 313 2
    5 12 52 J. TOSELAND GBR Yamaha Sterilgarda Team Yamaha YZF R1 18 13.258 2'05.497 292,1 2'05.397 289,7 8 11 179 6
    6 6 3 M. BIAGGI ITA Aprilia Alitalia Racing Aprilia RSV4 Factory 18 13.568 2'05.559 293,7 2'05.682 289,7 11 10 373 1
    7 11 50 S. GUINTOLI FRA Team Suzuki Alstare Suzuki GSX-R1000 18 13.963 2'05.775 291,3 2'05.066 286,7 4 9 151 11
    8 9 67 S. BYRNE GBR Althea Racing Ducati 1098R 18 14.432 2'06.046 285,9 2'05.026 282,9 7 8 123 12
    9 4 96 J. SMRZ CZE Team PATA B&G Racing Aprilia RSV4 Factory 18 16.399 2'06.201 292,1 2'05.168 285,9 3 7 71 13
    10 10 7 C. CHECA ESP Althea Racing Ducati 1098R 18 19.874 2'06.282 288,2 2'05.035 282,9 9 6 204 4
    11 8 111 R. XAUS ESP BMW Motorrad Motorsport BMW S1000 RR 18 26.268 2'06.639 288,2 2'06.787 288,2 5 69 14
    12 17 25 J. BROOKES AUS HM Plant Honda Honda CBR1000RR 18 28.003 2'06.696 287,4 2'06.271 282,2 4 6 22
    13 15 41 N. HAGA JPN Ducati Xerox Team Ducati 1098R 18 28.550 2'06.667 286,7 2'06.425 284,4 2 3 177 7
    14 13 66 T. SYKES GBR Kawasaki Racing Team Kawasaki ZX 10R 18 30.117 2'06.922 290,5 2'05.564 281,4 2 50 16
    15 14 57 L. LANZI ITA DFX Corse Ducati 1098R 18 30.415 2'06.861 282,9 2'05.903 280,7 1 1 46 17
    16 22 8 R. KIYONARI JPN HM Plant Honda Honda CBR1000RR 18 58.607 2'08.000 287,4 2'08.689 280,0
    17 21 95 R. HAYDEN USA Team Pedercini Kawasaki ZX 10R 18 1'03.157 2'07.948 282,2 2'07.677 275,0 7 21
    18 24 46 T. BRIDEWELL GBR TYCO Racing Honda CBR1000RR 18 1'03.298 2'08.371 280,0 2'11.057 271,5
    19 25 87 A. YANAGAWA JPN Kawasaki Racing Team Kawasaki ZX 10R 18 1'20.285 2'09.650 287,4 2'11.230 277,8
    20 23 15 M. BAIOCCO ITA Team Pedercini Kawasaki ZX 10R 18 1'20.419 2'09.460 280,0 2'10.431 275,0 3 24
    --------------------------------------------------Not Classified--------------------------------------------------
    RET 3 84 M. FABRIZIO ITA Ducati Xerox Team Ducati 1098R 14 4 Laps 2'06.019 286,7 2'05.083 285,1 13 160 9
    RET 19 23 B. PARKES AUS ECHO CRS Honda Honda CBR1000RR 7 11 Laps 2'07.403 285,9 2'07.636 277,8 9 20
    RET 18 76 M. NEUKIRCHNER GER HANNspree Ten Kate Honda Honda CBR1000RR 6 12 Laps 2'06.626 290,5 2'07.041 283,6 5 40 18
    RET 7 11 T. CORSER AUS BMW Motorrad Motorsport BMW S1000 RR 1 17 Laps 289,0 2'05.740 285,1 6 155 10

    BMW Motorrad Motorsport - WSBK - Silverstone - Races
    ‘«ů 01.08.2010
    ‘«ů Press Release

    It was a tough weekend for Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport in Silverstone (GBR). The expectations for the tenth round of the 2010 FIM Superbike World Championship were not fulfilled. The young team experienced a tough Sunday. In the first race, both Troy Corser (AUS) and Ruben Xaus (ESP) struggled with the grip. Starting seventh respectively eighth, Troy finished the first race in tenth position, Ruben in 17th.

    Changes for the second race brought remarkable improvements and Troy was able to fight for the podium. But after passing Aprilia's Max Biaggi in lap two, he hit a bump and slid into the gravel. Troy was unhurt. Ruben lost positions at the start, but was able to fight his way back through the field to finish in eleventh position. In the championship standings, Troy is tenth with 155 points, while Ruben sits in 14th position with 69 points. In the manufacturers‘«÷ standings, BMW is sixth (174 points).

    Nevertheless, there is reason to celebrate tonight for BMW Motorrad: Ayrton Badovini (ITA) from Team BMW Motorrad Italia STK wrote history. Being the first rider of the FIM Superstock 1000 Cup to win all seven out of the first seven races, he secured an early title victory in the series.

    Troy Corser:
    Bike: BMW S 1000 RR
    Result Race 1: 10th, Gap to 1st: 00:25.830 min / Fastest Lap Race 1: 2:05.981 min
    Result Race 2: DNF
    ‘«£I am disappointed. The first race was terrible. I had problems with my tyres and just tried to finish the race. For the second race we made some changes on the bike in order to improve the mechanical grip. I again had a good start, had good grip and the bike felt well. So I started to push straightaway. I could ride as I wanted to ride, and the bike was doing what I wanted. I managed to pass Max Biaggi, but unfortunately I hit some bumps in the first corner and the bike just slid away.‘«ō

    Ruben Xaus:
    Bike: BMW S 1000 RR
    Result Race 1: 17th, Gap to 1st: 00:38.282 min / Fastest Lap Race 1: 2:07.087 min
    Result Race 2: 11th, Gap to 1st: 00:26.268 min / Fastest Lap Race 2: 2:06.639 min
    ‘«£The first race was a bit of a disaster. All in all we simply lacked grip, and the tyres were spinning all of the time. As a result, I finished only 17th. We tried to fix the problem for race two and changed a few things. The second race was not too bad, although my start was not the best. I was on the bumpy inside part of the track, the front was really unstable and I could not open the gas. So, a lot of riders passed me. On top of that I had to get used to the new set-up. But I stayed calm and after a few laps I was familiar with the set-up. The bike was much faster and I could do really good lap times. Again, we learned a lot for the future.‘«ō

    Berthold Hauser (BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director):
    ‘«£This was a weekend to forget. We expected a lot more, because we thought that the track would suit us better. Unfortunately we were struggling with some grip problems which we had not experienced like this before. For the second race, the team changed some significant parts on the bike. Troy‘«÷s bike was much better, but unfortunately he crashed after one lap. He was just unlucky. He was fighting, but lost the front on a bump. The positive point was that Ruben could do quite consistent lap times in the second race. Right after the start he lost a couple of positions. But he was able to fight back. As a professional race team we have to use the experiences from this race for the next race. Let us look forward positively. Heads up und push hard towards the next race weekend to do it better. ‘«ō

    WSS 1000

    Aryton Badovini got out the broom as he took the WSS 1000 title for himself and BMW Italia with another win. This gives him a clean sweep of the season‘«÷s races to date.

    Sunday, 01 August 2010 12:27
    1 86 Badovini A. (ITA) BMW S1000 RR 21'45.830 (162,71 kph)
    2 21 Berger M. (FRA) Honda CBR1000RR 0.149
    3 8 Antonelli A. (ITA) Honda CBR1000RR 4.841
    4 87 Zanetti L. (ITA) Ducati 1098R 13.288
    5 119 Magnoni M. (ITA) Honda CBR1000RR 14.642
    6 65 Baz L. (FRA) Yamaha YZF R1 14.807
    7 34 Giugliano D. (ITA) Suzuki GSX-R 1000 15.070
    8 77 Burrell B. (GBR) Kawasaki ZX 10R 15.151
    9 9 Petrucci D. (ITA) Kawasaki ZX 10R 17.146
    10 53 Lammert D. (GER) BMW S1000 RR 22.153
    11 47 La Marra E. (ITA) Honda CBR1000RR 22.229
    12 7 M?Ůhr R. (AUT) Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K9 24.700
    13 10 Boscoscuro A. (ITA) Honda CBR1000RR 24.975
    14 28 Cox V. (GBR) Kawasaki ZX 10R 25.385
    15 11 Tutusaus P. (ESP) KTM 1190 RC8 R 26.842
    16 30 Savary M. (SUI) BMW S1000 RR 28.703
    17 99 Leeson C. (RSA) Kawasaki ZX 10R 40.018
    18 12 Vivarelli N. (ITA) KTM 1190 RC8 R 58.424
    19 45 Sletten K. (NOR) Yamaha YZF R1 1'03.527
    20 55 Svitok T. (SVK) Honda CBR1000RR 1'03.626
    21 64 Andric D. (BRA) Honda CBR1000RR 1'06.831
    22 36 Thiriet P. (BRA) Honda CBR1000RR 1'13.480
    23 66 Stoklosa M. (POL) BMW S1000 RR 1'18.821
    RET 14 Baroni L. (ITA) Ducati 1098R
    RET 20 Barrier S. (FRA) BMW S1000 RR
    RET 35 Hunt G. (GBR) BMW S1000 RR
    RET 29 Beretta D. (ITA) BMW S1000 RR

    On the SBK side of the team duties it may be ‘«£a weekend to forget‘«ō but he has his hands in BMW Italia and has something to celebrate here.
    BMW Motorsport press club had this to say about Badovini‘«÷s victory;

    BMW Motorrad - Superstock 1000 Cup - Title Victory Badovini
    ‘«ů 01.08.2010
    ‘«ů Press Release
    Title glory for the BMW S 1000 RR.
    Ayrton Badovini and BMW S 1000 RR celebrate early title victory in FIM Superstock 1000 Cup.

    Silverstone, 1st August 2010. Ayrton Badovini (ITA) and Team BMW Motorrad Italia STK today wrote motor sports history. For the first time in the history of the FIM Superstock 1000 Cup, a rider managed to win the title with seven victories out of the first seven races of the season. Badovini secured the title victory by winning the race in Silverstone (GBR). He dominated the series with the BMW S 1000 RR from the opening round in Portim?ķo (POR), and with 175 points cannot be beaten over the remaining three rounds.

    After his success in Silverstone, an emotional Badovini said: ‘«£I am very happy and proud. It means a lot to me to have won this championship. We have been working hard all year and improved from race to race. I want to thank everybody in my team and at BMW Motorrad Motorsport. Without their efforts and support it would not have been possible to achieve this great result.‘«ō

    ‘«£Our heartiest congratulations to Ayrton and Team BMW Motorrad Italia STK on this superb performance,‘«ō said Hendrik von Kuenheim, General Director BMW Motorrad. ‘«£This season Ayrton has proven to be the benchmark in the FIM Superstock 1000 Cup. We are proud our BMW S 1000 RR was able to appreciably contribute to his success. Ayrton‘«÷s domination proves we have succeeded in building a brand new motorcycle which is more than competitive internationally. Successes in various other series show that customers using our bikes have the best possible equipment. I am convinced Ayrton Badovini‘«÷s title victory will only be the first of many more triumphs for the BMW S 1000 RR.‘«ō

    Badovini‘«÷s early title success provides further proof that the BMW S 1000 RR has established itself as a winning machine in international and national series. In the 2010 FIM Superbike World Championship, the top production-based motorcycle racing category, Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport has demonstrated the potential of the bike with two podium finishes and one pole position. Badovini‘«÷s victory has ensured BMW Motorrad‘«÷s first international title victory of the season.

    From the first round in Portim?ķo, 24-year-old Badovini has been the man leading the way this year. The Team BMW Motorrad Italia STK rider won the opening round, thereafter dominating proceedings in the 2010 FIM Superstock 1000 Cup. Race by race he continued his impressive run of success, winning all rounds ‘«Ű usually by a substantial margin ‘«Ű and the pointers are that the 2010 champion will improve his record of seven wins in seven races during the remaining three rounds

    Formula 1

    My preseason pick for the championship was Vettle and his Red Bull. I was half right at this point. Vettle suffers a drive through penalty the seals the deal once again for Webber. With the win he takes over the Drivers Championship while the Red Bull team takes the top spot of the Constructors Champioship battle.

    Schumacher and Barrichello met on the track for a bit of a discussion late in the race. The point in debate was who should finish first in this pair. Schumi apparently thought team orders from their Ferrari days should still stand and moved over to take his rightful spot under them. The Stewards did not see it that way and after the race handed Schumi a 10 place grid penalty for the next round at Spa.

    1. Mark WEBBER (Red Bull), 1h41m05.571s
    2. Fernando ALONSO (Ferrari), 1h41m23.392s
    3. Sebastian VETTEL (Red Bull), 1h41m24.823s

    Starting Grid

    Lap Chart
    Lap Analysis
    Fastest Laps
    History Chart
    Maximum Speeds
    Pit Stop Summary
    Sector Times
    Speed Trap

    Bike Cruller

    This is what it looks like when a BMW rider and team celebrate a championship!

    Pass the mustard and UP THE REVOLUTION!

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    Monday, 2 August

    On the Track Speedbrain and BMW Rally Team announce a G450X effort

    BMW Motorrad Italia - Interview Ayrton Badovini

    Press Release

    Badovini secures first international title for the BMW S 1000 RR.
    Silverstone, 1st August 2010. BMW Motorrad and the BMW S 1000 RR will be able to celebrate their first international title. Ayrton Badovini (ITA) of Team BMW Motorrad Italia STK secured an early title victory in the FIM Superstock 1000 Cup, run as a support category to the FIM Superbike World Championship. After the race weekend in Silverstone (GBR) he is leading the championship with 175 points and cannot be beaten over the three remaining rounds. The Italian rider dominated the season and won every race so far: A winning streak which the Italian hopes to continue.

    Ayrton, are you proud of your achievements in 2010 on the BMW S 1000 RR?
    Ayrton Badovini: "I am really happy with the way this season has gone so far. When our team started developing the bike back at the beginning of the year I did not expect to piece together such a successful season. To win the championship so early in the season is incredible for us and we never imagined this level of success."

    How vital to your success has been the support and expertise of the team around you?

    Ayrton Badovini: "There is not a rider and a team, we are all one. Without a team working with you the success is not possible, without a rider the success is not possible. We know to be successful we need to work closely together and as one. Only then can you win. BMW Motorrad Italia STK is an unbelievable team and without them this year this level of success would not have been possible. I owe a lot of my success to their efforts and hard work."

    You've always looked very comfortable on the S 1000 RR. Did you change many things over the course of 2010?

    Ayrton Badovini: "In the early stages of the bike‘«÷s development we focused a lot on the development of the chassis and the electronics ‘«Ű two key factors in racing. The team does everything to make the bike suit my riding style. We have made some really positive steps throughout the year and we are continuing to push the bike forward with every race weekend. On top of that, the bike comes with a very strong engine and engine settings that work out very well for me. And this is crucial if you want to win races."

    How important is it for you to maintain a 100 per cent victory record?

    Ayrton Badovini: "I am a racer, and I try to win every race. I have focused more and more on winning every race because psychologically it affects your rivals, and then they come to a race meeting not expecting to beat me. I am almost trying to beat my opponents before we even get out on to the track. So the more I win the more desperate and depleted my rivals become. I want them to be thinking about what I'm doing because then they lose focus on their own job. I want them to think I'm the favourite."

    What does it mean to you to win this championship?

    Ayrton Badovini: "It means everything to me. In the past I have raced in this series and had a lot of difficulties with one thing and another, but now I feel like we have pieced the perfect season together and it feels amazing. I just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me over the year and to those who have believed and put faith in my ability to achieve."

    BMW Motorrad Motorsports recent news letter included this piece on the Pit Board in WSBK.

    The good old fashioned pit board has been the tried-and-tested way of communicating vital information from the team to the rider, while he is out on track. Without rider-to-team radio communication (which isn‘«÷t allowed in WSBK) keeping your racer accurately informed requires skill, speed and strategy. Erwan Gentil, who looks after the pit board for Ruben Xaus, tells us exactly how it‘«÷s done‘«™

    Just how many things can you communicate on a pit board?

    Lots. It can be used as a form of motivation, to keep the rider focused and pushing. It is also an informative tool to ensure the rider knows exactly where they are on track in comparison to the rest of field. In a race situation the pit boards allow the rider to understand exactly what is going on around them. I can relay information on gaps, who is chasing who, split times, lap times. The pit board is a simple but vital tool at this level of racing as we don‘«÷t have any other way of communicating with the rider once out on track.

    What else are they used for?

    In practice and qualifying we still use the pit boards to relay information about times, position and when we want them to come into the garage. I become the rider‘«÷s eyes and ears out on track, and Ruben relies on me to keep him correctly informed. A mistake from me could have a dramatic effect on a race, so it is important for the rider to know what we know and understand what we want from him.

    Quite a stressful job then?

    Yes, especially in a race situation. There is so much going on and I simply cannot relay everything. Plus, there is limited space on the board and we don‘«÷t want to confuse the rider. Ruben will often tell me specifically what he needs to see on his pit board and I do my best to ensure that happens. Sometimes we are forced to improvise when certain unforeseen situations occur. For example if it starts raining at a certain point on the track I have to use some form of hand signal to ensure the rider knows what is happening. They don‘«÷t want to be going into the first corner unaware that the surface is wet, which could end their race.

    It must be a rush to get all of the information presented in time?

    Yes, especially at some of the shorter circuits, where it‘«÷s difficult to get all the information on the board before the rider comes back round! I have all my numbers laid out ready and I have a monitor on the pit wall which gives me all the information, but I need to keep note of the sectors so I know exactly where Ruben is on track. His board needs to be prepared, ready and on display for when he exits the last corner onto the start-finish straight. I am connected via a headset with all the other guys on the team, so if, for example, the crew chief tells me he wants Ruben to come into the pits then I can communicate that accordingly.

    Do you ever make mistakes when communicating with riders?

    It has happened, because things can change so quickly out on track. For example I could show a split time based on the last sector time, but Ruben could then make a mistake at the last corner so the gap time will most definitely be different and ultimately wrong. Mistakes are very rare but of course they do happen. Ruben is someone who pays a lot of attention to his pit board so I know he needs me to give him the correct level of information. Riders are becoming more and more reliant on their pit boards now because there is so much strategy and tactics involved.

    How would you improve the communication with the rider?

    I would love to be able to speak with the rider like in F1. The level and quality of information you can relay to someone over a headset is amazing and would really help the team and the rider better understand what is happening. It would also save a lot of time which is lost with the riders pulling into the pits for something minor. I think this will have to be introduced at some point because the level of strategy involved now really requires it. The technology is there ‘«Ű it is just not allowed in the rules. It would be nice to give it a try. Schumacher says sorry to Barrichello

    On the Street Brawler - A V-Rod powered Sportster alternative Harley Davidson leaving the sidecar business Beull teases return to production of street-legal bikes (includes video).

    [url ather%29]HFL[/url] has a piece on motorcycle sharing in NYC. Part of the lure is cutting the cost of riding/ownership and hassels in a major city.

    via: F650GS around Iceland


    Bike Cruller


    Todays picture is a right of passage many of us have participated in. A MCN reader sent in a picture of his son after their first ride.

    I remember my oldest daughters nervous anticipation gearing up for her first pillion ride, and her younger sister's frustration. They would periodically sit on my air head and see if they had grown enough. The first ride would come when they could flat foot the pegs. The big day came when one was big enough. She was almost in tears bouncing between fear and anticipation. When I slipped her helmet on and helped her with the strap the look of trust in her eyes conveyed a daunting responsiblity. The only word she could get out when I would talk to her during the ride was 'more'! After an hour we came home. The eyes that were now looking at me through the visor we beaming with joy. I turned when her sister screamed dang! There she sat legs sprawled over the saddle and feet a foot above the pegs. It would be several years and another bike later before I would experience this again.
    Pass the mustard and UP THE REVOLUTION!

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    Wednesday, 4 August

    On the Track

    Corser back bu unlucky on raceday

    Max Biaggi has yet to sign a contract for next year with Aprilia or anyone. Rumors have centered around a shift to MotoGP. is claiming he will ink a new contract shortly.

    Tyres, tires, tyres. MotoGP with Moto2 class tire supplier Dunlop have put together a video about the tyre process.

    Instant replay is not so instant in F1. David Warwick was the former F1 driver member of last weekend's Stewards Team for the Hungarian round. Reuters is quoting him saying if Schumi had blocked Barrichello earlier in the race he would have been black flagged. The incident happened in the late stages of the race. By the time the stewards reviewed the tapes and could act the race was over. Schumi receives a 10 grid position penalty for the next race.

    On the Street gives us a nice flash back with Hunter S. Thompson's review of the Ducati 900SS originally published in Cycle World.

    So cafe racers aren't what some of you think you need for life to occur. You do it in the dirt. [url][/url] takes the 450X, F800GS and the R1200GS, pairs them with three grumpy old men (not MOA members) and sends them out to find out what they think.

    BMW Group USA reported that cage sales (combined BMW and MINI) were up 10.1% in July putting them up 6.8% year to date. No motorrad numbers were included.

    BMW published its second quarter report, which is available on the corporate website for download. In a summary press release they announced some world wide motorrad numbers. Sales are up along with earnings. This will please share holders and should comfort most skeptics about the Motorrad Segment to go forward in this troubled market.

    BMW Motorrad reports sharply improved second-quarter earnings

    BMW Motorrad‘«÷s earnings increased sharply in the second quarter on the back of a good sales volume performance despite otherwise unfavourable business conditions. Six-month segment revenues rose by 30.7% to euro 439 million (2009: euro 336 million). EBIT for the period rose to euro 54 million (2009: euro 26 million) and the result before tax improved to euro 53 million (2009: euro 24 million). Six-month revenues increased to euro 790 million (2009: euro 626 million/+26.2%). The segment reported an EBIT for the first half of the year of euro 86 million (2009: euro 54 million) and a profit before tax of euro 83 million (2009: euro 50 million).

    Sales of BMW brand motorcycles in the second quarter increased by 21.6% to 36,175 units (2009: 29,742 units). During the first half of the year, BMW Motorrad sold 57,015 units (2009: 46,974 units). This corresponds to an increase of 21.4%. The best-seller list was headed by the large, long-distance enduro R 1200 GS, making it the best-sold bike in the 500 cc plus motorcycles segment worldwide. Sales of the S 1000 RR - the first supersport bike manufactured by BMW Motorrad - reached a total of 6,459 units worldwide in the six-month period from January to June (of which 1,223 were sold in June).

    Two new luxurious BMW Touring motorcycles, the K 1600 GT and the
    K 1600 GTL, will be presented to the public for the first time in autumn. For the first time in the segment‘«÷s history, both of these models will be fitted with six-cylinder in-line engines.

    All of this sounds wonderful for BMW. Heck it would sound good to me if I owned stock in BMW. Then why am I feeling more than a bit cautious about this years numbers in general and specifically BMW's ability to sustain them? The root of my caution is in the old discription of BMW as a "destination" marque.

    The thinking behind this is based on a simple assumption. BMW Motorrads are rarely the first bike an owner will buy. The BMW owner, in this thinking, has gone through their baptism of fire on other motorcycle brands. In that process they have developed skills and desires that lead them to purchase a BMW. To support this line of thought proponents of it point to the age of BMW riders which tends to run about 7 years older than the industry average as a whole. The age gap lends some crediance to the idea assuming that riders go through a learning process in that time which leads them to the brand.

    The motorcycle industry is about three years into the sales down turn. If it takes hard core riders seven years to arive at purchasing a BMW then the company sales are still feeding on riders created during the boom times of motorcycling. Is the company looking a a hickup in sales a few years down the line? Maybe, maybe not. The answer will be found in the success of its diversification of the product line.

    The minds at BMW did their research and came to the conclusion that their traditional markets were becoming mature. Maturity has several definitions that don't directly involve age. In this case the growth potential of their market segments had been reached. To continue to increase production numbers they would have to expand into other product lines. The acquisition of Husqvarna and the development of the S1000RR and more sporting models resulted. At the same time they have commited to their existing markets through continued development of the R models, an expansion of the Classic support including motorcycles in addition to cages and other efforts.

    BMW is not the only destination marque out there. H-D rapidly comes to mind. They are not doing so well in current market or for the last three years. In past years their marketing strategies have been copied by other destination brands such as Ducati. Ducati has diversified its line a bit more than H-D but has not been able to avoid a similar decline in sales. Both are trying to find the right strategy to sustain and diversify so they can return to the growth side of the curve.

    This year's BMW numbers are very good; however, I am cautious as I look at them. In my dark moments I wonder if being a successful destination brand means you will be the last one standing to turn out the lights.

    Think I need to ride to get some coffee. For a buck and what I write I can still get that large cup and change today. Hope they have a fresh pot, not one of those destination pots.

    Ducati built the Multistrada to compete with the GS. I always suspected the hope was to take what share they could from BMW while taking a big chunk out of the urban adventurer market Triumph has carved out with its urban focused Tiger. Now Triumph is teasing us with a new tripple powered bike while sparying a bit of dirt in the faces of the Germands and Italians.

    There are no specs on the new Adventurer or engine but Triumph says in the video the new engine is a long stroke three cylinder (800cc perhaps) based on their 675. Their hope is it will provide a power and grunt balance to make it a dual purpose big bike contender again.

    Pass the mustard and UP THE REVOLUTION!

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    MONDAY, 9 August

    On the Track MotoGP safety - Flags and Lights

    HLM: 2011 Kawasaki Nija Zx-10R test Autopolis sounds great

    On the Street

    Harley-Davidson announced Friday the sale of MV Agusta has been completed. Once again the brand is back in the Italian hands of Claudio Castiglioni. Harley-Davidson's announcelment.

    Harley-Davidson finalizes sale of MV Agusta
    MILWAUKEE (August 6, 2010) - Harley-Davidson, Inc. (NYSE: HOG) has concluded the sale of its subsidiary, MV Agusta, to Claudio Castiglioni and his wholly owned holding company, MV Agusta Motor Holding, S.r.l., effective today. Castiglioni is the former owner of the Italian motorcycle maker and has served as MV Agusta's chairman since 2008, when Harley-Davidson acquired the company.
    In October 2009, Harley-Davidson announced its intention to sell MV Agusta as part of a new corporate strategy to focus resources on the Harley-Davidson brand. Since then, Harley-Davidson has held discussions with various potential MV Agusta buyers.

    "MV Agusta is a proud brand and we wish Mr. Castiglioni and the company's employees well," said Harley-Davidson President and Chief Executive Officer Keith Wandell. "Our decision to divest MV Agusta reflects our strategy to focus our efforts and our investment on the Harley-Davidson brand, as we believe this provides an optimal path to long-term growth."

    Company Background
    Harley-Davidson, Inc. is the parent company for the group of companies doing business as Harley-Davidson Motor Company (HDMC), Harley-Davidson Financial Services (HDFS) and Buell Motorcycle Company (Buell).

    The Official MV Agusta press release:

    The Official Press Release From MV Agusta
    Varese, August 6th 2010 ‘«Ű Claudio and Giovanni Castiglioni, through their family holding company have repurchased from Harley Davidson 100% of the shares of MV Agusta Motor S.p.A. which owns historic brands MV Agusta and Cagiva. Harley-Davidson announced in October 2009 its intention to sell MV Agusta to concentrate on its core business and brand.

    In connection with the repurchase transaction Lazard and Co. have acted as the financial advisor along with counsel Alessandro Varrenti (CBA) and Giuseppe Galeano whom provided legal and tax assistance in conjunction with family counsellors Giuseppe Carteni (Leadlaw), Andrea Lanata and Sergio Caramella.
    Along with Giovanni Castiglioni, the company will be headed by Mr. Massimo Bordi, a well known Italian manager. A 62-year-old engineer, Bordi took Ducati to success during the years when that company was owned by the Castiglionis and continued to manage it successfully under the ownership of Texas Pacific Group. Since 2003 Massimo Bordi has been the CEO of Same Deutz Fahr, contributing largely to the success of the company. Massimo Bordi commented that ‘«£MV Agusta has full capacity to once again become a major player in the high luxury brand motor bikes, this brand is one of the most recognized worldwide. We will implement a number of reorganization and managerial actions in the near future. Both the current and new models under development have a very strong character, great innovative features and a very unique design, I have no doubts about their future success.‘«ō

    Claudio Castiglioni, the historic intimate soul of MV Agusta will continue as chairman, and will concentrate on the development of the new products. Upon signing the agreement with Harley-Davidson, Claudio Castiglioni stated ‘«£MV Agusta is the crown jewel of Italian motorcycles, I am thrilled to have completed this transaction. I have already won once together with Massimo Bordi, we made the most beautiful bikes in the world and we will continue with this tradition‘«ō.

    The timing of the anouncement may be the result of the deal finally being completed. I suspect the hope is the news will get lost in the noise and suds that surround Sturgis. From the current H-D perspective the company can tick another thing off its recovery to do list that has been laid out for it by the new management.The dollar amounts for the sale remain undisclosed. We may have to wait for the next quarteryl report to find out the exact amount. H-D business followers we expect to see the company loose most if not all of the investment it made in the Italian venture. For Castiglioni it is the latest iteration of his buy/sell/bankruptcy shell game he has played most of this decade with MV Agusta.

    [url=][]/url]: MV Agusta sold back to Cladio Castiglioni Another take on the buy back Norton is hiring as - Norton expansion continues

    On the peddle power two wheel front -

    NeilPryde Launches its First High Performance Road Bikes with BMW Group DesignworksUSA as its Creative Partner
    Press Release
    Information from editor: Jackie Jones, Marketing Manager, DesignworksUSA / Tel: (805) 376-6253 / email:

    August 9, 2010...NeilPryde, leader in the marine and adventure sports markets and known for their high performance windsurfing equipment, takes a valiant step into a new industry segment. Two high-performance road bikes Alize and Diablo have been developed together with BMW Group subsidiary DesignworksUSA. The bikes will be presented to the public for the first time during one of Europe??s biggest cycling races, the Vattenfall Cyclassics, taking place in Hamburg, Germany, from August 13-15, 2010.

    DesignworksUSA brings its knowledge in creating premium designs for mobility-related products from the automotive industry to aircrafts and yachts leveraging its global leadership in translating distinct brand values into compelling design solutions.

    ‘«£NeilPryde Bikes is a bold step forward, both in terms of the products‘«÷ design and the evolution of the NeilPryde brand, and we are glad to have developed an innovative vision for this collaboration with NeilPryde,‘«ō said Laurenz Schaffer, President, DesignworksUSA.

    The first two high performance road bikes from NeilPryde will launch globally online in August 2010 for pre-orders on its website, with shipments to begin in mid-September 2010.

    The Alize focuses on aerodynamic performance through optimized tube profiling and an extended Kamm tail. The changing aerofoil profile along the length of the tubes manages the airflow specific to the aerodynamic characteristics of each element ‘«Ű frame, forks, wheels and components. The Alize incorporates a progressive Kamm tail profile in the lower 1/3 of the down tube, with the extended trailing edge morphing into a squared-off surface, enabling a more efficient transition from the down tube to the seat tube. ‘«£Using a Computational Fluid Dynamic modeling system, we were able to create a design that tricks the airflow to remain laminar around the downtube, seattube and rear wheel,‘«ō said Magnus Aspegren, Director of DesignworksUSA‘«÷s Singapore Studio.

    Together with its client, DesignworksUSA developed an exoskeleton design of continuous carbon fibers fully integrated into the monocoque front triangle for the Diablo. Stiffness ribs were also incorporated into strategic locations on the fork blades, chain and seat stays. The design created allows carbon fibers to run continuously through tube-joint-tube transitions, resulting in a frameset that has been optimised for its unique material characteristics.

    ‘«£We are extremely proud of the two bikes that reflect our brand essence and attitude,‘«ō said Michael Pryde, Group Sales and Distribution Manager at NeilPryde. ‘«£Our heritage in elegantly engineering winning products in the water sports arena is now expanded beautifully to the cycling world,‘«ō Pryde added.
    Framesets, inclusive of frame, forks, seat post, and headset, are priced at USD 2,500 for Diablo, and USD 2,250 for Alize. Complete NeilPryde Bikes, inclusive of frameset, groupset, wheel set, and components, are priced between USD 3,900 ‘«Ű USD 4,300 when specified with Shimano Ultegra; and between USD 5,100 ‘«Ű USD 5,500 when specified with Shimano Dura Ace.

    # # #

    About BMW Group DesignworksUSA
    BMW Group DesignworksUSA provides design strategy, research, development, sustainability consulting, brand communications, 3D modeling, and color, materials, and finish services to many of the world‘«÷s great brands. In addition to being the creative partner to BMW Group, which includes BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, additional DesignworksUSA clients include Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Starbucks, Boeing Business Jets, Embraer, Pilatus, John Deere, Advanced Medical Optics and BAVARIA Yachts among others. The company was founded in 1972 by Charles W. Pelly in Malibu, California, and acquired by BMW Group in 1995. Since December 2009, President Laurenz Schaffer has led DesignworksUSA's strategy and operations, which includes studios in Los Angeles, Munich, and Singapore. With global resources and clients across a spectrum of forward-thinking industries, DesignworksUSA has an unparalleled understanding of consumers and the world of design that surrounds them, both today and many years into the future. In 2010, Fast Company magazine ranked DesignworksUSA as the world‘«÷s ‘«£#1 Most Innovative Company in Design,‘«ō and among the ‘«£Most Innovative Companies for 2010.‘«ō

    About NeilPryde

    NeilPryde a Division of Pryde Group is the benchmark for quality and performance in windsurfing. NeilPryde sails and rigs won consecutive world titles for twelve straight seasons from 1988 to 2000 and still dominate competitive windsurfing at national and international levels, including an outright speed record of 49.09 knots set by professional team rider Antoine Albeau in March 2008. NeilPryde Windsurfing is the official supplier of windsurfing sails, rigs and boards to the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games.
    As one of the pioneers in the sport of windsurfing, NeilPryde has been the key innovator to the sport, developing elegantly designed and highly engineered products for consumers seeking that extra margin of performance advantage. It is with this same philosophy and passion for performance that NeilPryde now brings to road bikes.

    Bike Candy
    I'm changing it back.

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    Tuesday, 10 August

    On the Street

    This should be fun to follow:
    HLM: Destination Labrador
    Over the next two weeks, Grant and I will be riding a BMW R1200GS and BMW F800GS through Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Labrador and Quebec. A lot of that time is going to be spent in remote areas without the slightest chance of web access, but we'll be updating you with images, stories and videos via Twitter where possible. This story will remain at the top of the site throughout the duration of the trip, but our contributing editor Ivar Kvadsheim will be providing you with new content through this period, just scroll down to find it.

    As you can imagine, we're going to get really sick of each other after about the first day, so please chime in with questions, suggestions or just make fun of us. The easiest way to do that is through Twitter, but don't worry Luddites, we'll be checking comments too. Let us know the kind of stories you want to see.

    ]HLM: The Route
    This trip required ferry rides in the past. With the completion of the "road" you can do it all on land. Solo Moto thinks more upright VFR1200F may replace the ST1300 this fall Terms and details of the Harley Davidson sale of MV Agusta are beginning to surface

    BMW Group sales continue to accelerate in July
    Press Release

    Munich. The BMW Group continued on its successful growth track as the world‘«÷s leading premium manufacturer once again in July with an increase in sales of 9.1%. A total of 119,982 (prev. yr. 109,933) BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brand automobiles were sold worldwide last month. Over the past seven months, the number of deliveries climbed 12.5% to 816,014 vehicles (prev. yr. 725.403).
    Ian Robertson, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Sales and Marketing: ‘«£We saw significant growth again in July. We are reaping the benefits not only of the global economic recovery but also of customers‘«÷ positive response to our vehicles.‘«ō Robertson continued: ‘«£Sales increased for the eleventh straight month since September 2009. We also expect our sales performance to remain strong over the coming months. For 2010 as a whole, we are aiming for growth of around 10% to reach a total of over 1.4 million vehicles.‘«ō
    The BMW Group made substantial gains in many markets in July. In the US, the company delivered 10.1% (23,390 / prev. yr. 21,253) more vehicles. With 19,064 (+16.4% / prev. yr. 16,381) sales last month, the BMW brand was once again the best-selling premium automobile brand in the US market. Among the European markets, the BMW Group reported the largest increases with +25.6% in Great Britain / Ireland (11.748 / prev. yr. 9.352). The company once more reported its strongest growth in Asia, where 52.1% more vehicles (22.629 / prev. yr. 14.882) were sold last month. The trend in the largest Asian market, China, remained extremely positive, with an increase in sales volumes of 81.7% to 13,852 automobiles (prev. yr. 7,623). The company also managed to make gains in Germany against the strong downward trend (-30%) in the overall market. A total of 23,384 (prev. yr. 22,570) new BMW and MINI vehicles were registered here in July ‘«Ű an increase of 3.6%.

    Sales of BMW brand automobiles climbed to 101,490 units (prev. yr. 90,605 / +12.0%) in the month under review. The brand has delivered a total of 687,250 (prev. yr. 604,214) units to customers since the start of the year ‘«Ű an increase of 13.7%.

    Ian Robertson: ‘«£We are well positioned for the future with our strong product portfolio. A whole range of attractive new vehicles will be launching in the second half of the year.‘«ō These include the new BMW 5 Series Sedan Long Wheelbase version which will be introduced in China in September. A four-wheel version is also coming onto the market. From the autumn onwards, the 5 Series Touring will complete the new BMW 5 Series range, and the second generation of the BMW X3 will also become available. A further highlight will be the new MINI Countryman, which will be launched in Europe from mid-September onwards and will boost sales of the brand dramatically: Orders for MINI‘«÷s new Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) are already well over plan.

    As expected due to the upcoming extensive revisions to the current MINI model range, the MINI brand delivered slightly fewer vehicles in the month under review
    (18,241 / -5.4%) than in the same period last year (19,283). From mid-September onwards, all models will receive striking design modifications, additional engine variants and new diesel engines, as well as innovative new equipment options. In the first seven months, MINI delivered 127,543 (prev. yr. 120.815) vehicles to customers: Volumes are therefore 5.6% higher than the same period last year.
    Rolls-Royce enjoyed another strong month and was able to increase sales more than five-fold year-on-year: 251 automobiles were delivered to customers (prev. yr. 45 / +457.8%) in July. In the year to the end of July, 1,221 Rolls-Royce customers worldwide took possession of their vehicles (prev. yr. 347 / +226.5%).
    BMW Motorrad posted another major increase in sales in July and continued on its growth track. Against the persistent downward trend in the motorcycle segment over 500 cc, BMW Motorrad sales rose by 4.4% to 10,022 (prev. yr. 9,604) units in July. With its young and attractive range of models, BMW Motorrad reported sales growth of 18.5% to 67,037 (prev. yr. 56,578) vehicles in the year to the end of July. The large long-distance enduro, the BMW R 1200 GS, remains the best-selling model in the BMW motorcycle range. The GS will be celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. It is the most successful BMW motorcycle ever built and has become the world‘«÷s best-selling motorcycle in the 500 cc and above range.

    BMW Group sales in / up to July 2010 at a glance
    BMW Group sales in / up to July 2010 at a glance
    In July 2010 Compared to previous year Up to/incl. July 2010 Compared to previous year
    BMW Group Automobiles 119,982 +9.1% 816,014 +12.5%
    BMW 101,490 +12.0% 687,250 +13.6%
    MINI 18,241 -5.4% 127,543 +5.6%
    Rolls-Royce Motor Cars 251 +457.8% 1,221 +226.5%
    BMW Motorcycles 10,022 +4.4% 6,037 +18.5% Sturgis Bike Week - Indian Concept Motorcycle

    I like it but selling these put the company under the first time around didn't it? Ducati retail unit sales up nearly 5 percent in July

    Bike Candy Zaeta 530 Single, a new production bike from Rossi's fatherGraziano Rossi and the Italian engineer Paolo Chiaia. More pictures at MCN

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    Thursday, 12 August

    On the Street

    After putting down my buck and getting my coffee and change I talked with some fellow riders at the local official fly-over-land coffee shop. I am a little grumpy and not all that fired up after this.

    The motorcycle in my patch of fly-over-land prairrie has been filled with motorcycle fatalities the past couple of days. In all the cases the cyclists have been hit by 4 wheeled machines and were in no way at fault. The discussion around the coffee pot at the official fly-over-land coffee shop was about the small penalties the law calls for in cases such as these. Two drivers caused five deaths in two accidents. There is the potential that between them they could serve as little as 25 years or five years per life.

    I have no idea what the sentence min/max should be. No matter what the penalty handed down it will not restore the lives of these riders. Those seeking vengance are often cautioned to dig two graves, one for the subject and one for themselves. Yet I am at a loss to accept the low value put on these rider's lives by the law.

    Our favorite pass time is dangerous. There is no getting around that no matter how you package the bike, the rider or the road when cagers cross medians or run down from behind bikes that are being safely operated. That said it remains our responsibility to trained and alert. I was reminded o this when I checked my RSS feeds from BMW.

    Increasing Number of Motorcyclists Demands Increased Attention to Rider Safety

    Press Release

    Woodcliff Lake, NJ ‘«Ű August 11, 2010‘«™ Summer‘«÷s here and more motorcyclists are hitting the roads than ever before. According to a recent survey by the Motorcycle Industry Council, the number of motorcycles owned and used in America grew 19 percent since 2003. That means an estimated 25 million people ‘«Ű equal to the population of Michigan! ‘«Ű swung a leg over a bike and rode last year.

    Baby boomers, many with their children grown and more time or their hands, make up 44 percent of all riders, according to the survey. Unfortunately, riders 40 and older also make up a large portion of motorcycle accidents, with fatalities in this group nearly quadrupling in the last 10 years, reports the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Forty-five percent of those fatalities were caused by rider error.

    ‘«£Summer is a prime time for motorcycle accidents,‘«ō says Jim Millard, lead motorcycle instructor at the BMW Performance Driving School in Greer, S.C. ‘«£More motorcyclists and automobiles are sharing the road than at any other time during the year.‘«ō

    Millard suggests that riders take a refresher course with a qualified instructor before venturing out, and offers these rider safety tips:

    When riding, keep the eyes scanning! It‘«÷s imperative that you look way ahead and gather information early so you have time to react. Always ‘«£lead" the bike with your eyes by looking where you intend to go. This means looking through a cornerbefore you ask the bike to negotiate the corner.

    Understand your bikes braking capabilities. It‘«÷s a good idea for riders to know their bike‘«÷s ability to slow down. This can be a scary thing to learn, so a lot of riders don't learn it until they NEED their brakes‘«÷ full potential and that is not the time to learn it. Good rider training classes will have a session on braking techniques and these exercises will give you the confidence and understanding of how to utilize your brakes effectively in an emergency situation. This should include bikes with and without ABS.

    The BMW Performance Center offers motorcycle training classes for on- and off-road enthusiasts. Sessions range from classroom instruction and drills on-site at the BMW Performance Center‘«÷s on- or off-road courses to an all-inclusive guided three-day GS Adventure Ride traversing the back roads of the western Carolinas and eastern Tennessee.

    For information or reservations, call (888) 345-4269, or click on the following

    Bike Candy


    Fred Krugger took top honors in the AMD World Cahmpionship of Custom Bike Building for 2010 with his Veon Project. The trick feature of this bike is the adjustable frame designed by Mark van der Kwaak.

    Electronic suspension systems offered by many manufacturers such as BMW allow riders t adjust various elements of ride control to provide a range from comfort mode to hard core racer. van der Kwaak's design gives the rider adjustments over a range from cuiser to racer modes by actually adjusting the chassis itself.

    Cruiser Mode

    Race Mode

    Cruiser Racer Seat Height 23.8 inches 30.5 inches
    Rake 30 degrees 23 degrees
    Trail 4.7 inches 3.1 inches
    Wheel Base 63.4 inches 60.4 inches
    Ground Clearance 6.7 inches 9.3 inches

    H-D's V-Rod engine powers this beast. The V-Rod has been much better received in the European market than in the US and has been used much more extensively in custom builds. Krugger has used it in at least two projects you will find on his web site. He takes a straight forward way of dealing with the fuel delivery system air requirements with a pair of velocity stacks poking out along the center line of the gas tank.

    Interesting bike.

    I am going to switch to root beer and maybe go for a ride this evening. I hope I am in a better mood after.
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    Friday, 20 August

    On the Track Valentino Rossi expects t make Ducati debut in Valencia and explains why Ducti and Rossi will make poetry together.

    On an even more exciting note, at least for me, the German Magazine Speed Week is claiming in an exclusive that Norton is planning a two man MotoGP team for 2012! Spanish Motociclismo takes it even farther by adding Aprilia to Norton in their headline. Will BMW head to the MotoGP arena with the new rules for 2012? Sauber eyes more progress at Spa Belgium preview quotes

    It is “silly season” for racers and their reserves. Former BMW Sauber pilot Nick Heidfeld has been the reserve driver for Mercedes GP this season but is leaving to join Pirelli as a development driver for their F1 efforts according to Reuters.

    On the Street Tough new Suzuki –Strom launched

    KTM is beginning to promote its new 125 Streetfighter with videos like this. BMW specialist Siebenrock develops oil-resistant dry clutch MV Agusta sale: Harley-Davidson paid Castiglioni €20 million, forgave another €103.7 million in debt

    Bike Candy

    Today’s candy comes from BMW USA as they blow the S1000RR’s horn for winning three top honors in the US.

    so much for the recent agreement in Europe to display road going products in promotional pieces being operated in a safe and responsible manner. Ha, this is safe and responsible for a track bike.
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    Saturday, 21 August

    Catching up on videos today, some old some new (some R rated ).

    MotoGP Wayne Gardner reckons Burgess will follow Rossi

    Other Racing News

    On the Street

    We‘«÷ll Meet Again ‘«Ű via SoloMoto30 and YouTube

    BMW Concept Grand Coupe

    The origin of the Roundel

    Bike Candy

    As you well know, I love a good engine picture,

    particularly British vertical twins. This picture brought back memories of messing around with BSA Thunderbolts and Rockets. Then I realized that it is not a BSA but a Kawasaki W650.

    For its part Kawasaki has always claimed the W650 was an homage to its W1, 2 and 3 models produced between 1967 and 1975. Of course in say that they are ignoring the fact those were direct knockoffs of the BSA twins. Homage or knockoff Kawasaki brought the W series back as the W650 in 1999 in an effort to tap into the retro market the new Triumph Bonneville was taping into so well. The Kawasaki did well in comparisons with the Triumph but did not do as well in the showroom as the latest version of the British icon.

    KAWASAKI W650 specifications
    ‘«ů MSRP $6,500 USD
    ‘«ů Air-cooled, SOHC, 4 valves per cylinder, parallel twin (vertical twin, straight-two)
    ‘«ů Displacement 675.8 cc
    ‘«ů 8.6:1 compression
    ‘«ů Electric and kick starters
    ‘«ů Max Power 37kW/7000rpm
    ‘«ů Max Torque 5.7kg.m/5500rpm
    ‘«ů L.W.H 2180 mm . 905 mm . 1140 mm
    ‘«ů Seat Height 800 mm
    ‘«ů Wheelbase 1455 mm
    ‘«ů Digital CDI ignition
    ‘«ů Twin Keihin CVK34 carburettors with K-TRIC system.
    ‘«ů Final drive: Five speed constant mesh, return shift.
    ‘«ů Chain drive (KX-inspired chain adjusters)
    ‘«ů Positive neutral finder
    ‘«ů Tires: front 100/90x19 rear 130/80x18
    ‘«ů Front brakes: Hydraulic four-pot single disc, 300mm
    ‘«ů Rear brakes: Mechanical drum, 160mm
    ‘«ů Handlebars: 1" diameter, 2" rise 3" pull back
    ‘«ů Fuel Capacity 14 litres.
    ‘«ů Oil capacity: 3 litres.
    ‘«ů Dry weight: 430 lb (195 kg), about 460 lb wet.
    ‘«ů Canadian colours: Galaxy Silver/Luminous Polaris Blue or Luminous Vintage Red and Pearl Ivory.
    ‘«ů Other colours available in Europe and Japan: (Ebony/Pearl Luster Beige, Candy Cardinal Red/Metallic Champagne-Gold).

    In recent years the W650 has been a very desirable candidate for caf?ģ conversions. In that form the W650 captures the feel and Castrol oil smell of a ton club racer; without the just another Triumph look. Finding this engine picture on the caf?ģ racer blog some time ago was no big surprise then. However, what it was powering was not just another Brit caf?ģ racer but a very nicely done street-tracker (another bike genre I really like).

    Pass the mustard and UP THE REVOLUTION!

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    Mnday, 2 August

    WSBK et al.

    It is already back to school time here in fly-over-land and the kids are already worried about grades. joins the fray by handing out midterm grades for WSBK. ]{art 1 (nanana Corser got a B+) finishing the field of riders in Part 2 (Xaus pulls out a C- but gets panned in the review).

    MotoGP Expect Rossi to be competitive immediately on the Ducati MotoGP worth 210 Million Euros a year.
    A very interesting article if you wonder about the cost of racing beyond the standard one liner it opens with. on ‘«Ű 2012: MotoGP returns to 1000cc

    motorcyclepictureoftheday.blogspot heard all the buzz about Norton‘«÷s plans to go GP racing and posted a couple of videos about the Norton rotary racer. Put in your ear plugs and turn up the volume.

    Formula 1 and ‘«™

    Normally I ignore this type of interview but I do like Robert Kubica and read‘«÷s fluff piece on his private life.

    On the Street BMW K1200GT in Indian country Harley-Davidson lightweights
    H-D has a long history of trying to diversify with Italian machinery. Five questions for Tue Mantoni, CEO of Triumph. Nexx XR1R carbon motorcycle helmet review
    Take weight off your shoulders and lighten your wallet (but not as much as you may think)

    A fascinating video for a running original 1913 Harley-Davidson which is for sale on eBay. The voice over gives a detailed explanation of many of the features on the bike. The bike is fired up and sounds good. There is footage of the bike driving by the camera at the end of the video. The Milwaukee Journal is reporting that Florida and Nevada want H-D to develop plants in their states.

    Bike Candy provides a strange bit of candy today.

    Pass the mustard and UP THE REVOLUTION!

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    Monday, 23 August PM Edition

    Motocyclist Magazine 2010 Motorcyclist of the Year - BMW's Hendrik von Kuenheim

    Formula 1 and ‘«™ Ferrari prepared to launch civil action against the FIA
    Team orders resulted in $100K in fines so far and a trip the World Motorsport Council could see Ferrari‘«÷s championship points take a dip. If this happens then it will be off to the French courts. They were not friendly to the Mosley run FIA will they deal differently now that the FIA has changed leadership and approaches?

    Follow up | Force India / Aerolab dispute escalates

    Mark Webber is reportedly vague about his future in F1 after the 2010 season.

    Nico Rosberg talks about his steering wheel

    On the Street Men turning to motorcycles in mid-life crisis, U.K. insurer survey says
    - my life has always been in crisis so I became an early adoptor.

    FWIW / Bike Candy

    MCN ran this concept drawing inked by Oberdan Bezzi for a BMW street fighter to take on the likes of the [url]Ducati Streetfighter. [/img]

    I like it but hope BMW does a few things differently

    I spent some of this past weekend messing around over at Baxter Cycles a wonderful anomaly in the little berg of Marne Iowa. This is a Triumph dealer with an incredible stock of vintage British iron and parts; but that is another story for another time.

    Baxter Cycle Days brings the Triumph demo truck to town. If you have been to a BMW MOA national and seen the BMW demo setup roll in and set up you know what this is all about. I spent some time with the Triumph Speed Triple and its smaller sibling the Street Triple. The Speed Triple was introduced in 1995 and defined the hooligan bike class right from the start. Upgrades to engine and frame landed it a Best Naked award from Cycle World in 2006. In the accompanying paragraphs there was a sentence along the lines of ‘«ˇif you have a scintilla of hooligan in you system there is a Speed Triple with your name on it.‘«÷

    Poverty is the only reason a bright red Speed Triple with a white center strip (see BR&MR post #14 ) isn‘«÷t sitting next to my Roadster.

    The Ducati Streetfighter may be the inspiration for Bezzi but Herr von Kuenheim if you are reading this the Street Tiple and its sibling are what your hooligan bike would be compared too. I know you have said there will not be a naked hooligan S1000RR (I would be hard pressed not to buy one if you built it even though I am poor.) so lets use the HP2 and some advice from my college wrestling coach to make a few changes.

    At 265, and a bit more as the season went bye, I was small for a college heavyweight wrestler. My coaches advice was to ignore watching the heavy weight wrestlers and focus on the 118 lb wrestlers and their moves. IF I were to win against the 400lb monsters on the mat it would be by using relative speed and agility not trying to go toe to toe with them. Listen to my coach Her von Kuenheim.

    The HP2 is a great engine but will it hold its own against the Speed Triple on the street and in the showroom? Maybe but the non BMW is going to wonder about the flat twin engine and shaft drive. Let‘«÷s build a ‘«ˇ118lb‘«÷ bike using some of the HP2 as a starting point.

    Take one cylinder from the HP, breath on it and mount it on a lower end/transmission that delivers its power to the rear wheel with a chain. Mount all of this into a chassis with ergonomics that have the midlife crisis gentleman sport rider/hooligan in mind. Keep the weight down to the minimum to meet the class requirements while giving it the handling agility to whip the Speed Triple and Streetfighter into submission on the double letter Wisconsin roads I love to play on.

    Congratulations on your Motorcyclist of the Year Award. We are all waiting to see what you have in mind for expanding the sport portion of your lineup. I am certain Mr. Bezzi would be as willing as I am to help you with some ideas.

    Pass the mustard and UP THE REVOLUTION!

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