I will be offline for repairs.

Do not open e-mails from me without subject lines.

I always use a subject line.
I am not in broken down anywhere in England.
Do not respond or send money!

We are setting up a site in conjunction with another business with a server in the UK. We have been hacked and our email accounts have been compromised. A hotmail account I use as a backup private account was listed as an alternate contact e-mail address. That account has been hacked also.

We believe the damage is limited and has been corrected on the UK server but we are working through our system now to fix any compromises and notify people.

Problems with my e-mail account:
1. spam emails with no subject line have been sent out do not open them
2. an email reportedly from me is circulating that my family and I went down to London for the holiday and have been mugged and are in need of funds. I do spend time in London and do business there but am not in the UK now nor will I be until next fall at the soonest so dont send money.

There appears to be a virus involved in addition to the con spam.

This should not affect the forum software or the safety of any links in this thread. However, you should always use precautions such as firewalls and anti virus software.

My apologies.