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World Superbike likes it down under and will be staying until at least 2014 at Phillips Island

BSB BMW choose Jentlin, Brogan for BSB debut
ǣBMW has confirmed it will enter the MCE British Superbike Championship in 2010 after coming to an agreement with Jentin Racing to enter a bike for Steve Brogan in the Evo category.


Dorna head visits the Inmotec to check in the development of the GP1 10 bike. Currently scheduled to debut in July it will be the first Spanish built GP machine.

Formula 1 and Ǫ Key to replace Rampf at Sauber F1 teams ready for pre-season showdown
Ferrari has been led testing to date but this is testing.
ǣBut things can change very quickly. None of the cars has so far run in the specification in which they will compete in Bahrain, and all of the teams will have updates for this week's runs in Barcelona, and yet more for the first race of the campaign. The difference those updates make to each car's performance could easily shuffle the competitive order significantly.

The pack that has tested to date may shuffle in Jerez testing but Stephan GP continues to think the grid in Bahrain will see a shuffle also.
"Definitely, we are waiting for something to happen because the time is very short and the deadline for Bahrain is approaching," the businessman told Reuters on Wednesday.
"If you are going to Bahrain you have to be packed by next Wednesday and we think we will be able to reach something by then."
Tech Talk
Mercedes MPG W01 - pyramid-shaped roll structure

F1 Rumors Lopezs Campos switch to herald US F1 merger?

On the Street

I bumped into this image on several sites today. For the rider that does not have the luxury of secure storage for their bike the British company Motosafe has this idea.

ǣThe Motosafe is an ultra secure motorbike parking garage.Safe behind a 6 bolt locked and powered door, each Motosafe allows a rider to store not only a bike, but helmet, leathers, boots and other gear on the shelf and hangers which are provided inside.

Constructed from heavy duty galvanised steel with up and over door with no external hinges 10mm thick locking bars with secure ground fixing points. Three external locking points high security ,anti-drill and anti-saw padlocks included.

Delivered to your door for easy assembly, with full instructions provided. Can be secured to both hardstanding or grass and the weatherproof design ensures a dry and clean bike.

Corrosion and maintenance free galvanised finish.

Space to store oil, parts and accessories and fully ventilated to prevent condensation

I did not find pricing but it would have been in pounds and you would have to add shipping costs. Motosafe claims there may be insurance savings to be had if you have one which would offset some of the acquisition costs over time.

Another British based company may be coming up with new bikes to put into a Motosafe for you.

Triumph has been one manufacturer that has bucked the downward trend by showing sales increase. Now Hell for Leather Magazine is reporting it will be rolling out seven new models by the end of 2012 and speculates about market segments that Triumph has left untapped with its current line.

If the Motosafe is not your choice to house a Triumph BMW or other bike because you have a real garage does your shop match up to the beautiful functional home workshops that The Kneeslider is showing?

Where to put the compressor is a question raised by many as they plan their workshops. If the bike or cage you work on is electric you may need to plan space for a Bloom Box too.

Bike Cruller

This 1977 BMW R100/7 comes by way of and its German owner.