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Thread: Bench Racing & The Morning Reads

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    Friday Qualifying WSBK Monza

    Friday Qaulifying results

    1 35 Crutchlow C GBR Yamaha YZF R1 PIT IN 1'44.577
    2 65 Rea J GBR Honda CBR1000RR PIT IN 1'44.789 0.212
    3 84 Fabrizio M ITA Ducati 1098R PIT IN 1'45.134 0.557
    4 11 Corser T AUS BMW S1000 RR PIT IN 1'45.234 0.657
    5 91 Haslam L GBR Suzuki GSX-R1000 PIT IN 1'45.303 0.726
    6 111 Xaus R ESP BMW S1000 RR PIT IN 1'45.542 0.965
    7 3 Biaggi M ITA Aprilia RSV4 Factory PIT IN 1'45.592 1.015
    8 96 Smrz J CZE Ducati 1098R PIT IN 1'45.603 1.026
    9 52 Toseland J GBR Yamaha YZF R1 PIT IN 1'46.019 1.442
    10 99 Scassa L ITA Ducati 1098R PIT IN 1'46.111 1.534
    11 66 Sykes T GBR Kawasaki ZX 10R PIT IN 1'46.170 1.593
    12 2 Camier L GBR Aprilia RSV4 Factory PIT IN 1'46.216 1.639
    13 76 Neukirchner M GER Honda CBR1000RR PIT IN 1'46.402 1.825
    14 57 Lanzi L ITA Ducati 1098R PIT IN 1'46.413 1.836
    15 41 Haga N JPN Ducati 1098R PIT IN 1'46.451 1.874
    16 50 Guintoli S FRA Suzuki GSX-R1000 PIT IN 1'46.588 2.011
    17 7 Checa C ESP Ducati 1098R PIT IN 1'46.756 2.179
    18 67 Byrne S GBR Ducati 1098R PIT IN 1'47.466 2.889
    19 71 Sakai D JPN Suzuki GSX-R1000 PIT IN 1'47.922 3.345
    20 15 Baiocco M ITA Kawasaki ZX 10R PIT IN 1'48.041 3.464
    21 77 Vermeulen C AUS Kawasaki ZX 10R PIT IN 1'48.191 3.614
    22 23 Parkes B AUS Honda CBR1000RR PIT IN 1'48.254 3.677
    23 95 Hayden R USA Kawasaki ZX 10R PIT IN 1'49.217 4.640
    24 31 Iannuzzo V ITA Honda CBR1000RR PIT IN 1'49.958 5.381

    Corsers P4 and Xaus in P6 are great Friday results that do not reflect the dominance the pair showed over the coarse of the session. Xaus and Corser alternated for much of the last half hour of qualifying in P1.

    At 805 remaining things began to take an unexpected turn. Rea took P1 from Corser who was in the pit and Xaus was in P3. At 724 Corser returned to the track. At 524 live timing recycled and XXX came up in Corsers sector times then changed to slow. I have no information as to what happened at this point. He did begin to show times as the session continued to wind down.

    At 102 remaining Xaus was in P4 and Corser in P7. When the flag fell on the session they traded as they moved up. Corser P3 and Xaus P5; however, other riders were still on their last hot lap and when all were shown Pit In Corser was in P4 and Xaus in P6.

    I will post more information this evening when available. It is going to be an exciting race weekend for BMW Motorrad Motorsport!!!!
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    Formula 1 Friday practice sessions

    Friday is a practice day in F1 and Schumacher practiced well.

    The first Friday session was dominated by Hamilton and Buttons McLarens with Schumi posting a P3 for the session. Fridays second session was dominated by the Red Bulls of Vettel and Webber and once again Schumi was in P3. The new longer wheelbase Mercedes GP car seems to work for him. Friday was dry but Saturday Qualifying could be wet. Schumacher was known as a rain master in the past as is Vettle now. Will the former remember enough from the past to hold or improve or will the latter push youth or some other driver to the front?

    1st Session Classifications
    1st Session Lap Times

    2nd Session Classifications
    2nd Session Lap Times Michelin refuses to be sole Formula One supplier
    They would participate as one of many but not as sole.
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    Friday evening May 7

    WSBK et al. Monza opening day belongs to Crutchlow

    BMW Motorrad Motorsport - WSBK - Monza - Qualifying Practice 1
    Press Release
    Weather conditions: Overcast, some rain showers in the afternoon.
    Temperature: Air: 17 22 ??C, Track: 20 25 ??C
    Number of riders participating: 24 from 15 teams
    Fastest lap Free Practice: Cal Crutchlow (Yamaha Sterilgarda Team) 1:43.758 min
    Fastest lap Qualifying Practice 1: Cal Crutchlow (Yamaha Sterilgarda Team) 1:44.577 min

    Both Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport riders, Troy Corser (AUS) and Ruben Xaus (ESP), had a solid start to the fifth race weekend of the 2010 FIM Superbike World Championship season. The team worked on the Monza specific set-up for the BMW S 1000 RR of the two riders during Fridays Free Practice session. The start of the afternoon session was declared wet. Both Troy and Ruben were able to set good lap times on the drying track and finished the Qualifying Practice fourth and sixth respectively.

    Troy Corser:
    Bike: BMW S 1000 RR
    Fastest lap Free Practice: 1:44.416 min (7th) / Fastest lap Qualifying 1: 1:45.234 min (4th)
    ǣI am quite happy. I am not over pushing the bike at all, and we are able set good lap times quite easily. With a little bit of luck, we can be quickest here tomorrow. The bike is really strong here. The bikes settings feel not too bad for the first day of the weekend. The engine is definitely strong, and the bike is fast. We now have to work a little bit on the engine braking. There is still some room for improvement, not so much from top speed into the chicanes, but in the mid-speed corners.

    Ruben Xaus:
    Bike: BMW S 1000 RR
    Fastest lap Free Practice: 1:44.547 min (9th) / Fastest lap Qualifying 1: 1:45.542 min (6th)
    ǣI really did a lot of laps during todays Qualifying Practice 23 laps are more than an entire race distance. Of course, on a high-speed circuit like Monza the impact on the brakes is massive. At the end of the session the brakes were not in the best condition any more, and I couldnt really attack. Nevertheless, on my quick lap I followed Max Neukirchner, but missed the line in the first chicane. I was able to close the gap to Max again and finally pass him in the Ascari corner. When I braked into Parabolica I went wide, and Max was able to pass me. The traction control saved the situation and I was still in a position to do quite a good lap time. A big ǣThank You to all my crew. They have been helping me all season long. I want to keep going ahead like this.

    Davide Tardozzi (BMW Motorrad Motorsport Team Manager):
    ǣWe are very happy today, as we have been consistently close to the top guys. Finishing todays Qualifying Practice in fourth and sixth is a really good result. I am especially happy that Ruben is back. For us, it is important that both riders are close to the top.

    Even at the World Superbike level motorcycles are the younger siblings of racing and have to use hand-me-downs to race on as Corser points out in his website post.

    Monza (Italy) - First qualifying: TROY HAPPY WITH TOP FOUR ON DAY ONE.
    Yesterday, May 06, 2010, 7:00:00 PM
    Troy ended a day of mixed conditions with the fourth fastest lap in qualifying at Monza and was happy with the way his BMW S 1000 RR is progressing. Monza has a much revised first chicane, which has cut the lap times and although the new design is theoretically safer (according to Troy) there is still the possibility of a pile-up on the exit. This afternoons qualifying session started with a damp track and the first half saw the lead change hands several times and unfamiliar names often at the top of the leaderboard. As the track dried, more or less normal service was resumed. At the end, there was virtually a dry line round the whole of the 5.777 kilometre circuit and it was Briton Cal Crutchlow (Yamaha) who posted the fastest lap. Second was fellow countryman Jonathan Rea (Honda), with Michel Fabrizio (Ducati) third and Troy fourth. Troy - 4th, 1:45.134 Im happy with how things went today and once again I can just go out and ride the bike instead of testing, like weve had to do in the past. It was good for the team that we had some damp and some dry conditions here today and they were able to collect a lot of useful data as a result. The bike feels good and I havent had to ride beyond myself today at all. The top speed is pretty good and the acceleration also feels strong. The new chicane is not too bad and its safer when you are by yourself. But its maybe not so safe in a race situation because if somebody outbrakes himself and goes straight on then there is a chance that they will T-bone you when they come back on to the track. To me, it looks like it has been designed for F1 and us bikes just have to put up with it. Monza is a track where slipstreaming is all important. In the old days, when the finish line was further up the track, you could be fifth going into the Parabolica on the last lap and still win the race. Now, because the flag is closer to the Parabolica, if you are fifth going in you will not win the race. Now its better to be fifth or so exiting the Ascari and then be leading going into the Parabolica. Normally, if you do that, then you will not be beaten. See ya, Troy Haslam 5th

    SuperStock 1000 Cup Badovini dominates STK 1000 qualifying.



    AMA Pro Racing

    Formula 1 and Ǫ

    Friday Press Conference Friday selected drivers quotes Back to inboard mirrors, but are they better? Lotus introduces simplified front wing. Kubica inks Ferrari Option for 2011

    Team sites:
    ATT Williams
    Red Bull
    Renault F1
    Toro Rosso

    Other Racing News BMW racing past honored

    On the Street Motorcycle fatal crash: ABS v non ABS


    Dear BMW;

    I have read with great interest the reports of your denials of the development of an S600RR. Frankly I applaud the decision, albeit for my own reasons. To me it shows me that you learned a lesson from Triumph that cost them dearly in development dollars time in the market place and lost sales.

    The Triumph 600 was a water cooled four cylinder 600cc bike that attempted to take on the Japanese in that class. It was never able to do so on the track, street or show room. Triumph rethought its efforts from the perspective of the show room and sales and carved a competitive niche for itself with the Daytona 675. This brought their efforts in that class of street bike in line by increasing engine size. Power comes at a price but increasing size is one of the less expensive ways of doing it. Triumphs Daytona was brought in line with the new Triumph line of bikes by making it a triple. This allowed Triumph triple lovers a bike in the smaller class of street bikes that met their wants and needs. A good deal of money and time was spent to come to this realization and new bike.

    While I hope you are not trying to take on the Japanese in the 600cc class of bikes there is a Japanese firm that has a niche bike you should consider. This is Suzukis GSXR750.

    The 750cc sport bikes were eclipsed by the 600cc and 1000cc bikes. Suzuki inherited control of this niche as it continued to sell a bike in this class to recover development costs after others stopped producing theirs. It has continued to offer the bike long after the demise of race classes and competitiveness because I believe it found there is a class of riders that it appeals to. For lack of a better term these are Gentleman Sport Riders (GSR).

    GSRs tend to be a bit seasoned but have retained the desire for a sport bike. The 600 bikes are too cramped as these riders dont fold up as well as they did at one time. These riders are sport riders that ride with alacrity but are not squids. Think Pace the idea of riding quickly within your lane and within the posted speed limits. To do this they do not need nor want the full blown liter superbike. The desire is a motorcycle with handling capabilities of a superbike the rider can tap and grow with over time without the lethal weapon engine. The emphasis is rider skill not motorcycle brute power.

    Suzukis 750 has the size and the ergonomics of their liter bike without the brute horsepower. For the GSR it is one of the few bikes that offer the feel of SBK in a useable on the street package but with limits the GSR is forced to accept if they are not willing to build their own bike.

    While I hope you are not developing a separate S600RR I urge you to listen to the marketing guy or gal in the room that says you need a small sport bike. I urge you to look at the Suzuki and refine their offering to appeal to the GSR.

    What I am proposing is a bike along these lines. The bike should have a rolling chassis that is essentially lifted from the S1000RR. Develop a new top end to the existing four with bore and stoke to put it in the 750cc range. This allows you to use the same basic head bottom end and drive train as the S1000RR saving development cost. Spend some development money in the rear sub-frame. The Suzuki offering asks the GSR to accept the ergonomic limitations of their superbike. The goal for this bike is a bit more comfort and the real ability to have a passenger without loosing the sport bike feel. Finally fit it with a fairing that distinguishes it from the S1000RR without becoming a fat not-sport-not-touring wind deflector. Again think sport riding at street legal speed not milking the aerodynamics for the maximum straight line mph.

    I believe these goals are well within the capabilities of your company. Further I believe such a bike will expand you presence in the sport bike market rather than just cannibalizing existing and potential S1000RR riders.

    Thank you for your time and consideration of this rough proposal. I may be reached through the forum if you should want me to be part of your further developments of such a motorcycle.



    Rumors of the development of a water cooled boxer have led me to revise an alternative proposal I have been working on to compete for the hearts and dollars of the GSR; however, I will address that idea in another letter.

    Bike Cruller

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    Saturday, May 8 - SBK F1 Qualifying results

    WSBK et al.

    Partly Cloudy
    Humidity: 68%
    Wind: SW at 6 mph
    Superbike - Qualifying Practices + Superpole
    Monza, 7-8-9 May 2010
    No. Rider Nat Team Bike 1st Sess. 2nd Sess. Laps Superpole Gap Time Avg
    1 3 M. BIAGGI ITA Aprilia Alitalia Racing Aprilia RSV4 Factory 1'45.592 1'44.314 41 1'42.121 1'42.121 203,653
    2 35 C. CRUTCHLOW GBR Yamaha Sterilgarda Team Yamaha YZF R1 1'44.577 1'45.097 32 1'42.154 0.033 1'42.154 203,587
    3 84 M. FABRIZIO ITA Ducati Xerox Team Ducati 1098R 1'45.134 1'43.737 35 1'42.499 0.378 1'42.499 202,901
    4 65 J. REA GBR HANNspree Ten Kate Honda Honda CBR1000RR 1'44.789 1'44.098 34 1'42.566 0.445 1'42.566 202,769
    5 91 L. HASLAM GBR Team Suzuki Alstare Suzuki GSX-R1000 1'45.303 1'44.537 34 1'42.633 0.512 1'42.633 202,637
    6 111 R. XAUS ESP BMW Motorrad Motorsport BMW S1000 RR 1'45.542 1'45.388 40 1'42.725 0.604 1'42.725 202,455
    7 52 J. TOSELAND GBR Yamaha Sterilgarda Team Yamaha YZF R1 1'46.019 1'44.912 39 1'42.789 0.668 1'42.789 202,329
    8 66 T. SYKES GBR Kawasaki Racing Team Kawasaki ZX 10R 1'46.170 1'45.450 31 1'43.111 0.990 1'43.111 201,697
    -------------------------------------------------- Superpole 2 --------------------------------------------------
    9 76 M. NEUKIRCHNER GER HANNspree Ten Kate Honda Honda CBR1000RR 1'46.402 1'44.831 32 1'43.410 1'43.410 201,114
    10 99 L. SCASSA ITA Supersonic Racing Team Ducati 1098R 1'46.111 1'44.723 27 1'43.431 0.021 1'43.431 201,073
    11 7 C. CHECA ESP Althea Racing Ducati 1098R 1'46.756 1'45.864 32 1'43.506 0.096 1'43.506 200,927
    12 11 T. CORSER AUS BMW Motorrad Motorsport BMW S1000 RR 1'45.234 1'44.763 29 1'43.508 0.098 1'43.508 200,924
    13 2 L. CAMIER GBR Aprilia Alitalia Racing Aprilia RSV4 Factory 1'46.216 1'44.327 32 1'43.530 0.120 1'43.530 200,881
    14 50 S. GUINTOLI FRA Team Suzuki Alstare Suzuki GSX-R1000 1'46.588 1'45.063 38 1'43.691 0.281 1'43.691 200,569
    15 67 S. BYRNE GBR Althea Racing Ducati 1098R 1'47.466 1'45.306 30 1'43.813 0.403 1'43.813 200,333
    16 41 N. HAGA JPN Ducati Xerox Team Ducati 1098R 1'46.451 1'45.022 36 1'43.957 0.547 1'43.957 200,056
    -------------------------------------------------- Superpole 1 --------------------------------------------------
    17 96 J. SMRZ CZE Team PATA B&G Racing Ducati 1098R 1'45.603 1'44.452 27 1'44.291 1'44.291 199,415
    18 77 C. VERMEULEN AUS Kawasaki Racing Team Kawasaki ZX 10R 1'48.191 1'45.796 33 1'44.802 0.511 1'44.802 198,443
    19 57 L. LANZI ITA DFX Corse Ducati 1098R 1'46.413 1'45.511 30 1'44.878 0.587 1'44.878 198,299
    20 15 M. BAIOCCO ITA Team Pedercini Kawasaki ZX 10R 1'48.041 1'46.453 33 1'46.180 1.889 1'46.180 195,867
    -------------------------------------------------- Others in Grid --------------------------------------------------
    21 71 D. SAKAI JPN Yoshimura Suzuki Racing Team Suzuki GSX-R1000 1'47.922 1'46.679 29 1'46.679 194,951
    22 95 R. HAYDEN USA Team Pedercini Kawasaki ZX 10R 1'49.217 1'46.771 36 1'46.771 194,783
    23 31 V. IANNUZZO ITA S.C.I. Honda Garvie Image Honda CBR1000RR 1'49.958 1'46.912 27 1'46.912 194,526
    24 23 B. PARKES AUS ECHO CRS Honda Honda CBR1000RR 1'48.254 1'46.914 29 1'46.914 194,523
    Superpole Fastest Lap (Superpole 3) No. 3 BIAGGI Max Time 1'42.121 Avg. 203,653 Km/h

    CRASH lit up several times on the live timing board today. Smrz was the first in Superpole 1 and passed the contagion on to others. Superpole 1 ended with Corser in P7 and Xaus in P10 moving both through to Superpole 2. Biaggi Rea and Haslam took the top three spots of this session.

    Xaus seemed to stronger BMW rider in Superpole 2 while Corser seemed to struggle in Superpole 2. With 3 minutes remaining in the session Xaus was in P7 and Corser in P11. With less than a minute to go and everyone on final flyers Camier lit up the board crashing his Aprilia. When the session ended Xaus had improved to P6 and Corser dropped to P12 and out of contention for Superpole 3. It is not clear if Camiers crash had anything to do with slowing him on his final flyer. The session ended with Crutchlow Fabrizio and Biaggi in the top three spots.

    Superpole 3 began while I was filling my coffee cup. Bad timing on my part but it gave me a momentary thrill as Xaus was one of the first riders out and on my return was shown in P1 and for a moment I was a giddy homer fan! I looked away to compare his lap time to his best in Superpole 2. Not as fast so there is room for improvement I thought as my eyes returned to the screen and saw Rea take P1.

    Briefly in P1 during Superpole 3 Xaus crashes with 448 shown remaining in the session. He was able to bring the bike back to the pits. At 207 he was shown in P4 with most riders shown in the pits waiting to head out for their final flyers. He does not return to the track.

    Biaggi takes the Superpole on the final flyer. Xaus drops down the board unable to respond from the pits and takes a P6.

    I will be back tonight with the spins and news from todays Superpole sessions. It should be interesting.

    Formula 1 and Ǫ Final practice - Vettel in a class of his own.

    But when it countsǪ Webber on the pole for Spanish GP

    Qualifying Classifications
    The Virgin cars of Timo Glock and Lucas di Grassi will both drop five places on the grid for Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix due to a procedural infringement of the rules by the team. Renault's Vitaly Petrov is set to take an identical penalty for an unscheduled gearbox change.

    Virgin failed to notify the FIA of the gearbox ratios they will use for the remainder of the weekend within the required two hours of the end of Friday practice, thus breaching the regulations and prompting the stewards' action.

    Petrov damaged his Renault when he crashed in Saturday morning's final practice session, prompting the team to swap out his gearbox ahead of qualifying.
    Other penalties can be assessed as a result of qualifying. Ferrari and Alonso are the only ones who look like they could be included in this.

    Time permitting I will post more this evening.
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    11,599 Max the factor in Superpole qualifying

    BMW Motorrad Motorsport - WSBK - Monza Superpole
    Press Release
    Weather conditions: Overcast.
    Temperature: Air: 20 23??C, Track: 22 30??C
    Number of riders participating: 24 from 15 teams
    Fastest lap Qualifying Practices: Michel Fabrizio (Ducati Xerox Team) 1:43.737 min
    Fastest lap Superpole 3: Max Biaggi (Aprilia Alitalia Racing) 1:42.121 min

    Another good Superpole result for Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport: Ruben Xaus (ESP) scored his best ever qualifying result for the team, finishing the Superpole 3 qualifying on the Monza high speed circuit in sixth. His best qualifying result so far for the team was seventh in Brno in 2009. His team mate, Troy Corser (AUS), will start Sundays races from 12th.

    Ruben Xaus:
    Bike: BMW S 1000 RR
    Fastest lap Qualifying Practices: 1:45.388 min / Fastest lap Free Practice: 1:43.588 min / Fastest lap Superpole 3: 1:42.725 min
    ǣI am really happy today. I want to dedicate todays result to my crew who always believed in me. We found out some important things about the bikes set-up during the weekend in Assen, and at the end of that race weekend I was able to go at the same speed as the other guys. We started off the weekend here well, and we were able to get on this far. I am quite confident for tomorrow. Unfortunately on my final lap in Superpole 3, I was quite aggressive going into the chicane and touched the kerb with the engine cover. The bike kicked me off, and that was it. However, finishing sixth today with used tyres is really good.

    Troy Corser:
    Bike: BMW S 1000 RR
    Fastest lap Qualifying Practices: 1:44.763 min / Fastest lap Free Practice: 1:43.484 min / Fastest lap Superpole 2: 1:43.508 min
    ǣTodays Superpole was strange. I feel a lot more confident and comfortable with the race tyre than with the qualifying tyre. We are struggling a little bit with stopping the bike. However, I am confident we can go at a good race pace tomorrow, and also hope for a good start. From the third row it is tough to make it to the top, but I am sure I can make up a couple of positions. It will be crucial to get the first chicane after the start right. It is still quite tight, and I expect chaos there tomorrow.

    Davide Tardozzi (BMW Motorrad Motorsport Team Manager):
    ǣRuben did a fantastic job today. I am pretty happy about his result. Unfortunately we had some difficulties with Troys qualifying tyres and the bike set-up. We will now work on the set-up issues, as we believe that Troy can compete for the podium here.

    As I read Tardozzis comments and after Xaus performance I am just not feeling the love for the Spaniard.

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    WSBK et al.

    Monza (Italy) - Final qualifying: THIRD ROW FOR TROY
    Yesterday, May 07, 2010, 7:00:00 PM
    Troy suffered brake problems today and was unable to push as hard as he wanted in Superpole 1 and 2 and so failed to qualify for Superpole 3. In the end, Troy finished with the 12th quickest time and so will start tomorrow’s pair of 18 lap races from the third row of the grid. Max Biaggi (Aprilia) stormed to victory in Superpole, with Cal Crutchlow (Yamaha) second, Michel Fabrizio (Ducati) third and Jonathan Rea (Honda) fourth. Troy - 12th, 1:43.508 I’m a bit disappointed because we’ve been there or thereabouts most of the weekend and would’ve been quicker if it had not been for some brake problems. Today I found it difficult getting the bike to stop. If I braked in the normal place, the bike would run wide and I’d miss the corner. When I braked early, to make sure I did the turn OK, I obviously lost time. On race tyres everything is more or less OK, but the braking problem is a nuisance because the chicanes are very important here. For a lot of today, I felt I was back to like the bike was before, in that I was able to do one or two fast laps but not be able to do a string of consistently fast laps. The mechanics will look at all the data tonight and see if they can identify the problems and come up with some ideas to try in the warm-up tomorrow morning. The first turn is a long way away so as long as I make a couple of good starts I think I can be with the leaders by the time we hit turn one. It’s going to be a new experience for us all and the first time we all get there, it’s going to be like going into a funnel. Hopefully we’ll all get through OK. It will be a disaster if somebody crashes in the middle of the turn because there’s a good chance that they’d skittle half the pack if they hit the damp grass on the inside of the second part of the chicane. Troy news flash! Come and meet Troy and some of his fellow WSBK racers at a special Pussy event in Milan tomorrow night. Pussy Natural Energy Drink is hosting an evening at Deseo, Corso Sempione, 2 in Milan, tomorrow (Sunday) night starting at 8.00 pm and would be delighted if you could join Troy and his Superbike friends there. Maximum performance puts Biaggi on pole for first time Pitt says Reitwagen Motorsport BMW Team is having financial problems and he’s looking for other rides

    Formula 1 and …

    Lap Time
    Maximum Speeds
    Sector Times
    Speed Trap

    Stewards Rulings
    Document 24
    Document 32

    ATT Williams
    Renault F1 Ferrari fined but Alonso not penalized for pit lane incident with Rosberg Rivals shocked by Red Bull’s pace

    The smirk of victory

    The agony of defeat
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    Sunday, May 9 Monza Race 1

    Max from Toseland and Crutchlow

    Superbike - Results Race 1
    Monza, 7-8-9 May 2010
    Laps 18 = 103,986 Km - Time Of Race 31'07.044 - Avg. 200,504 km/h 1 / 2
    R1 R2 Tot Pos
    Grid No. Rider Nat Team Bike LL Gap Fastest Lap Speed Speed
    Race Time
    1 1 3 M. BIAGGI ITA Aprilia Alitalia Racing Aprilia RSV4 Factory 18 1'43.371 329,1 1'42.121 330,2 25 153 2
    2 7 52 J. TOSELAND GBR Yamaha Sterilgarda Team Yamaha YZF R1 18 0.247 1'43.148 328,0 1'42.789 328,0 20 106 4
    3 2 35 C. CRUTCHLOW GBR Yamaha Sterilgarda Team Yamaha YZF R1 18 0.297 1'43.275 325,8 1'42.154 323,6 16 65 8
    4 5 91 L. HASLAM GBR Team Suzuki Alstare Suzuki GSX-R1000 18 0.958 1'43.278 329,1 1'42.633 321,5 13 161 1
    5 13 2 L. CAMIER GBR Aprilia Alitalia Racing Aprilia RSV4 Factory 18 4.493 1'43.257 329,1 1'43.530 328,0 11 59 11
    6 6 111 R. XAUS ESP BMW Motorrad Motorsport BMW S1000 RR 18 7.343 1'43.532 319,4 1'42.725 322,6 10 35 14
    7 3 84 M. FABRIZIO ITA Ducati Xerox Team Ducati 1098R 18 7.369 1'43.343 320,4 1'42.499 319,4 9 62 9
    8 12 11 T. CORSER AUS BMW Motorrad Motorsport BMW S1000 RR 18 9.344 1'43.449 323,6 1'43.508 322,6 8 76 7
    9 8 66 T. SYKES GBR Kawasaki Racing Team Kawasaki ZX 10R 18 15.338 1'43.923 322,6 1'43.111 321,5 7 24 16
    10 14 50 S. GUINTOLI FRA Team Suzuki Alstare Suzuki GSX-R1000 18 16.761 1'43.822 323,6 1'43.691 324,7 6 61 10
    11 16 41 N. HAGA JPN Ducati Xerox Team Ducati 1098R 18 16.921 1'43.928 321,5 1'43.957 318,3 5 90 6
    12 9 76 M. NEUKIRCHNER GER HANNspree Ten Kate Honda Honda CBR1000RR 18 22.231 1'44.361 323,6 1'43.410 323,6 4 19 17
    13 15 67 S. BYRNE GBR Althea Racing Ducati 1098R 18 22.602 1'43.360 321,5 1'43.813 316,3 3 51 12
    14 11 7 C. CHECA ESP Althea Racing Ducati 1098R 18 22.742 1'44.426 319,4 1'43.506 320,4 2 105 5
    15 17 96 J. SMRZ CZE Team PATA B&G Racing Ducati 1098R 18 26.266 1'44.097 319,4 1'44.291 316,3 1 39 13
    16 10 99 L. SCASSA ITA Supersonic Racing Team Ducati 1098R 18 26.415 1'44.214 323,6 1'43.431 316,3 10 18
    17 19 57 L. LANZI ITA DFX Corse Ducati 1098R 18 26.968 1'44.444 324,7 1'44.878 313,2 26 15
    18 18 77 C. VERMEULEN AUS Kawasaki Racing Team Kawasaki ZX 10R 18 36.964 1'45.038 322,6 1'44.802 315,2 2 20
    19 22 95 R. HAYDEN USA Team Pedercini Kawasaki ZX 10R 18 51.646 1'45.432 316,3 1'46.771 311,2
    20 24 23 B. PARKES AUS ECHO CRS Honda Honda CBR1000RR 17 1 Lap 1'45.081 320,4 1'46.914 312,2
    --------------------------------------------------Not Classified--------------------------------------------------
    RET 21 71 D. SAKAI JPN Yoshimura Suzuki Racing Team Suzuki GSX-R1000 9 9 Laps 1'45.932 313,2 1'46.679 313,2
    RET 4 65 J. REA GBR HANNspree Ten Kate Honda Honda CBR1000RR 8 10 Laps 1'43.031 329,1 1'42.566 322,6 110 3
    RET 23 31 V. IANNUZZO ITA S.C.I. Honda Garvie Image Honda CBR1000RR 1 17 Laps 247,1 1'46.912 305,3
    DIS 20 15 M. BAIOCCO ITA Team Pedercini Kawasaki ZX 10R 8 10 Laps 1'45.932 318,3 1'46.180 310,2 1 22
    AIR Humidity:
    TRACK Dry
    61% 18??C
    Temp: New Track
    2010 Max Biaggi 1'42.121 203,650
    Lap Record:
    Best Lap: Km/h
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    World SuperStock 1000 - Monza

    Badovini goes four from four

    1. Ayrton  Badovini19'46.264 (BMW Motorrad Italia STK)
    2. Michele  Magnoni19'52.365 (S.C.I. Honda-Garvie Image)
    3. Daniele  Beretta19'52.635 (BMW Motorrad Italia STK)
    4.  Matthieu Lussiana19'52.786 (Team ASPI)
    5.  Danilo Petrucci20'04.486 (Team Pedercini)
    6.  Micha?l Savary20'05.782 (Garnier Junior Racing)
    7. Lorenzo  Baroni(Team Pata B&20'08.235 G Racing)
    8. Marco  Bussolotti20'08.411 (All Service System by QDP)
    9.  Ren? M?hr20'09.687 (MTM Racing Team)
    10.  Maxime Berger20'13.023 (Ten Kate Race Junior)
    11.  Pere Tutusaus20'18.815 (Goeleven)
    12.  Ondrej Jezek20'19.565 (MS Racing)
    13.  Nico Vivarelli20'31.290 (Goeleven)
    14.  Riccardo Fusco20'31.329 (Fox Team)
    15.  Eddi La Marra20'32.789 (Team Lorini)
    16.  Dominic Lammert20'32.859 (Lammert Motorsport)
    17.  Davide Giugliano20'33.020 (Team06)
    18.  Chris Leeson20'37.617 (Team Pedercini)
    19.  Tomas Svitok20'47.561 (SMS Racing)
    20.  Michal Salac20'51.731 (MS Racing)
    21.  Marco Rosini20'58.940 (Goeleven)
    RT.  Mateusz Stoklosa8'05.643 (Lammert Motorsport)
    RT.  Sylvain Barrier5'22.623 (Garnier Junior Racing)
    RT.  Loris Baz5'31.507 (MRS Racing)
    RT.  Kim Arne Sletten2'14.313 (MTM Racing Team)
    RT.  Marcin Walkowiak20'09.475 (Bogdanka Racing)
    RT.  Andrea Antonelli20'46.121 (Team Lorini)
    NS.  Danilo Andric1'46.433 (Kuja Racing)
    EX.  Roberto Lacalendola (SS Lazio Motorsport)
    EX.  Philippe Thiriet (SMS Racing)
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    Formula 1 - Spanish GP

    Race notes.

    Warning I call these race notes only because F1 calls the Spanish GP a race. Webber runs the Eur-rail to a win lapping up to P9. Alonso and Vettle join him on the podium after Hamilton has last lap problems. Schumacher stinks the joint up in P4. Read on if you want.

    Warmup lap

    Cheeky move or quick right foot Vettel led the field away on the warmup lap of the Spanish GP before his teammate and pole holder caught up and passed.

    Race starts cleanly and the race to turn one is clean until the back of the field. Senna is shown as stopped, Buemi and De La Rosa head for the pits.

    Kovalainen was shown starting the race from the pits as result of electrical problems. He now is shown as retired.

    Lap 10
    Webber in the lead with a 2.8 sec lead over Vettel followed by Hamilton Alonso ?Button Schumacher Massa Sutil Alguersuari and Kubica in P 10.

    Ferrari is urging Massa to pass Schumacher who is down on straight line speed to the Brazilian.

    Lap 13/66
    Luzzi pits for his first tire change.
    Petrov follows

    Webbers lead has edged to 3.4 sec.

    Lap 14
    Schumacher and Massa pit. Will there be a change of position in the Pit? Schumacher lights up first holding on to his lead over Massa.

    Lap 15
    Barrichello pits. He and teammate Hulkenberg have been dueling for position. Barrichello cedes it for now but should gain it back when Hulk pits probably on the next lap.

    Lap 17
    Pits have been very active, now Webber pits with a 7.5 sec lead shown over Hamilton listed in P2. Hamilton took the position from Vettel after the Germans pit stop.

    Lap 18
    Pit stops complete the top ten are Webber with a 9.1 sec lead over Hamilton followed by Vettel Alonso Schumacher Button Massa Sutil Kubica and Barrichello who is shown with a 39.1 sec gap to Webber in P1.

    Schumacher is under attack from Button and Massa. In P 5 he is 10.4 seconds adrift of Alonso in P4 with Button 0.3 sec behind him and Massa breathing down his neck too.

    Lap 22
    Webber and Hamilton have been setting fast lap after fast lap. Webbers lead continues to be in the 9.3 second range. Vettel seems willing to sit behind Hamilton for now.

    Lap 24
    Schumacher is now 12.4 seconds behind Alonso with the wolves at his back. They are heading into traffic. This could help or hurt is attempt to hold position.

    Massa gets into the back of Chandhok as he works through traffic. He has damaged his front wing but continues on and his gap to Button remains relatively constant.

    Lap 26
    Vettel goes purple and sets a new fast lap for the race. Has he hit the sweet spot in his setup? His gap to Hamilton is closing.

    Lap 28
    Schumacher P5 is now 18.1 sec adrift of Alonso in P4. Button and Massa are still on his rear wing with just over a second separating the three but they cannot seem to find a way around Schumacher.

    Lap 30
    Webber keeps going purple. His lead is up to 11.7 sec.

    Lap 33
    At the halfway point the top 10 are
    Webber with a 121.3 second lead over Hamilton followed by Vettel Alonso Schumacher Button Massa Sutil Kubica and Barrichello who is 54.4 seconds behind Webber.

    Schumacher P5 is now 23.4 seconds behind P4 Alonso. With Button still 0.09 behind him. He is bound to drop down the grid if there is another round of pit stops.

    Lap 36
    Alguersuari take a drive through penalty for getting into it with Chandhok at some point . Chandhok is now shown as stopped.

    Lap 38
    Schumacher is going to take a pounding in the press in the coming week. He is now 26.2 seconds adrift of Alonso with traffic piling up behind him.

    Lap 40
    Webber is charging through the field. He has lapped P12 Petrov and Alguersuari in P11 should fall soon.

    Lap 42
    Alguersuari is lapped by Webber. Barrichello is shown as 24.7 seconds ahead of Alguersuari so it will be some laps before he sees Webbers Red Bull in his mirrors.

    Lap 43
    Schumacher is now 32 seconds adrift of Alonso.

    Alonso briefly sets fast lap only to have Webber go purple again and take the honor back.

    Lap 48
    If my math is correct Webber in P1 is 13 seconds behind Barrichello in P10 and cloing on his attempt to lap the Williams car.

    Schumacher P5 holding up the train of cars in P6 to 10 and is now 37.5 seconds behind Alonso in P4. P6-10 seem totally unable to pass Schumacher and unable or unwilling to pass each other.

    The F1 train is chugging along then Rosberg screws things up on lap 51.

    Rosberg in P16 had been dicing it up with Hulkenberg in P15 for some time. Then on lap 51 he passed the Williams driver for position. How dare he pass on the track. That is reserved for the pits.

    Lap 53
    Webber is lapping at 1:25.845
    Barrichello gap to the leader is listed at 80.9 seconds.

    Lap 54
    Vettel pits for tires. Goes to the soft compound and should be able to queue in at P4 ahead of Schumacher but behind Alonso

    Vettel apparently ran wide at some point and needed the tires.

    Lap 57
    Vettel is getting back up to speed.
    Alonso sets a new fast lap.
    Barrichello in P10 goes a lap down.
    Kubica is next in his sights less than 12 seconds ahead of the charging bull.

    Something is wrong when the thing that keeps a fan at the screen is to see if the leader will lap the field or crash.

    Lap 60
    Vettel is having brake problems according to his pits. They are about to go

    Lap 62
    Vettel runs wide under braking but gathers it up.
    The pits tell him to slow down. With 3 laps remaining he has a 21.1 second cushion over Schumacher.

    Lap 64
    Webber is slowing his pace just a bit. Kubica in P9 is 7 seconds away from being lapped but will be safe from that due to lack oc time.

    Lap 65
    Hamilton is shown as stopped on the track

    IT is finally done.

    1 Webber
    2 Alonso
    3 Vettel
    4 Schumacher
    5 Button
    6 Mass
    7 Sutil
    8 Kubica
    9 Barrichello
    10 Alguersuari last points position
    11 Pterov
    12 Kobayashi
    13 Rosberg
    14 Hamilton stopped on the track. Falls from P2 to P14 and a lap down. No report on what the problem was.
    15 Luzzi
    16 Hulkenberg
    17 Trulli
    18 Glock
    19 Di Grassi the last car running and shown 4 laps down.

    Not classified
    De La Rosa

    Webber takes his first GP win of the year thankfully bringing the race to an end.
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    WSBK - Race 2

    Biaggi is able to cook 4kpm or more out his bike than the rest of the field and takes the win. Haslam takes P2 just a half second ahead of Corser in P3

    Xaus DNF
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    BMW Motorrsports Monza post race press release

    BMW Motorrad Motorsport - WSBK - Monza Races
    Press Release
    Weather conditions: Overcast.
    Temperature: Air: 20 25 ??C, Track: 16 32 ??C
    Number of riders participating: 24 from 15 teams
    Fastest lap Race 1: Jonathan Rea (HANNspree Ten Kate Honda) 1:43.031 min
    Fastest lap Race 2: Cal Crutchlow (Yamaha Sterilgarda Team) 1:42.937 min

    It has been a historic weekend for Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport with Troy Corser (AUS) achieving the teams first ever podium finish in the second FIM Superbike World Championship race in Monza. Furthermore, Ruben Xaus (ESP) secured his personal best ever race result with the young team, finishing sixth in the first race. In total, Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport scored 26 points in the manufacturers standings.

    Hendrik von Kuenheim, General Director BMW Motorrad said: ǣThis weekend has been a historic one for BMW Motorrad. Not only did we prove the BMW S 1000 RRs quality with the fourth consecutive win in the FIM Superstock 1000 Cup, we also achieved our first ever podium in the FIM Superbike World Championship. We have reached our season goal quite early. Of course, we will now set new goals to achieve one step at a time. Congratulations to the entire team.

    Troy Corser:
    Bike: BMW S 1000 RR
    Result Race 1: 8th, Gap to 1st: 00:09.344 min / Fastest Lap Race 1: 1:43.449 min
    Result Race 2: 3rd, Gap to 1st: 00:05.469 min / Fastest Lap Race 2: 1:43.500 min
    ǣI am so happy. We have put so much hard work into the project up to now having had some difficult and frustrating times. It feels so good to see that all the hard work pays off. The bike is becoming better and better. Between the races we made some set-up changes and the bike stopped much easier, and we had the speed to compete with the top guys. Thanks to all the boys at BMW. It has been a long time coming, and it wont be the last time.

    Ruben Xaus:
    Bike: BMW S 1000 RR
    Result Race 1: 6th, Gap to 1st: 00:07.343 min / Fastest Lap Race 1: 1:43.532 min
    Result Race 2: DNF
    ǣI felt so good in race one, everything was working so well and I achieved my best ever position on the BMW. I knew I had a good chance to go even better in race two but I was hit from behind on the first lap and I crashed. I am so disappointed with the way I went out of the race because I never even got a chance to get going there was nothing I could do. However I would like to congratulate Troy and the team for their first podium and I hope we continue this form in South Africa.

    Berthold Hauser (BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director):
    ǣI am absolutely lost for words what can I say? I am so happy for the team. Our aim this year was to get on the podium and we have achieved that, which really is unbelievable at this stage. We can now go on from here and hopefully get more. I need to thank the team for all their hard work as they have put everything into this project. Troy did a fantastic job today. Also congratulations to Ruben, he showed today that he is back. Ruben achieved his best ever result with BMW. I feel very sorry for him, as it was not his fault that he crashed in the second race.

    In the FIM Superstock 1000 Cup, BMW Motorrad Italia leave their home race with a perfect record of four wins from four races. Ayrton Badovini (ITA) won the race, while team mate Daniele Beretta finished the race third. Hendrik von Kuenheim, General Director BMW Motorrad said: ǣFour wins from Ayrton Badovini in four races, and a podium for Daniele Beretta is a convincing performance. Congratulations to BMW Motorrad Italias Superstock team. So far, the BMW S 1000 RR is in a class of its own in the FIM Superstock 1000 Cup. Ayrton Badovini now leads the overall riders standings with the maximum possible 100 points, ahead of compatriot Michele Magnoni (47) and Frenchman Maxime Berger (46). In the manufacturers' standings, BMW also leads with 100 points ahead of Honda (73).
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    Monday, May 10 part 1

    WSBK et al.

    HmmmǪa couple lap longer race andǪ

    Saturday, May 08, 2010, 7:00:00 PM
    Troy took his first ever podium for BMW in the second Superbike World Championship race in Monza today. It was a superb performance by Troy and his team and just reward for all the hard work and effort theyve put in over a year and five races. Recently, Troy has been knocking on the door and this afternoon he was able to give the BMW S 1000 R its first Superbike World Championship podium. After some small problems in race one, which caused Troy to finish eighth, he and team decided to make some radical changes to the bike for race two. It was a bit of a gamble, but it paid off big time! Max Biaggi (Aprilia) started on pole and dominated both races today, winning by just two tenths of a second in race one and by a healthier four and a half seconds in race two. Yamaha teamsters James Toseland and Cal Crutchlow took second and third in race one and Crutchlow was in contention for the runner-up spot in race two before a fall put him out of the reckoning. Leon Haslam (Suzuki) then inherited second place, but had to fight off Troy for the last six laps. Troy - Race 1: 8th, Race 2: 3rd I knew that a podium was possible after Assen. The bike has been working better for me recently and I expected a podium here or at the next round. Im extremely happy with the bikes performance today , particularly in the second race. I was able to race the track and not think about what I was doing. The bike was spinning quite a lot in the first race, so we made some radical changes for race two. Its not the thing wed normally do, but I felt we had nothing to lose and our gamble paid off! The braking performance was much better today and I felt confident stopping the bike. The only area where we lost out on today is exiting the chicanes. There, some of the others can get on the gas a lot quicker than me. This afternoon, my bike was a complete package and I felt in control and could run consistently fast - especially once I got used to the way the brakes were working. For me, race two today was one of my best ever rides. I made a good start and for a moment I thought I was going to get all the way to the front. I was smart going into the first chicane and made sure I got through it safely. Later, when I was behind Leon, I got water on my visor and thought it was raining. I used all my tear-offs before I realised that the water was coming from Leons bike! I thought his bike might blow up, so I eased up a little because I didnt want to get caught up in any crash, but that allowed him to just pull away a little. I chased after him as best I could in the last couple of laps and we had a really good fight. In the end, he just had enough to beat me to the line, but it was pretty close. Today has been a fantastic day for us all at BMW and I want to thank everybody involved, including the people back at the workshop. I knew this bike had potential and now that weve taken our first podium, Im sure that therell be more to come. See ya, Troy

    BMW Motorrad Motorsport - WSBK - Kyalami Preview
    Press Release
    14th 16th May 2010
    6th of 13 World Championship race weekends

    Munich/Stephanskirchen, 10th May 2010. With just under a month to go before the start of the FIFA Football World Cup in South Africa, the country is also preparing to host the next round of the FIM Superbike World Championship this coming weekend. The teams will battle it out at the Kyalami circuit outside Johannesburg for podium places and points in the leading world championship for production-based motorcycles. Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport will travel to South Africa having put together a string of solid results over the European race weekends in Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands and having achieved the teams first podium in Italy. The team will be aiming to continue this upward trend on the sixth race weekend of the 2010 season.

    Troy Corser:
    ǣThis Friday will be the first time Ive been out on the Kyalami track on the BMW S 1000 RR. Last year my crash at Monza put me out of the race in South Africa. This circuit really is one for the riders and has a lot of uphill and downhill sections. Getting the right set-up for the bike is vital here, as the track is extremely bumpy.

    The bike is a lot further along than at this stage last year. Back then we were still getting to grips with the chassis and engine, and both Ruben and our reserve rider Steve Martin struggled at Kyalami. This year things look rather different. The bikes good and Ive always gone well at this circuit, so Im expecting a good result.

    Ruben Xaus:
    ǣI like the race in South Africa. The country offers an interesting mix of different cultures, the people are very hospitable and the weather is usually good. I like riding at Kyalami. I have collected some good results there in the past. Im really looking forward to the race weekend; the team is highly motivated and the bike is much better than a year ago.

    Kyalami is a real riders track with some tricky sections and big changes in elevation. Actually, there isnt a single area on the course that isnt up or downhill. Plus, the track surface is extremely uneven and you need a very good baseline set-up to post quick lap times. The relatively high altitude of the circuit means we lose a lot of engine power over most other race tracks. We have to adapt our riding style, as we can accelerate harder into the corners.

    Berthold Hauser, BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director:
    ǣWith more than a third of the season behind us, we can be pleased with the way our World Championship campaign is going. After ten races we have already collected 95 points in the manufacturers standings 36 more in total than at the same stage of last season scored our first podium and finished in the top five three times. So the whole team deserves a lot of praise.

    Everyone at Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport is looking forward to Kyalami. Back-to-back races always place a particularly heavy burden on the team, but we will be welcomed by an extremely friendly atmosphere in South Africa.

    Kyalami lies 1,500 metres above sea level. The lower air pressure means that the engines produce around 20 per cent less power than at most of the other venues we visit during the season. You need a good baseline set-up in order to achieve fast lap times at Kyalami, and this time around were expecting to benefit from our experience here last year.

    The FIFA World Cup will take place in South Africa from 11th June to 11th July this year. Most of the matches will be held in the region around Johannesburg. Last year the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit returned to the Superbike World Championship calendar after a seven-year break, South Africa having been a regular fixture in the series between 1998 and 2002. The circuit also hosted Formula One grands prix from 1967 to 1993. However, motorsport has been a rare sight at Kyalami in recent years as the organisers have wrestled with stipulations governing noise levels the circuit is surrounded by a residential area. The Kyalami circuit is located in Gauteng Province, between Johannesburg and the South African capital Pretoria, and has an anti-clockwise layout. The word ǣKyalami means ǣmy home in Zulu, one of the countrys national languages.

    The riders need to have a lot of confidence in the set-up of their bikes over the uneven surface of the track. Both the steering responses of the machines and their braking performance must be spot on. The first corner is particularly important, with the riders having to brake extremely hard under lean-in. Added to which, there are one or two high-speed sections, which also have to be factored into the bike set-up.

    SuperStock 1000 Cup

    FIM Superstock 1000 Cup-report 4a race: Monza, Italy, 7-9 May 2010. Ayrton Badovini won the first place for the fourth consecutive time. Daniele Beretta third
    Translation by

    Press releases

    Monza, May 9, 2010-Monza there were opponents in the race of Ayrton Badovini who was awarded the fourth test of the FIM Superstock 1000 Cup with a margin of more than six seconds.
    The pilot of the BMW Motorrad Italy Superstock team led the race for all eleven laps, best time to an average of just over 195 km/h. After this victory, Ayrton guide the Cup with 100 points, more than double the runner-up, Michele Magnoni.

    The positive day team is completed by the third step of the podium by Daniele Beretta. The pilot of Bergamo was author of an attack by engaging with Berger and the same Magnoni. The end result seems to Daniele rewards coming crisis sporting first races of the season.

    Hendrik von Kuenheim, President of BMW Motorrad, said: "Four victories of Ayrton Badovini in four races and a podium for Daniele Beretta constitute a fantastic performance. I want to congratulate the team BMW Motorrad Italy Superstock. BMW'S 1000 RR continues to prove to be an extraordinary Moto ".

    The ranking of the race:
    1. Badovini a. (ITA) BMW S 1000 RR 19 ' 46264 media 192,849 kmh-2. Magnoni m. (ITA) Honda CBR1000RR at 6101-3. Beretta d. (ITA) BMW S 1000 RR to 6371-4. Lussiana m. (FRA) BMW S1000 RRs 6522-5. Petrucci d. (ITA) Kawasaki ZX-10R 18222-6. Savary m. (SUI) BMW S1000 RRs 19518-7. Barons l. (ITA) Ducati 1098R to 21970-8. Bussolotti m. (ITA) Honda CBR1000RR at 22147-9. Mahr r. (AUT) Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K9 at 23423-10. Berger m. (FRA) Honda CBR1000R to 26759

    The ranking OF FIM CUP
    1. Badovini (BMW) p. 100-2. Magnoni (Honda) p. 47-3. Berger (Honda) p. 46-4. Giugliano (Suzuki) p. 45-5. Barrier (BMW) p. 40. Beretta (BMW) p. 16
    Builders: 1. BMW p. 100-2. Honda p. 73-3. Suzuki p.52


    Post 249 was a historic post for a couple of reasons. The obvious reason is it announces BMW Motorrad Motorsports first podium finish with the S1000RR. The first of what I hope will be many. The second is historical but not as obvious.

    While I was looking at post 249 I noticed my post-ometer had rolled over to 8,000 posts. I saw the number and thought about past Morning Reads and Motorreader posts that covered BMWs exit from their Boxer Cup Series and factory racing all together. Then the rapid fire announcements of the HP2 Sport and the on road return to endurance racing, the appearance of the G450X and the return to off road racing, the acquisition of Husqvarna and its racing heritage and activities, and finally the announcement of the entrance into SBK with the S1000RR which finally resulted in a podium at Monza this weekend.

    Reading Troy Corsers website post [I wonder who really writes them and how I could get a job like that?] it would be easy to dig into the past Monza race in some way. Corers post is followed by the Kyalami Preview and we are reminded that the WSBK podium is a moving target and we cant waste time looking back. That said you build your future on the shoulders of past performance. Before our Roundel Home Team heads get to big from the podium glow lets assess for a moment the challenges ahead.

    The Bikes:
    The S1000RR has been the muscle machine of WSBK since it was announced. BMW, for its own reasons, sandbagged the press on just how many ponies they were able to cram into the liter machine; has been being the operative turn of phrase.

    Monza is tailor made for a bike to unleash all its power and build straight speed into lap times and a victory. Yet the also historic top speed of just over 205mph was clocked by Max Biaggi not one of the Roundel Knights.

    When the FIM allowed the engine upgrade for Aprilia a new power contender for king of the power hill appeared. If that isnt scary enough it is stuffed in a chassis that Motorcycle Consumer News June issue describes as ǣfeeling more like 250GP racer than a 1000cc superbike. The combination of new engine and a 250GP like chassis portents that Biaggis double victory on Sunday is unlikely to be a one off event.

    The challenge for BMW, which is so close to merging the current engine and rolling chassis together, to accomplish that while pushing the envelope of both out further.

    The Teams:
    The landscape of team standings has changed drastically since last year.

    Aprilia is technically a SBK sophomore as is BMW; technically. They are in the lead of the manufacturers standings by building on a strong rookie season. However; last and this years successes are built on the shoulders of multiple world championships at the 250GP racing level along with a very active racing program in a variety of classes over the past decade.

    Suzuki finished 2009 ahead of BMW and Kawasaki but on a very down note. Fianancial woes had many questioning if they would be back in 2010. The factory finished the season focusing time and money on developing their 2010 bike instead of the 2009 bike they were racing. A business deal with VW replaced money taken away by GMs exit as a financial partner along with the development work has propelled the team to the number two slot currently in the standings.
    Ducati can never be counted out. The team was in the hunt to the end last year but seems to be struggling standing third in the standings. It is hard to believe they will not hold down one of the manufacturer podium spots when it is all over.

    In the race for fourth in the manufacturers championship twenty four points is the current spread covering Honda Yamaha and BMW in that order. I still believe the hunt for BMW is for fourth in those standings and that it is a reasonable goal. BMW does not show signs of a sophomore jinx. Achieving that goal is in no small part the responsibilities of Berthold Hauser and Davide Tardozzi and will be a result of how they marshal their resources.

    Troy Corser:
    The past race weekend dispels a lot of the issues raised about Corsers age and condition. He finished strong after a hard weekend. Race 1 was a struggle. In Race 2 he had mental acuity and stamina to avoid getting caught up in the lap 1 mess and instead was able to take advantage and move forward.

    Corser struck me as an exciting but odd pick as a rider for this team. I have grown in respect of him as I have read his thumb nail analysis of the bike the team and he as the three have developed together. That will continue to be a benefit to all. Yet with the achievement of the first podium off his and the teams back the balance between development rider and race has to shift strongly to the racer side. He and his bike are getting oh so close to the point where the paralysis of analysis can bit him in the kester and take the team out of contention for fourth.

    Ruben Xaus
    Advancing to Superpole 3 a BMW best posting a P6 in Race 1 followed by being rear ended at the start and knocked out of Race 2 through no fault of his own and he still gets no respect., a French motoring/racing press website, asked if it was to little to late. They then went on to speculate that unemployed Reitwagen BMW Motorsport Racing rider Andrew Pitt was a likely candidate to replace Xaus on the factory team.

    Hauser is quoted in the post race press release say; ǣcongratulations to Ruben, he showed today that he is back. The question is will he stay?

    As best I can tell he is going to South Africa. In this - what did you do for us today world he must forget this past weekend and yet build on it.
    - In Superpole Qualifying and Race 1 he did what is expected of a number 2. When number 1 is having troubles you pick of the Roundel and push it forward.
    - Race 2 he rear ended out of doing his job of denying points to the competition when Number 1 is on his game.

    If he wants to stay on the team his goal has to be a double podium finish for BMW in both races. Yes that is a lofty goal for him and the team, but that is the mindset he must approach the South African round with.

    BMW Motorrad Motorsport Team has come a very long way in its short existence. P4 in the manufacturers championship is so close and yet so far away. To get there they have to go to Kyalami. They must repeat and complete what they started at Monza.

    Bike Cruller

    BMW Motorrad Italy is having a storybook rookie season to date.

    Racing in the World Superstock 1000 class Ayrton Bandovi leads the pack

    Behind him Daniele Baretta fights his way forward

    The end result P1 and a win for Bandovi and podium P3 for Baretta.

    HmmǪA double podium on a S1000RR is a lofty but achievable goal.
    Pass the mustard and UP THE REVOLUTION!

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    Part 2

    News of April sales and a nice video from BMW

    On the Street

    BMW Group reports double-digit growth again in April
    Press Release
    Munich. The BMW Group is maintaining its strong sales momentum: The number of BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brand automobiles delivered to customers worldwide in April climbed 14.6% to reach 116,391 (prev. yr. 101,591) vehicles. A total of 432,037 (prev. yr. 378,865 / +14.0%) vehicles were sold in the first four months of the year.
    Ian Robertson, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Sales and Marketing: ǣWe benefitted from growing market demand worldwide in April and were able to increase sales volumes in almost all European markets, in the Americas and in Asia. In light of new attractive models, such as the new BMW 5 Series and the MINI Countryman, which comes in autumn, we are in an excellent position and remain confident for the next months. The BMW Group will be once again the worlds leading premium supplier in 2010. Robertson added: ǣHowever, it remains to be seen how resilient and sustainable the economic upturn will be in the markets.

    [Snipped a big chunk of cage sales bable]

    BMW Motorrad also continues to perform well. Against the overall downward trend on the motorcycle market, sales increased 22.5% in April to 12,452 units. Not least thanks to its innovative and extensive model range, BMW Motorrad was already able to achieve growth of 21.5% (33,292 units / prev. yr. 27,398) this year. With 3,489 (+12.4%) deliveries in April, the GS model with Boxer engine remains the best-selling model in the BMW Motorrad range. The most successful BMW Motorrad model of all time will also celebrate its 30th anniversary this year. BMW will mark the anniversary with the release of four special models (ǣ30 Years GS), which will create an additional incentive to buy from early May onwards. Demand for the brands first supersport bike, the BMW S 1000 RR, has also been very encouraging and has exceeded production capacity. In April, 1,471 units of this model were delivered to customers around the world

    BMW Concorso DEleganza 2010

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    Extra: BMW Motorrad Special Models ǣ30 Years GS

    Special models 30 years GSǣ are available for customers from mid of May 2010. Here is the press kit just released today.

    BMW Motorrad Special Models ǣ30 Years GS.

    Press Kit

    1. Thirty Years of the BMW GS................................................ ............... 2
    2. BMW R 1200 GS ǣ30 Years GS. .................................................. ..... 5
    3. BMW R 1200 GS Adventure ǣ30 Years GS. .................................... 6
    4. BMW F 800 GS ǣ30 Years GS. .................................................. ...... 7
    5. BMW F 650 GS ǣ30 Years GS. .................................................. ...... 9

    1. Thirty Years of the BMW GS.

    In 2010 a fully-fledged, all-round motorcycle concept is celebrating a major birthday: thirty years of the BMW GS.

    Back then in autumn 1980 BMW Motorrad introduced the R 80 G/S as a very special machine combining two very special worlds with one another: offroad and onroad. Offering this unique combination of onroad, touring and offroad qualities without the slightest compromise in everyday use, the R 80 G/S paved the way as a brand-new concept for the grand touring enduro, a completely new type of motorcycle created by BMW Motorrad.

    The R 80 G/S and its successors soon proved their qualities also in motorsport: In its very first race in 1981, the R 80 G/S with Hubert Auriol on the saddle brought home victory in the both prestigious and challenging Paris Dakar Rally. And this was only one of the great successes in motorsport celebrated by BMW Motorrad with the GS in the following three decades.

    Throughout the last thirty years, BMW Motorrad has consistently nurtured the outstanding talents of the GS boxer models, focusing on riding dynamics, offroad qualities, superior comfort and endurance, consistently enhancing these qualities to en even higher level and carrying them over successfully to other series of BMW motorcycles.

    In 1993, for example, a BMW enduro with a single-cylinder engine the F 650 made its first appearance in the market. And while the F 650 derived its dynamic riding qualities from ideal weight distribution, its unique concept and the superior power of its 47-hp single-cylinder, the BMW GS models with their flat-twin boxer engines moved on to the next generation.

    Introducing the BMW R 1100 GS, BMW Motorrad not only presented the first GS with a four-valve boxer engine and 80 horsepower, but also entered a new era of grand touring enduro riding in terms of the suspension and running gear: This was the first enduro using the engine and transmission as load-bearing elements on the chassis, making a conventional main frame superfluous.

    While BMW Paralever rear-wheel suspension had already eliminated any unwanted drive and power reaction of the drive shaft on the two-valve boxer engines years ago, BMWs engineers now introduced the Telelever as a highly innovative concept of front wheel suspension. Offering anti-dive and highly sensitive response, this new technology quickly set new standards.

    At the same time the new R 100 GS was the worlds first enduro to feature ABS a superior safety feature now to be found on all BMW motorcycles, with the exception of the BMW G 450 X.

    Apart from numerous new and ongoing developments including the F 650 GS, the first single-cylinder with electronic fuel injection, catalytic converter and ABS brakes built in Berlin as of the year 2000, the F 650 GS and F 800 GS introduced in 2007 set a further outstanding milestone in the history of the BMW GS. With their high-performance and high-torque two-cylinder inline engine and their torsionally rigid spaceframe, they interpret the BMW GS theme in their own very special way nevertheless typical of BMW.

    Introducing these new models, BMW Motorrad not only presented the successors to the highly successful single-cylinder F 650 GS, but also expanded the range of enduro machines in the midsize segment.

    The latest highlight so far then came in autumn 2009, with BMW Motorrad introducing the updated BMW R 1200 GS. Now featuring an even more free-revving DOHC boxer engine with two overhead camshafts per cylinder, this new machine offers maximum output of 81 kW/110 hp and an even higher level of dynamic riding performance.

    Launching the ǣ30 Years GS special versions of the BMW R 1200 GS, the R 1200 GS Adventure, the F 800 GS, and the F 650 GS, BMW Motorrad is paying its tribute to the outstanding success of the GS models both in the production of series machines and in motorsport. Indeed, it was also motorsport that provided the input for the attractive design of the Edition Models in the livery of BMW Motorrad Motorsport thirty years ago.

    2. BMW R 1200 GS ǣ30 Years GS.

    BMWs GS motorcycles with their boxer engines have developed consistently since 1980, shaping the image of BMW Motorrad more than any other model series. So whether in offroad sports or, in particular, as a grand touring enduro, the BMW GS models have created and shaped a strong market throughout the last three decades.

    Introducing the R 1200 GS ǣ30 Years GS, BMW Motorrad is now presenting an exclusive special model commemorating the thirty-year tradition of the highly successful GS model series, at the same time upgrading the already well-equipped travel enduro within the boxer segment by adding a wide range of additional features and equipment.

    The R 1200 GS ǣ30 Years GS special model highlights the sporting enduro DNA of BMWs large grand touring enduros. Particularly outstanding features are the exclusive paintwork in Alpine White non-metallic with three-coloured decals in the former colours of BMW Motorrad Motorsport and the ǣ30 Years GS model designation, cross-spoke wheels with their spoke ring in black eloxy finish, a tinted windshield (only in Europe), and hand protectors.

    The seat finished in red with its three-dimensional GS stamp in the side flanks gives this special model a particularly masculine and sporting look.
    With the exception of the cross-spoke wheels and hand protectors, the special model may be further upgraded according to the customers personal taste by adding special equipment and optional extras from the wide range of
    BMW Motorrad. Available both as special equipment and as an option straight from the factory, the special low-height seat (which is also part of the lowered suspension package) comes exclusively in black.

    Highlights of the BMW R 1200 GS ǣ30 Years GS:
    Paintwork in Alpine White non-metallic.
    Three-coloured decals in the livery of BMW Motorrad Motorsport.
    ǣ30 Years GS model designation on the tank.
    Cross-spoke wheels with a spoke ring in black eloxy finish.
    Hand protectors.
    Tinted windshield (Europe only).
    Seat in red with three-dimensional ǣGS stamp in the side flanks.

    3. BMW R 1200 GS Adventure ǣ30 Years GS.

    The BMW GS for thirty years this abbreviation has stood above all for genuine adventure on your motorcycle, crossing deserts or going on expeditions to remote parts of our planet, from the Sahara all the way to Tierra del Fuego. The BMW R 1200 GS Adventure is a special offer from BMW Motorrad optimising the qualities of the R 1200 GS for the most demanding long-distance tours.

    Introducing the ǣ30 Years GS special model, BMW Motorrad is highlighting the particularly rugged and masculine character as well as the offroad qualities of the R 1200 GS Adventure. This very special machine comes with exclusive paintwork in Alpine White non-metallic and three-coloured decals in the historical livery of BMW Motorrad Motorsport, a ǣ30 Years GS model designation on the tank, extra-large hand protectors all in black, as well as a robust engine protection hoop made of aluminium. The seat finished in red/black with its three-dimensional ǣGS stamp in the side flanks emphasises the sporting look and character of this unique machine.
    To offer further signs of distinction, the R 1200 GS Adventure ǣ30 Years GS may also be upgraded at the customers individual request by special equipment and optional extras from the wide range of features available from BMW Motorrad.

    Highlights of the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure ǣ30 Years GS:
    Paintwork in Alpine White non-metallic.
    Three-coloured decals in the livery of BMW Motorrad Motorsport.
    ǣ30 Years GS model designation on the tank.
    Extra-large hand protectors all in black.
    Robust engine protection hoop made of aluminium.
    Seat in red/black with three-dimensional ǣGS stamp in the side flanks.

    4. BMW F 800 GS ǣ30 Years GS.

    Proudly launching the F 800 GS enduro in 2007, BMW Motorrad enlarged the model range by yet another, brand-new version of the GS. Like its counterparts, this unusually dynamic grand touring enduro perfectly suited for offroad use, through its robust look and long spring travel, clearly underlines what it is able to offer also beyond the beaten track.

    Indeed, the message conveyed by the F 850 GS weighing just 207 kg or 456 lb with a full tank is both clear and meaningful: maximum riding pleasure both onroad and offroad, combined with fatigue-free riding qualities for long tours.
    As a very special model, the F 800 GS ǣ30 Years GS celebrates a major birthday with a wide range of features underlining the dynamic riding qualities of this supreme machine.

    As its first highlight, the F 800 GS ǣ30 Years GS also comes in exclusive Alpine White non-metallic paintwork with three-coloured decals in the traditional livery of BMW Motorrad Motorsport as well as the ǣ30 Years GS model designation on the airbox cover, robust hand protectors with a stainless-steel hoop and a large spoiler element, as well as an aluminium engine protection hoop really able to take heavy loads.

    The seat finished in red with its three-dimensional ǣGS stamp at the front of the seat bottom as well as white direction indicators set further sporting highlights. And last but not least, a tinted windshield (Europe only) blends harmoniously with the dynamic overall look of the F 800 GS ǣ30 Years GS.

    Like the other new models, the F 800 GS ǣ30 Years GS may also be further upgraded individually through the addition of special equipment and optional extras from the wide range of BMW Motorrad. The seat reduced in height available as both special equipment and as an option straight from the factors comes only in black.

    Highlights of the BMW F 800 GS ǣ30 Years GS:
    Paintwork in Alpine White non-metallic.
    Three-coloured decals in the livery of BMW Motorrad Motorsport.
    ǣ30 Years GS model designation on the airbox cover.
    Hand protectors with stainless-steel hoops, plastic protectors, and an extra-large spoiler element.
    Robust engine protection hoop made of aluminium.
    Tinted windshield (Europe only).
    White direction indicators.
    Seat in red with three-dimensional ǣGS stamp at the front of the seat bottom.

    5. BMW F 650 GS ǣ30 Years GS.

    In addition to the F 800 GS, BMW Motorrad also offers a smaller model of the same kind, the F 650 GS aimed at riders who do not need quite that much spring travel and are not out only for adventure and offroad riding. The particular fortes of this machine are its lower seat height, the high standard of all-round qualities, easy riding characteristics, and excellent suitability for everyday use.

    Introducing the ǣ30 Years GS special model, BMW Motorrad is taking up the tradition of the GS model series also on the F 650 GS. Hence, the F 650 GS 30 Years GS likewise comes in exclusive Alpine White non-metallic paintwork with three-coloured decals in the historical livery of BMW Motorrad Motorsport and its special model designation, in this case on the rear section, together with stainless-steel hand protectors and a black plastic protector as well as a colour-matched engine protection cover again in black. Magnesium-coloured cast wheels, the red seat with its three-dimensional ǣGS stamp at the front of the seat surface, as well as white direction indicators give this special edition of the F 650 GS a particularly exclusive note. An extra-high, tinted windshield (Europe only) underlines the particular qualities of this machine for long-distance touring.
    The F 650 GS ǣ30 Years GS special model may also be upgraded individually through the addition of special equipment and optional extras from the wide range of features offered by BMW Motorrad. The lower seat available as both special equipment and as an optional extra comes exclusively in black also on this model.

    Highlights of the BMW F 650 GS ǣ30 Years GS:
    Paintwork in Alpine White non-metallic.
    Three-coloured decals in the livery of BMW Motorrad Motorsport.
    ǣ30 Years GS model designation at the rear.
    Magnesium-coloured cast wheels.
    Hand protectors with a stainless-steel hoop and plastic protector.
    Engine protector made of special plastic.
    Tinted, higher windshield (Europe only).
    White direction indicators.
    Seat in red with three-dimensional ǣGS stamp at the front of the seat surface.

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    Tuesday, May 11

    WSBK et al.

    Video: Monza 2010 Highlights
    Race 1
    Race 2

    HFL: Aprilia RSV4 Biaggi Replica: 200bhp doesnt equal homologation special

    Fan video of Race 2 Crash that took Xaus out DFX Ducati to miss Kyalami and Miller
    No reason is given in the article. Perhaps it is simple economics.

    Running a team is not just about lap times.

    BMW Motorrad Motorsport - WSBK - Logistics - Back to back
    Press Release
    Focus on logistics: Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport between Monza and Kyalami.

    Monza, 11th May 2010. The ash cloud released by the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallaj?kull very nearly put the dampers on the FIM Superbike World Championship, with various flights from and to European airports having to be cancelled on Sunday. However, on Sunday evening it was confirmed that the race weekend in Kyalami (RSA) is to take place as scheduled signaling the start of the race before the race.

    The successful race weekend for Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport in Monza (ITA) brought the first European leg of the 2010 FIM Superbike World Championship to a close. This coming weekend, rounds 11 and 12 are on the programme. To be ready for the first practice session in Kyalami, South Africa, Technical Director Rainer B?umels team must perform a logistical masterstroke. ǣBack-to-back races like in Kyalami require intensive planning, says B?umel. ǣOtherwise, it would not be possible to have our pit equipment, spare parts and bikes in South Africa in time for the first session on the Friday. The logisticians in our team are really put to the test during this time.

    The most important part of the preparations was completed well before the races in Monza: experts at the team headquarters in Stephanskirchen compiled detailed lists, according to which the overseas containers were then packed immediately before being transported to Kyalami. This process sees every tool and every spare part given a specific position in the containers. These freight lists made it possible for the team to complete the time-consuming documents for customs clearance in South Africa in advance. This documentation also made the crews life easier when loading the material after the races in Italy.

    B?umel explains: ǣWe had two fully laden race trucks in Monza. Our 25 overseas containers arrived at the circuit on Sunday and were then loaded as planned. The trucks were practically empty on their homeward journey, while the equipment began its journey to South Africa. It goes without saying that the team takes particular care when loading the bikes: the BMW S 1000 RR bikes are drained before transport. Even the cooling water is drained to prevent it freezing while in the plane. In special cases, the motorbikes are then prepared for the long journey.

    Twenty team members were involved in dismantling the team garage to ensure that 6.5 tons of freight was ready to leave Monza on 22:00hrs. The containers were taken by truck to Milans Malpensa Airport (ITA), where a freight plane chartered by the series organiser Infront was waiting at the airport. A long-haul flight and almost 9,000 kilometres later, the valuable freight arrives in South Africa, where it will be received by Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport on Wednesday. It then takes just six hours before the team finds its usual working conditions in the pit lane. The logistical race before the race is over

    MotoGP Stoner signs with Honda Pedrosa fastest in testing at Jerez


    Download a handy event guide for the 2010 Isle of Mann TT.

    AMA Pro Racing

    Formula 1 and Ǫ Team by team analysis of Spanish Grand Prix Teams confident of 2011 tyre deal is imminent F1 to ban controversial F-duct in 2011 Ferrari to investigate Felipe Massas performance Frustrated Button critical of Schumacher Virgin test shark fin on updated car

    Tech Talk
    The folks over at as; If the Cisitalia-Porsche had raced alongside Formula 1 competitors in the early 1950s, would the mid-engine revolution have some sooner? A short article about a bit of Porsche history that didnt make it to the track.

    Other Racing News Jeremy Toye and Lees Cycle teams with San Diego BMW to race BMW S1000RR

    2010 German Cross Country Championship, Rd. 2, Walldorf

    09 May 2010 18:34
    Kirssi strikes back

    Simo Kirssi re-established himself as a title contender at round two of the German Cross Country Championship. Following his average start to the campaign four weeks ago, the Finn responded at Walldorf with a convincing win. As the former series champ powered away aboard his BMW 450 X, the competition was left battling for positions.

    Kirssi wasted no time on the deep Thuringia soil and immediately made clear who would be in command. Kirssi opened a decent gap on the first lap already, only to increase his lead with each further lap. The 30-year old dominated the difficult course, characterised by plenty of up and downhill sections, and only surrendered the lead briefly after coming in for fuel. Kirssi completely owned the second part of the two-hour moto afterwards. He crossed the finish line nearly two minutes in front of round one winner Stefan Svitko, who maintained his championship lead.

    Several thousands of fans came to Walldorf and were eventually greeted with improving weather conditions and even some sunshine during the closing stages of the race.

    Simo Kirssi: That??s how I like it - right from the start. Everything was plain perfect today, the bike, the team, the track. I do enjoy riding here at Walldorf, it??s a challenging track, sort of Enduro style, with lots of fans. This year things were particularly tricky, though. Because of the rain there was a very limited choice of lines, and the the cross section was difficult also. But I made no mistakes and even had some reserves. There was only one moment when Stefan came closer, but I was pretty much in control the whole time."

    German Cross Country Championship, Rd. 2, Walldorf, XC Pro class
    1. Simo Kirssi (FIN), BMW Husqvarna Motorsport, 16 laps
    2. Stefan Svitko (SLO), KTM, 16
    3. Marco Straubel (GER), KTM, 16
    4. Steffen Albrecht (GER), Yamaha, 16
    5. Chris Wei? (GER), TM, 16
    6. Andy Boller (GER), KTM, 15
    7. Hans Vogels (NL), Husaberg, 15
    8. Erik M??ller (GER), Kawasak, 15
    9. Samuli Aro (FIN), KTM, 15
    10. Andreas Weber (GER), Kawasaki, 15 At the Portland AHRMA Classic

    On the Street Doing time BMW G800CS Great Roads The Salmon Glacier

    HFL: Roehr eSuperBike - $27,595, 210lb/ft, Hysoung GT250R frame Conference at Brussels: New driving licence IIHS pushing for motorcycle anti lock brakes
    The press release from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety outlines their case for requiring ABS brakes that is outlined in detail in a letter to the head of the NHSTA

    Motorcycle News Review BMW R1200RT
    Video The Falcon Kestrel custom motorcycle by Ian Barry Adventure Sports sales dip in April UK registration figures

    Bike Cruller

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