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In the UK Richard Cooper Ob S1000RR in the UK
Richard ǣMini Cooper will mount a S1000RR in the UKs Metzeler National Superstock Championship

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Champions [TTXGP] return for 2010 Isle of Man TT

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Formula 1 and Ǫ Free online and slick coverage each Monday of the F1 Season while doing some bike coverage to boot! Monday Debrief: Interview with James Allison

The build-up to the race in Bahrain was excellent, underlining that Michael Schumachers return meant there were four world champions taking part. Great!
Many, me included feared that there would be carbon fiber all over the track with so many new teams and drivers. Saturday Button warned that everyone should look out in turn one. None of this happened. If we are to believe the press it was the most boring racing in F1 recorded history. That may be.

Bernie had other plans or was so bored he left half way through the race. Monday he publicly chided the teams that they are here to entertain us with racing.

Talk of rules changes was unpacked along with all the cars as each team setup at the Bahrain circuit. The opening change discussion focused on reinstating a 107% rule in no small part due to HRT not making the practice sessions. Of the new teams they would have been the only one to have been kept off the race track by any application of the rule that I tested. The FIA may be supportive of installing the rule again but Lotus isnt so it aint going to happen. The teams have to approve unanimously approve of rules changes.

Pit stops and tyres need to be changed according to Whitmarsh. He sees putting a two stop minimum as putting pit strategy and pit passes back in the race. Toss in messing with the tyre compounds to make it difficult to race with one and that will cure the F1 parade blues. I think there is some merit to this. I play chess and like strategy wars but only as part of racing. Racing is on the track for me, not the pits.

Schumacher has declared that ǣovertaking is basically impossible. Hamilton is one of many that believe the rule changes have not done a thing for overtaking. They may well be right but I am not as quick to judgment; more on that in a bit.

The teams have gone to their home bases to celebrate lick their wounds and prepare their cars and shipping crates for the Pacific round. A FOTA conference call reportedly is scheduled for Thursday to discuss the problems and try to sort that association into a unified front to negotiate with the FIA and Bernie.
Bahrain was the first day of school. Nothing ever happens on the first day of school and everything happens on the first day of school.

The first day of school kids sort themselves out. Who grew over the summer? Who has new clothes? What are the teachers like and what the heck do they mean with the class syllabus they gave out? You go home after the first day and think it was a big waste and youre just happy there werent any fights. Just when you think its safe to go to bed the answers to all those questions hits you and you realize everything changed on the first day of school.

The first day of the 2010 F1 school year may have been boring but there were points handed out. Rules will be discussed and made to work for the rest of the school year but points will make all the difference in how the season plays out.

The number crunchers in the press box are ready to anoint Alonso the Driver Champion and Ferrari the Constructor Champion. But there is that pesky Vettel kid. Can the boys with the prancing red horses count on him breaking a spark plug every race. For 30 plus laps he made them look silly and even finished up in the field with a broken car.

Sibling rivalries are already underway after the first day. Button was very pleased to go to Bahrain as the reigning F1 champion but this is a ǣwhat have you done for me today sport and the pressure to catch up to his teammate Hamilton is already on. Points!

That Williams team everyone wanted to ignore for years suddenly has points in the first race. Sure it was a tenth place finish but the front nine and the one behind have to wonder what Barrichello will be able to achieve as Williams sort out the chassis and their new Cosworth engine. Points!

McLaren continues with wind tunnel developments but they have to wonder if it is money well spent. Those Virgin guys fielded a car designed with a computer and qualified fast enough to bet a 107% rule if it were in place. They are at their home base sorting their car out too. How long before they play a role in determining or challenge for those precious points?

What about those Renault boys? They played nice. They were expected to after the ruckus they made last year. They didnt get any points. They are a racing family that plays hard even when they play by the rules. When will the kid gloves come off and the racing gloves come on with them. The list goes on from there.

The Bahrain GP was the first day of the 2010 school year. Nothing much happened and everything happened. It was a quiet first day as these days go. The second day of school takes place in Melbourne the weekend of March 28th. That is when the school year with all its ups and downs really begins.

Vettel is still my pick for Drivers Champion. He always has shown he has the skills to win in F1 and even be champion but lacked a certain maturity. He is still a kid but it looks like he really matured over the off season. Now if his car doesnt let him down.
Ferrari looks to be the constructor team to beat. Im a tifosi at heart but am not ready to anoint them just yet as the Constructor Champion favorite.

I am really looking forward to Oz and the following races. Sorry Bernie F1 teams and fellow F1 fans; if you want to see on track passing watch WSBK. Bahrain GP Review Indianapolis admits USA Formula 1 Grand Prix return possible

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BMW S1000RR is King

Cycle Canada editor Neil Graham got some great footage of the 2010 MV Agusta F4 at its world launch, and spoke with Brand Manager Matt Stutzman about the bike's history and the company's upcoming move into the Canadian market.
Check out for Graham's F4 review.

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FWIW USF1 hoping to race in 2011

As the electorate ponders their choices in the upcoming election write in candidate hopeful Visian revealed he was ǣin the bag when he missed an opportunity to debate the international issues of the day facing international association.

Visians, a.k.a. as Ian Schmla;kj or something like that, late entry into the BMW MOA Presidential race already was having troubles growing out from under the shadows of his failed run for the junior position of President of the United States. When I contacted the Whitehouse about this recent revelation the declined comment beyond saying the person in question was dropped from the Presidents list of FaceBook friends and his Twitters were being blocked.

Other concerns had been raised about the spoiled ballot problem and the legendary problems with spelling of the BMW MOA membership.

Originally claiming to be off-line when the debate opportunity occurred and facing an uphill struggle with the memberships spelling abilities; will the revelation that the dark horse write in hopeful is a closet white bread bagger and the resulting and growing Lie-Gate scandal help or end his run for this prestigious position?

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One of the early bikes in my riding history